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  1. The threesome, Part 1
  2. The threesome, Part 2

The threesome, Part 1

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Cheating

Author: Wuffles2

Published: 14 June 2019

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The threesome

10pm at a house party. The deep base of the trance techno from his speakers downstairs pulsed through Matt as he sat contentedly outside on the private balcony adjoining his bedroom, nursing the just-opened cider he had been sipping. The balcony was not a large space, spanning only about 15x15 feet, but walls of hard plaster about 2.5 feet high on either side prevented anyone sitting from being seen.

He closed his eyes, feeling the music emanating from directly below vibrating through him, and felt a shiver run down his back from where it rested against the cool plaster of the wall he sat against. His legs splayed haphazardly out as he shifted his head slightly in tune to the sound of the steady doof-doof of the baseline.

"Greetings stranger!" a familiar voice near his head said to him. The voice was slightly shaky but mostly still coherent.

Matt lazily opened one eye as the world around him blurred back into view.

A pair of sharp blue almond-shaped eyes stared back at him with barely suppressed mirth as he squinted at this creature's face for a moment in his half-cut state.

Her long, golden blonde hair ran down her shoulders in rivulets of gold, which was a most pleasant match to the golden-white eye shadow emphasising the tiny ponds of sapphire of her gaze. Her angular cheekbones, highlighted by just a shade of blush, ran down into a slightly curved nose above a pair of deep red lips.

She wore a well-worn leather jacket over a white cotton vest, the tight material hugging the curves of her seemingly gravity-defying D-cup breasts and her curvy waist, with the straps and outline of a well-cut black bra easily visible through the fabric. The look was finished with a short black skirt that came about two-thirds of the way down her thighs, showing off her slim legs, toned from countless hours of waiting tables and making coffee. She wore a pair of slinky black tights that clung to her legs, disguising the pearly white skin of her thighs that she was irrationally ashamed of. The look was finished with a pair of red one-inch heels, taking her total height to a whopping average 5 foot 8 inches of cuteness.

Matt opened his other eye, and then both of his eyes grew as large as saucers as he realised who he was looking at.

"What?!? Stacey? Holy fuck, what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you to come, let alone on your birthday!" Matt spluttered, taken aback.

Stacey smiled a wide grin, flashing her white pearly teeth at him cheekly as she pulled off a half-decent impression of a marilyn monroe voice, twirling a lock of her hair in one finger.

"Oh but my dear I couldn't miss hanging out with my best friend for at least SOME of my birthday, could i?" she intoned innocently, as if somehow they had hung out in person in the last two years.

She did a model's twirl for him. "Do you like? I decided to be a bit girly for a change."

Matt rolled his eyes. "Yeah, because you're much less attractive in tight jeans and a t-shirt."

She pouted. Matt sighed. "Yes, Stacey, you look fucking gorgeous. You got that supermodel devil-may-care chic going."

She smiled another of her bright sunshine smiles at him and plopped herself down next to him.

"Um, excuse me but who gave you permission to intrude on my fortress of solitude…" he muttered pompously.

She leaned over him, as if she was going to bury her head on his chest. The movement caused a civil war in her outfit, with her breasts trying to pop out of the vest, and the overloaded lacy bra she wore straining under the effort to keep them safely entombed. A stalemate happened between the two sides, with the result being an impressive amount of cleavage being revealed to him as he stared, mesmerised, his eyes still a little bleary from the alcohol.

She sat lazily back down, her breasts jiggling haphazardly. "I'm so glad to be here, Matt. I've missed hanging out with you so much." She said softly, her voice barely carrying over the steady doof-doof of the music.

"I'm glad you are t...Hey! That's my cider!" he protested, as the blonde girl raised the illicitly acquired beverage to her lips and drained it in one sitting.

Ignoring the evil look he was shooting at her, Stacey slipped her arm around his and leaned in on him, resting her head on his shoulder. They stayed like that for a while, not speaking, as Matt tried his best not to think about the soft, supple feeling of her breast against his shoulder.

After the music changed, Stacey looked up at him. "Matt?"

"Yes, tiny blonde?"

"I have something I'd like to try tonight, but I don't want to try it alone. Would you be willing to do it with me?" she implored, looking at him.

He looked at her suspiciously. "What sort of thing are we talking about here?"

She reached into her cleavage and produced a small plastic bag, within which there were two small capsules.

"Uhhh...I dunno, Stacey…" Matt said, eyeing the tiny pills suspiciously. "I'm not really one for drugs."

"Come on, Matt, it isn't anything super dangerous - its MDMA." Matt's suspicion deepened.

"The fuck is MDMA?" he asked, wrinkling his nose.

She sighed. "Have you heard of ecstacy?" He nodded.

"Well, ecstacy is gross (and dangerous) because it was often cut with some really bad stuff. But MDMA is the chemical which gets you the high ecstacy promises, without the bad stuff." Her body wiggled with excitement as she spoke, and little by little, her enthusiasm infected him.

"But...doesn't ecstacy make you...uh…" he trailed off and looked away, blushing.

"...More easily able to emotionally connect with those around you and more into physical touch and contact?" she finished, nodding enthusiastically. "Yes! That's why I want you with me, so that I have a buddy to travel with for my first experience!"

She pulled open the snap-bag and pulled out the pills. Reaching one leg over him, she slowly, sinuously inserted herself further into his personal space and deposited herself on his lap. The scent of teatree oil and peppermint, with a tinge of apple filled his senses.

"Come on, Daddy..." she cooed, a naughty smile creeping onto her face, "...let's see what the evening brings…"

He sighed a long sigh. It had been two years since she had last used that honorific with him, and they both knew what it meant.

"What about the pretty boy you're dating? Is he ok with this?" Matt remarked, raising an eyebrow.

She pouted, and placed a finger on his mouth.

"He's on the other side of the country for another whole month, Matt. And he said that I could find myself a friend to keep me company while he's gone…" she muttered, looking away.

"Yeah, but I bet he would mind if *I* was that friend, considering our history…" he pressed.

She cocked her head, and looked up, as if speaking to an invisible friend. "I don't recall confirming to Matt that he was going to be that friend, did I?" she queried to the invisible presence in the air above him.

He reached out and grabbed a handful of her long, lustrous hair, and pulled, forcing her neck to one side. "And I dont remember giving you permission to speak to me like that, you fuckin' little brat" he hissed, his past instincts coming back to him as if they'd never left.

Stacey gasped at the unexpected forcefulness of his tone and grip, her eyes half closing, as she licked her lips, carefully considering her next words.

"I don't recall giving you permission to act like that to me, Matt…" she muttered, her eyes narrowing at him.

"And I don't recall giving you permission to manipulate me into doing drugs with you by using the title you haven't used for me since your boyfriend got jealous two years ago…" he remarked drily, shaking his head and raising an eyebrow at her, daring her to disagree.

They stared at each other for a moment, neither willing to yield, as the doof-doof of the music continued over them.

She pursed her lips. "Gah, fuck. I would have thought that after two years your ability to call me out would have diminished slightly…fine. Call it even?"

He released her hair and smiled thinly at her. "Sure, it's been two years, I'll let you save face just this once."

She blew a raspberry at him. "So are you going to do it, Matt? Or is your sciatica acting up again, old man?" She sat back on her haunches and smiled sweetly at him, the perky curves of her butt warming his upper thighs, stirring up places it really shouldn't.

Matt rolled his eyes and smiled despite himself. "Old man?" I'm only 34, goddammit." He reached out his hand impatiently. "Give me the fucking pill, you little minx."

"Yay! High time with Matt!" Her entire body wiggled with happiness, the previous tense atmosphere completely evaporated.

"And get off me, before someone catches you."

"Before someone catches her doing...what exactly, Matt?" a smooth, velvety voice inquired from the doorway.

"Fuck. Abort." he muttered to Stacey.

The sound of clicking heels signalled the entrance of a third person onto the balcony. With her two inch heels, she stood at an impressive 5 foot 11 - an imposingly tall lady. She wore her hair in impeccably styled ebony brown ringlets. Below well-manicured eyebrows, two amused almond eyes with a hint of dark eye-shadow gave her gaze a smoky, indistinct quality to it.

Two thin golden straps were all that covered her athletic, well-toned shoulders, the elegant golden dress she wore cut in a long, sinuous V in the front to show off a pair of marvelously rounded, shapely b-cup breasts. The dress wrapped around her hourglass figure like a glove, with a thin golden belt keeping it in place. The dress fell low to almost her ankles, but a slit in the side revealed a promise of long, athletic legs, a product of her hiking obsession. A pleasant scent of peach and coconut perfume wafted over, detectable but not intrusive.

"Who is this, Matt? I don't believe we have met…" Stacey asked, curiosity in her eyes.

Making no attempt to get up, Stacey swiveled her head and then paused, as she looked the elegant 33 year old up and down, a slight blush running up her face as she gulped audibly.

Celine, meanwhile, extended a hand to the blonde girl. "Hello, I'm Celine, and that is my partner you are currently in the lap of…" she said, a smirk on her face as she watched them shift nervously.

Despite the position he was, Matt smirked back. He had specifically refrained from giving either of these two any descriptions of the other, although both knew of the other's existence and had heard stories from Matt about them.

Stacey stood up quickly - too quickly for a person sporting typically low blood pressure - and immediately stumbled. Celine sprang into action, far more quickly than Matt would have thought possible, catching her just before she hit the ground, as her legs gave out.

Matt's mouth opened as he gaped at her. Recovering his composure, he scrambled to his feet, checking on Stacey as she swooned in the statuesque woman's arms. He noticed that, in the heat of the moment, one of Celine's hands had curled around her upper back and ended up with a handful of one of the smaller girl's breasts. Shaking his head, he nodded his thanks to her.

"Those are some quick reflexes, Celine. I guess all of that burlesque training in those heels is really paying off!" he enthused.

Celine smiled proudly, cradling the girl carefully as she helped her to her feet. Stacey was blushing furiously by this point, embarrassed and caught off-guard.

"...uh, thanks!" was all Stacey could muster, as she held her arms out steady herself. After a moment, she nodded to herself. "I'm good now, thanks. You can remove your hand, if you're finished there…" she remarked impishly to Celine, the trademark Stacey "I'm-going-to-have-fun-bringing-this-up-later" grin on her face.

Celine quickly removed her hand, but it twitched a little as she lowered it to her sides. She placed two hands on her hips and looked at the two of them.

"I think an explanation is in order here, isn't it?" she said primly.

Matt held up his hands in surrender. At 6 foot 2 inches, he may have been the tallest on the balcony, but he didn't feel like it at that point.

"...Celine, this is my best friend Stacey. Stacey, you've probably already guessed that this is my partner, Celine." he mumbled lamely.

Stacey smiled a wide smile, and took Celine's hand. "Nice to meet you, Celine. Matt has told me a lot about you, though he did not tell me how...majestic you are." she bubbled, staring the tall woman up and down evaluatively.

Celine nodded, as if she heard this all the time. "Nice to meet you too, Stacey. I have heard a lot of stories about your...exploits with Matt back in the day…" she replied, returning the younger girls stare with one of her own. Her gaze followed the line of Stacey's vest from her shoulders, past her collarbone, to linger for a few seconds on the generous canyon between Stacey's breasts. Matt noticed her hand twitch slightly again.

Tearing her gaze from the tantalizing highlights of Stacey's bra, Celine looked at Matt. "So…what were you two doing up here by yourselves?"

Matt looked at Stacey. Stacey looked at Matt and winked. He flicked her a gaze of venom, warning her. She smiled cheekily. "Well, Celine, it has been a very long time since Matt and I hung out, and I wanted to try these -" she offered, holding up the capsules "-caps of MDMA, and Matt is the only one here I trust enough to have as a trip-buddy."

Matt groaned. The cat was truly out of the bag, now. Celine raised an eyebrow. "Wait...you mean to say you were asking *this* Matt," she replied, pointed a well-manicured finger at him, "...Mr 'DRUGS R BAD KIDS' himself - to consume a class A drug with you?"

Stacey puffed out her chest proudly and nodded. Time slowed for a moment, as Celine's eyebrows looked like they were about to fly off her face. Stacey looked at Matt, then back at Celine, then back at Matt again.

Celine started to laugh. A surprisingly hearty laugh, that started from the diaphragm, and rose into the air. Seeing Matt's bewildered face, her laugh intensified, until she was holding her sides and gasping for breath.

"Oh, I like you, Stacey." Celine gasped as she desperately sucked in breaths, holding onto the smaller girl's arm for support. "I don't think anyone else in the world would turn to this boy scout to ask him to do drugs at a party after not seeing him in, what, two years…and expect him to say yes."

She regained her composure a little. Looking down at Stacey's slim, alabaster legs and short skirt, Celine smiled a sly smile.

"He said yes, didn't he?" she remarked.

Stacey lowered her head demurely, giving Celine a wide-eyed stare and nodding. Celine snorted.

"I'd bet there are very few people in the world who could say no to you, Stacey." Celine intimated.

Stacey maintained her innocent stare, but her lips could not help but curve upwards in a satisfied smile.

Celine laughed. "Wow, you're really, really good at that. I'll tell you what - LSD is more my thing, but…well, it's been a year since I had any molly, and my first trip was super fun, so...did you get it from someone at this party?" she questioned.

Stacey nodded, and gave her the description of the person she scored from. Celine turned, and both Matt and Stacey gaped at how low the back of the dress fell, showing off the toned musculature of her back. She looked back for a moment, and smiled a knowing smile at them as she swept from the room.

Matt buried his head in his hands. "Great. I'm never going to live this one down." he bemoaned.

Stacey licked her lips as she watched Celine disappear downstairs. "The real question, Matt, is how did I not realise that the woman you landed was so…" she trailed off, struggling to find words, as she made the universally recognized "hourglass" gesture with her hands.

"...interesting, intelligent, elegant? With the most enchantingly sexy librarian chic you've ever seen?" Matt finished, grinning maniacally at her.

Stacey looked at him, eyes bright as she wiggled her hips. "Well, not the words I was going to use, but...close enough!"

Matt stepped closer to her, and wound his arm around the back of her neck. She closed her eyes and sighed, the gesture a throwback to their days before she met her boy, when their relationship was a lot more...interesting.

He craned his neck to whisper in her ear. "You're thinking about what might happen tonight, arent you, you perverted little girl. Wanting to fuck Daddy's girlfriend, don't you have any shame?"

She bit her lower lip and smiled a hungry grin. "Yes, Daddy, I've been a bad girl, thinking bad thoughts about mother…" she whispered.

She was flustered. She could smell the scent of his aftershave, and she bitterly missed it. It had been so long since she had been this close to him, and she felt old memories, impulses beginning to resurface.

She embraced him, her small hands not quite making it around his frame. She reached up to caress his face, and traced her fingers down his mouth. "Open up, Daddy, we're about to go on a journey…" she murmured softly. His mouth opened, and Stacey placed one of the pills on his tongue.

He reached down to grab a new cider from the box, and washed the pill down with two swigs.

He passed her the cider, and she disengaged from him. Her hands wrapped around the cool bottle, as she unscrewed the top, and as the liquid began to fizz up with a white liquid, she looked him directly in the eyes as she softly raised the bottle to her lips, softly licking around the edges before taking a deep gulp. She poked out her tongue and placed the second pill on it, and swallowed.

"How long does it take?" Matt asked, shifting slightly.

"About 20 minutes, I think." Stacey replied.

"Okay, cool. Also," he added, remembering something suddenly, "Celine isn't sure if she is bi or just curious, so go easy on her. She night look like…well, a full-blooded seductress in total control of her sexuality, but she has basically no experience with women. You might have to take it slow with her."

The blonde girl nodded, as a wicked smile crossed her face.

"Ahem. I have returned, and I bring gifts." Celine's voice murmured from the doorway.

She strode in, carrying a bottle of champagne with three glasses.

"MDMA takes about twenty minutes or so to kick in, at least in my experience, but you will know when it does." Celine said. "In the meantime…"

Stacey threw her arms around her and nuzzled her face into Celine's neck. "Champagne? Wow, you're spoiling us, Celine!"

Celine smiled, but she gave Matt a panicked "god what do I do is this normal?" look. Matt smiled kindly.

He walked up to Celine and wrapped a hand around her waist, nuzzling her neck from the other side with his face. "Treat her like...you would treat an over-enthusiastic kitten, Celine. She's usually pretty affectionate, and even more so when she's feeling comfortable."

Stacey purred into Celine's ear in confirmation. Celine hesitantly moved her hand onto Stacey's head and began softly stroking her, the movement earning a contented sigh and a shiver from Stacey.

The three of them sat down, and had a quiet chat to get to know each other as they sipped champagne. Celine learned about how Stacey's dad left her when she was seven, and how hard that was for her, growing up without a male role-model to keep her on the straight and narrow. And how her partner had fought her over her not being monogamous until recently, and about how he was jealous and reductive about Celine's penchant to be attracted to strong, firm, and reliable male presences in her life - and how Matt was one of those people.

Stacey, meanwhile, learned about how Celine's mother was an absolute terror - an OCD perfectionist with standards not even superman could have met - and how her dad was a pushover who let her belittle and devalue Celine if even one hair was out of place or one mistake was made at school or university. She also learned that because of this, Celine found it very hard to get to a place where she could allow the tight control she maintained over herself to lapse and really let herself feel things without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Matt, meanwhile, watched as the two began to relax into each other more. Celine was stroking Stacey's hair carefully during their conversation, and by the time the molly hit, Stacey had already moved over to sit in Celine's lap, with Matt sitting next to them, listening with a contented smile on his face.

The world started moving just a little bit slower for a moment. He could hear the roaring of the blood in his ears, and tiny pin pricks all over his body. His eyes dilated as he looked over at the two women who were probably the two people in the world he felt most connected to at this moment. Stacey had trusted enough to explore her daddy/brat fantasies with him, and Celine had let her walls down around him more than she had for almost anyone. He already felt so connected to them, and the drug intensified this feeling tenfold.

"Whoa...do...do you two feel that? Holy shit. God, I fucking love you guys." he muttered. Getting no response, he looked over at the two.

Stacey had leaned back against Celine, and turned her neck up and around, as Celine leaned down ever so slightly to her. Their lips connected - softly at first, then more insistently, as they explored each other's lips. Stacey's tongue softly coiled around Celine's, her technique sending a soft blush up the taller lady's cheeks. Matt just sat and watched appreciatively as they tasted each other, the scents of peppermint and peach mingling in the evening air.

They giggled, and smiled cheekily at each other as they finally parted. Stacey swiveled, turning to face Celine, as she slid a hand down Celine's dress, softly tracing lines around her nipple. Celine closed her eyes. "Mmm, that feels really nice, Stacey…" she mumbled dreamily.

Stacey felt firm hands around her shoulders, and her jacket slipped off her shoulders. She felt a warm breath on her neck as Matt planted several soft kisses, each one sending shivers through her entire body. His hands slid down her shoulders, the slow, intimate movements filling her brain. Damn, this stuff was fucking great. Or maybe it was just that she had been longing for this for so long that she had forgotten what her Daddy's hands on her body felt like.

Matt hooked his thumbs under Stacey's top, the thin cotton providing little resistance as it slid easily over her head, revealing a flat, taut belly and her impressively sized mounds. She was breathing more quickly now, as the beginnings of lust began to envelop her. She felt one hand around her neck, as another cupped her breast, kneading and squeezing more insistently, as she felt his breathing quickening behind her.

Celine leaned in, planting kisses on her shoulders, as she reached around to Stacey's back. Stacey felt her breasts finally free themselves from their confinement, as Celine slid down the straps from her shoulders. Her eyes were pools of curiosity and intrigue mixed with a steely will that looked almost indomitable.

Remembering how Celine found it hard to let herself go, Stacey leant back to whisper in Matt's ear.

"I want...to see Celine when she loses control, and becomes an absolute mess, begging for pleasure, Matt. I want to do this for her, and also, I love…Mmmmmmf!"

Stacey moaned as the grip around her neck tightened, as Matt began to choke her.

"You want to turn Celine into a filthy little girl like you, begging for Daddy's attention, who will do anything to get it, do you?" he questioned softly. She felt her nipple being twisted in his grip, reminding her of the memories of the days of pain and pleasure, being choked, hurt, and used by him as his little fuckslut.

She could no longer speak, but still nodded in affirmation as his grip continued to tighten, bringing small black spots into her vision as she struggled to remain conscious, if only to enjoy Daddy's hands around her neck for a moment longer.

His grip slowly relented, and she greedily gulped breaths as Matt stroked her hair. "Good girl." he murmured. Stacey could feel her insides starting to leak as she felt the familiar moistening and heat between her legs. She wanted Daddy to take her right now, there, on the balcony, in front of anyone who looked up, but she knew it wouldn't be that easy. Plus, she also had another present to unwrap first, and a promise to Daddy to be fulfilled.

Licking her lips, still short of breath, Stacey reached hungrily down to the thin waistband holding Celine's dress to a modicum of decency. Pulling the bow impatiently, she reached out with both hands and yanked down the straps from her shoulders, revealing Celine's perfectly rounded breasts.

Celine gasped, the forcefulness that she had come to expect from Matt replicated by the girl she had only a moment ago been kissing so delicately, as Stacey leant down and took a nipple into her mouth. The taller woman felt hands roaming across her body, caressing and drawing small circles around her slim waist and muscular stomach. She felt teeth brush over the prominent bumps of her areola, and felt her nipple being flicked by the younger girl's tongue. An unplanned moan escaped from her mouth, and horrified, Celine clapped a hand over her lips. She felt what seemed like her entire breast being sucked into a moist vacuum of pleasure, her sensitive nipples painfully erect as the little minx in her lap worked her erogenous zone like a professional.

"Celine, be careful, you wouldn't want the rest of the party to see what we were doing up here, would you?" Matt implored, his sly smirk widening as Celine shot a nervous look toward the doorway.

He grabbed Stacey's hair and stood, forcing the blonde girl to follow, and threw her against the edge of the balcony. Anyone looking up from the adjoining apartments or the downstairs floor would be able to see the blonde girl, splayed with her long legs spread apart, breasts bunching as they were forced into the plaster - and the lusty, dazed smile on her face.

"Yes Daddy please please please…" Stacey whispered. Celine's nipples were painfully erect, as she rubbed them with her hands, watching her partner preparing to do filthy things to his best friend.

Matt smiled a wolfish grin. "Fuck, I missed this so much," he exulted, towering over Stacey. He looked over at Celine, who smiled encouragingly, as she rubbed one stiff nipple after the other, before slipping her hand into her dress. She began to massage her clit, sending sharp twangs of pleasure through her, enhanced by the molly, almost stunning her.

A massive tent in Matt's pants was visible as he held Stacey down with one hand, and grabbed her tights with the other. He jerked his hand back, easily ripping a hole in the black fabric, and immediately the smell of her moistened sex filled the air.

Hooking her panties to one side, her bare pussy was exposed to him, her petals already widening from arousal, a dribble of love nectar signaling she was ready for entry.

Matt unzipped his fly and unceremoniously plunged his seven inch rod into her welcoming slit. He felt her already tightening around him, her walls grabbing hold of his member in an iron vice. She was already close, he realized.

"You really did miss this, didn't you, tiny blonde…" he said, tightening his grip on her hair and tugging, his sharp pulling forcing her half up from the plaster wall. Anyone smart enough to be watching deserved to see this dripping little vixen, her ample tits bouncing as he began hammering her tight hole like a jackhammer, left the curvature of her playboy-centrefold body bent from the pain his hands were inflicting.

"Yes, Daddy, I've missed you so much! Make your little girl come, pleasepleaseplease can I come daddy please…." she begged, all trace of prettiness long gone.

"Come for Daddy, slut." He growled. Leaning down, he yanked her hair to one side, and buried his teeth in her neck, biting savagely down.

The combination of pain and pleasure pushed Stacey to her goal, as she cried out wordlessly, her shopping cunt constricting his dick as she came to a mind-blowing orgasm, her entire body shuddering as wave upon wave of pleasure rocked her body.

She sat there, gasping through the MDMA-enhanced orgasm. Eventually, it subsided, and she rose shakily to her feet.

"Good girl." Matt said, the words earning him a radiant smile. "Now, I believe you made me a promise…"

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The threesome, Part 1

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