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  1. Playing Doctor Ch. 1
  2. Playing Doctor Ch. 2

Playing Doctor Ch. 1

Categories Fiction, Incest, massage, Teen

Author: Boxxybabe

Published: 08 June 2019

  • Font:

"Time to get up sweetie"

Amanda knew it was coming. She had been awake for over 10 minutes perfecting her plan.

*Cough cough* "OK dad" She said with the huskiest voice she could muster.

"Wait a second, are you feeling OK kiddo?"

"yeah, I'm fine. *Cough* just .. Clearing my throat"

"You don't sound fine." He placed his hand on her forehead "You're warm, you might have a fever"

She had used an extra blanket to cover her head, hoping for exactly this outcome.

"Not uh, I'm cold, not warm." she shivered visibly.

"Well that's how a fever works - you feel cold because your body is over heated. Its a sick day for you missy. Get back in bed. I'll be back with some medicine in a few minutes."

"Ugh .. OK daddy." Amanda Plopped back into bed feigning dizziness.

'Woo! It worked! Three day weekend for meeee'

A few minutes later John came back with some reddish syrup, a glass of water, and some chicken noodle soup. After the contents of the cough medicine were consumed, he set the bowl of soup next to her bed. "Make sure you eat your soup and get plenty of rest today. If you feel up to it, check on your brother and make sure he puts on his ointment."

"OK daddy, thank you for taking care of me" She dialed down her huskiness slightly to let him know the medicine was helping, and added in a little cute-daughter-talk to sweeten him up.

"Anything for you muffin." John smiled "Now eat up."

He ruffled her hair a little, then left the room and closed the door. Amanda waited until she heard the garage door closing before springing from the bed and doing a little happy dance in the middle of her room. 'No school, no school, no school, woo!' she thought to herself. She started spinning, letting her nightgown spiral out like a ballerina's tutu. 'pajamas all day' She caught herself in the mirror and smiled proudly at the reflection.

She was really beginning to like her body. Her long auburn hair was slightly disheveled from sleep, but still mostly straight and shining. Her pale milky skin was blemished only by her light freckles that seemed to compliment her nicely. And finally, the boob fairy had visited her - her breasts were nearly handfuls. She cupped them for confirmation and felt her nipples stiffen a little from the attention. She released them back to gravity, but they only bounced slightly, resisting the pull of the earth. She could visibly see the nightgown tenting at two points from her slight arousal and noted that she would need to start wearing a bra soon.

Remembering her soup she jumped back into bed. 'Breakfast in bed!' She laid back against the head board and made short work of her food. Once done, her OCD made her leave the sanctuary of her bedroom to take the bowl to the kitchen.

Along the way she saw her brother Daren sitting on the ground in the living room leaning over the coffee table. There was a mostly dark colored puzzle scatted across the table, and it looked as if he had just started, still working on the first corner.

"Hey squirt, whatcha working on?" Amanda sang from across the room. Daren looked up at her, his pale skin a stark contrast to the red pokedots covering his face.

"Dad said you were sick"

"I am .. Just a little cough."

"You don't sound sick"

"You calling me a liar?" Amanda smirked at him. Daren scowled.

"You get away with everything. I have to be contagious with chicken pox before he lets me stay home."

"Yup. Better enjoy it brother dear, because you can only use that excuse once."

"Its not an excuse, look at me!" He stood up and lifted his shirt to show that his chest was covered in even more red dots, and some looked irritated."

Amanda whistled a doosey "Looks like someone has been scratching. Did you put on your ointment?"

"Everywhere I can .. My back is really bad"

"Ok well, let me clean my bowl, then I'll come back and help you."

Once her bowl was rinsed and drying, Amanda crept back into the living room. Her brother had gone back to the puzzle and she managed to sneak all the way up to him without him noticing. Once in striking distance, she pounced.


"Ah! What's wrong with you!" Daren jumped with fright losing one of the edge pieces he had been sizing up.

"Gotcha!" Amanda cackled maniacally.

"You made me lose my piece" Daren huffed turning red. Amanda ran to the other side of the table, sat cross legged, and pulled down her nightgown in front to conceal her knickers.

"So .. What are we working on?" She beamed at her brother.

"I'm not sure." Daren's heart started to calm as he refocused on the pile of pieces in front of him. "I found it in the garage and the box cover is messed up" He held up the top cover so his sister could see. One particular corner looked like the darkened sky of dawn or dusk, but the rest was torn off or worn.

"Ooh a mystery puzzle! This will be fun." Amanda loved puzzles. They both did really. It was one of the only recreational activities they could both agree on. She starting arranging piles of pieces by color while her brother sorted out the edges and corners. Before all the pieces were spread out, she noticed this was a larger puzzle than they had ever worked on before. Most were 500 pieces and a few were 1,000 which fit well on the coffee table. This one was probably 1250 or 1500, so she wasn't sure it was all going to fit. She mentioned this thought to Daren while collecting and piling the light beige pieces together.

"No it should fit. The size is on the side of the box. 36 by 26 inches. I measured the table. It will fit." Daren had a toothy smile and proudly held up a 12 inch ruler.

"Smartie pants" Amanda chuckled softly and smiled at her little brother. 'He sure is cute though.' she thought to herself 'even covered in those pox. I can't help but love the kid.'

They both got back to work. Once the boarder was done, space became a premium. It did fit on the table, but just barely, which made it really hard to work on their little sections. They ended up disconnecting two corners from either side so they each had their own L shape to work with. Amanda worked on the sky side and Daren got the dirt. Lots of different browns of earth and a lighter brown of what looked like fur. The sky was all kinds of brilliant purples and blues with small white dots here and there of fading stars. Eventually the sky lead to a brown ponytail and a pink face.

"Oh, its a girl!" Amanda exclaimed.

Daren looked over at the disembodied head she had assembled. "Looks more like a severed head" Daren chuckled at his own joke.

Amanda ignored him, turning her head to the side to get a better angle. "She's rather pretty"

But Daren was back in his own world putting together what looked like a pair of hooves. Amanda began to hum as she found a few more skin colored pieces that fit together. After she had finished half her pretty lady, Amanda stopping humming. The pretty lady she had been forming the last couple minutes turned out to be topless. 15 different puzzle pieces combined to make what she could only describe as 'quite a rack'. Amanda felt her checks get warm from blush, but kept working. By the time she had got past the woman's navel, she found it was not a topless lady. It was a naked lady. She was doing a naked lady puzzle with her brother.

"Um .. Dare? Where did you say you got this puzzle?"

"In a box in the garage. I think it was grandpa's. Why?" Daren looked up toward his sister.

"Cuz I don't think this one is for children" Amanda looked up at her brother, but he seemed to be zoning out. "Dare?"

Daren's pale blue eyes snapped up slightly to take in her darker blue ones. He was beginning to turn red himself. "What? Why isn't it for children?"

Distracted by his question, Amanda forgot about his ditzy moment. "Because there is a naked lady in this puzzle, look." She pointed to the jigsaw female she had made.

"What?!" Daren stood up to get a better look at her side of the table. "No fair, you get a naked girl while I get a horse?"

Amanda looked down at her remaining skin colored pieces. There was fur on the edges. "Oh. Its a naked lady on a horse. Wait. You like naked ladies now?!" Amanda smiled maliciously her brother.

"No! I just .. Its just better then a smelly horse, that's all. Girls are icky."

"Uh huh .. suuuure." Amanda teased. "Then what's that?" pointing at the boy's crotch. There was an obvious tent in his pajama bottoms. Daren followed her gesture and looked down. To his horror, somehow, his little guy had inflated itself without him noticing. He quickly covered it with both hands and plopped back down to the carpet, hiding behind the table. He was now beat red while Amanda mocked him loudly.

"Bonner boy, bonner boy, bonner boy" She was red too, but mostly just from intense laughter.

"Oh yeah! Well at least I'm not boobie-girl!" He pointed at her chest. Amanda looked down at herself, saw her little points were stiff again and stopped laughing. She covered herself with her hands and sat down as well.

"Looks like the naked girl affected you too! So ha!" Daren stated triumphantly.

"That's not .. I'm not .. Its just cold in here is all .." Was her weak, mumbled reply. Then she remembered Daren's dazed expression from moments ago. 'Wait .. Was he staring at my .. Oh god.' For a few seconds neither of them moved or said anything. Then Daren broke the silence.

"Well, should we stop then?"

"And break our streak of finished puzzles?! I think not!" Amanda was determined to never quit on the puzzle, no matter how hard. Or in this case, no matter how obscene. "But you have to keep your eyes over there. No looking at the naked lady!"

"As if I'd want to!" Daren got back to work on his horse and for the next ten minutes or so, they assembled in silence. Amanda was really on a roll and soon most of the sky was complete. She was even starting the ground where it met at the horizon. She looked up to see how Daren was getting along and caught him jerk his head back down to the puzzle. She checked her nightgown and sure enough, she was still "cold" apparently.

'That little creep' She thought to herself 'sneakin peaks .. I guess I really do need a bra' after a bit more thought though, she guessed she should be flattered. After all, boys are notorious for wanting to look at pretty girls, so she guessed it was a compliment? Besides, wasn't she checking herself out that very morning? What maturing boy wouldn't want to look? The fact that it was her brother doing the checking now though, it actually gave her a little thrill. She looked up to catch his eye, but he was still minding his vision.

"Hey Dare, how's it coming over there?"

Daren looked up making sure to go directly to eye contact. "Uh .. Good I think. I'm mostly done with the horse. Just missing a bit of his head and the top of his tail."

"Oh, I think we're ready to combine our sides then. I have his ears in the sky here."

They each moved their halves closer together getting ready to make the connection, but the movement caused one of the pieces near Amanda to fall on the floor between her legs.

"Hey, you're making a mess!" She hailed her brother then almost grabbed the piece by reflex, but thought better of it, leaving it untouched.

"Sorry" Daren mumbled, frowning at the rebuke. 'It's not as if I did it on purpose.'

"Well?" Amanda said, looking at him.

"Well what?" Daren was visibly confused.

"Well, aren't you going to get the piece you dropped?"

Daren was amazed by her arrogance. "It dropped next to you. Can't you get it?"

"I could, but I didn't make the mess, you did. So you need to clean it up." She sighed "C'mon, get some responsibility, you'll be a grown up man soon, you know?"

"Fine, whatever, where did it land?"

"Under the table" replied Amanda.

Daren got on all fours to look under the table, but didn't see it. "Where is it?"

"It's over on my side, just crawl under and get it."

Daren did as instructed, but when he flattened himself out to crawl under the table, he looked up and nearly chocked. His sister had her knees up to her chest and her feet were planted on the carpet close to her bottom but slightly apart from one another. Her nightgown normally covered her knees while standing, but in her current position, it rested halfway down her calves. He could see her white cotton panties covering the slight bulge of her puffy little private area. The puzzle piece was there, just in front of her feet. In order to get it, he would have to get closer.

"What's wrong Daren? Are you stuck? You stopped moving"

"Uh .." He cleared his throat, "No, nothing. Everything is fine. I just need to .. Get closer." He crawled closer to the piece on the floor, but his eyes were locked between her legs.

She was knocking her knees together at a steady pace and it was in tune with her humming (she had a habit of humming while puzzling) The movement caused the fabric of her underwear to stretch or contract depending on the position of her knees at the time. As he approached her, he could make out the slight crease of camel toe and laid down transfixed.

Amanda continued humming and wiggling but tried to focus on the puzzle. She was increasingly aware of her brother's absence and lack of movement. How long should she let him look for? It was probably 15 seconds, but felt like over a minute. She was just about to ask him what was taking so long when she heard him stirring once again. He gophered up on his side a moment later, all color drained from his face.

"I got it. Here" He held out his hand offering up the dropped piece. When she took it from him, she made sure to let her hand come in contact with his, then she smiled at him.

"Who's a big boy now, cleaning up his own messes" She first teased him as if talking to a baby, then the tone shifted as if talking to a dog "Its Daren! Yes it is! Good Boy!"

"You're so mean to me sis!" Daren moaned. "Jeez, it was an accident OK?" He rubbed his arm nervously. Amanda stopped her teasing, but Daren didn't stop his rubbing.

"Hey! Stop rubbing you pox! You'll make it worse."

Daren didn't stop. "I can't, its too itchy."

Amanda frowned. "Oops, I forgot about your back."

"Oh thanks! Now I realized my back is itchy again!" Daren laid on his back shaking back and forth like an actual dog.

"Daren, quit that, I'll go get your medicine. Where is it?"

"By my bed."

Amanda took the stairs two at a time up to his room, quickly found the tube on the nightstand, and returned to find a much calmer brother once again sitting on the ground at the table. She came up behind him and undid the cap of the ointment.

"OK little brother, shirt off." He pulled off his shirt and let it crumple to the floor. His skinny back was covered in chicken pox. 'Poor kid' she thought. She still remember her own chicken pox at summer camp the year before. Everyone in the camp got them. But by the time she got home, she wasn't contagious anymore, so her father's plan to infect Daren during the summer hadn't worked out. Now he gets it right in the middle of the school year, and has to make up homework and tests and such. She suddenly felt bad about teasing him and went into loving sister mode.

She made sure to put a generous glob on every red spot she found, and rubbed it in sufficiently. Daren was making cute little "Ah" noises of relief, and soon enough, his whole back had been treated. Her OCD didn't let her stop though, so she kept going around his sides until she was treating pox on his stomach. It was at that point she noticed he was still tenting his pajama bottoms. At first she kept working as if she didn't notice, but then couldn't help but make a comment.

"You uh .. Look at the horse lady again?"

It took a moment for him to register her meaning, then he jerked his hands down to cover himself again. She giggled at him, but kept applying the ointment.

"It's fine Dare, and a very normal reaction to seeing a naked lady" She wasn't sure how she knew that, but felt it was true. She kept up her applications and marveled at the hairless boy in front of her. She realized that he wasn't as skinny as she remembered. There was actually some tone to his arms, shoulders and navel. He really was becoming a man, though the lack of body hair begged her to reconsider. Nevertheless, she found she needed to distract herself a little and decided to play nurse a bit.

"Alright young man .. Patient" She said in her most grown up voice, "Where else is your .. Epidermis infected?"

Catching on rather quickly, Daren replied "Oh um .. Doctor? Its itchy everywhere."

"So your face is itchy then?" Amanda wore a stern look.

"Yes doctor, very itchy."

She went to work starting on his forehead where his reddish brown hair ended, and worked her way down. Daren closed his eyes while she covered each dot on his baby smooth cheeks, cute little button nose, and his still-developing, but strong chin and jaw. She kept working down his neck until she reached his chest where she had left off before. From his lean shoulders, she found and soothed every chicken pock she found on his arms. While working, she glanced down to notice he was still covering his embarrassment. Continuing to ignoring that, she momentarily appeased her OCD by finishing even the dots on his hands and fingers, then spoke aloud in her grown up voice.

"Patient, please lay on your stomach so I can get the back of your legs."

Glad to have better cover for his "condition" he readily agreed by laying face down on the soft white carpet of the living room. Amanda grabbed a pillow from the couch for his head, pulled up his pajamas from the ankle, and started on the back of calves. 'His legs are even more toned than his chest!' Then she remember how much he loved running. He had joined track this year after all.

'Ah, that's why you're getting all musclie'. Amanda shook her head to clear her mind, but the higher she got up his legs, the more unfocused she became. She got to the point where the pajamas were too bunched up to make further progress easily, but the trail of eraser sized pink dots continued up his thighs. She swallowed the lump in her throat and made a decision.

"Patient, your pajamas are in the way of my work. Please remove them."

Daren didn't move right away, but eventually he turned his head to speak, "You want me to take off .. Take off my pants?"

"Yes please, quickly, there are more areas of your .. Appendages that I need access to .. Post haste please."

"OK .. Doctor." Daren was shaking slightly as he grabbed the hem of his pants and pulled them down. They bunched up at his ankles, and that was as low as he could get them from his position. He laid back down in a resting position curious for what would happen next.

Amanda was ready for her brother's tighty whities and it made him seem much younger, but even still, she had to admit his butt looked nice. Firm, but relaxed, as if he wasn't as nervous as his previous shaking had indicated. Amanda continued the treatment where she left off, and played a game of follow the dots. Some were on the inside of his thighs, but she was a (fake) professional so made sure to give each of them the same treatment as all the previous ones. Spending a good 4-6 seconds on each pox, she rubbed in a similar amount of lotion to relieve the boy's suffering.

It was several minutes before she hit the line of his underwear which hid the remaining irritations on his bum. There were a few that were half visible though, so she made sure to rub them as well - even it if meant moving his briefs a little. She enjoyed the contrast of soft and firm skin of the edge of his booty, but the boy's wiggling response to her fingers was the real treat. Once she felt sure she had got all the dots that were remotely visible, she nearly squeaked at her patient to turn over.

She cleared her throat, and spoke more firmly, "Flip over please."

"On my back?"


He did as he was told, but made sure his hands were covering his erection before laying still on his back.

Amanda hesitated a second, then stated firmly "Hands at your sides please."

He looked up at his sister's face, questioningly. She gave away nothing, lips pursed, looking plain, almost bored.

"Yes, doctor" He put his arms to his sides, and once unpinned, his manhood stood up proudly pressing against the flexible restraint of his underwear.

Surprised at the size increase, Amanda retreated to his ankles to work on his feat, buying time to regain her composure. Her eyes couldn't help but flick up to view that impressive bulge every couple of seconds, but she made sure to keep up her due diligence, giving every dot equal treatment. Finally, she got to the top of his legs. The anticipation leading to this moment was nearly palpable. There was still one area left untouched, and Amanda's OCD was beginning to itch worse than she thought those red marks might.

'Should I ask' she thought.

'Will she ask?' he wondered.


"Y..Yes doctor?"

"Is there any more.." She read the official name off the tube. "vermicelli I should know about?"

"Um .. There are a few more .. Yes .. Doctor."

"Show me please."

Daren gulped. He didn't really expect to get to this point. How the hell did it get to this point?! Was he really going to show his sister .. That part of his body? He wasn't even sure he'd show a real doctor if they asked. But then he knew if it was a real doctor, he'd have to. His sister was not a doctor .. This was pretend .. But his mind was no longer in control. Part of him wanted to tear his clothes off the moment all of this began and at this point, that animalistic urge took control of his hands. Without consulting him, they moved of their own afford, and pulled down the last vestiges of his modesty. Once released, his dick sprung back up to its desired flag pole position. You could almost hear the spring like "Doing" sound of a door stopper being release, although that was probably just in his head.

Amanda somehow remained calm. "Yes I see. You are fully covered it seems. Please turn over so I can complete my inspection." The boy was obedient, though it hurt a little to shove his naked dick into the carpet.

"Here as well, just as I thought." She rested her hand on his ass, groping him slightly. She could feel him shiver in delight. She attended his sore spots as adequately as before, but while one hand worked, her other always seemed to loiter on the unattended cheek .. For stability she assured herself. Once she got to his hips, she pulled on him to flip back over. Wordlessly, he obliged. His organ seemed to be very excited with its returning freedom because it began to pulse to his heartbeat. Amanda noticed this and genuinely enjoyed the new experience of witnessing a real live penis jumping in front of her.

"Oh no, patient, this seems to be very swollen" Without warning, she gripped the base of his cock, and squeezed gently.

Caught off guard, Daren's eyes went wide. If it wasn't for the shock, he might have cum right then and there. "It uh .. Yes it is." he said lamely.

Surprised at her own boldness, Amanda back-pedaled a bit. "There are many area's here that require my attention. Please remain still while I complete your treatment."

"OK doctor" Daren closed his eyes, just savoring the blissful feeling of each itch redistinguishing itself starkly as she touched it before soothing to the applied balm.

Amanda took her time with each application and massage. She noted the peach fuzz beginning to glow around his genitals, and for some reason, that excited her even more than she already was. He was so new and youthful and 'at my mercy' she smiled wickedly to herself.

At some point, there were only four dots that remained uncleansed. She decided to go for the one on his scrotum first. As soon as her finger came in contact with it, the whole sack pulled up tight against his body reminding her of sea anemones at the tide pools. Daren's eyes were still shut tight. Once that one was properly coated, she worked two others at once - one on the side of his shaft, the other on the underside. She marveled at the way the skin skid around the firm pole underneath. Daren's breath became shallow.

The last one was on the right side of the tip of his penis. He was circumcised, so it was right out in the open. As soon as she touched it, he audibly gasped. For the first time since they starting their play, they met each others eyes. Hers were curious, his were pleading. An unspoken understand flashed between them. One of Amanda's hands never stopped exploring, but the other collected a large scoop of soothing lotion. Then both hands came together to massage the solution into the boy's shaft.

Daren was on cloud nine. Nothing had ever felt this good before. He had touched himself before, even brought himself to orgasm, but that was nothing compared to what his sibling was doing to him. Her inexperience was causing her to stop certain actions that would have pushed him over the edge had she continued. She was all over the place really. At one point, she released him altogether to play with his balls.

It was slightly frustrating for the boy at first, but then the new sensation of her rolling his testicles around in her hands was more than fantastic. Just as he was getting into that tough, she went back to his flagpole, starting at the top this time then sliding her hand all the way down to the base. It was intense, and if not for the lubrication, it might have been uncomfortable. As she slid back up however, she pulled his skin with her and his mind exploded in ecstasy. He made a noise that was almost, but not quite, an indication of the coming satisfaction.

"Please don't stop" he begged. She nodded, continuing the up and down motion with even pressure. After the third stroke, he sat up on his elbows to take stock of the situation. There was his beautiful older sister, hands wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down, refusing to stop until he was satisfied. Her loving fascination was sexy as hell as she focused on the job at hand. He didn't want it to end, but there was no way he could stop even if he wanted to.

"Amanda, oh God, that's so good. Its going to shoot I think! Please, please .. please! .. Yes!" Daren came way harder than he ever did my himself.

Amanda kept pumping away as if there wasn't ejaculate flying everywhere. The first shot landed right on her face, splattering across her lips and chin. She was glad her mouth was closed as she redirected her aim slightly toward her brother's chest. The second shot flew over his head and landed in the carpet somewhere. The next few weren't as powerful, just soiling his belly and covering her hand. She kept milking him with the same pace and pressure like he indicated, but after a couple seconds, he grabbed her hand to stop. "Too much"

She recoiled, afraid she hurt him, but his eyes reassured her. "That was the best .. Doctors visit .. Ever." Grinning from ear to ear.

They both looked at each other for a second, then busted up laughing. The involuntary opening of her mouth to laugh let some of his fluid hit her tongue. She wiped away the rest with her clean hand, but was surprised to find she kind of liked the taste. It took nearly a minute for their giggles to subside.

"Yeah, for you maybe. Look at me? You made another mess, boy!"

"Sorry sis .. I need to be a grown up and take responsibility right? Clean up my messes?"

Amanda nodded and smiled "That's right!"

Daren grabbed his discarded shirt to clean her up. After wiping away what was left on her face, he took her hands in his, and cleaned up the remnants of their experiment. He noticed her high beams were still on full blast, and got an idea of his own. After clearing away the goop from his own stomach, he startled his sister.

"Patient! I need to inspect the rest of your body for any more of my stuff on you! Please lay on the couch."

There was a deviant sparkle in her eye. "Yes .. Doctor .."


To be continued.

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Playing Doctor Ch. 1

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Comments (7)
browndog36 — 07 June 2019 17:41
Very nice. As a very young, ( under 10) boy, a new girl moved into our neighborhood and tought me all about the difference between boys and girls. We moved a few years later so we never completed the education. Have searched for her as an adult but unable to find her. If you’re out there Connie, let me know. Rural western Pennsylvania mid 1940’s.
longcarlforyou — 07 June 2019 15:49
More please. Loved it
longcarlforyou — 07 June 2019 15:47
More please. Loved it
sefriendlyguy (guest) — 11 June 2019 09:30
this was a excellent case of curiosity killed the, in the case, the sister.loved it, so what did the sister ask for in return?
bub9198 — 10 June 2019 14:30
Please continue to part 2
jonmichael — 11 June 2019 22:47
OK just OK, longest hand job on record. not enough about the climax or where the cum went. would have been great if she took it in her mouth when cum appeared.
himerosa — 11 June 2019 18:36
Very well written story. Kept my pecker on the edge most of the story. More please
happyhornydog — 11 June 2019 16:05
Great story please write more. Your style is perfect, good descriptive text and a gradual build up to the cum shot
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