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  1. SHEILA 9
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  4. Sheila 21

Sheila 21

Categories Fantastic, Blackmail, Body modification, Violence

Author: pars001

Published: 08 June 2019

  • Font:

Killjoy group


Ruslan (short blonde hair, 6'7'') - Leader

Serafima (dark red head) - support/medical

Karina (blonde Hair) - Sharpshooter sniper

Timur (Dark hair 5'2''} - computer/hacker expert

Egor- Electronics expert - killed in fire fight

Stas - Explosives expert - killed in fire fight

Pibald group


Evelyn (Auburn hair) - Leader former wife of General Gance/sniper

Christine/Chris (blonde) - personal combat expert- Evelyn's daughter

Trina (red head) - Tall muscular, armed combat, Chris's lover - Injured shot in both arms

Betty (Dark brown hair) - Recon/explosives expert, sister of Cathy

Cathy (Light brown hair} computer/Electronics/hacker expert

Diane (Dark brown Hair) short, mistress of deception/assassinations - Severely injured internal injuries

Synthetic, Humanoid, Enlightened, Inquisitive, Living, Android - Sheila


Inside Minneapolis I decided we needed to stop a while. Though the nanomites had definitely enhanced me, I was still vulnerable. Here I could run nearly as fast as Sheila though the soles of my feet could only take so much.

Looking in a mirror I had the nanomites change my hair color, eye color plus the shape of my face somewhat. Then I noticed that I wasn't really tired though I was feeling a bit of fatigue.

Walking down the street after the changes were done, I began to feel safer. Though as I knew my father, he was still seeking me out to try and end me. I had a feeling that with the few satellites he still had control over, he was still looking for my bio-signature.

Looking at my feet, I could see that they had just started to become red. I'd have to keep an eye on that.

I thought a moment then asked, {all units time 'til level four maturation is reached?}

{Calculating.} The nanomites answered. {Calculations complete. It is estimated that another seven hours thirty minutes will be required.}

{All units, advise corporeal control as soon as fourth level has been achieved.} I replied to the nanomites.

{Compliance.} I heard them reply.

Nodding I again felt a little dumb, I still wasn't used to the fact that the nanomites couldn't see me nor would they comment unless asked.

I sat on the nearest bench to look at my feet, the redness was starting to fade far faster than I thought it would. Might as well find a place to plan more on this. I needed to end this and soon, even with Sheila and the nanomites we were going to run out of luck or whatever it was that we seemed to have an abundance of.

A movement next to me had me looking up at Sheila. Why I thought does she have a worried look on her face? "Alright," I asked, "what's wrong?"

"This plan that you have, too many things can go wrong. We are going into the heart of the enemy's territory. They and not us will have an advantage. This, therefore, will increase the danger exponentially." Sheila told me.

"I know this Sheila, that's why we have to make sure that all that we can control goes as we want it." I replied to her.

"Still Roger," she stated her features seeming to soften. "There are still too many uncertainties. At least put the plan on hold until you have reached level four."

I thought about it for a few moments then reluctantly nodded. "It's just that I am tired of running. We need to take the fight to the enemy."

"This is as you said is true. Therefore, we need to turn the advantage that the enemy has against us, against them." Sheila replied.

At her words it was almost as a door that had been previously closed was opened to reveal things unknown. "Yes," I stated staring straight ahead, "I believe it also. Thank you Sheila, I also believe you have inspired me."

Sheila’s face showed confusion as she looked into my eyes. "If you have a better plan than the one before, please elaborate. As stated before, your life is far more important."

I could only nod to Sheila as several ideas started to take root in my head.


In the city where the two groups had met, all that were left were hesitantly working together. Though their leaders had explained that they were all dead if they didn't. Neither could trust the other, even if their very lives depended on it.

Evelyn was pacing, what in the hell was Roger thinking? To let them and almost all the other units out there know he was coming? Roger was far more brilliant than that. No, there had to be another explanation, though for the life of her she couldn't figure it out.

Evelyn had just walked outside, when a moment later her "special" phone went off. Growling she motioned to the others to stay away then answered it.

"What took you so long!? When I call I expect you to answer immediately. Our trackers indicate that it and he are moving in your direction. What are you doing about?" The General growled out.

"Look ass hole! I am trying to do the job; you need to quit bothering me. I'll get him make no mistake, though if you keep interfering he might slip past." Evelyn angerly advised the General.

The General was taken back only a moment. Good she was mad as hell; therefore. she was at her best. Now to fan the flames higher, "You better you bitch. Need I remind you that you and ALL your group's lives are on the line."

Evelyn started to respond when she suddenly realized what he was doing. Nodding her head, she took a deep breath then yelled, "Shut the hell up asshole I got work to do." She then disconnected a broad smile on her lips. ‘So,’ she thought, ‘he was trying to incite me,’ smiling bigger she shook her head, ‘not this time.’

Walking back in the building she advised Ruslan of the conversation she'd just had nodding he smiled telling her thank you even as his "special" phone went off.

Evelyn walked off, leaving Ruslan to have his own somewhat heated conversation. Returning minutes later he nodded to her, then they both went in.

The General looked at both his phones, what in the hell was going on? His best two teams almost seemed to be going rogue on him.

Sitting at the desk in front of him he started to go through all the reports that were still coming in. Apparently both groups were in the same city, strange he thought that they hadn't encountered the other again. He thought he'd been clear when he ordered the elimination of the other team. He didn't care which did the job as long as his son and at least one group was dead. Then his stand by team could take out the survivors.

Drumming his fingers for a few minutes he needed to think this through. if he activated the third group too early they wouldn't be as effective. Then again, they could stand by and observe.

Nodding his head, he called his assistant. "I want you to contact the third group. Have them out as soon as possible. Minimal weapons, I want them to observe both groups. I need more eyes on them. Something doesn't feel right."

The young lieutenant shivered a moment then went to carry out the orders. This third group wasn't half as bad as the first two, though they were almost as deadly and accurate. Still like the first two groups they were impersonal killers, people he wasn't used to dealing with.

Almost an hour later the young Lieutenant hung up the phone. Shivering again, he still had the sound of the laughter of the third groups leader ringing in his ears.

Walking unsteadily back the General, he hoped that the man wasn't mad. None of the groups really ever thought much of him even as the General's assistant.

Still shaking the young man took a deep breath to try and calm. Walking in to report he saw that the General was still deep in thought. Reaching into his ever present bag he withdrew a box of the General's favorite cigars.

He didn't have long to wait before the General looked up. Seeing the box in the Lieutenant's hands, the General's mood quickly improve.

"I can always count on you Lieutenant. Too bad I can't adopt you as my son, a hell of a lot more loyal than that piece of shit son I do have." The General groused.

The young man knew better than to answer, stepping up he handed the box to the General. Then he drifted back into the background. He'd been busted in rank too many times to make an errant comment again.

General Gance inhaled deeply of the cigar's aroma giving a satisfied sigh. Lighting it, he again was deep in thought. That bastard son of his was up to something though, what? The insanity that he was presently showing made no sense at all.

"Well?" He asked of the younger man.

"Yes sir, they at first laughed at me. That was 'til I mentioned that you were not in the best of moods. They said they'd move out in an hour. They then threw the usual insults to me." The young man said his head down slightly.

"You are the best assistant I have ever had. I hope that you can continue to do so. Now then, we need to set up a direct line. I seem to have lost complete control of the first two teams. We need to rectify this as soon as possible."

The young Lieutenant nodded then ran to do the General's bidding.


It had been two hours since we had arrived in Minneapolis. Since it appeared that it was going to be another five hours 'til the nanomites reached maturation, we had a little time.

"Sheila? Have we time to attempt another try at garnering control of the rest of the satellites?" I asked.

"At present it appears there is sufficient time before level four is obtained." Sheila informed me.

I nodded; it would be far better to go into this with as much control as possible. "Alright, scan all information on the technological schools in the city. Query? Which has the better equipment that we might attempt to upload you to gain more?"

Sheila was quiet for a few moments then spoke up, "The Dunwoody College of Technology seems to be the best choice. They are small which would help to draw less attention. Being a non-profit school, we will need far better identification than usual."

I had already withdrawn the data cube seeing all the information that she was supplying. Hmmm, it appeared she was correct. Though, it also seemed they had above average security.

{Can you get through this?} My thoughts asked.

{Yes Roger. Theirs’s aren't as high as the last I got through. They do seem to have more pitfalls though easily avoidable.} Sheila's thoughts replied to me.

{Alright, start on them while I work on the computer information.} I replied to her.

{I have already started Roger. I will provide you with what you will need to match.} Sheila told me as I reached out with the data cube. I was rapidly changing everything I came to, then I had to hit backup records. Then a third set that was stored. Luckily it was all accessible.

It was an hour later that we walked in the front doors of the Dunwoody College of Technology. As I suspected our id's went through three scans. Then they were passed through a fourth that I had discovered not long ago. Their security was to say the least, deceptively simple looking. That was the true deception, it was far more complex than it looked at first even second sight.

Finally, past the security for the computer section, I really didn't expect any other delays. I didn't expect any though I wasn't surprised when we were met by the head of the computer section.

Shaking both our hands with a questioning look the thin man stepped back. "I was told you were here. If I can be of assistance please let me know."

I briefly looked at Sheila wondering if the tech mantle she'd hung on us would be enough. "We'll let you know." I told the man hoping that it would placate his curiosity.

"Very good sir," he responded as he walked away. I could only look at Sheila as I began to wonder just how high our security clearance was.

{We are as high security as I could make us without raising undue concern. As you stated we need to draw as little attention as possible.} Sheila's thoughts came to me.

{I've been thinking about that Sheila. I believe that a change in the plan might help to make things better in the long run. First...} I stated as I began to explain the changes I thought that we should make.

This time when we went in I was more prepared for an attack. That, plus the fact that I was at the third level with the nanomites also helped.

Following Sheila, I was more watching her, than anything else. I remembered the last time and the attack.

{All units, advise when control and secondary control have been in cyber space for a period of two hours.} I thought to the nanomites.

{Affirmative control. All units will advise when the amount of time has passed.} Came their answer.

As we rapidly made our way through several pathways, I kept my eyes open for anything unusual.

With as dangerous as this was, I just hoped we were mostly done before the defenses kicked in. It seemed we'd just started when I saw several approaching an odd looking area.

I started to reach out to them then quickly withdrew remembering the last time. I also remember that Sheila had been there to rescue me.

{Control,} I heard the nanomites say. {Two hour allotted time is rapidly approaching.}

{I've got several odd areas of code approaching.} I warned Sheila. {Also, our time is almost up.} A moment later Sheila appeared next to me nodding then we were both rapidly retreating out of cyber space.

Opening my eyes, I looked over at Sheila. She still wasn't completely back. I hoped that those odd areas that I saw weren't giving her trouble.


Back in the city they were in, both groups were gathered around the tech's comps. Most of them were shaking their heads, what in the hell was their quarry doing?

Timur and Cathy could only stare at each other, they had both seen the intrusion into the military network. If it was anything like the last time they didn't hold much hope for the machine.

Timur was about to withdraw when he saw the strange complex coding entity that he had before. Shaking his head, he had to look again, damn if the program was far too complex to be a hacker program. Pointing it out to Cathy they both advanced toward both of the strange programs they saw.

Timur looked at Cathy as her eyes got larger. "Is this what you were referring to the last time you were in?" She asked. Nodding his head Timur wasn't about to lose the anonymity again.

"I am tracking it along with the robot. I lost it last time I won't again." Timur told all there. Then to his dismay both programs retreated away from him and Cathy. "Der'mo!" Timur shouted as he started to type as fast as he could.

He could hear Cathy following suit as the complex program vanished. Both cursed as they both went after the remaining program.

Both hit it from the front and back, Timur smiled as he thought they had it now. Then when he tried to gain access he found that the security was hundreds of times better than he'd ever seen.

Cathy was having as hard of a time as Timur was. She'd never seen security like this machine had. Both were concentrating so hard on what they were doing neither saw the complex program reappear 'til it was too late.

I wasn't about to lose Sheila to whatever these two programs that I'd seen following us. Reconnecting to the data cube I was back within moments. Remembering what I had seen Sheila do the last time I thought I'd give it a try.

Reaching out I started to shred the program that was attacking Sheila from the back. Shredding it seemed easy at first, then the damn thing started to reform. I barely saw Sheila hack the program at her front to pieces.

Moving to me she did the same to what was left of the one before me. Taking my arm, we both vanished.

Again, I opened my eyes seeing that Sheila's were also open this time. "Roger," she said softly to me. "You are still not knowledgeable enough to perform that function. You placed your mind processing unit at risk. As I stated before I cannot allow anything to happen to you."

I slowly sat up feeling a little weak though otherwise fine. "Sheila, you are my greatest creation. I cannot allow anything to happen to you either."

Sheila's face actually seemed to soften when she next spoke. "Roger, I can be rebuilt, the brilliant mind you possess cannot. Please do not put it nor your person in danger like that again. Oh yes, I believe it is appropriate to thank you for your assistance, thank you my dear Roger."

I could only stare at her; this was the most human thing she'd done yet. Shaking my head, I thought of all the improvements that I had made within her. My god, had I really enabled her to more freely feel and express emotions? I obviously had.

Finally feeling a bit more normal I tried to stand, though my knees almost buckled. I grasp the table I had been laying on, good I was recovering far faster than I thought I would.

I looked at what was left of my watch, shit we still had a little over two hours to go. Shaking my head. I wondered what in the hell we could do. I wasn't really hungry, nor was I really tired.

Walking out I put the head of the computer section at ease. We had been far less invasive this time than any other. I just hoped that... I stopped as a thought popped into my head. Nodding my head. I decided to find out if she was really with me or not.

I had Sheila open a channel to her, with Sheila at least I'd have a better chance to tell if she was lying or not.

"Alright Roger I've got it open you can speak when you are ready." Sheila advised me.

Taking a deep breath. I look at Sheila as I nodded. "I am calling Evelyn King, you wanted another meeting, I've thought about it. You know I am coming, so it won't be as big of a surprise."

At the other end Evelyn could only stare at the radio. "Everyone clear out!" She shouted startling all there. Grabbing the mike as soon as the room was clear she responded. "I'm here Roger, when you want to, I'll meet."

"I know that bastard is listening so I'll keep it short. If you were serious the last time we spoke, then I might have an idea. As for you bastard, you best get ready. You will never catch me, nor Sheila. I hope that you are prepared to lose for the first time in your life." I stated as I signaled Sheila to break communication.

General Gance's face was blood red with rage as he listened to what Roger had said. He immediately contacted the third team, he had to neutralize this threat as soon as possible. He already had several Senators breathing down his neck.

Evelyn could only stare at the mike in her hand. Then a small smile started to creep on her lips. If Roger had a plan, then her and her team's freedom actually had a chance of happening.

Stepping out into the next room Evelyn shook with an excitement she'd not known in a very long time. This fact wasn't lost on Ruslan nor her daughter Chris. Both noticed the slight smile she had on her lips, though neither could figure out why she was shaking.


Finally finished putting this piece of the puzzle in place, both Sheila and I started out of the city. I made sure I was paying attention this time as we started toward the east. I just hoped that everything we had in place actually came to fruition.

It was almost two hours later when the nanomites informed me that they had reached fourth level maturation. We had walked a few miles out of the city though we still had over one thousand miles to go. Shrugging I took off rapidly hoping that Sheila had been right about my feet.

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Sheila 21

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Comments (0)
johnc351 — 08 June 2019 06:48
Thank You pars for another exciting chapter in the Sheila series, can only hope that your multiverse brain is going at the keyboard faster than the speed of sound
Desertsexlover1957 — 10 June 2019 15:00
Always an excellent read 100%thumbs up, keep it going you're great!
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