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Unexpected Affair

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex, Rape

Author: Matthew Campbell

Published: 29 May 2019

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James and Brian were best friends, they used to go to the same school and pretty much did everything together. One day, James was forced to stay at Brian’s house for a couple of days. And he has an affair with Brian’s mom, Amy.

James used to live far away from his school, and one day, his mom was out of town so she was not able to pick him up, so he had to stay at Brian’s house for the rest of the day, and she would pick him up in the evening.

Right after school ended, they both went to Brian’s house. He gave James a tour around the spacious house. It was mostly big except for the kitchen; it was like a narrow corridor which could only fit one person wide.

After the tour, they both played some basketball in the backyard until Brian’s mom, Amy, came back from work. James didn’t see Amy frequently and whenever he did, she was wearing very conservative clothing. Being a school nurse, she knew the clichés and stereotypes about the job.

Amy wasn’t the biggest of moms, and that was what James preferred. He didn’t know much about her body though because of her apparel. But she was in no way slender either, she had a curvy but somewhat small body, and she had a really nice bubble butt.

After she came back from work, she changed her clothes and to James’s surprise, she was wearing a normal pajama. He wasn’t expecting this at all, he thought she was going to wear something conservative like always, and maybe stay in her room if she did wear a pajama, but the opposite happened! She spent most of the day with them, and only stayed in the room when they went to sleep. But the pajama was in no way revealing, she was wearing a t-shirt and pants. It just was not her style.

After she changed her clothes, she prepared dinner and asked Brian to set the table, James wanted to help so he set the table with Brian. Soon after they were done, Amy came out of the kitchen with the spaghetti pot, she was wearing an apron over her pajama and some gloves.

All three conversed for a bit while dining, they talked about school and other stuff. And for the entire duration of the chat, James couldn’t stop thinking about Amy, she looked very normal but it was different for him, he hadn’t seen her like that before; it was revealing for him.

A few minutes later they finished eating. Then, James and Brian spent the rest of the day in his bedroom watching TV or playing some games. All whilst Amy was doing stuff around the house and checking in on them a few times.

At 7:30, James suggested they all watch a movie together. So, Amy finished up what she was doing and they all went outside to watch on the huge TV they had in the living room. The movie itself was very boring but James couldn’t get his eyes away from Amy, who was cuddled up from the cold, she was sitting on an armchair and had her legs on the chair and her arms in between her legs.

As the movie came to a close, Amy started drifting to sleep, she did chores all around the house and she was too tired to fight the sleep back, then Brian and James went to his room. James tried to make up any excuse to go outside, he wanted to look at Amy again, he said he wanted to go to the guest’s bathroom at first, then he said he was going to turn of the lights, then he forgot his phone outside. Brian didn’t really care as he was focused on the game he was playing.

10 minutes later, Amy woke up and went to her room. James thought that this was the perfect opportunity, just wait for her to sleep then he would sneak in there. He waited for a few minutes then went to her room without even making up and excuse for Brian.

He went into the room and saw Amy’s t-shirt pulled up from her movement while sleeping and her back was fully exposed, that instantly gave him a boner. He wanted to go to the other side of the bed to see her abdomen but he heard Brian call him so he went in order not to get caught. Fortunately, Brian did not catch James as he told him he was putting his phone in the charger.

It was now getting late and James’s mother did not arrive, he got worried and called her a few times, she finally answered her phone and told him she wasn’t going to be able to pick him up that evening or the one after, so he was staying there for 2 days.

James and Brian then went to sleep, Brian was sleeping on the floor and James was on the bed. But James couldn’t sleep; he had a long-lasting boner and he was thinking about Amy all the time. One hour later, he called Brian’s name to see if he was sleeping or still awake, but he didn’t answer, he called louder and still no answer.

James then got out of bed and went to Amy’s room, he walked carefully so as not to make a sound. He entered through the door and went to the other side of the bed. And her stunning abdomen was fully exposed, he could see from just over her womb all the way up to under her tits, this made his dick even harder and it was fully erect now. He was so tempted to touch her but didn’t, which was a wise choice. He went to masturbate in the bathroom, then he went back to bed.


The next morning, James wanted to get closer to Amy, so he offered help in cooking breakfast, and Brian’s mother accepted his offer. The house had a very small kitchen, it was just about one person wide and three people deep. Amy was cooking breakfast on the stove which was at the end of the kitchen, and James was on the outside toasting the bread.

Amy wanted to get to the fridge which was also next to the door so she asked James to cook the eggs until the got the ingredients she wanted. So, Amy squeezed between James and the counter, but it wasn’t wide enough. James’s dick brushed on her ass, his dick pushing against it firmly as she let out a soft moan. That instantly gave him a boner but luckily, she was out before she felt anything.

But she had to go back in, James didn’t know what to do, and he just froze in his place. Amy got the ingredients and went back to the stove. James was standing there like a statue. Amy then passed between him and the counter again but he didn’t move, he stayed in his place. This pushed his dick even further into Amy as she bent over the counter but was ultimately stuck. Silent, she thought James would move, but he didn’t, he stayed in his place.

The frustrated and bent over Amy cried for James to get out of the way “uhh… James… your… can you move away please?” She said as she struggled to get out of this situation. James then snapped back and said “Oh, I’m— I’m very sorry… please forgive me.” as he stepped back. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it, the kitchen is really small.” She replied with a breath of release.

Then both of them finished preparing breakfast as Brian set the table. They all had breakfast and James was very embarrassed by what he had done. He finished his food very quickly and went to Brian’s room. Amy and Brian finished their food soon after him.

Amy was going to her room, and James wanted to apologize to her properly, so he followed her to her room. He was just about to knock on the door when he saw Amy on her knees bent over and looking for something in the drawer. A part of her ass crack was exposed and she wasn’t wearing any panties. James froze again, this time he woke himself up and was very cautious not to get caught.

He came to the realization that Amy didn’t have panties on in the kitchen either, so she must’ve felt his boner harder than he thought. He went to the living room quickly so as not to get caught again.

James and Brian spent an hour or so watching TV in the living room, and Amy went to work but James and Brian had the day off. Brian was too involved with TV and didn’t really pay attention to James who was roaming around the house. James went to Amy’s room and searched for some underwear in the piles and piles of clothes.

And he found what he was looking for, he found a pair of panties. They were silky and had a maroon color with black lace on the edges. James had a boner again but this time was bigger and better than the last. Brian didn’t even pay attention and James could do whatever he wanted with the pair of panties.

He started licking the pussy part of the panties, but apparently, they were clean and hadn’t been worn yet since they didn’t have any taste, he then took it to the bathroom and jerked off on it. He searched for more clothes and found a bra. It was light blue, and was fully transparent. He didn’t believe what he had just seen, why did Amy have this anyway?

James then spent the rest of the day playing basketball with Brian in the backyard until Amy arrived. She went in to change her clothes and they finished their game and went in as well. After they went in, he noticed that Amy was wearing the same panties he had been playing with! He was shocked, terrified that she will find the cum, but also excited about what just happened.

At night, Amy went to bed early and left James and Brian alone, Brian had to get somethings from the grocery store so he left James with the sleeping Amy.

James slowly walked to the mother’s room, he entered through the door and found her sleeping with the covers fully protecting her. But they weren’t going to protect her for long, James had a plan, and he was about to execute it. He thought that if anyone finds out, he’ll tell them that he was looking for his phone, innocent right? Well, maybe they wouldn’t believe him but they also won’t be able to do anything at that point.

James moved carefully closer to her, she was sleeping with her back to the side of the bed and she was wearing a t-shirt from what he was able to see. He was standing right next to the bed, and he slowly went down on his knees. He slid his hands under the cover, and gradually moved them towards her ass. As he touched it, he found out that she was only wearing panties. He felt her bubble butt in his palms, her beautiful, curvy behind with the lace panties protecting them and fitting her snuggly. He started jiggling them around gently and he brushed her hands all over her ass.

But that wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to see them before Brian was back home. So, he progressively removed the cover from on top of her. She started groaning and moving around but she was only adjusting herself. James let out the biggest sigh of relief he could ever let out, and continued his work. She was now sleeping on her back, with a refined arch that made her ass rise above the rest of her body. She was also not wearing the same panties he jerked off on, she was wearing a black pair with lace all over it.

James rushed out of the room, went to the living room and got his phone. He went back into Amy room and started taking pictures of her, she nightlamps on both sides of the bed gave excellent romantic lighting. After taking pictures, he placed his phone on the nightstand and started rubbing her more.

After a minute or two, he heard the door open, it must be Brian. He quickly moved the covers back to their place and darted outside. “Oh, hey! Why are you running?” Brian asked with a grin as James quickly went to the front door. “Hey, I came to help you.” James replied as he took some bags from Brian’s hand. Brian thanked him and went to change in his room.

“Is mom still asleep?” Brian asked as he came out of his room while James was waiting for him outside.

“Y— Ye— Yes?” James stuttered; his face went red as he was petrified from the mention of Amy.

“what’s the problem?” Brian asked confusedly.

“N— Nothing, yeah nothing!” James said as he tried to pick up some confidence.

“Ok, I got what you wanted by the way.” Brian said.

“Awesome!” James replied.

Then, James and Brian played a few games and went to bed.


The next day was James’s last in this house, and he wanted to make it special. All three had their morning breakfast as usual, although James did not help Amy this time as he didn’t want to be pushy, maybe she didn’t want help because of last time. Amy went to her work soon after as well.

James didn’t do anything special in the morning that day, he watched TV, scrolled through some apps on his phone, and played some games with Brian. Amy arrived from her work in the afternoon, and all three watched a movie, then Amy went to make lunch. James did however offer help this time, but he was very cautious not to do anything stupid or would get him into trouble. After lunch, James and Brian spent the rest of the day playing basketball outside.

At dusk, the two friends heard Amy call them in for dinner. “Shit!” James said to himself, his plan mightn’t have worked. He quickly rushed in, leaving Brian outside, and went to Amy. He found her still cooking dinner, but it was almost done.

“So, I was wondering, since you’ve been really nice in hosting me. I was wondering if I could make orange juice tonight.” James said as he leaned his back to the counter

“That’s very nice of you James, but I don’t want you to be doing stuff all the time, you’re my guest after all!” Amy replied.

“No, really, I want to help!” He said with a smile on his face. Amy finally accepted his offer and he got to work straight away.

Right when he was pouring the juice, he remembered something. So, he went to Brian’s room and took out a pill, a sleeping pill. He placed one at the bottom of one of the glasses and poured orange juice on top of it. Brian was setting the table when the other two were working in the kitchen, they finally finished what they were doing and went to the table. James made sure to place the drink with the pill at Amy’s side.

20 minutes later, Amy started to feel dizzy and said “I’m uhh— I’m gonna go to sleep.”

“Wait why? it’s still very early” Brian asked with a concerned tone.

“I’m just really tired baby, see you in the morning” Amy said as she pecked Brian of the forehead and said good night to James.

“Yes! It worked!” James said to himself.

2 hours later, James and Brian went to bed, but James didn’t sleep, he stayed awake for as long as he could. He waited until Brian was sleeping and headed out of the room. He went unhurriedly to Amy’s room, who was in deep sleep at the moment. He did the same thing as the day before, she was sleeping on her stomach, he started rubbing his hands all over her, then he removed the blanket exposing her nice ass which was still protected snuggly by the same panties.

James gradually moved his hands which were rubbing Amy’s ass down to her pussy, he started moving his finger up and down. Then, he started pushing his thumb in her pussy, his dick was rock hard at that moment. He tried to pull her panties off from the side but he pulled too fast and strong and Amy ended up sliding down the bed, she started groaning and asked what is happening and almost woke up but James shushed her back to sleep.

This time he was careful, he removed her panties slowly, exposing her pussy and ass. He started fingering her from the back, moving his finger up and down the length of her pussy. She started to moan softly but was still sleeping, he pushed his finger in more while still moving it up and down. He pushed his middle finger gradually into her until it was completely inside.

He moved his finger inside her for a bit, then he pulled it out, and he gently shoved his hand between her tights reaching her clitoris. He started fingering it, moving his finger in circles. As her moans started getting louder and louder, he knew she was going to wake up, so he fingered her faster and viciously. Her moans started turning into groans as she woke up and stood on her knees, while James was behind her also on his knees fingering her from the back.

“Ahhh, oh god, who is this? Plea— please stopaaah.” She said as she was struggled softly. James locked her into position by wrapping his hand around her stomach and he didn’t say anything; he didn’t want her to know it was him for the longest time possible. He continued fingering her harder and harder, as she started getting close to climax.

“Oh stop pleeeeease, ahhhh!” She said but deep down she wanted more. James was still silent until he took out his dick from his pants, “Shhhh, there, you’re about to cum now” He mumbled but it was still loud enough for her to hear as his mouth was right behind her ear. “James!?!? What the fuck James?” She said but both of them knew she wanted him. “Ahhhh! Just stop.” She said after a long pause.

Amy fell onto James’s lap as she got closer to orgasm. “Ohhh god!” She groaned as she held to his head with both of her hands. She started cumming onto his dick, which was under her wet pussy. Her pussy got wetter as her whole body started twitching around. A few seconds later her orgasm stopped as her body calmed down. James then took his dick and slid it carefully into her lubricated pussy, he pushed it in while gradually moving in and out.

“Oh no, James” She said as she started to moan, now clearly enjoying this. He started thrusting faster into her, easily moving his dick inside her wet vagina. She also starting pouncing up and down as she stopped whining.

James was feeling incredible, if you asked him about Amy a few days ago his reply would’ve probably been “I don’t know, I haven’t really saw her”. But now after he did, she was amazing! He didn’t want this to stop, he wanted to fuck her all night long.

Amy was getting close to a second orgasm, but James wasn’t even close; he jerked off before fucking her to make sure he can last for as long as possible. A few seconds later Amy started to cum again, James felt the walls of her pussy get softer and wetter, she started twitching and moaning loudly. This one lasted a bit longer than the last but it ended a few seconds after.

James then pulled out, and took off Amy’s shirt. She laid down on her back while James took off his clothes as well. He moved his head down slowly to Amy’s C cup breasts, which weren’t big. They were jiggly but not saggy, and she had small pink areolas. He started linking the right one, moving his tongue in circles around her nipple teasing her.

“Fuck James, this is so wrong” She said trying to stop what was happening, but her pleasure stopped her from doing anything but say useless words. James didn’t respond to her, instead, he continued licking her breast. Amy couldn’t handle this anymore; she pulled his head closer to hers. He gradually moved up her body, kissing every part of it as he slowly made his way up to her mouth.

They started making out softly as James got on top of her, his dick was grinding between her thighs, which were wet from her vagina. He continued moving his hips as their kissing started getting fiercer and fiercer. She opened her legs for him to enter her and he stopped the kissing to position himself. After a moment he went inside her and she wrapped her leg around him.

James wanted Amy to want him, so he moved his hip slowly between her legs, he didn’t want to go too fast, he wanted her to ask for it. They started fucking as Amy wrapped both her legs and arms around him. The inside of her vagina was so wet, it made moving inside her easy for James.

A few minutes later, she felt her orgasm coming for the third time, so she asked James to go fast, but he didn’t. “Please, just go faster” She begged in a needy voice. “Relax, we still got all night, nothing to hurry about” He teased. They went back and forth for a few second before she started cumming again. He stopped thrusting and stayed inside her for the duration of her orgasm as she held him tightly.

Then, he pulled her up so she was sitting on his lap again, only this time she was facing him instead of facing the other way. They started kissing again as she starting pouncing harder on him. “This time I’ll finish you off” She said teasingly. “We’ll see” He simply replied.

None of them talked another word for a couple of minutes. They both kissed for a bit, she leaned back while holding with her hand on the bed for a bit, and he kissed her chest for a bit when she was moaning. James broke the silence—other than her loud moans—and said “I think I’m gonna cum”. “I told you” She replied as she stopped pouncing.

“No! why did you stop?” He said concernedly.

“We still got all night, nothing to hurry about” She said copying his words.

James lifted her up and gently placed her on her back on the bed as he laid down on her.

“I could always do this” He teased.

“Fuck!” She said annoyedly but in a sexy way. James started thrusting into her viciously.

“I’m cumming!” James announced as his thrusts became slower. “Pull out you idiot!” Amy quickly replied. James pulled out at the last second, as his throbbing dick spurted cum all over her stomach and chest, going all the way up to her chin. James then took some time to calm down while Amy was playing with his cum on her body.

As the pleasure went down, Amy started to realize what just happened. She just had sex with James, Brian’s best friend. Brian, her son. She started to panic; her breathe became heavier, she kept looking around trying to find a way out of this situation, and she was scared to death.

James realized this and tried to calm her down, he bent down again and started kissing her neck, telling her that no one will know, and it’s okay if it says between them. Amy wasn’t easily fooled though, she kept on panicking. But, a few moments later, James’s love was too much for her as she melted down in his kisses.

James and Amy continued kissing, this time stronger and better than before. James rolled over to the side, now laying down next to Amy instead of on top of her. They continued they kissing for a few minutes, before collapsing down and sleeping together completely naked.


Amy woke up at 6 AM, she was cuddling with James, completely naked, and sticky from the cum; she was a mess. She tried shifting around to get away from James but it didn’t work; he was embracing her too strongly.

“James, James wake up” Amy said as she slowly moved around.

“what?... Oh god, what the hell happened?” He freaked out and jumped up to a sitting position.

“Shh, you’re gonna wake Brian up,” She said “I’ll go out and check if he is awake”

She slowly exited the room, still naked, she gradually made her way to Brian’s room. She peeked her head around the corner and found him still sleeping. So, she made her way back to the room. “He’s still sleeping” She told James. “Good, that’s good” He replied.

“No it’s not! We’re clearly doing something wrong if we’re scared Brian is gonna see us” She replied angrily.

James stood up, made his way around the bed and towards Amy and embraced her.

“I told you yesterday, it’s fine if it stays between us” He said in a calm, appealing voice.

“What if he saw us when we were sleeping?” She asked.

“He won’t, I gave him a sleeping pill as well” He replied instantly regretting saying that.

“You gave him what?!?!”

“I— uhh… I gave him sleeping pills so that he doesn’t wake up, I gave you one as well” James replied.

“Well, that explains a lot!”

James got clothed, and Amy went to the bathroom to shower. While she was going to the bathroom, she saw Brian who just woke up. James couldn’t see anything but he heard most of the conversation.

“Mom? Why are you naked?” Brian asked.

“I was just going to the bathroom, honey,” She replied “You want anything?”

“N— No” Brian stuttered.

Amy then went to the bathroom and Brian went to the second guest’s bathroom. James had his opportunity to get out of Amy’s room, he quickly darted outside, and waited for Brian on the couch. A few moments later, Brian exited the bathroom and asked James where he had been. James didn’t know what to say, he remained silent until Amy came out of the bathroom and saved him.

“Oh hi, good morning James!” She said brightly while wearing a towel.

“Good morning Mrs. Mason. How was your sleep?” He replied, quickly stopping his conversation with Brian.

“It was great! never had a better sleep” She teased.

“Awesome,” He replied “I think my mom will be back any second now, so I’m going to get dressed”

Brian then changed his clothes, and soon enough, his mother texted him saying she at the front door. Brian remained confused for the rest of the day as James got what he wanted and went home.

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Unexpected Affair

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