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  1. Dingle, My Dingle
  2. Dingle, My Dingle 2

Dingle, My Dingle 2

Categories True Story, Black, Incest, Male / Female

Author: lanaeX

Published: 08 June 2019

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Dingle 2

Days passed and I was still just as hooked on my Dingle. Each day I wanted more and more, and she never failed to disappoint. Her precious little body yielded to me as if I owned her. I felt as if I did own her. She was mine and I was never planning to let her go. I was still sharing her with my son, unfortunately. But he was only getting her luscious mouth after school as he drove her home. Waiting down the road each day for his Ranger to pass I quickly picked her up as soon as he exited. She would hop in my truck and say nothing as if she hadn’t just sucked the soul out of my boy.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t grown tired of her servicing him each day before giving me my fix, but in due time I would find a way to alleviate that problem. I would ask him sometimes about her just to listen as he detailed his time with her, just making sure it matched up to what she was saying, and it did. After school each day she would hop in his truck and he would take her home. She would blow him as he drove and finish him off in her front yard as he unloaded in her waiting throat. He once said he couldn’t believe it, but she seems to have gotten better. In some sick perverted way, I felt proud.

Everything seemed perfect and I couldn’t be happier, each day I couldn’t wait until that afternoon. Bringing her back to my shop really pleased me. She would come inside and undress and watch tv in the back of the shop until I was ready to play with her. Some days I watched as she played with herself. She didn’t nag me or say much of anything really. She just wanted to please me in any way I wanted. I’ve never had that in my life, and I was growing quite attached to her.

The third week of our perfect little arrangement we encountered our first little bump in the road. Well it was more of a boulder in the road. Waiting down from her path like usual I expected to see Mikey’s truck come flying by so I could go pick my Dingle up. I waited and waited and no Mikey. I became frustrated thinking he must have been fucking her and that’s what was taking so long. I became very irritated at the thought. Especially since I hadn’t fucked her myself in two days. Only fingering and eating her tasty little pussy. More time passed and still no Mikey. I decided to call his phone and see what was up. I called and he answered on the first ring. When I inquired as to his whereabouts, he really threw me for a loop when he said, he was home. Not knowing what else to say, I asked did he take the girl to the house again and he said no. That she hadn’t come to school today and he came straight home after school. I made up a random chore for him to take care of to hide the true nature of my call.

Hanging up I quickly threw the truck in drive and headed towards the old path that would lead me straight to my Dingle. When I approached, I noticed two vehicles in the yard and as to never seeing any cars there before I didn’t know who they could be. I drove closer seeing one had plates from Michigan and the other belong here in North Carolina. I quickly bagged out of the old path and back onto the main road. I drove back to town alone for the first time in three weeks. Back to my shop I finished two projects and later headed home. Of course, I took the long way home and took the chance of going back down the forgotten path and both vehicles were still in the same spot.

I was angry and frustrated; Dingle didn’t have a cellphone and I had no way of reaching her. She had no way reaching me, Mikey maybe but not me. I knew then I would have to fix that. Not being able to reach her is unacceptable. I felt so stupid, I could have been bought her a cellphone. But that was an easy fix as I swung by the local Verizon and purchased a new phone and plan for her. It was unreasonable for a young teenager not to already have one.

Arriving home, I ate dinner with the family, first time in three weeks and thought of ways to broach the subject with Mikey if he had heard form her. After dinner I followed Mikey out to the garage and pretended to make small talk. He seemed ill and I asked what was wrong. He shrugged and said he hadn’t heard from Dingle all day and he was worried. “You don’t understand, dad” he went on to say. Dingle never misses school. She’s a straight A student with perfect attendance. Wow I thought I had no idea. I was so consumed with her body I never considered anything else. Being able to take cock the way Dingle did normally didn’t coincide with being smart too. He went on to say her mom and her moved here in an attempt to start over because her dad had been molesting her. Her mom found out and ran with her here. Dingle didn’t blame her dad, she wasn’t angry at him she loved him. But she understood her mother’s need to remove her from the situation. That’s when it hit me the Michigan tags in the yard must have been her father visiting.

Mikey continued to talk but all I could think of was her dad here fucking my little Dingle. Did you try to call her son I spat out between my teeth, in my attempt to remain calm. She doesn’t have a phone dad, but I know something is wrong I just know it. You want to ride by there son to check on her, Ill ride with you if you like? Nah, he said that’ll just get her into trouble. Ever since they moved here her, and her mom don’t get along. Her mom blames her and treats her like crap. She calls her a whore daily and never buys her anything.

Going back to my study I felt horrible the little girl I loved to fuck had a rough life. I now understood her need to please. I also figured her own father had trained her sexually and had opened his daughter up to the world of sexual abuse that she now craved and loved. Dingle loved sucking cock as much as I loved her doing it. That couldn’t be denied. Her perfect little body enjoyed every bit of it. Her orgasms proved that over and over. She never seemed to get enough. I guess I could thank him for that, but the thought of him fucking her now drove me wild with jealousy.

Later that night I left home driving Susan’s sedan. I drove out to Dingle’s path and parked. I got out and walked the path as to not give away someone was outside. I sneaked through the overgrown wooded area and reached the edge of the property line. Hiding in darkness I decided to go for a closer look. It was just after midnight and the house was quiet. I reached a window in the front of the house and seen a woman asleep on a sofa. A few beer bottles scattered around I assumed the woman must be her mother had passed out.

I made my way to the back of the house and peered into another window. This one was too dark and I couldn’t see anything. I continued to ease around the old house and found another room this one lit with the light from a tv. I scanned the room and found her. My heart stopped but my cock pulsated hard. There was a large muscular black man sitting in an oversized recliner and my little Dingle was in his lap. Her back to his chest was fully naked and slowly being lifted up and down on his massive cock. He held her legs underneath the back of her knees, her body folded with her ankles around her ears. I could see her pussy being stretched to accommodate his massive size as he continued to lift and impale her onto his rod. Her tiny whimpers acknowledged her complete and total submission to him. Her tired and drained form also proved he’d most likely been fucking her all day.

He stood up with her still attached and laid her on her back on a tiny end table. He extended her legs around his neck and began to pound her hard shaking the table and wall as he did. Her tits bounced up and down as he did. His grunts proved he wasn’t trying to hide from her sleeping mother in the next room, he was close to release and he didn’t care who heard him. My little Dingle was taking a serious beating, he was relentless. She cried out yes daddy, yes daddy as he continued the assault on her tiny pussy. A crazed sound escaped his lips as he reached his peak one final stroke later, I knew he spewed his load deep inside my Dingle’s Pussy. He shook and stayed buried deep until his load covered every part of her swollen insides. “Ah Daddy missed you so much” he said as he slowly slid from inside her. Really getting a good look at his cock, it was bigger than I first thought. Easily ten or eleven inches of thick cock just fucked the life from my little fuck toy.

He walked out of the room and she just laid there not moving an inch. Her little legs dangled off the side of the table barely touching the floor. He re-entered the room still completely naked with a blue towel thrown over his shoulder. He stood over the girl staring as I have many times after fucking her in complete awe. He slowly lowered his massive frame down and picked Dingle up. In his arms the already small girl seemed to disappear in his colossal size. He carried her out of the room and out of my sight.

I watched a moment longer and saw him re-emerge without her, assuming he had put her to bed I decided to make my exit as well. Slipping back to the front of the house I heard the old front door and front porch creak with pressure. He had come outside and sat on the front steps. Still naked but I guess with no neighbors you could easily get away with just about anything. Frozen in place I knew I had to wait for him to go inside before I could leave.

Suddenly I heard the voice of a woman, her mom I assumed lingered in the doorway speaking to the large naked man sitting on the front steps. Did you have enough she asked in a snarky tone, and he chuckled. Of course, not he said, as she slammed the door going back inside. He only laughed more. He later went inside, and I had my chance to finally leave.

Reaching the car, I reluctantly drove off not knowing what to think of what I had just witnessed. On one hand I was furious he had savagely fucked my little Dingle like that while I watched in the shadows. However; on the other hand, I was so incredible turned on at the sight. Her pussy stretched wide as he pumped in and out of her miniature hole, the thick white cum spewing out as he did completely had me in over drive. I freed my cock and began stroking as I thought of it. Her golden titties bouncing up and down as sweat dripped from her over-sized black areolas and nipples as he pounded her harder and harder. I stopped in the middle of the road and pumped my cock hard replaying the image until came hard.

I reached home and slipped in through the garage finding Mikey sleep on the sofa. I didn’t awake him as I normally would I just eased passed him and went inside and fell asleep in my study. I knew that next morning the man would annihilate my Dingle pussy again. I wanted nothing more than to run away with her protecting and fucking her alike. Fuck, I was hard again!

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Dingle, My Dingle 2

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