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Mother Daughter Softball Fun 1

Categories True Story, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Female solo

Author: ilopan67

Published: 06 June 2019

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I was coaching a girl's softball team in Italy for 18 and under. My wife and I had issues for a long time and stayed in the same house for the kids. I played a lot of sports and coached them as well, so I stayed in good shape. 6"4" tall at about 250 lbs of mostly muscle, women were attracted and I would take advantage of that at the right place and time where my kids or others I knew would not find out. It had been a while since I did not travel for adult winter sports. So I just continued to work out. I also had a good supplement regimen that had added a testosterone booster, Arginine, and other Amino Acids that kept me at a heightened state of horniness. I felt like a predator at times as I would eye women at the gym in their sweaty spandex and that carried into the girls wearing next to nothing at practice.

I pulled into the parking lot as the bus pulled in and the girls all came up to greet me as I checked who made it. My daughter was out sick and the girls came up hugging on me "Who is going to pitch at practice?" I looked up and one of the girls on the other team was pulling shorts on under her sundress and showed me an amazing tight white ass. She turned as smiled catching me looking. I shook it off with teh blood flowing "Where is Ashley?"

Ashley was 17 or 18 and was homeschooled due issues the year before. Sexy young blonde who dyed her tips pink, which gave her a trashy look. Also wearing tiny shorts and low cut tops that would expose her C cup breasts as she would go for the ball. Her step mother was a drinker who would even show up drunk at 9 AM games. A sexy woman with an amazing big ass that she would flaunt in tight shorts or loose dresses. Her hair was dyed auburn and would also be mixed at times. Ashley's father stayed deployed and had stayed in barracks when he came back due to his issues with her. I always thought she was probably cheating on him, but who knows.

She sent me a message coach "Running a bit late, mom took me to the beach" I nodded and the girls started to line up for the bathroom and the handicap bathroom to get changed.

I took my bag into the men's room and stripped down. The door popped open and in came Ashley. Her eyes locked onto my member, which was about 5 or so inches flaccid and nice and thick. "Sorry coach, running late and need to warm up to pitch today." still staring at my member. For some reason I didn't even care to cover up and finally reached down to do so. "Don't worry coach, Already saw it and have already seen them." she continued to look as she pulled her sundress up exposing her perfect bare breasts with hard nipples jutted from the perfectly firm globes. Then turned showing her amazing ass as she slid her bikini down exposing the tan lines that added to the sexiness. She stayed bent at the knees as she stepped out of the bikini opening her legs for me to see her shaven puffy labium up to her tight pink anus. She added by talking to me to make sure I was looking "I mean, what I have seen were definitely smaller than that. Bad part about being home schooled is no interaction with boys unless I like Italian boys, which I don't." she squatted and picked up something out of her bag and then bent back over stepping into cotton shorts turning with her perfect breasts still exposed. "Damn coach! I guess you peeked." staring at my crotch. I looked down at my throbbing 8 or 9 inch erection. Blood pulsing through the veins and head turning purple. She moved in close looking down at it and turned holding her arms up and pushing her breasts out as she out a scrunchy in her hair to hold it up and then pulled her shirt on. "I guess I better go warm up and you might want to take care of that, might scare the girls." She turned getting one last look before stepping out.

I cooled down my erection with cold water, dressed and stepped out putting my bag in my truck. I walked up to the dugout and heard "You changed with Coach?"

Ashley "I guess, but he was in one stall and I was in the other."

"Did you see his dick? I bet it is huge!"

Ashley "I tried to peek, but he already had pants on."

Ashley sat in front as I took teh girls through their stretching exercises. I quickly realized that I had not seen her put panties on as her legs opened and I could see her pussy up her shorts leg. I stopped not wanting to get an erection and she turned leading. Her nice ass showing as she bent over still stretching. I coached through practice distracted as I watched for other chances to see her body parts. I received a text and it was Ashley's step mother Amber "Could you please give Ashley a ride home again?" I texted back "yes"

I went into the bathroom and put basketball shorts on and came out finding Ashley standing there with her hair back down and sundress on. We walked to the truck and she came over to my side, so I held the door open for her to climb in. Ashley's cheeks were flushed as she climbed up in and then crawled showing her her ass and bald swollen labium dark pink puffy lips glistening in wetness as crawled. The view was so amazing that I did not know where to look. Her amazing ass cheeks, wet pussy, or pink anus.

She sat quietly and I got in with my erection creating a nice bulge. She looked and grinned as I started the truck. We left the park and Ashley started talking "Jesus coach, all I could think about was you big hard cock all through practice. I also caught you looking at me as well. Did you like what you saw?" I just sat quiet "Come on coach. I am so damn horny, and it is your fault for showing me that big beautiful cock." we got close to her house "We are almost there!" she reached into her bag "Just look at what you did to me?" holding out her shorts "They are all wet!"

I grabbed the shorts feeling the soaking wet crotch "Jesus" and I pulled them up to my nose with her sweat and musk burning my nostrils. I got even harder, not even knowing I could get harder than I had.

"Holy shit coach!" she giggled moving closer and taking my hand "You can feel what made them that way!" as she placed it between her legs and grasped my bulge "Holy shit, you are so big and hard." I pulled into the driveway and the gate closed. Her door was close to the wall, so I opened mine. "Come on coach! Amber isn't here. Come in and let me take a shower and you can have me!" she turned kissing me as I stood and wrapped her legs around me. "Yeah, carry me up!" I turned her around and put her back on the seat with her ass up "What are you...ooohh.." as I started licking her ass pushing her dress up. I licked every inch of her bare ass "I am dirty and sweaty!" as she fought to get the dress off and froze as I started to tongue her sweaty asshole shoving a finger between her wet lips. "No one has ever licked my asshole! NGGhhnn, It feels so good!" I moved down to her wet pussy pushing her shoulders down and lifting her thighs. The taste of her honey made me rabid and flipped her over diving back between her legs launching a tongue assault.

"God, you taste so good!"

"He finally talks" I pushed her thighs up against her belly and sucked her whole pussy into my mouth "Holy shit!! Oohh fuck" I wet my finger and worked it into her anus. Her body shook and she came all over my face. I took in all I could loving the taste of it as her body bucked and she moaned so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear. I pulled my shorts off and started to pull her towards me "Wait, please. I want it, but wait!" as she dropped down sitting on the nerf bar grabbing my cock and feeling all over it. "Holy fuck! This might hurt me." and started licking up and down the shaft and finally sucking the tip. I looked through the other window and saw a hand in the front of a tiny micro thong. Pulling Ashley up to the seat as I started suckling her amazing breasts and fingering her again. "Ok, ok" she kissed me and laid back "Fuck me!"

I started to enter her and I heard "Stop, get up here!" Amber slurred. We walked up with me wagging my cock. "You are in big trouble! You tried to fuck one of your under 18 players!"

I walked towards her in her micro thong with soft yet firm DD breasts. Her nipples trying to cut through the material and the bottoms drenched, transparent, and still askew from when she was playing with herself. She looked like a goddess of porn. Moved in kissing her neck and hooking my finger in her thong to fix it. "What are you doing" as she quivered I moved behind her kissing her shoulder while I exposed her massive amazing breasts rubbing my cock against her ass. I continued groping as I kissed and kissed down her back to her amazing big soft ass. My hand slid up her inner thigh until she opened her legs welcoming my touch as I fondled her hefty wet pussy. "Ohh jesus" I bent her forward and started to suck her wetness out of her thong. Her ass pushed back at me while I pulled her thong down licking every inch of her full ass with two fingers knuckle deep between her big full lips. "AAHHHOOO" as I tongued her anus.

I stopped and stood there making her turn around and ask "Please keep going! Please" as she played with my cock. I moved and laid on the lounge as she started to mount me and I stopped her. I reached my hand out to Ashley pulling her in and she started to suck my cock. Amber "No! She can't!"

"She is 18" as I took her leg pulling it over my face "Ohh fuck" as I pulled her down on my face and started a masterful cunnilingus. It was not hard as she tasted almost as good as her step daughter. I pushed my thumb in her ass "AYYYooomm" as her body shuddered and she came in my mouth. Her body still shuddering as I pushed her down onto my cock pulling Ashley back up on my face. Both of their bodies shivered and Ashley froze as she began to orgasm all over my face again. Amber's masterful pussy began to convulse on my cock and she screamed slamming herself down until I hit her cervix and began to shoot a massive load with every rope hitting her cervix and her screaming each time it did.

I pulled Ashley off and Amber collapsed on me with my cock finally falling out of her. I kissed her full on the lips and she kissed back wanting more as she shoved her tongue in my mouth. The lounge was big so Ashley sat down and I laid her next to me kissing her too while groping both of their asses. Pulling them both up "I did not do these justice!" as I took turns sucking each of their amazing breasts. Finally standing up they got up with me. "We need to do this again" as I turned them kissing each of their asses, "many more times". Amber kissed me hard tugging at my semi erect cock.

"Please come back, come back any time."

Ashley walked me to my truck and gathered her stuff while bent over the seat. I grabbed her shorts and smelled them again making me hard and I started inserting it slowly into her. She pushed back and then whimpered, so I pulled out. "Sorry, I want it, but am way to sensitive right now."

"Next time." She nodded and kissed me again.

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Mother Daughter Softball Fun 1

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Comments (1)
tonyrains — 05 June 2019 12:24
What is a labium? English must be your second or third language.
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