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Wife's fun

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Author: who44

Published: 03 December 2006

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The day began as most Saturday mornings do. Coffee for me and Decaf Tea for my wife Andrea to background county music playing. After we finished breakfast Andrea informed me that a friend of ours was flying in from Texas this evening and wanted to get together. His name is George, and he is an averagely built man with dirty blonde hair and a boyish face. She looked up at me with her girly brown eyes, over her steaming cup of tea, and in her cutest sexy voice said “I’m feeling like having some fun”.

I knew once I heard her voice I would be trapped into doing everything she wanted. She stood from the breakfast table and gave me a smile and a good look at her body. Andrea stood about five feet two inches with straight brown hair cut to her chin. She had the girl next door face and her body was a beautifully curved masterpiece. Wonderfully shaped legs leading up to an apple round ass making way to small but perky tits with perfect nipples that beg to be sucked and played with.

Andrea wiggled around a bit a popped her ass up in the air as she knows this will make me hard in an instant. As she slipped her light pink cotton pants down just slightly exposing the top of her ass she told me that she wanted to fuck George tonight and I had no choice in the matter.

This was just the start of the adventure. I was told that I may not touch myself unless I was told I may. It was made very clear that permission would not be granted in the near future. My sexy wife slid her bottoms and panties over her round ass and backed herself up to my face. In one motion her hand was at the back of my head and she pushed my face into her waiting ass. I got a whiff of her sent and that signal went straight to my cock. It hardened in a blink of an eye. She knew this would happen and I am sure she did it on purpose. After she rubbed her smooth ass around my face and tongue she lowered her bum and began to give me a grinding lap dance that could have made me cum in seconds. Just as I was on the verge of exploding in my pants she stopped, pulled her pants up, smiled and said “you’ll have to wait”. That was just a glimpse of what was to come.

I had to wait all day thinking about what was in store for me that night. Through out the day Andrea would do things to me to tease me and get me hard. More then once she grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off and each time would stop before making me cum. This had me going crazy with lust.

We finished up a nice dinner the entire time she was rubbing her feet up and down my legs and letting her tits show from under her low cut shirt. After we cleaned up, at about 7:00 pm the phone rang. It was George on the other line. He was only about 30 minutes away and told us he had a surprise. Andrea told me to go shower, get nice a clean, and shave my cock clean of all hair. I did as I was told, with the anticipation of what was coming. She too left the table to shower.

When I got out of the shower I walked to the bedroom where I found Andrea already on the bed naked. My cock came to life. She told me to start stroking my already hard cock. I got on the bed and she told me to lie on my back and continue to jerk off. The doorbell rang and I heard to door open and close with the sounds of talking and giggling from a few different people. George brought another couple! They made there way upstairs and as Andrea told me not to stop touching myself as she climbed onto my face and pushed her shaved pussy into my open mouth. George and the two others entered the room. The male was tall, with tanned skin, brown short hair and appeared to be somewhat athletic. The girl was short and very curvy with straight black hair and olive skin. Andrea was enjoying the pleasure that I was giving her with my tongue. She told the 3 people to strip and give her a good show. As the three began to loose their clothes I could see Devon, as I found out her name later, had a great body. Her tits were large and round with dark brown nipples and she had a large round ass that shook as she stripped her panties down. As Devon rid her tanned body of clothes so did Craig. He touched her skin the whole time he was reveling his toned body. As he removed his boxer shorts he released his very large cock. It must have been 7-8 inches and thick. Craig had no hair anywhere on his body.

During the strip show, George sat back and watched for a minute then joined Andrea on the bed and began to kiss her fully on the lips. His hands rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples. This made me stop touching myself to prevent cumming. Andrea climbed off my face, leaving me dripping with her sweet pussy nectars. Devon came over to me and licked my face clean and Craig joined George in touching my wife. I got up from the bed and sat on the chair in the corner of the room. I watched George get hard while Andrea pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked him. While Andrea sucked Georges cock, Craig started to lick her cunt until it was wet and ready for fucking. George then got on top of Andrea and slid his cock deep into my wife’s waiting pussy. While Craig switched positions with George and pushed his cock into my wife’s mouth. She moaned with great pleasure. Devon walked over to me and placed her cute foot, still inside of the 5 inch spiked platform heels, at the base of my cock and rubbed. She switched places with me on the chair. I was now kneeling on the floor at her feet and she was sitting on the chair. Devon pushed my head to her feet and told me to kiss and lick her heels and feet. After she had enough of that she told me to stand in front of her. My cock was inches from her face. She licked up and down my shaft and put the head of my cock between her lips. Before long my cock was all the way into her wet mouth and she was blowing me fast and furious. She stopped sucking my cock and placed my dick between her tits and allowed me to tit fuck her. Watching my wife get fucked by George and sucking Craig’s huge cock was almost too much, but again I was stopped short and not allowed to cum.

I moved to the bed where I laid on my back and Devon lowered her ass to my face and told me to fuck her ass with my tongue. I gratefully complied and begin to lick her ass up and down and let it slid into her cute ass. As I licked her ass she resumed sucking my cock in a 69 position with her on top. Before long I moved from her ass to her pussy and wrapped my lips around her clit, as I did this Craig moved behind Devon and began to fuck her doggie style. As he pounded her I could see his cock move in and out of Devon’s dripping wet pussy. With each thrust his balls hit my face. At first I was a bit taken back by this, but soon warmed up. I found my tongue licking her clit and the shaft of his cock alternatively. Upon feeling this Craig must have known that I was relaxed with what he was doing so he pulled his cock from Devon and pushed it into my mouth. I was sucking cock for the first time in my life. He slid his cock in and out of my virgin mouth a few times then slid it back into the warmth if Devon’s cunt. Devon continued to go down on me and using her hand to stroke my cock. Bringing me close to cumming and stopping, over and over. Devon soon rolled off of me and Craig stopped fucking her.

At this point, I could see Andrea on all fours looking at me while George pushed into her tight pussy from behind. Andrea was clearly enjoying every second. Her face was flushed, her lips full and red and screams of intense pleasure came from her mouth. Devon moved to Andrea, kissed her, and laid in front of her, presenting her pussy for Andrea to lick while she was getting fucked. She licked Devon until she had a quick orgasm. Between thrusts Andrea told me to continue what I was doing as it turned her on so much. I got on my knees and pulled Craig’s cock into my mouth and began to bob my head on his dick. Andrea let out a loud moan of approval. The faster I sucked the louder my wife got. Right before I could tell she was about to cum she yelled at Craig to cum. She also told me to take it all into my mouth. Upon hearing this Craig’s large cock begin to pulse and seemed to get even larger. It exploded into my mouth. Quickly my mouth was filled with cum, I swallowed what I could and the rest dripped from my mouth. He pulled his limp cock out and sat on the chair to watch the rest of the show. As Craig shot his load into me, Andrea came while George fucked her hard. Andrea pulled away from George and her cum was dripping onto the bed.

George, still very hard, moved on top of Devon who had laid on the bed next to me. We were both laying our backs on the bed while George fucked Devon. I could not help play with Devon’s huge tits for a moment before I felt that I needed a drink. I was going to get up to get a drink of water to wash down the resent deposit that was made. Andrea asked where I was going, when I told her she demanded I go no where and to get back on the bed.

She climbed up to my face and planted her pussy right over my mouth. She said to Devon “the poor boy needs a drink. Should I let him go?” Devon responded with a no way I think you should go. Upon saying that Andrea moaned and I felt a warm liquid hitting my mouth. Andrea was peeing on my face while Devon egged her on saying give the little boy the drink he needs. Soon I was soaked along with Devon and the rest of the bed. Andrea climbed off of me laid face up on the bed next to Devon to kiss and fondle her. She then told me to get between her legs and suck her clit and pussy. As I worked hard on giving her pleasure, as if on cue, Craig climbed back on the bed. I felt his cock pushing up against my ass. I long ago gave up resisting anything and just started going with the flow and enjoying the sensations. Craig began to slide his cock into my tight ass, working it in slow at first moving faster as I relaxed. Soon he was slamming into me while I ate Andrea’s pussy. Andrea came a few more times before she moved off the bed and took a rest on the sidelines. Craig sped up the pace and came for the second time of the night. Again using me as the catcher for his sperm. My ass was filled with warmth as Craig pulled out and joined Andrea on the side.

It was George’s turn, Devon begged for George to cum inside of her pussy. A few thrusts later, George was releasing into Devon spurt after spurt of warm, sticky cum. He pulled out and left a sloppy mess inside and outside Devon’s cunt. I knew what was next, Devon got up and placed her well used pussy on my face. I was told that before I can cum tonight Devon’s must be cleaned out. I did my job and did it well, making Devon cum again will I licked both of their cum from Devon‘s pussy. Once she was clean, Devon grabbed my cock and worked it in her hands and mouth until I was ready to cum. She made a tight seal around my cock and pulled the cum from my aching balls. I felt like I came 2 gallons into her mouth. When I was empty, Devon slowly work her way up my body, when she got to my face she parted her lips to show me the huge amount of cum she was holding in her mouth. I am sure you can guess what happened next…

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Wife's fun

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Comments (9)
anonymous reader — 16 September 2013 21:50
what a sick story the husband should of bite the guy cock off when he stuck it in his mouth
eiggah — 28 April 2008 15:43
nice very good
READER — 10 April 2008 17:53
This shit sucks
READER — 25 December 2006 08:13
i think the end should be that he killed them all and ate em one after one in the next weeks . nice story i came really hard

READER — 11 December 2006 17:42
Worst peice of crap ever!
READER — 10 December 2006 22:16
And then he kidnapped them all, locked em in a warehouse, and burned it down right? fucking awful how they treat him.
READER — 09 December 2006 10:54
tried about everything that night ,huh?NO pets?not yet anyway.8/10-thanx
READER — 09 December 2006 02:58
READER — 08 December 2006 05:52
you're demented. awful.
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