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Milf slave

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Author: shadowdoom

Published: 04 June 2019

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"Oh, yeah, suck that dick bitch, then put them big tits to use." Nicole smiles and placed her huge chest between her master's cock. She was so happy and honored to serve her master. "Yes, Daddy! I'm nothing but your whore! Your cumslut!" Nicole says excitedly sucking his cock and moving her heavy rack.

Nicole is a mother to six children, each and every one of them, she had to take care of her entire life. That takes a lot out of her, to make matters worse, her husband got a new job and wasn't home that often when he was, he wasn't paying much attention to her, normally and sexually. It's been years since he's fucked her, Nicole was horny as shit. She couldn't do anything about it but suppress her sexual desires. When her sons, brought their friends over to the house, Nicole found it difficult to look at their friends and not fantasize about fucking them. She was so horny, anything could make her give in to her primal sexual nature. Being around them for so long and her hormones as crazy as they were, she practically was throwing herself at them, wearing sexy clothes to turn them on. Not caring if they would see her as a slutty milf, she was cool with that, as long as someone sexually pursued her.

Sadly, it had no effect on them, except for one. They thought it was strange that a mother of six could wear such revealing clothes. If they looked too hard then they would be able to spot her nipples that were in the middle of her huge bust. Tyler, the African American was highly aroused by Nicole's appearance.

There were times his big black cock hardened, thankfully none of his friends noticed it. They should have been able to, considering it's quite a cock. Then again, who would look between someone's crouch?

As the days progressed, Nicole tried harder and harder to seduce the young men who visited her home. Hell, she'd let them all run a train on her. Little did she know that her seduction was taking more of an effect on Tyler than the others. He didn't go after that hot milf, out of respect for his friends. Unfortunately, he soon gave in to his desires and fucked her. That one time was all it took to make her his. It was only a matter of time before he fucked her, Nicole's seduction was just too great for him. An older white woman who is a milf with big tits, a dream fuck. In the end, Nicole got what she so wanted. Tyler fucked her like a toy doll and made her his bitch.

They fucked every time he came over, he became her Daddy, her Master. Each her sons had jobs and wasn't at the house that often, just like her hubby.

Thinking back on it now, she was happy her husband wasn't there, he could never please her as Tyler could. Nicole stares at Tyler while moving her boobs to satisfy him, her husband never asked for a tit job for whatever reason.

These tits were so big, you could lay your head on them like pillows. When she walked through the house, Tyler got off at seeing them bounce. He looks at her and smirks while she moved her bust. "Hehe, if I was your husband I would be fucking these tits all the time, but he left you in my care now." Tyler stood up holding onto her shoulders starting to fuck her tits. "Ah these big tits feel so good, so soft I love it." Nicole then looks at the door remembering one of her sons is coming. "Ah! Master hurry up and cum. Alex is on the way." She sounded worried as to what would happen if her son spotted her engaging in a sexual act with his friend. "Hurry up!" She Moans and moves her tits with him, trying to get him to release so she can go and clean up. She was yelling at her Master and he wouldn't stand for it. He slaps her tits roughly making her moan in pleasure and pain. "Bitch don't tell me to hurry up!

You hear me you, milf bitch?" Nicole blushes as she liked when her master called her negative names. Even her husband didn't dare to say names like that, simply because he was afraid to. Nicole became just a little more turned on by his words, she moves faster and complies with him. "Yes, Master! Forgive your nervous bitch. You are right! I'm nothing but your bitch, your whore, your plaything.

Use your sex slave as you please. I was made for your pleasure." Nicole yells out dehumanizing herself, yet turned on that she said such a thing. It was because of Tyler that she was finally sexually happy, he recreated her sex life, after all these years.

Soon she felt it coming for her, then she holds her tits as a shot of cum came blowing out. It hit all over her face and her breasts. She pulls away feeling slutty after all that thick semen being on her. Sticking to her skin very quickly. Tyler dominantly laughs at the mess he's made. "Such a good white slut! You are, now go clean up bitch. Your son should be here in five minutes." She nodded and ran to the bathroom, making sure no cum leak or hit the floor.

Alex came into the house unaware of what was going on, yet the house had a very strong musty smell. He grabs the air freshener from the counter and starts to spray the house. Once he was done he placed the can down and looked at Tyler. "Say T where is my mother?" He asked not too sure if she's even here.

"Oh, she's in the bathroom getting cleaned up. She will be out in a second bud." At that moment, he felt bad calling him bud when he's boning his mom.

Far from the halls, Nicole's echoed through the house. "Hey, son your here!" She came up to him wearing a white button-down shirt, black yoga pants to go with it. When she was close enough to them, Tyler could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. You had to look really closely to spot it. He then says under his breath, making sure Alex doesn't here. "Oh, you naughty bitch." Alex looked over at Tyler wondering what he said. What he spoke sounded unclear to him, he heard something though. "Umm, what did you say Tyler?"

He stares wondering to know what he responded. "Oh, just something about the weather that's all." Nicole thinks about what he has said, then it came to her. She blushes knowing he said something about her. Alex sees her blushing and shocked by it. "Mom your face is so Red. Are you okay?" Fear kicks in as she hasn't a clue how to explain this to her son, she's never blushed in front of him before. However, she knows he knows nothing about it. So it made her feel just a little bit relaxed. She still is just a tad bit worried that he will figure something out.

Why was she even hiding this from her sons? It's her sex life now theirs. How can you tell your children that you're a slut for big black cocks, and you're humping their friend? They'd all lose respect for her, saying she's a dog, a whore bitch who should've been used a long time ago. Nicole went quiet trying to think of something to say when Tyler spoke for her. "Don't worry about it, she's fine." Before he could say more she cut him off while starting to walk to the kitchen. "Alex honey are you hungry?" Even though Alex is a grown man, she still treated him like her baby. This is a normal thing for all mothers, he raised his eyebrows just a little bit as she hasn't done that in a while. "Yes, Mother. A sandwich would be nice." He started from the living room, Tyler walks into the kitchen and smirks at Alex's mom. She sees him looking at her as she blushes. She then lowers her voice almost whispering. "Master not now, can't you see my son is over there?" Tyler said loud not giving a fuck if Alex heard.

"I don't care! I can look at you if I want." He goes over to her, putting his arms around her waist, grabbing her big tits and sucking her neck. Nicole moans softly trying to not let her son hear. She hopes and prays he doesn't come into the kitchen.

The sudden grab made her bend over the counter. Tyler smiles playing with her funbags, these racks fit nicely on his hands.

"Master! you can't be doing this now?" Nicole tried to move his hand but then he slaps her ass. Making her moan just a little bit louder. "Shut up bitch" stress makes her want to look into the living room to see if Alex heard that. Five minutes later, playing with her tits and hearing her moan made him aroused. Nicole looked over at him, his hard cock poking her ass. "Master whatever you're thinking. Please not now." She pleaded as he pulled out his big black cock not caring at all. He then pulls down her yoga pants revealing her wet pussy. "Then you better keep shut" he stated dominantly as he slams into her pussy causing her to scream out, as she quickly bit her lips hoping her child didn't hear. Tyler starts roughly humping Nicole and as she tried her best to not be loud.

It all was music to his ears, sounds of pleasure could be heard from the kitchen. Good thing Alex was listening to music. Nicole Squeals and moans having her pink pussy fucked. It was only a good thing, Alex's headphone volume was at the max, he couldn't hear a thing. The more lust he better and rougher he got. Her pussy tightens around his big dick and it feels so good. Pleasure increased as she then loses it and moans loudly not caring anymore. Her mind, filled with lust unable to think or from words, but the ones that came to her. "Oh, fuck daddy! Fuck my pussy! Fuck this pink pussy up!!" She giggles and bounces back, the perfect motion. "Oh, God your dick is so big!! Fuck if my son hears I don't care anymore! Keep ramming that drill in my pussy!" She really wasn't like this, the pleasure has gotten to her. Nicole lustfully smiles while bouncing back harder and rougher. Soon Tyler reaches the pleasure orb deep inside her. He reportedly starts to hit that sweet spot.

Nicole cries out as she feels an orgasm drawing near. Her pussy was so wet you could see her pussy dripping. His black cock fits so nicely inside the heated hole of pleasure. "Oh, do me more! Bang me, abuse me! I'm your white whore!" She screams excitedly as she cums all over him. Seeing how she squirmed on him, she looks at him embarrassed. "oops! Sorry, Daddy! I got carry away. Hehe." She giggles like a schoolgirl as she stood up still looking at his cock. She hasn't had enough of it yet, needed more. "Master, can I please fuck that large member?" She asked almost giving puppy dog eyes. She didn't have to do that, but it was cute nonetheless.

Master Tyler smiles And sits on the chair. She then gets on top of him and starts bouncing on him. Nicole couldn't get enough of that big black cock. That dick was to die for. She humps him roughly putting her arms around his neck. Her rack pressed against his chest barely moving. Sex was going on the kitchen and Alex knew nothing about it. By this time, he was falling asleep. In the kitchen, she moved faster on him. From the other angle, you could see her firm white ass bouncing down.

"One round just doesn't cut it off you huh?" Nicole giggles and kisses her Master roughly. Tyler's cock started to throb and he was getting close. He was already letting out precum.

As she fucked Tyler, she thinks about all the times she's never been satisfied with her man. He could never do it right, but Tyler could. Not long after, he growls out cuming inside her pussy. It made her moan in delight. Satisfaction was hard to achieve for her when she was having sex with her husband. Her husband also has a big dick, but he wasn't as big as Tyler.

She cries and lets out another load from the inside. "Say, bitch get on your knees and give me a tit job." He commanded as she got off of his dick and placed them between his cock. She then starts to move them happy to make her Master happy. Tyler loved these huge melons, how nice and soft they are. She moves and sucks on his cock, even licking the little sermon from his cock. She giggles as he moans out happy that he loves her tits so much. "Tee-hee, you love my breasts don't you Daddy? You keep asking for a boob job. Guess you really like them." Nicole found the joy that someone actually loves her tits so much. Even though they are lumps of fat. She moved faster and faster. "Damn right! I love these big ass tits of yours!" Nicole always wondered what was so mesmerizing about breasts. Why do they turn men on so much? And why do men like them big? Men love big tits just as much as lesbians if not more.

She continued this process until he cums on her. Another load came out of his cock onto her tits and face yet again. She then takes a napkin and cleans her face and tits. After they were done, she fixed her son's sandwich and he had no idea what went on. He just smelled that scent again, grabs the spray can and goes into the kitchen, spraying all around making sure not to miss a spot. He couldn't put his finger on where it was coming from. Nicole got nervous when she saw him spray again, thinking it's only a matter of time. He's gonna put two and two together. She storms off to the shower, to kill her sweat. She couldn't risk him finding out if he does then he will tell his brothers. All of this wasn't her fault, she's just addicted to Tyler's big black cock. Just as he is attracted to her tits.

After ten minutes she got out of the shower, this time wearing another pair of clothing. By that time, Tyler and Alex were on the game playing call of duty. Tyler figured gaming would be the best thing to stop him from thinking. From putting the pieces together. Of course, he wouldn't give a flying fuck if he did get discovered. He loves fucking his white sex slave and wouldn't care what others think, she belongs to him, and only him.

When Nicole see them playing games, something came into her mind, she thinks about sucking him off while he plays. She blushes at the thought and puts her mind on something else, she has to before she gets turned on again. It was Tyler had a magic spell and it's always taking effect on her. She knew it was because he is handsome and he's black and has a big dick. Nicole is just sexually attracted to black men, so of course, it's hard for her to control herself around this young black man. Wanting to be close to her Master, she sat right by him, just made it like she wasn't doing anything at all. "So son, what game is this?" He asked hoping he forgets what transpired today even though he didn't see anything. They did whatever they could to keep him from thinking and in the dark.

Tyler highly doubted that they would be happy knowing that he is screwing their mother. Most likely they would be angry knowing that she is just a fuck toy to him, his bitch. This is what she wanted, after all, she wanted someone to fuck her. To treat her like the wordless bitch that she is. Someone to take care of her sexual urges and she has found Tyler, who was highly interested. If her husband was not fucking her anymore, some else had to. Nicole's sex life with Danny wasn't the best but he did make her happy, just not sexually. On average, they may be one round and even then, she never got hears. To avoid hurting his feelings, she told him was amazing, that he is so good, but that was all lies to spare him from sorrow. How would he feel knowing he never pleasured her?

That is something she could never tell him. She wasn't heartless or anything like that, this is her best friend and husband. But she needs a real man who can satisfy her. Lying was a way of life to her, a way to believe that he was doing a good job. She was stuck with this man for years and had to make the best of it, the hurtful realizing that she would never be properly pleasured. That this man just wasn't putting it down right. Marrying him was a pleasure killer, the only thing he was good for was procreation.

Thinking about her shitty performing husband made her doze off. Most people would say, she's a crappy wife for degradation the man she had married in her mind. Even telling people that would hate and shit on her. Saying she's a slut who only cares about being sexually loved. Can't believe her, she is a woman who has needs. Being ruthlessly fucked by Tyler and treated like a slut, a plaything made her happy. Nicole has always wanted to be a black man's bitch. So you're probably thinking, why didn't she just go after black men? It was because she met her husband first and he was very kind, strong and confident, yet not so much in the bedroom. When she wakes up, she looks around to see that her Master and son wasn't in the room, she stood up walking out of the room to find her Master. Nicole slowly walks down the hallway to the dining room, when she walked in. She couldn't find him in anywhere. In fact, the house was empty. She then pulls out her phone and calls her Master who picks up. "Master where are you?" She asked sounding a bit worried for some strange reason. He responded while texting someone else from the other side. "Oh, out doing a few things with Alex, be back in a few minutes. Helping him move things into his new house." She sighs relaxed that nothing happened. "Master when you get back, can we go at it again?" There was a short pause as he answered her. "Haha, you horny bitch. Okay but we're making a live stream porno tonight, so be ready!"

She nodded and hung up the phone excited to show her body off. Two hours later, Tyler came into the house feeling hard and ready to pump her. He walks into her bedroom, a place where they had sex. A place where she slept with her husband. He said down by the disk and took out his 900 dollar laptop to get started. It went to a site that was very big called "live stream sex.org." he sighs into the site and gets started while his sex slave was in the bathroom, getting ready for the video stream. Soon she walks into the room when he starts streaming. She walks up to him wearing a black robe with her Queen of spade tattoo on her right leg. A tattoo she got when he was out with Alex.

"Haha, you look so slutty and that's making me hard as fuck. Get your ass over here and introduce yourself, bitch." Nicole blushed walking over to the camera happy people can see what a slut she is. She confidently introduced herself to the viewers, horny fuckers getting off at her already. "Hello, I'm Nicole the big breasted milf. Since you're here, I assume you wanna see us fucking! My master is very rough and likes to put on a show for you guys. So we'll do our best to entertain You all. hope you enjoy the show!"

People were getting off at the fact that she's an actual slave and not acting. Her words burned a fire in her hearts. Headed desire to see them perform. Nicole walks away from the computer going over to Tyler, she then smirks as he looks at her hot body. The viewers were going crazy waiting for the fun. He smirks as he commanded for her to suck him off. "You know what to do bitch! Now get your ass over here and suck my dick bitch." Nicole blushes and reaches for the thing between his legs. She moves her head down and begins to suck it. Not even licking around the head but took him in whole. The viewers couldn't see her sucking but could see her wet cunt before them. It was basically dripping wet and ready to be pounded. They all were saying things like. "I wish I could fuck this milf. You are a lucky bastard! Fuck I wanna stroke myself now." Seeing the lustful comments. Nicole smirks more while sucking the black cock. She moved over just a little bit. While Making sure they could see her sucking it.

She pulls up and gave a seductive smirk to the camera. Hopefully, it made them that much harder. "Mmm, I bet you guys wish I would do this to you, watch this." She takes out her huge rack and puts them between her master's cock. The guys on the side were going crazy, wishing they could suck her tits. Those big beautiful between her master's cock. It honestly made some of the guy's jealousy, that they couldn't get some. She moves her chest up and down going faster and better than before, some were already jerking off and nothing happened yet. She giggles at the horny comments while working her bust. She smiles as the show would continue on! Maybe they'll be a part two.

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Milf slave

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Comments (1)
shadowdoom04 June 2019 03:03
I hope you guys enjoyed this story, I ended a little bit earlier because I thought I was taking too long with it. And I really wanted to work on another story as well. Comment what you think of this story.
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