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  1. A Wolf goes hunting
  2. A Wolf goes hunting - Part 2
  3. A Wolf goes hunting - Part 3

A Wolf goes hunting - Part 3

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty

Author: TheDevilsOwn

Published: 12 June 2019

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I feel this needs to be said - This is a complete work of fiction, the characters and circumstances are not real.

Also, if you liked my story, please up-vote it.

If you didn't like it, go ahead and vote but leave a comment as to why. Everyone could use constructive criticism.

If the only reason you didn't like my story is because you are jealous, don't vote, just move on.

If the reason you didn't like my story was because of the subject matter, why did you even read it in the first place? It is tagged properly, if you didn't read the tags, that's on you, not me.

Chapter 3

Wolf sat in the café across the street from his hotel, waiting for the food he had ordered for the two of them and he let his mind drift to the little thing waiting asleep for him in his room. His lips turned up into a small smile as he pictured her pretty face in the throes of her orgasms when his memory shifted and HER face replaced the little pet’s face.

Wolf got started late in life, finally finding the woman of his dreams at the age of 32 after a life of debauchery, sin, aggression and lust. Once he saw her, he knew he was finished, he had found the perfect submissive for his particular…tastes. Wolf had stalked her for weeks like the perfect prey, slowly closing the gap between her heart and his, everything culminating at a party thrown by a mutual friend. The party had started like any other, the typical men and women maneuvering around each other to try and get laid while he sat and waited for her to arrive, his eyes on the door. Finally, she showed up, nearly an hour late but she looked stunning in her grey, mid-thigh length sweater dress and knee-high black leather heeled boots. Minimal makeup was her style and it enhanced her natural beauty instead of hiding it like on most women.

Watching her as she walked into the house, he saw a potential competitor approach the object of his affection and chuckled to himself as she rebuffed him and sent him packing, the look on the guy’s face told Wolf he’d need to keep an eye on him the rest of the night. She scanned around the room, her big doe eyes finally locking on his lust filled ones and an immediate blush rose on her cheeks, the large vein in her throat pulsing as he bared his teeth to her in a feral grin. Carefully she approached him, her hands submissively clasped in front of her, her eyes cast down in respect to him, her beauty overwhelming to him as she neared.

She made her way to him cautiously until she was grabbed from the side by the same guy as before and pulled tightly to his body, she struggled against him, trying to push him away as her eyes focused on Wolf, her eyes wide at the speed of his movements. In a flash, Wolf was on her molester, his large hand gripping the scruff of his neck and pulling him off her, his face right next to the side of his head, teeth bared. She slipped away from the man and moved behind Wolf, her hands on his hips, face buried in his back as he growled, “She already told you “No”, Kevin. Now get the fuck out of here before I shred you like paper.”

He released his grip and shoved at the same time, sending the obviously scared Kevin sprawling to the floor amid the amused titters of the nearby crowd. Kevin scramble to his feet and dashed for the door, not even looking back as he escaped from the menace of her Master. Gently, he turned in her arms till her face was buried against his strong chest, his protective arms wrapped tightly around her, “Are you alright Katie, my sweet pet?” he whispered against her ear as he sought out the sensitive spot behind her ear.

“Yes Master, I am now.” She moaned into his hair as her finger twined through his shaggy mane, pulling him tighter.

Master! With the utterance with that simple word, she had bonded herself to him and as he took her from the party back to his place, his thoughts ran wild on what he would do to her to prove he deserved her submission. When he got her home, he did what he did best, he made this beauty, HIS. He tortured her mind, body and soul for hours, making her orgasm time and time again and never once in the entire time did she utter the safe word he had given her, even though he had marked her body from head to toe and fucked her for hours on end. Even when he finally marked her permanently with his teeth, the only thing she screamed was, “MOOORE!” and he gave her just that. He gave her EVERYTHING he had to give, even his heart.

Who knew that a short 17 years later, everything she had given to him would be stripped away so quickly, it would leave him with nothing but ashes inside? Her murder and the murder of their two sons and his subsequent hunting down of the men responsible would kill his soul, stripping him of the humanity she had built in him, returning him to the savagery of his life before her. It was just fortunate for him the police were just as incompetent in finding the men that killed his family as they were when it came time to find the killer of those same men. They equated it to a drug war and looked in a direction other than him and so shortly after, Wolf sold everything he no longer needed, bought a new bike, a couple of guns and took to the road to find himself again. Two years he had been searching, sometimes coming close to finding his old self just before it tantalizingly slipped from his fingers again, until last night. The little waif waiting for him back in his room ignited something inside him…something he hadn’t felt since Katie and the boys died, a feeling of being needed.

Cammy woke up alone and...terrified! She scanned around the room quickly to find him, even looking under the covers. She jumped out of the bed and went to the bathroom, seeing it was dark and empty and began to panic, flying to the window and pulling it open enough to peek through, she saw his bike still sitting there and breathed a small sigh of relief, her heart pounding in her chest. She knew her Wolf should be here and couldn’t think where he went…she couldn’t even analyze the fact she already thought of Him as hers and she was His. She began pacing naked back and forth through the room, stalking like a pent-up cat as her mind concocted what could have happened to her Wolf, even going so far as to think that maybe HE had stolen her Wolf away for some evil revenge against her.

The leering, evil face of her stepfather came into her mind and she collapsed to the floor, as tears gushed from her eyes and wracking sobs made her chest heave. Her eyes flashed around the room in panic as she remembered the last time she saw him, chasing her from the house just an hour before she wound up at the bar where she met her Wolf, a butcher knife in his hand as he screamed if he ever saw her again, he’d cut her throat and drink her dry while he raped her dying body. She had lived in terror of her stepfather for the last several years since he had murdered her mother and basically locked her in the house, beating her and raping her whenever he wanted like his own personal toy. She remembered the day things had changed, right after her sixteenth birthday, her stepfather sitting on the couch with her, her mother in the kitchen cooking dinner. Up until that point, they had seemed to have a normal father/daughter relationship, him having taken over for her own dad at the tender age of two when her daddy died in a car accident on his way home from work.

Everything had started innocently enough, sitting on the couch, watching TV, them bumping against each other playfully, him tickling her, her squealing with giggles and then he became more aggressive. She didn’t know how it happened but the next thing she knew, she was pinned to the couch, him laying between her thighs, her wrists pinned above her head as he forced his lips on hers. She fought against him, screaming for her mom to help her, the snarling face of her stepfather as her mom tried pulling him off Cammy then the look of agony on her mother’s face as he shoved her hard off him and she fell, her head hitting the corner of the coffee table and the light fading from her eyes. She was numb from the shock of her mother’s death at the hands of the man she trusted to be her daddy and then he took her, quickly ripping her clothes from her and brutally raping her right there as her mother died. She doesn’t remember him finishing, her mind had disconnected and she passed out, the only thing she did remember was her mother dying and the intense pain from him brutally taking her virginity.

Cammy had woken up some time later, a leather cuff locked to her ankle with a padlock and a steel cable tying her to her bed. The cable was just long enough to reach to her bathroom to be able to use the facilities and keep herself clean and that’s how she spent her life for the next several years. She had found out months after her mother’s death that her stepfather told the police that he blamed mom’s death on Cammy, saying they had fought and Cammy had shoved her when her mother caught her on the couch giving herself to some boy like a common whore. She wasn’t even able to attend her mother’s funeral since the police were looking for her for the murder of her mother, her stepfather having told them she fled the house after the fight. Gradually, it just got easier to give in and let her stepfather do whatever he wanted to her, even getting to the point where she liked the pain he inflicted on her during his nightly visits to her room, sometimes whipping her, sometimes torturing her with needles or fire and sometimes with other things he found of use around the house before eventually using either her mouth, pussy or ass to get off. And no matter how much she gave in to him, he always degraded her as much as he could to keep her in her place, calling her every vile thing he could think of…whore…slut…fucktoy…cumdump…sometimes even worse.

These memories were racing through her mind as she lay on the floor, curled into a sobbing ball as the door to the room swung open and her Wolf was standing in the doorway. Seeing her, immediately he closed the door, set the food down carefully and rushed to her, scooping her into his arms, sitting her in his lap and gently rocking her as she sobbed and babbled, trying to convey how worried she was that he was gone. Softly cooing to her and holding her tight in his strong, protective arms he was finally able to get her to calm enough so she made sense again and he realized how much they needed each other…she was a balm that calmed his raging heart and he was the steel that drove away her fears.

Their food forgotten for the time being, he stood carefully, cradling her body to his chest and carried her to the bed, laying her down and covering her before stripping himself and climbing in the other side. He pulled her to him and as she held onto him fiercely, she told him her story as he held her and brushed his fingers calmingly through her hair. Telling him of the years of abuse and rape, the torment and torture, the loss and loneliness and most importantly, she finally gifted him with her beautiful name…Cammy.

HIS Cammy, her Wolf.

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A Wolf goes hunting - Part 3

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