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Lust in the hospital.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Blackmail

Author: Barry Gregor

Published: 20 May 2019

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Alyssa was new to the job so she had to work the night shift at the hospital. Her shift started at nine and went till six in the morning and it was her first night. She started getting the patients assigned to her ready for bed. Things started smoothly until her last patient who was a fourteen year old boy. He was obviously attracted to her and she was very attractive. She was about five two and a petite ninety five pounds. Long brunette hair , fair skin and a smooth flawless complexion. Her breasts were not large but were a nice firm , round , b-cup. She had even done some modeling on the side so she could understand the boys attraction. He was in for a bad inner ear problem so she had to help him in the shower which he had chosen over the sponge bath. He was a large boy for his age he stood about six four and weighed around three hundred pounds mostly muscle. She managed to get him into the shower and seated on a shower chair without too much trouble.

When she tried to leave him to wash up he insisted he needed her help and finally she stripped down so she wouldn’t have to wear a wet uniform all night. Not for the first time she said to herself I have to bring in another set of clothes for things like this. Alyssa turned on the shower and the water sprayed the two of them and she started soaping up his body. Then she ran a washcloth over him and that’s when she noticed his growing erection. She paled as it grew into a nine inch by three inch monster. She continued to clean him up and when she thought she was finished he asked her if she was really going to leave him like that. She told him he could deal with it himself but instead he grabbed her and forced her down onto her knees and told her suck it or fuck it her choice. Neither one appealed to her but she thought she could handle giving him a blowjob.

Alyssa managed to slide his wet member into her mouth and started moving up and down his shaft but that wasn’t good enough for him so he grabbed her head with both hands and shoved his cock down her throat and as she started coughing and gagging as he fucked her face until he unloaded spewing his cum down into her stomach. He was still hard and told her it looked like she was getting a twofer as he picked her up and placed her in his lap facing him. His still engorged penis slid effortlessly into her waiting vagina and her began moving her up and down on his cock. She cried and pleaded with him to stop , it was hurting her , he was too large but he kept fucking her. Looking down between them he could watch as the image of his cock moving in and out could be seen on the surface of her abdomen. Alyssa whimpered as he finished and ejaculated another load of sperm deep into her womb.

He laughed as he told her they were not done as he gagged her and carried her bodily back to the large room housing eight other young men from thirteen to seventeen years old and they all took turns fucking her all night long. Some of them needed the others to help since they had problems severe enough to be unable to meet the physical demand that making love required but with help all nine in the room were no longer virgins by mornings light. They cleaned Alyssa up and dressed her and sat her in a chair next to the young man with cancer where the morning staff found her dozing. She was written up for sleeping on the job but was told they understood it being her first night at nigh shift just don’t let it happen again. The next night she was assigned to the geriatric section and had to care for a group of eight old men all in their eighties two to a room. Again the night started well with no trouble until the last old man who was to shaky to shower alone.

She stripped off her uniform cursing herself for forgetting the extra uniform. Alyssa got him in the shower and seated on the chair but when she started soaping him up he leaned into her and took her left nipple into his mouth. Shocked and surprised she moaned as she felt her nipples harden. She admonished him and told him to stop but instead he reached up with his left hand and started fondling her breast and placed his right hand up between her legs with his thumb sliding into her pussy. She gasped and almost fell but he held her up , he shifted his left hand over to the wall and grabbed the hand held shower head the head was about a two inches around and had a twelve inch long handle. It was spraying water with a touch on the handle and he shoved it up into her cunt and started fucking her with it.

She couldn’t believe it as her body responded to this treatment getting aroused as he turned her to face the wall and continued to fuck her with the shower but then pushing his finger into her anus slowly one at a time until he was fisting her asshole. When he was done with her he dried off and left her lying on the shower room floor where the other old men found her and took turns fucking her. This time she managed to stay awake even after the rough treatment and went home to sleep. The next night when she went to work she was informed that something special was happening and it would start right after evening meal were eaten and the dishes gathered. Around seven an older man maybe in his sixties came in to her assigned section which was again with the teenaged boys. He had two large dogs on leashes and he left them off the leashes so they could move around from one boy to another. The man introduced himself and the two dogs as Mike , King , and Queenie.

After about fifteen minutes the dogs focused on Alyssa sniffing at her groin and pushing into her. Mike apologized to her and told them they don’t normally act like this was she having her period. Alyssa responded in the affirmative as she tripped over King who was moving around her legs. Alyssa went down onto her hands an knees where Queenie stuck her nose under her skirt and began sniffing her crotch. Seeming to get annoyed she grabbed Alyssa’s skirt she tore it off of Alyssa's body then did the same to her panties then her blouse which left Alyssa naked. Now that she was nude King took advantage of this and her position and quickly mounted her ramming his blood red penis into her pussy. All of the boys and Mike watched this happen and then one of the boys got up and as he called queenie over said to her poor girl don’t worry you won’t be left out. Then he got her to lay down and roll over on her back. This put her cunt under Alyssa's face and he forced Alyssa's mouth down onto Queenie's pussy and told her to start licking it or he would cover her mouth and nose.

Alyssa capitulated and started eating the dogs cunt. Alyssa was crying as one dog raped her and she brought the other to a climax which she had to clean up by continuing to lick her pussy. When the dogs were finished with her Mike took his turn fucking both her holes and then shoving his dirty cock down her throat to clean it off. Alyssa was ready to quit by the end of the week but when she walked into HR to tender her resignation the woman smiled and told her to sit down. The woman turned on a television and turned it to one of the hospitals private feeds. Alyssa watched as a movie of her being fucked by the dogs came on. The woman explained that all of Alyssa's activities had been recorded and were currently being shown on this channel for everyone in the hospital who were members of an elite club could watch her performance. I’m sorry but I cannot accept your resignation you are much to valuable to the hospital would a pay raise encourage you to stay of course if you left our employee there is no guarantee those videos wouldn’t make onto the web.

Alyssa knew she had lost and accepted the money and kept working. She made many more videos of all perversions. If there is interest those stories may come to light.

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Lust in the hospital.

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