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Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Teen

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 08 June 2019

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A beater Ford pickup pulls into the driveway of a cabin far up in the woods of North West Washington State. With a slight amount of blue smoke, it makes its way up to the cabin and rumbles to a stop near the front door.

As Bernie gathers up his tools and overnight bag, he sees his favorite aunt, his mother’s younger sister standing now on the porch and waving for him to come in. She has a bright smile on her face and a swelling belly with her first pregnancy in full bloom. All without her husband who was fully occupied in some land overseas that she didn’t even know the identity of.

While enjoying his first holiday weekend after beginning his freshman year in college, he whined piteously when his dear mother suggested him to go up overnight to help his aunt in her secluded cabin in the woods. Not the way that he wanted to spend his weekend from the grind of college.

He had gotten a very nice and inviting letter from his girlfriend of several years just a couple of days ago, in anticipation of him arriving back home in his city of his youth. But, when he called her upon his arrival, she had brushed him off and he had withdrawn to his childhood bedroom to try to think of something else but his deep disappointment over this treatment by Chrissy.

And he had been really grouchy on the drive up to the cabin, since his mother had prevailed upon him to help his dearest auntie, since nothing else was going to work out on his away-from-school weekend.

But, when he got out of his truck with his tools and travel valise, he couldn’t help noticing the smell of the trees, the sounds of the birds and the feel of really clean air. It swept away his resentment immediately and prepared him to hug his aunt in recognition of his long-lived admiration of her.

The belly got a little in the way of the hug, but the swollen breasts made up for that, for sure.

Auntie was now about one hundred and sixty pounds, but not fat. Just a lot more rounded and especially in the belly. Bernie was, as he had been for much of his youth, still tall at nearly six feet and lanky with a slim build at around a hundred and forty pounds. But, when they hugged and shared a light kiss, they fit together just fine, with a slight sidewise bias because of the growing baby in residence.

Auntie guided him into the cabin’s small living room and settled him down on the couch there. It was just past lunch time, so she asked him to rest up a bit from the drive and then he could help her around the place, since it would still be early when lunch was done, and the evenings were still rather late in the closing out in darkness.

As she was making them tuna and pickle sandwiches, which was one of her specialties, he looked around the room and saw it to be very sparse in furnishings, thereby easy to keep up, he smiled. And on a table in the corner away from the T.V. was a framed standing picture of a robust young man, her husband and father of a baby from his dearest love.

As they enjoyed the sandwiches and some homemade fruit drink out of some combination that he didn’t recognize, they shared their current situations since they had seen each other since the previous winter. He mentioned his very busy schedule at college. So busy that he at the present didn’t have any time for even a part time job, and he was worried about that. She summed up her situation as slightly lonely and very QUIET!

Since she had been here for four months, she had made distant friends with a number of the local animals, and there was a forest ranger that came by once a week in his routines and brought her mail and any supplies that she had mentioned the previous visit. When Bernie looked sidewise at this, she smiled and offhandedly mentioned that he was only sixty-eight years old and treated her like a daughter. With that Bernie relaxed a bit. She smiled within at this evidence of jealousy in him, though she was married and ten years older than him.

When lunch was done, he moved out for the first of the helpful chores, the sawing up and machine splitting of the wood into pieces for her wood stove, the only source of heat in the cabin. And the main source of cooking heat, too. There was a big iron pot on its upper surface and above that was an old-time oven for her to make bread or bake things. Simple and effective. But, a reminder of why she needs the firewood. She had a very difficult time providing it for herself because of the pregnancy. Before that, she as a country girl could have handled it easily.

She already had about a month’s worth of dry wood. So, he stacked up the cordage of the dries of the new wood from fallen trees close to the house, and the wettest wood under tin roofing beyond that. She wouldn’t need the wetter wood for several months and so with the relatively dry weather up here in the fall, except for the snow, it would be ready when she needed it.

Then with a couple of hours still left of daylight, he attacked several repair jobs around the place, including replacing several cracked shakes on the roof that had been leaking a slight amount of water into the cabin. One dripping right onto her bed, so that she had been sleeping on the couch, which was no snap for a six-month pregnant woman.

With the bedding now arranged around the wood stove for drying out, and the outside getting very dark, she prevailed on Bernie to stay the night, since the road out was rather dangerous to drive in the dark. High trees blocked any moonlight from piercing down to its surface and it had a number of rather sharp turns that came up quicker than the headlights would allow him to adapt to them.

So, Bernie emailed his mother back home over the internet availed from a satellite dish aimed up to some reliable assets in the sky. And he got an acknowledgement from his mother right away.

With the mattress still a bit wet and the bedding still drying out, she made up a combined bed on the rustic floor from spare bedding for the both of them to pass the night. Neither of them thought a thing about it. They had been affectionate relatives since he was a baby and she was a ten-year-old who was fascinated by him. They had always felt close.

There was a slight amount of cushioning from the rug, but Bernie wrapped himself up to her and took a lot of her belly weight upon him to ease the night for her. She barely noticed in her sleep, but he was greatly amused by his efforts to try to find comfort with this situation. A totally sexy woman, his aunt laying up to him like her husband would have if he could have been there, and him trying to not squirm under the slight discomfort, avoiding waking her up. He broke out in giggles a couple of times in the darkness of the night and smiled as he watched the dancing flames in the wood stove until the burnt out of its fire.

He did find considerable embarrassment when in the night, Auntie rolled over and he found his member caught up her rear cleft and having become very stiff from the feelings of being in intimate contact with a vibrant woman. But, he persevered, since again he didn’t want to make a fuss and wake up Auntie who needed all of the sleep that she could get.

Early in the morning, before either of them woke up, he had a small emission from the sensations of feeling her rear cleft massaging his member. But he managed to contain it so that it didn’t soak into her clothing, too. And when they got up in the morning, she made no mention of the overnight sleeping follies to him, just smiled and moved to start breakfast for the two of them.

They moved out to the stream that ran by the cabin and took very quick baths in the cold water. But they did manage to get clean and admire each other’s bodies in the process.

After this, since he was here and nothing was pending at home, he stayed on for another day and did the pruning of her fruit trees and the cutting up of the wood left over for the compost pile she had under the trees. These and the grass clippings and other weeds would then maintain their compost heat without any straying rains and open air to cool it off. This took all of the available working time for the day. And then she made a beef roast in the cooking pot with potatoes roasted in the bread oven. It was delicious.

There was no T.V. reception up here, but she was able to run the lap top computer through the T.V. somehow, and they watched the news from YAHOO and then GOOGLED the local news from the hometown paper.

In the meantime she informed him that the bed was drying, but not ready yet, so she stoked up the stove even hotter than the night before and made up the bed again, but this time with the dried-up bedding providing a lot more cushioning for them this night.

Since the room was a lot hotter than the night before, when she came to bed, she removed all of her clothing, except for a pair of flimsy panties. Bernie followed suit with just his under shorts on. And they settled together with him bracing up her belly with his hands reaching around her from the back this time.

As he watched the dancing flames again in the wood stove, he in his mind imagined, if she would be his to have for the rest of his life. He had loved her since he was a baby, everyone knew. Then he dozed off for a bit.

While he was dozed off, he moved about under the covers several times trying to get more comfortable and so did Auntie. His member found its way out of his shorts and her flimsy panties skewed over so that her privates were fully exposed to him. And with a bit more unconscious squirming, his member found her privates and secured a place between her legs in appreciation of the favor.

Auntie noticed, but not wanting to wake the sleeping young man up, she kept her place and made no effort to undo the present situation. As he moved about in his sleep, he enlivened her pussy cleft and clit with his probing motions. And when her pussy hole began to leak its womanly bounty, his dick found its way up into her baby home to her wonder and surprise. None of this had been planned, but neither of them seemed to want to put an end to it, either.

And she figured that since she was already pregnant and that he was a virgin, as his mother had told her, he would be clean and no danger to the baby growing inside of her. So, she gave into the feelings that this was generating in her and proceeded to add intimate motions to his probing’s and soon they both came and settled back down to sleep for the rest of the night.

As Bernie fell into a deep sleep it was with a horror when he realized that he had raped his pregnant aunt. Surely, she would be upset with him in the morning and report him to the authorities to cause him to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

But, in the morning, there was no such reaction on her part. She simply kissed him on the cheek and moved to start breakfast for the both of him.

He knew that today he needed to leave to get back to school, but he had time to do a couple of chores more before he left. And time to apologize to her for the previous night’s adventures of the sexy kind.

When he came in from outside in his final chores for her, she was sitting crying on the couch with the lap top in her lap. She showed him the email from Butch, her husband. He informed her that he would be away for some time longer and was very happy that Bernie was there to help her. In a side note to Bernie, Butch asked him to help his dear Mattie any way that he could.

Bernie had no idea of how to do that, with his college work facing him, but tentatively agreed to do this.

When they got offline, he let her know that he had to go back for the present, but he would check on things and see what he could do to be helpful. She shed a few tears with that and just as he was about to get into his truck, she took him into her arms and told him to not worry about what had happed the previous night. “I wanted it just as much as you did!” And then she patted him on the bottom and sent him on his way.

Bernie got back late in the evening and when he reported back home before moving on to the college to start classes again the next day, he got a message from Chrissy through his mother. ‘Come by my place on the way back to college.’

When he got to her house, she took him up to her room past her two concerned parents. And she apologized for brushing him off, but her parents had been worried that they would move past their current level of friendship upon his visit, since she would want to secure his interest with whatever she had to give him, including her pussy if it was necessary.

He told her that since she had brushed him off with no explanation that he was not firmly connected to her anymore, then kissed her on the cheek and walked to the front door with an even more concerned pair of parents looking on.

The next day at classes, during the afternoon break for lunch and study, he got a message from Mattie. It told him of how much she appreciated his help over the weekend. And it included that she was progressively getting less able to fend for herself up there, but that she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving. And then she asked if he might be able to come up and stay with her for the months until she had the baby or that Butch would return? And left it off with a S.W.A.K.

So, he before returning to classes for the afternoon and evening, met with his guidance counselor to see what could be done. He laid out the situation and she looked up his class schedule and matched it with his degree process and then advised him that his work for the next quarters could just as well be done over the internet, with his books all bought and the lesson plans supplied from the professors. So, he determined that that was what he would do.

He ran this past his parents and they were very favorable to him giving this much needed help to Mattie.

He emailed Mattie, letting her know that he was coming back with books in hand and she was elated over this. He left the next afternoon after getting all of the books for his next semester, too and the lesson plans from the respecting professors who admired his spirit in helping his pregnant aunt.

He then drove his pickup back up the road to his Aunt’s and this time she rushed out to gather him up into her arms in welcome. And made tuna and pickle sandwiches for the both of them, too.

He ignored the T.V. as she watched her interests over the internet and got his next couple of days studies and written responses done and sent in. By that time, it was time to retire for the night and he wondered how that would work out. He figured that with the bed now dry that she would sleep there alone and he would sleep on the couch or the floor. But, no, she prepared the bed for the two of them with no comment and made no move to accommodate him otherwise.

That night as they slept in a lot more comfort than they had experienced on the floor previously, he in the middle of the night dreamt that he had gotten a sloppy wet blow job. When he awoke in the morning, there was no evidence of it, so he ignored the thoughts that came along with it.

Over the next few days, he got busy with some of the chores to be done around the cabin that she couldn’t do, and kept busy with his studies also. And on Friday, the Ranger came by and met him. He welcomed Bernie officially to his forest kingdom and advised Bernie that he would bring up his mail and any needed supplies, too. Then he gave Bernie a manly handshake and took his leave for his ranger duties.

That night, it was full on sex for Bernie and Mattie. No holds barred, nor any holes denied by Mattie. It started innocently enough, with just a bit of hugging and close relative type kissing. But the feelings that had generated on his previous visit, amplified by their ignoring each other’s needs over the last few days and the heady acceptance of his presence by the ranger, their libidos exploded.

After some feverish kissing, he moved his lips down to her bounteous breasts for some woman adoring. She moved her night gown down for this and after some caressing, licking and kissing, he moved into full suckling on them to her fervent pleasures. He even seemed to get a bit of mamma’s milk along the way.

And then he moved down to her swollen tummy and caressed and lotioned it up to ease the burden of its stretching due to a growing baby inside. She smiled and cooed at that service to her and then when he moved down to her pussy cleft and got busy with its loving devotions, she went nearly mad with lust.

She then with her pussy vault all lubed up naturally, moved him to take her up the pussy even with her current swollen belly. In her mind it crossed her mind that if she wasn’t already pregnant by Butch, that she would want to be by Bernie. Guilty feelings came up in her with those thoughts. But, when the climax came, all guilt was dispensed with and the ride to the finish was entered upon.

Interestingly, even though he was lit up about as far as a man could be, he hadn’t cum yet, to with her taken care of she rolled over and worked his cock up into her ass to finish him. And after only a few minutes of him rocking up to her with his cock probing up into her forbidden zone, he came too. And then they relaxed into each other’s arms for the night.

Things moved on for a couple of weeks, with him taking care of things, including his studies. And they made love about every three days as time went on.

Then on a Friday evening, all of a sudden Chrissy showed up in her little red sports car for an unannounced visit. Perhaps unannounced so that Bernie couldn’t refuse it. She was cheerful as she looked about Mattie’s cabin and place. She was from an outdoors loving family, too.

The three of them had a pleasant evening and when it came time for bed, Mattie made up a bed for Chrissy on the floor and Bernie took up the couch for the evening.

This was, of course, not what Chrissy had planned for. And in seeing Mattie’s pregnancy, she got other ideas, too. But Bernie was just a tad resentful to her for taking this visit upon herself and besides at this time, he was totally captivated by Mattie and her pussy. Chrissy was somewhat cognizant of that possibility, in the way Mattie and Bernie acted around each other. But Mattie already had a husband and she had viewed Bernie as hers for several years though she was delaying until recently any progressive manner in intimacies. It was evident to Bernie that she was now desirous of that very thing, even with the final year of high school to finish. And her parents had given her a qualified acceptance of her designs on Bernie, since they had always liked him for her.

But here they are. Her alone on the floor wanting him, and him in the couch wanting very much to be with Mattie in her bed. Mattie was feeling a bit lonely for him, too.

So, Chrissy bided her time and waited for him to be asleep. When she was sure that he was, she rose up out of her bed into the chilly air of the night in the cabin and moved over to his reclining form on the couch. She gently moved his covers open, so that he wouldn’t wake with the chilled air, and the very gently fished out his cock from his shorts and before he knew what was going on, she had it in her mouth with a very animated manner of sucking and licking of it.

It was too late to stop this by the time that he awoke enough to know what was going on, so he just rode with it and soon emptied his cum into her mouth and she swallowed it. After licking him off and making sure that it was all swallowed, she whispered into his ear that he could have anything else from her that he could desire, too. He just smiled and rolled over to go to sleep. She shrugged her shoulders and moved back to her bed, too.

Off in the corner of the room, just outside of her bedroom door, Mattie had seen it all.

Chrissy left the next early morning, not even waiting for breakfast. Mattie read all that she needed to know in that scenario.

And so, things moved along and Mattie got bigger and bigger, until she could no longer take Bernie up her vagina, nor her anal entry anymore. So, he was satisfied to get her hand jobs and B.J.s instead. He still gave her everything she could take, though. And she deeply loved him for that accommodation.

About a month before the baby was born, Mattie got notice from her husband’s employers that he had disappeared and it was not known if he even was alive. Since that was the case, she would no longer be getting his pay allowances, but would be put on his separation account and be supported for just another six weeks. Then she would have to fend for herself.

Bernie was very concerned about this, since he didn’t have a job at the time and though Mattie’s baby would be paid for by the company’s health insurance, nothing after that, nor their living expenses after the six weeks would be covered.

It so happened that the ranger came by the next day and Mattie related to him the latest news. He was very concerned about this and told her that he would look into some opportunities and get back to her.

When he came by again in a couple of days, he informed Mattie, that the Forest service would take her on as a trainee till the baby was born, since she had so well taken care of herself and the animals in her vicinity. And if Bernie would take some forestry courses over the next year or so, they could be electives in credit towards any degree, that he could be taken on as a cadet ranger and between Mattie and him, they would have plenty to get by with. Mattie and Bernie were ecstatic over this.

The day before the baby was to be born, and Mattie would have to report into the hospital, Butch showed up on the cabin’s doorstep with no warning of his arrival. It was good that the day had been part of Mattie’s final flurry of housekeeping energies and that the bedroom was torn up for some laundering and the presence of Bernie in her room was not evident.

He explained that his company had found him and quickly sent him home to take care of his wife and newly coming baby. So, he moved Mattie to the hospital in the rental car he had and they settled into being a family again.

Bernie stayed on at the cabin to take care of things, and Chrissy found out about this and with winter vacation in order, moved up to be with him until the new mother and her family would arrive back.

The first night in residence, she left him alone except for long conversations of their relationship and trying to settle out their complaints with each other.

But, the second night, she made up a bed on the floor for her and Bernie and they settled in together that night and in the darkest hours, she surrendered up her virginity to him, with tears on the part of each of them. As he gently probed her pussy after the tearing of her hymen, she held him close and told him how much she had always loved him. He looked her in the eyes and proclaimed his love for her, too.

The next day, when the baby and new parents arrived, Mattie read into the situation what was now the way it was and was happy herself that both she and Bernie had their proper mates back.

She informed Bernie that Butch had changed his employment so that he wouldn’t have to be away as often, not as long and so, she would be able to take care of herself from then on, with Bernie just staying the rest of the winter until Butch got back again for an extended leave.

Chrissy had accelerated her high school classes and so was eligible to graduate at the turn of the year and so then moved up to be with Bernie and they planned on getting married after her graduation ceremony in June.

Mattie was just too busy with the baby to feel at all lonely, so things worked out. And she always had a very precious place in her heart for her favorite nephew and rescuer during her pregnancy.

The two couples remained lifelong friends and companions and nothing embarrassing was ever said about the months that Bernie had taken care of Aunt Mattie.

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Comments (1)
James Dylan Dean10 June 2019 01:47
I just noticed the error of making this as if it was as man/man story. I will correct that as soon as I can.
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