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The Chauffeur (#49) Christmas

Categories Fiction, Romance


Published: 08 June 2019

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The Chauffeur (#49) Christmas


Copyright 2019

Chapter 1

As my eyes opened on Christmas morning, I felt as if a weight had been lifted. As usual, Dakota was all snuggled into me and Jill had her back to my back. I woke both my sleeping beauties with little kisses. I started first with Jill. She wore herself out the past couple of days getting Diane ready for the wedding.

I gently kissed her neck, her shoulders, and her chest. My fingers gently glided over her beautiful body. It took a few minutes but finally, Jill woke up.

“Good Morning my darling and Merry Christmas,” I say to her. She responds by putting her arms around my neck and returning the kisses. Out of male bravado, I pick her up and carry her to the shower. I gently set her down and we step inside together. I see her smiling which is always a great thing.

As we are standing underneath the hot shower, I see a small figurine standing just outside the shower. I waved her in. I looked at Jill and she shrugged her shoulders telling me that she is OK with Dakota joining us.

I leaned back and let the girls soap me up. It felt wonderful to be underneath the shower and have two gorgeous women washing every part of your body. Jill squirted a bit of shampoo into her hand before she pulled me down so she could use the shampoo on my hair and scalp.

Dakota, on the other hand, began soaping up my body starting at my feet. I had to lift each foot one at a time for her to wash my feet, then up to my legs to the hip area. Once one leg was all soaped up, she moved onto the other leg. I was truly enjoying the attention.

Jill took real attention to my hair; she soaped my hair up then let it sit a couple of minutes before she soaped my hair up again. Once both ladies had me to the point that they felt I was clean enough, I began to repay the debt. I started by getting both ladies hair all wet. Then it was my turn to put some shampoo in Jill’s hair. I scrubbed and massaged the shampoo into her head. While I had her waiting for me to rinse, I began doing the same thing to Dakota.

With all the craziness in the house over the past few days, it was nice to not have to worry about getting anything done. The three of us stayed in the shower for nearly an hour before we turned off the hot water and stepped out to get dry.

I love both of my women and I took gentle care in drying each part of their beautiful bodies. They, in turn, took the time and attention to dry me off. Once we were all dry, we headed out to the bedroom to put some clothes on. Unfortunately, Dakota still had to go across the hall to her own bedroom which she did.

As Jill and I entered the hallway to head to the kitchen, we heard Christmas music. This was a pleasant surprise and we could only guess that it was the doings of Mom. She just loves all that stuff such as decorating the house and the Christmas trees.

We walked hand in hand to the kitchen. There we found both of our chefs working hard at fixing a delightful meal. They had two 25-pound turkeys in the ovens. They made both fresh cranberry sauce as well as the canned stuff, which I love. They had 30 pounds of potatoes boiling as well as a dozen boxes of Stovetop stuffing.

I smelled bread cooking as well. Sammy told me that some bread would be ready in about a half hour as it was being cooked in the big kitchen’s oven. The house looked and smelled like Christmas if that is possible in Los Angeles.

After a few minutes, Dakota came out to the kitchen as well. She went straight to the refrigerator and poured me a glass of pineapple juice. However, like a Christmas morning gift, I poured her a large cup of coffee. She smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I also poured my gorgeous wife a cup of coffee as well. Again, I got a kiss.

There weren’t too many people up yet. I sat at the kitchen table enjoying the smells of cooking turkey. Although the turkeys were emitting a delicious smell, we didn’t expect John nor Diane until later, much later. The side barb at the wedding was something that the family will chat about for years, Diane making John jump through hoops and declare his love for her.

I noticed a couple of trays of deviled eggs. I tiptoed over to the tray and took about 5. I popped a whole one into my mouth laughing the best I could with a mouthful of egg. I noticed on the trees that there were candy canes and chocolate kisses. I pulled a couple of each off the tree, opening the candy canes. I put half a candy cane and a Hershey chocolate kiss into Jill and Dakota’s coffee. Again, I got a kiss from each lady.

As each lady was drinking their coffee, I popped a deviled egg in the mouth of both Jill and Dakota, this time it was me who was giggling.

Jill decided that we needed to have some sort of Christmas TV show playing. She found the old standby ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ by Hanna-Barbera.

I followed Jill out to the TV room where I found myself a spot on the couch. Just as I was getting comfortable, Dakota came over and plunked her cute little ass on the couch right next to me. She even turned so that her feet were in my lap as she drank her coffee. I began massaging her feet much to her delight.

It didn’t take long for Jill to join Dakota but on the other side of me putting her feet in my lap as well. I tried to massage both at the same time, but it just didn’t work well that way. I then alternated back and forth trying to take care of both ladies.

As the corny old TV show was coming to an end, Donna and Paula came scuffling out to the kitchen. Each lady took a cup of coffee and stood by the coffee pot for just a few minutes. I got up from the couch much to the chagrin of my two ladies and went over to both Paula and Donna. I put a half a candy cane plus a Hershey’s chocolate kiss into both coffees. Of course, I got a kiss from each lady and a Merry Christmas.

I loved the smell of Christmas cooking in the kitchen. I asked if there was anything that was ready for me to eat or was I on my own looking and scrounging for food. Sammy jokingly pointed to the box of Froot Loops, the box of Apple Jacks, and the box of Corn Pops. I had to think about this, but I needed to make a choice before John wakes and stumbles into the kitchen.

I noticed that I still had not seen Fred. I was really impressed with how much he helped keep John calm throughout the process. However, both Fred and I noticed that John’s food intake went up exponentially.

As I was standing in the kitchen, a soft pair of hands covered my eyes and a “Guess Who” was asked. I really didn’t know who it might be so I had to concede the point. As it turns out, Allison was trying to have some fun with me. I was happy to see her not working on Christmas.

“David, may I talk with you a bit?” Allison asks.

“Of course, what’s up?” I ask.

“I just wanted to say thank you. You have taken me in as if I was your daughter. I know that I’m not, but you certainly have gone out of your way to make me feel like part of the family and I thought it to be appropriate for me to tell you how much you and Jill mean to me. I never really got along with my own parents but somehow here you make everyone feel like family and I just wanted to tell you how much that means to me. I worry all the time that I’m disappointing you and I keep trying harder and harder to hopefully change that opinion,” Allison says to me.

I take her by the hand and lead her to the living room. I sit her down on the couch and face her.

“Allison, you do not disappoint me at all. I watch how hard you push yourself trying to make movies. However, I think that you have let your studies fall by the wayside. When did you attend a class lately?” I ask of her.

“Well…….um……. it’s kind of been a while,” she tells me even though I already knew the answer.

“Allison, have you made too much of a financial commitment with me and now you’re skipping classes to meet that deal we made?”

“Um, maybe. I don’t know. I want to make you happy. You took me in and didn’t say a word about anything. I feel like I owe you and need to keep working hard to keep you happy,” she tells me.

“Allison, my dear, as a Christmas gift why don’t we modify the agreement. I know that we began to chat about this before, but you seemed determined to keep our agreement in place. I would rather see you back in classes instead of trying to be some porn director. You have talent my dear, but you’ll never get out of this industry, like you said you wanted to do, if you never get your cute ass back into class,” I say to her. She sits and ponders what I have just said.

“So, what do I do then?” She asks.

“How about just being a college student. Lord knows I would rather see you being a happy college student instead of a miserable porn director,” I say to her.

“Really? That would be so wonderful to just be a student once again,” she says to me now smiling.

“Hell, if you have this incessant need to work then take a job at our call center or one of our two limo companies or any number of places my company has available. I just want you to enjoy this time of your life,” I tell her. She leaps forward and puts her arms around my neck and gives me a big kiss.

“Um, but what do we do with the studio then?” She asks me.

“How about we clean it up and find someone to rent it. I’m pretty sure we won’t have a difficult time trying to put a tenant in there if we want to do so,” I tell her.

“Maybe after we get past Christmas Penny can come to visit me. What do you think about that?” I ask her.

“Oh, I think that Penny would like to come out for a visit with her Daddy,” Allison says to me in a very erotic tone. I put my arms around her and pull her into me. We take a couple of moments to put our lips together and enter into a very erotic kiss. I just let her choose when we would break the kiss.


“Yes, Darling?”

“Is there coffee?” she says to me giggling. I just shake my head and push her cute ass towards the kitchen. I really have been thinking of changing her agreement with me. I would rather her be in college and come out of school with her sights set on a career that she would like rather than a career that paid well but she was embarrassed to do.


Before I get off the couch in the living room, I see Fred and Mom come out of her room. I think for a couple of minutes about how much Mom helped me. She warned off the board of directors. She blasted that pissy woman who thought her daughter should be CEO of the company. And, probably most of all, she took the caps off Jill and my bonus. As I sit there, I can’t believe just how wonderful this year has been.

I figure that I have been sitting long enough and get up and head back into the kitchen. The food is smelling delicious, but I detect a new smell.

“Sammy, what’s the new smell I think I detect?”

“Oh, that’s a batch of gingerbread men baking in the big kitchen. I have about 200 cooking right now. After they are out of the oven and are cooling, I have double chocolate-chocolate chip and then peanut butter M&M cookies.” Sammy tells me.

“You have gingerbread men? Oh, this is a great Christmas,” I say to him loudly.

It’s been years since I have eaten a gingerbread cookie but to me, that was always one of those things that made you have good memories about being a child.

Now I’m really hungry and I get into the kitchen and grab the box of Corn Pops a bowl and milk out of the fridge. I pour myself a big bowl and sit down to eat the cereal, however that’s when I realized that I didn’t have a spoon. Thankfully, Allison saw my distress and got me a spoon. I gave her a big kiss and began to dig into the cereal.

In my head, there is no bad time to eat cereal. Mom gives me a giggle. I stop eating and get up to go over to her and give her a kiss and wish her a Merry Christmas. She tells me that just being here in a house that is full of life is making her so happy, then she followed it up with her thoughts on Fred. Several of us looked at each other. I smiled, Dakota smiled, Jill smiled all happy that Mom and Fred have really gotten serious.

I look around and notice that there are still some people missing. John and Diane of course, but Jennifer, BJ, Danni, Donna are all still MIA. Dakota comes back into the kitchen to pour herself another cup of coffee. Apparently, she likes the candy cane and Hershey kiss in her coffee as she adds them both to the cup of coffee in her hand.

Dakota asks me if I’ve seen the porn twins or the CG boys.

“Nope Darling, I’ve seen just what you’ve seen. You want to send someone over to the pool house to check on them and invite them inside,” I ask of her.

“Of course, Daddy,” Dakota tells me.

I see her go over to Allison who nods and heads outside. As she heads over to the pool house, I summon Dakota back over to me.

“Darling, have you had any water yet?” I ask. I see the eyeroll, but she knows that I ask because I love her and the baby.

There’s a buzz at the outer gate. Jill pokes the button and asks who it is.

“Jill, it's me, Tina. Won’t you let me in?” Jill pokes the necessary buttons and the outer gate opens. Once Tina’s white BMW is through the gate it closes, and the inner gate opens to allow Tina into the courtyard. One thing that was still in effect with Tina’s car is that she has the code to open one of the garage doors and park inside.

Dakota and Jill go running to meet Tina in the garage. All the way from the garage I hear the squeals of excitement. Jill drags Tina into the kitchen where Tina leaps into my arms. Somehow, it just felt right having Tina home. However, I noticed that her Mother didn’t come with her.

“Tina, where’s your Mother?” I asked.

“Mom didn’t want to make the trip,” Tina says.

“You do realize that I still have a plane. If it’s a matter of the drive then you know that one of us would come to get you and your Mom with the jet,” I say to her. I see her thinking about what I just said. I hope that she will call her Mother and entice her to make the trip. I also think that her Mother and Mom would probably get along wonderfully, but that is just a gut feeling.

Tina picks up her phone and calls her Mom.

“Hey Mom, Jill and David want you to come to their house. They are going to send their jet to come to pick you up. I’ll be on the jet, so you don’t have to be nervous. I know that you get nervous when you fly,” I hear Tina tell her Mother.

“Is someone going to go with me to pick up my Mother?” Tina asks.

“I’ll go,”

I turn my head and see Melanie telling us that she’ll make the trip. Jill adds that she’ll go as well. The three of them are all acting like schoolgirls. I see Dakota on the phone, presumably calling the jet crew for a quick turn around flight to Phoenix for Tina’s Mother. Melanie surprised me volunteering to go, but then again it’s Christmas.

I see Fred tell the ladies that he’ll be out at the car when they are ready to go. Jill and Melanie go back down the hallway to their bedrooms to get fully dressed. It only takes them about 15 minutes, and they come out to the living room. Jill comes over to me and gives me a big Christmas kiss.

Jill, Tina, and Mom all head out to the limo where Fred stoically waits for the ladies. Once everyone is inside, he opens the gate and off they go.

At this point, Sammy is making a tray of appetizers. At this point, he is making a veggie cream cheese on Ritz crackers topped with a slice of either cucumber or cherry tomatoes.

Watching Bobby and Sammy work made me think of Dakota and me, we seem to just know each other’s rhythm. Of course, I made a baby with Dakota and I’m pretty sure that Bobby and Sammy haven’t done that no matter how good a friend they are.

I see Allison come back in from outside where Dakota sent her to the pool house. Allison came over to me to let me know that the four of them are going to the twin’s Mother’s house in Van Nuys.

I asked how they were getting there, and I was told that they had already arranged an Uber car. Somehow, I felt disappointed for two reasons. One that I didn’t even know that their Mother lived so close and two I was hoping that they didn’t feel left out, but I was happy that they would get to see their Mother and introduce the CG boys to Mom.

Just after Allison came back in, I see Belinda drag her very tired looking ass into the house. I used my one finger to summon her over to me.

“Hey there cutie, Merry Christmas,” I began.

“Um, yeah, sorry. I forgot that it was Christmas,” I get as an answer.

“What’s going on? Are you OK?” I ask.

“Yeah, I am. I met this guy online and he seems really interesting. He’s got some interesting ways he thinks he can talk and act around law enforcement,” She tells me.

“Oh really, like what?”

“Well he says that if the Police hassle you all you have to declare is that you’re a sovereign citizen and they can’t touch you,” she tells me. It takes all my effort to not bust out laughing at her.

“A sovereign citizen you say?”

“Yeah, that’s what Peter says you say, and the cops have to let you go,” Belinda says.

“Darling, your boyfriend is full of shit. First of all, saying you’re a sovereign citizen only pisses the cops off and second saying that you’re a sovereign citizen is an urban myth,” I tell her.

“But he sounds so positive,” she says.

“Darling they all do. I’ll tell you what, bring him by one night and I’ll be happy to debate this with him. I won’t lecture him, but I will demonstrate my point. Let’s pick a night either next week or after the NYE party,” I say to her.

“NYE party? What NYE party?” Belinda asks with a sparkle in her eye.

“Um, the one we’re hosting to about 800 or so college co-eds. We have lots of wine, we’ll have beer. Bobby and Sammy will be cooking and telling their tales of being in the military. We’ll have 4 or 5 more chefs helping to prepare all the ribs, potato salad, macaroni salad, and Cole slaw being made. We will have about 200 cases of Coke, another 50 cases of Sprite, and 100 cases of Diet Coke. We are collecting ALL keys when you walk through our door and you won’t get them back until about noon on New Years Day,” I explain to her. I see a twinkle in her eye.

“Belinda, you’re in college. This party is designed to be one of those parties you talk about for the rest of your life. It’s supposed to be fun; it’s supposed to be legendary, and we’re hosting it. That includes you,” I tell her.

“Me? I didn’t even know we were having a party until a few minutes ago,” Belinda says quite shocked.

“Well Darling, everyone who lives here, and that includes you is playing host. Plus, we need all the eyes we can get on how people are treating our house. Oh, and tell your new boyfriend that we will be having Police here along with paid security since I don’t want our home to be in shambles on New Year’s Day,” I tell her.

“Are you sure you want me to let him know that there will be a party and that we will have Police and security here?” She asks me.

“Oh, heck yeah. I’m interested to find out just how much he believes in his cause,” I tell her. Clearly, she has no clue about what this movement really means. I lean in a,d give her a kiss. There are still people missing, such as Donna, BJ, Danni and a couple of others that also include John and Diane.

Dakota comes and takes me by the hand back out to the TV room where she pushes me down on the couch again. She takes the seat next to me and turns her cute body and puts her feet back in my lap. I just looked at them, so dainty and cute but in my head, I owed her the balance of a foot rub that I started earlier and now she was collecting.

I began to rub her feet. She wiggles her cute ass at me and pushes her body closer to me. The house and everyone that up really feel like family.

While I’m rubbing Dakota’s feet, Paula comes over to the couch and asks if anyone can get a foot rub. I just smile and say sure. She wastes no time in plopping her cute ass down next to me on the other side putting her feet up in my lap as well. I go back to the alternating of Dakota for a couple of minutes then Paula for a couple of minutes.

Behind me, I hear Donna and Jennifer moaning about not having any coffee yet. They both go over to the coffee pot and stand there like zombies with their coffee cup. I yell at them to put a candy cane and a Hershey chocolate kiss into their cup before they add hot coffee. Both of them crinkle their noses but they do it, mostly because I asked. After they take a sip, I hear two ‘YUM’ sounds telling me that my chocolate peppermint addition to their coffee is meeting with approval.

It was a while, but finally, Diane and John came out of their bedroom. I wished both of them a Merry Christmas. Diane’s response was, “Boy my husband can fuck,” causing everyone to laugh. It was really nice to see Diane and John be a happy new couple. They kept kissing and hugging each other.

John said that he thought he heard Tina’s voice. Dakota let him and Diane know that Mom, Tina, and Jill took one of the jets to pick up Tina’s Mother from Phoenix. I knew that they were just having a short trip to pick up Tina’s Mom and bring her back to the Chateau.

John’s Mom, Jennifer sat down at the dining room table. I was really excited that the family was getting together. Giving Jennifer the bonus that I gave her made me feel really good. Jennifer works hard for me and earned every penny of her bonus.

As the morning went on, Dakota went and woke the rest of the family. It didn’t take all that long before the rest of the family was up and moving around. Jill sent Dakota a text message that they had Tina’s Mom and were just leaving Phoenix to return back home to the Chateau. Dakota showed me the text and I kissed her for doing so. The morning was turning out to be wonderful so far.

The gingerbread cookies smelled wonderful. Things were really taking shape on this Christmas morning. Virtually all of the ladies were in some form of clothes causing me to be rather horny. Fred made it out to the kitchen where he poured himself a cup of coffee. Dakota went over to him and dropped a piece of candy cane and chocolate into his coffee cup then filled it up. He took a big sniff and told us that it smelled delightful.

I thought a lot about how Fred and Mom have really hit it off. They have shown that they are a good match for each other. Fred makes sure that Mom is safe as well as enjoying everything that is going on. Mom meanwhile seems to really be enjoying all the youth that is in the house. She clearly has taken on the position of everyone’s Grandmother not just Mother.

There was a clear buzz by everyone knowing that our daughter Tina was home. It dawned on me that I needed to have a couple more guys in the playgroup. We have lots of women, but it seemed as if we could use a couple more guys. Closing the studio home made more sense since Allison was working way too hard. Like I did before, I sat next to Allison and hugged and kissed her for everything that she has done for me.

BJ and Danni also got together enjoying their Christmas affairs. Just before noon, Dakota got another text telling her that the jet was landing. She replied to her usual ‘K’. She sauntered over to me to show me the text message. I kissed her and she swung her cute ass at me as she went back to the dining room table.

John asked Sammy when the Christmas meal would be ready. He got told that it would be ready in about an hour. I could see the twinkle in John’s eyes thinking about the Christmas meal.

It didn’t take long before the four ladies were at the Chateau. I met Tina’s Mother for the second time, and she was stunning. Her and Melanie were getting along fabulously. When the four of them walked through the front door, I was almost breathless. These four women were beautiful. Starting with my wife Jill. She was stunning.


Tina came running over to me and leaped into my arms. We kissed passionately. I could see her Mother watching us, but I didn’t care, one of my daughters was home amongst the family.

Melanie and Tina’s Mother just kept chatting as if they were longtime sisters.

Bobby and Sammy welcomed Tina back to the house. I asked Jennifer to go around and make sure that everyone was awake and dressed for Christmas. I was very happy that our Tina was home with all of us. Tina’s Mom and Melanie just kept chattering away. It turned out that Tina’s Mother’s name is Deloris. So, we had Deloris and Melanie. Melanie went down the hallway to get Fred and drag him out to the kitchen. Fred, being the gentleman, he is gladly followed Melanie to the kitchen.

By the time we got to 1 pm, everyone was up and dressed and now hungry.

I asked everyone to find a seat at the dining room table which they did. Bobby began to bring out the entrée and set it on the table. It was nice thick roast beef with fingerling potatoes, carrots, and broccoli along with a salad complete with homemade ranch dressing.

I was happy to see that everyone was wearing something nice for Christmas. Many of the ladies wore a nice dress or skirt. John, Fred, and I all wore dress slacks and a collared dress shirt.

While I sat at the end of the table, Jill sat on one side of me and Dakota on the other side. Once everyone was sat, Bobby began carving slices of roast beef. Sammy began pouring some red wine for those who wanted it.

As the plates were being filled, I looked at my family who were all sitting and chatting with each other. I stood up and began my speech.

“Everyone, I wanted to say that having everyone here, including our daughter Tina, makes me happy. We’ve all had a wonderful year topped off by this get-together,” I tell everyone.

“What I would like is if we go around the table and tell everyone what you are thankful for this Christmas. Would anyone like to begin?” I ask.

Tina was the first one to stand and say something, “First, let me say how happy I am to be home. When I left my feelings were hurt but spending time with my Mother did me a lot of good. She told me things that made me realize just how good I had it here at the Chateau. I look around this table and have fond memories of everyone. I just am so happy that none of you rejected me, everyone here at this table means too much to me. I love all of you,” Tina says to the table.

Jennifer is the next one to stand up and talk, “I too am so very thankful for this family. My son John got married yesterday to Diane, my new daughter in law who has my first grandchild. David makes things really easy and I thank him and Jill for taking such good care of me,” Jennifer says to the table.

There is a pause before my wife Jill stands up. She starts with, “Well, I am very thankful in all the wonderful people we have sitting at this table. I love each of you for some crazy reason. I’m thankful for all the hard work that BJ has put in with me recently. I am so glad that I have a magnificent husband who loves me. I am thankful that I am pregnant with our first baby and that I am not alone in this endeavor, Diane and Dakota both are pregnant and thus the three of us talk and compare what our bodies are doing,” Jill says to the table.

Now it is Sharon who stands up, “Well, when Jaxson, Inc. became my boss I was really nervous. I didn’t know David except by what I read in the business section of the newspaper. However, it turned out that David is a wonderful boss and I have had such a wonderful time working for him and staying here at the Chateau. It is my Christmas wish that we have next year to be just a rewarding and exciting as this year turned out to be,” she tells everyone.

John made a short statement, “I am so thankful that Diane decided to marry me. As an expecting Father, I understand how it is easier to love than hate. I wish you all a Merry Christmas,” he says to everyone.

BJ stood next and said, “When David recruited me from the Mercedes dealership, I was a bit nervous. However, he turned out to be quite the gentleman and his wife hardworking but doesn’t ask anything that she isn’t willing to do herself. I can understand why everyone here loves David and Jill they are just wonderful people and I’m really glad that they came into my life,” she says.

Allison stood, nervously speaking, “I am so thankful that all of you have accepted me. Each and every one of you have accepted me into the family and for that I am grateful. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas,” she says.

Danni stands next to and begins, “I am so thankful that David and Jill gave me a place to stay. I have loved every minute of being here and life just keeps getting better and better for me and for that I thank David and Jill and wish them a Merry Christmas,” she says.

Donna was the next one to speak, “Well let me start by saying Merry Christmas to everyone. One of the great things about having David as your boss is that he doesn’t micromanage you. He lets you do your job and only asks that you be able to defend your choices that you have made. I enjoy living here at this wonderful house with all this family. I’ve never felt so loved in all of my life,” she says.

Paula stood next, “When I was asked to take over Happy, Happee Limo and then it’s sister limo Black Car Limo, I was very nervous about running one let alone two limo companies. However, both Jill and David talked to me about it. After each one chatted with me, I felt much surer of taking the job and I feel so loved by everyone here. I believe that we are definitely one family,” Paula tells the table.

Belinda was the next one to speak, “I have to say that when I first came across David I was very apprehensive. Here is this bigtime CEO of a multinational corporation and yet to me he was just a normal guy. He made me feel like he truly wanted me to succeed in school, which I’m going back to after the first of the year. David always seems to show how much he cares about you and for that, I am very thankful. I am so very happy that all of you have accepted me into the family. I can say that I love all of you. Merry Christmas,” Belinda says.

Amy was the next one to stand and speak, “When Jill and David asked me to take over running the house, I was very nervous. I was falling farther and father behind, but then without asking David got me some help. Now I stay ahead of all that needs to be done here and how much I love everyone. My wish is for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas,” she says.

Fred decided to stand and speak next, “Well, what can I say. I started as a driver then became David’s personal driver. From there Melanie and I have been enjoying each other and this might just be one of the best years of my life and I have David and Jill to thank for that. I wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas,” he says.

Once Fred was done, Melanie decided to speak, “What can I say? Losing my husband was difficult, but everyone here has made me feel so much love and I thank them for that. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas,” Melanie says.

That left Deloris, Tina’s Mom, “I am so glad that all of you think so highly of my Tina. I can see that everyone here loves her so very much. I am also thankful for David hiring me to be his eyes in Phoenix. The salary couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you, David,” Deloris says.

That left my darling Dakota. She began, “Well, David you and Jill already know that I love you both. Working both for you and with you has been a delight. Both of you take such good care of me. And David, having our baby is the greatest thing that you could have ever done for me. You have fulfilled my greatest wish to find a man that I can trust to have a baby with and David you are just that man. I like working for you as your assistant because you are easy to anticipate your needs and I do what I can to fulfill those needs. I love you David and I know that you love me as well. I think it will be wonderful for Diane, Jill, and me to have babies a month apart. People outside the family probably wouldn’t understand, but I’m not looking to them for their opinion. I am just very happy the way things are right now,” Dakota says to me.

Bobby and Sammy ask if they might be allowed to say something. I tell them that of course, they are welcome to say anything.

“David, Jill, Miss Dakota we just love working here. We couldn’t have guessed that we would find such a great place. We like making everyone breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have enjoyed watching John stuff his face with our food which we think that to be such a compliment. We are both very glad that you recruited us from the culinary school, and we wish everyone here at the table a Merry Christmas,” they say together.

We all raised our glasses and wished each other a Merry Christmas. Once we finished the toast, Bobby went back to slicing the roast beef. As he made slice after slice, we passed our plates around to him. Sammy came out from the big kitchen with two trays of deviled eggs. I took several of them and put them in my mouth one at a time.

After everyone had a plate full of food, I told both Bobby and Sammy to take a seat and join us for Christmas meal. They gladly took a seat and made themselves each a plate.

We were all enjoying each other’s company when it dawned on me to tell Jennifer that we are hiring a new person for the real estate department. When she asked whom it might be, I let her know that it would be Special Agent Fernandez’s wife. She seemed excited that we will be filling that empty spot vacated by Mark Newberg.

As I looked around the table, I can honestly say that I love all my women and have great respect for the men. We have a wonderful family and I hope the upcoming year proves to be lucrative as well as bringing our family even closer.

This past year has been interesting, but I feel that our family is moving forward and we are going to have a delightful new year ahead of us.


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The Chauffeur (#49) Christmas

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Comments (4)
pk2curious — 07 June 2019 21:12
Very nice XMAS chapter .
Mabear — 09 June 2019 03:46
Another awesome chapter!!! Love how much this story has developed!!! The characters have all come to life, and I really enjoy each and every chapter!! When I came to this site, I had no idea I would check in constantly to look for new chapters from you!! Keep them coming!!
X-MAN215 — 08 June 2019 23:01
PABLO DIABLO10 June 2019 08:42
@Mabear, @X_Man215, @pk2curious I have chapters 50 AND 51 posted and published over at the other site that I publish on.
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