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House Slut 25 - Little Talks

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Non-consensual sex, Rape

Author: phenylalanine

Published: 30 June 2019

  • Font:

Tegan slipped into the shower as Yeong was leaving, exchanging a polite greeting in the hall as Brandon escorted her out. She seemed to be in better spirits than their previous encounter and she assumed that whatever her and Brandon had discussed had gone well. She also seemed rather flushed and assumed there was some physicality behind that, but she had no intention of intruding on their private affairs. If her and Brandon had been fooling around she was nothing but happy for the both of them. She shed her improvised nightshirt and stepped under the hot water, taking her time and soaking in the heat. Halfway through her shower the door opened and Angus lumbered in, tugging at his clothes and unceremoniously taking a leak in the toilet next to her.

“Ahhhh… sorry lass, I couldnae wait another second. Been holdin’ aht since I left tae airport.” He explained. Tegan waited until he was done draining his bladder then turned off the water before he flushed, reaching for her towel.

“How was the trip?” She asked, nonchalantly drying herself off a little while she waited for Angus to get out of the way so she could step out of the tub.

“Garbage. Bloody waste of a weekend.” Angus said bluntly as he stripped out of his business attire and hung his pants up to take advantage of some of the room’s steam, the rest of his clothes going into the laundry basket. He stepped into the tub as Tegan left it, turning the water back on once the toilet cistern was done refilling. “What about yeh, get up tae much?”

“Oh, the usual. I wagered my clothes in a poker game and got gang banged by a bunch of strangers.” Tegan said in a deadpan voice. If she expected to shock Angus with that revelation she was disappointed.

“Between tha’ and tae glory hole yeh’ve had a busy week then.” Angus said as he scrubbed himself clean of the funk of air travel.

“I’ve also decided to stop wearing the butt plugs.” Tegan continued “Sam gave me the upgrade you left for him and I decided it’s too far.” She bit off the sentence before inadvertently adding ‘sorry’ to the end of it. She needed to take a stand – as much as she enjoyed the guys putting so much effort into finding new depravities to push her boundaries, the line needed to be drawn somewhere and having a giant knob of silicon lodged in her rectum was as good a place of any to start.

“Aye? Well, tha’s nae a problem. Ah apologise if it gave yeh any distress.” Angus glanced over at her. “Yeh weren’t concerned ah’d be mad about tha’ were yeh? Yeh always had the option tae say no.”

“I will admit I thought it would be a slightly more difficult ocnversation. But in fairness I think part of that is because I’ve become so unaccustomed to saying no I was worried I might have forgotten how.” She smiled warmly as she finished drying herself and hung her towel up. “But I’m glad that, as always, we have an understanding.”

“Ah said it before. Yeh cannae play with broken toys.” Angus finished rinsing himself off and grabbed his own towel, stepping out of the shower to dry himself.

“You did say that.” Tegan mused. “Anyway, can I offer you any post-travel stress relief?”

“After dinner. I brought some chinese.” Angus said as he wrapped his towel around his waist.


They sat down to dinner as Sam and Brandon were dispersing the food from the various takeout containers Angus had picked up on the way home, apparently managing to remember it was his night to “cook”. Angus couldn’t be bothered getting dressed and sat at the table in his towel. Tegan forewent any concession to modesty since they no longer had a houseguest and remained nude, unable to help but noticing that Brandon had some difficulty looking at her. She wondered if it made him feel disloyal to Yeong even seeing her this way.

“So Brandon,” Tegan began casually as she dunked a dim sim into some sweet and sour sauce and popped it into her mouth “How was your date with Yeong.”

“Uh… good.” Brandon said distractedly, busying himself with sopping rice and mongolian lamb into his bowl.

“I bumped into her in the hallway earlier.” Tegan continued. “She said you had a really good talk.”

“Oh, yeah, we talked about some stuff. Just needed to work some things out, you know, where we stand with each other and all that.” It was apparent that he wasn’t really comfortable having this discussion but before Tegan could change the subject Sam cut in.

“This was date number what… three, four?”

“Uh… it’s complicated.”

“How so?”

“Well uh… we sort of only agreed to start dating like… two days ago. But we’ve been hanging out as friends for a few weeks, and Yeong was waiting for me to officially ask her out that whole time. So it’s kind of like we’ve been dating for awhile already.”

“Yeh’re hemmin’ and hawin’.” Angus pointed at Brandon accusingly, a piece of shrimp dangling from his chopsticks. “An’ it sounds like yeh’re tryin’ tae fuzz tae lines o’ when the relationship started.”

“I agree.” Sam chimed in. “It sounds to me like Brandon got a little action today.”

“Guys.” Tegan said sternly, glaring at Sam across the table. She turned to Brandon. “Sorry, B. I know it’s none of our business.

“That’s right, it really isn’t.” Brandon agreed, his tone agitated.

”We’re just happy for you, really.” Tegan said soothingly. “We’re all friends here.”

“I know, but…” Brandon sighed “we’ve had this really weirdly high level of involvement because, well to put it bluntly, we’ve all been fucking Tegan together. This relationship with Yeong is mine. And I’d like to just… have my own space, alright?”

“I’m sure we can all agree to that. Right?” she gave Angus and Sam another meaningful glare.

“Aye, sure.” Angus grunted, going back to digging around is his fried rice.

“Sure.” Sam agreed, biting into a spring roll. “Sorry Brandon. Like Tegan said, we’re just happy for ya.”

“Thanks.” Brandon sighed after a brief silence. “For the record, we had the boyfriend-girlfriend talk. So that’s official now.”

“Congrats!” Tegan saluted with a half glass of cola and Sam clinked his glass with hers.

“Cheers to that!”


After dinner once the leftovers were bundled into the fridge and the dishes were done Tegan retired to her room and flopped onto the bed. Checking her phone she found a new message from an unknown number.

> Hey Tegan

> It’s Trevor

Tegan saved the number to her contacts before replying.

Hey Trevor, what’s up? <

> Not interrupting anything I hope

Tegan glanced at the timestamps – his original message had been sent half an hour earlier, while she’d been in the middle of dinner. She guessed he assumed she was occupied some other way.

Just had dinner <

The dots that indicated someone was typing a message appeared and disappeared several times before the next message appeared. Apparently Trevor was having difficulty with whatever he was writing, so she expected it to be juicy.

> You free for a coffee? Tomorrow maybe?

Maybe. What time? <

> How about lunchtime? The café in the village.

Sure <

Have you thought abt what we discussed? <

> That’s what I want to meet up to talk about

Well now you’ve got me anxious :/ <

> Sorry

> TBH I’m not sure how I feel but I do want to get to know you better, so… coffee?

I guess I understand <

> I’m not saying no, but let’s be honest with other here

> The only two times we’ve spent any time together we’ve had sex

> And last night wasn’t exactly just sex

Yeah, you’ve got a point <

> So let’s start with a coffee and see if there’s even a spark before we start asking the tough questions

K <

Presently there was a knock on her door and Brandon called out from the other side.

“Tegan, are you decent?”

“Just a sec.” She answered, rolling off the bed and pulling out a fresh sleeping shirt, slipping it on. She considered putting on some underwear but didn’t really feel like it, and the value of ‘decent’ here was, she assumed, purely in the sense that Brandon no longer felt comfortable being around her while she was naked, at least not in private. She pulled her door handle and let it swing open as she returned toher bed, sitting crosslegged and adjusting the front of her shirt so it discreetly curtained off her genitals from Brandon’s view. Brandon entered closing the door behind him and sat on the bed, keeping a respectful distance.

“What’s up, B?”

“I just wanted to talk, if you’ve got a minute?”

“Sure, I have all the time you need.”

“It’s about Yeong.”

“I figured. Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, I think so. Things seem to be… really good.”

His tone gave Tegan the impression there were some interesting details but refrained from making any enquiries, letting Brandon lead the discussion.

“I guess I just wanted to talk it out, maybe get some advice.” Brandon continued.

“I can try.”

“This might sound weird but I’m worried we’re going too fast.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well uh… we did some things.”

“I kind of figured.” Tegan said flatly, trying to remain neutral.

“We’ve only been dating officially a few days, but I guess we both liked each other for a while before that. So we kind of… jumped in.”

“Did you guys…?” Tegan trailed off, leaving the sentence dangling.

“We didn’t have sex.” Brandon clarified “But we… well I shouldn’t really say.”

“No need.” Tegan said, waving a hand dismissively. “The point is you think maybe you shouldn’t have yet.”

“Yeah. Look this is totally private right?”

“Of course, B.”

“Yeong has some confidence issues about herself. Her last… well first and only boyfriend. He was a jerk to her and only used her for…. y’know.”

Tegan just nodded her understanding.

“In the moment we were making out and one thing led to another… it felt right. But now I’m kind of worried. Like what if she thinks I’m only interested in her for that and is doing it to keep me interested?”

“Well I can’t speak for Yeong but it seems unlikely. She told you that stuff about her old boyfriend right?”


“So she trusts you with that information and figures you won’t hurt her with it.”

“That’s… pretty much what she said.”

“I’m sure she’s a smart girl, and isn’t going to do anything she doesn’t want to do. I’d say try not to second guess everything and let her take the lead. If you want to desexualise your dates, maybe try and stuck to doing things in public and not invite her back to your room. At the very least it will reduce opportunities for you guys to get too handsy with each other before you’re ready.”

“That sounds like workable advice.” Brandon said thoughtfully.

“One more piece of advice: no one has all the answers and people make mistakes. This is your first serious relationship and there’s a possiblity you’ll fuck up at some point.”

“This is less encouraging.”

“What really counts is how you learn from your mistakes and do better next time.”

Brandon sat in silence for awhile then stood up with a nod.

“Thanks Tegan, I think I was jusdt overthinking it. You’re right, Yeong’s not an idiot, and I shouldn’t try and make decisions for her.”

“Glad I could help.”


The next day started early with a visit from Angus, who seemed to be fully embracing the fact that he didn’t need to jerk off when there was a willing vagina freely available, and being away on business for a day or two he obviously wanted to make up for lost time. He at least had the courtesy to wake her up before pulling her to the edge of the bed, her sleep shirt sliding up under her back to expose her bottom half. He had already pre-lubed himself and eased his way into her for a brief pump & dump without effort wasted on foreplay, pulling out to shoot his load into her pubic hair. He didn’t say a word to her and she couldn’t help but feel like he was giving her the cold shoulder somehow, despite his indication yesterday that he was unconcerned with her decision not to play the game his way anymore. The irritating part, Tegan reflected as she rolled onto her side to get a few more minutes of shuteye before facing the day ahead, was that it was working. As much as Sam and Angus had a tendency to be perverts determined to find new ways to deprave her and push her boundaries, at least it showed effort. For Angus’ morning visit today she might as well have not even had a pulse.

Listening to the sounds of the house outside her door until it seemed all three men had left she slid out of bed to start her day, removing her shirt and heading to the bathroom to soap the spunk out of her ginger curls. Her thoughts flashed forward to her coffee date with Trevor and what to expect from it. She felt like there were a number of negative scenarios and only one good one, and maybe Sam had had a point – maybe she was pursuing Trevor for the wrong reasons. She returned to her room and checked her phone, of half a mind to just call off their coffee date and resign herself to being just some girl he fucked a couple of times, but ultimately she decided against it.

Putting on one of her nicer dresses, a dark green that she felt accentuated her eyes, and some underwear for a change, she sat down to spend some time putting on makeup. She hadn’t bothered to do it for awhile but with a practiced hand she smoothed her features with a light foundation and highlight then focused on her eyes, deciding a metallic gold blending in with nude tones would contrast nicely with her dress and hair. She finished with a thin liner on her eyes’ water line and some mascara, then misted herself with a setting spray and brushed out her hair while she waited for the makeup to properly fix on her face. That done, she felt like she was almost halfway presentable. She quickly applied some liquid lip liner in a nude tone to match with her eyes then tossed it into her purse for touchups along with her phone, slipped her feet into some comfortable heels, and set out on her walk down the road for her coffee date.

On arrival she didn’t see Trevor and just seated herself at an outside table to wait, carefully picking a seat that was mostly shaded from the sun, and ordered some sparkling water. The village was starting to become busy with the lunchtime bustle as people took their breaks and people watching kept her amused until Trevor arrived, apparently coming directly from the gym but having changed out of his workout gear into some jeans and a polo shirt. He took the seat across from her.

“Hey.” He opened with a friendly smile as he waved to the cashier. “Been waiting long?”

“Not long.” Tegan said, sipping her water as a waitress came over.

“Latte, large, no sugar. Almond milk?” Trevor ordered, the girl jotted it down and turned to Tegan.

“Vanilla latte, skim.” Tegan said, then refocused her attention on Trevor as the girl left.

“So. How’ve you been?” Trevor asked lightly, circling deftly around the elephant in the room.

“Pretty well.” Tegan said, trying to relax but finding it hard. “How about you?”

“Good. Good.” Trevor said, apparently having the same struggles. There was a long silence.

“So I’m gonna cut right to the chase. “ Tegan said abruptly, deciding that a bainaid approach was needed here.

“Good idea.”

“You know my… situation. You’ve basically seen me at my worst, and, not to put too fine a point on it, had a sample of everything I have to offer, physically.”

“That’s… a pretty good summary.”

“I’m not trying to have the boyfriend/girlfriend talk or anything, but I guess I want to know if I’m wasting my time here.”

“Basically asking, do I want to pursue something with you that would in time become some kind of relationship?”


There was a brief interruption, Trevor given a reprieve from answering as their coffees arrived and they both took a sip waiting for the waitress to leave them alone again.

“I’ve been wrestling with that question.” Trevor eventually said. Tegan waited for him to continue and get to some kind of point. “I’m gonna say it straight. I find you really cute, and nothing I’ve seen so far puts me off the idea of being with you.”


“But, t I also don’t know if I can really consider dating someone knowing that they have a standing arrangement to have sex with other guys. I’m not like, super exclusive or anything myself but what you’re involved in is basically open relationship territory.”

Tegan took another sip of her coffee. All things considered, this wasn’t really a surprise.

“So you’re saying if I ended the arrangement, you’d consider it?”

“I guess I would, but Tegan…” Trevor sighed “…when we talked about this it kinda seemed a lot like you just doing something you really, deep down, want to do, and want to do more of. And we barely know each other. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ask you to change anything about who you are just so we can maybe go on a few dates and see what happens.”

Tegan had no repsonse to that and stared down into her cup, nodding her head in acknowledgement as Trevor continued.

“So I dunno. If you wanted to keep hooking up casually, not gonna lie, I’d be down for that. But actually dating? I’m sorry, but I don’t see it. Not right now.”

Tegan drained her coffee and set it down, folding her hands in her lap.

“I have to admit this is not what I wanted to hear, but it is probably what I needed to hear. And I really appreciate you being honest with me, I know that must not have been easy.”

“Well it helps that you took it pretty well.” Trevor drained his coffee and, sending their date was nearing it’s end, nodded to the cashier for the tab.

“Do you have any sexual fantasies?” Tegan asked, abruptly changing gears.

“Uh… who doesn’t?”

“I was just thinking since I’m still exploring my sexual side and you weren’t too subtle about maybe hooking up…” Tegan tilted her head coyly.

“Wow you really handle rejection well.”

“It wasn’t exactly a rejection.” Tegan shrugged. “We’re just two people talking. And I guess I’m interested to know what you’d like to do in bed you haven’t done before… aside from fuck me in the ass.”

Tegan dropped that last line just as the waitress arrived with their bill. While she felt guilty taking a petty jab at Trevor at the expense of the girl, she felt it was relatively harmless. To her credit she barely broke stride and retreated back into the café to go about her business. Trevor likewise took it in stride, shaking his head with a smile as he slid a couple of small bills from his wallet onto the tray the bill was on, adding a coin to weigh them down against any sudden breezes.

“Well, why don’t we walk and talk?” he suggested.

“Where are we walking?”

“My place?” Trevor queried. “If you’d like.”


Trevor lived a short walk away in a studio apartment. Tegan learned he had moved there after taking the trainer job and typically put in as many hours as he could, sacrificing a chunk of his income to build equity in the gym with a goal of becoming a partner in the business, something he was on track to do within the next year. It was the main reason he was single, as he didn’t leave much time for a social life. While unsurprisingly he attracted a good amount of female attention, it seldom progressed beyond flirting as he avoided developing relationships with his clientele so his sex life mostly consisted of occasional calls from old flames who called him whenever they were having a dry spell, which he was more than happy to make himself available for as it was low-effort on his part.Generally his fantasies seemed to revolve around power, either using it, or being deprived of it. She’d delivered him a two-for-one on a silver platter, and completely spontaneously. She’d already helped him live out a couple of his fantasies: setting aside the adventures of the poker night, he’d had a fantasy of both rescuing a damsel in distress and her being so grateful she’d reward him with sex, and also of hooking up with someone semi-publically at his place of work.

As the entered his apartment he abruptly took her by the throat, his large powerful hand gripping the side of her neck, and pushed her roughly against the door. She thudded against the wood with a strangled squeak of surprise and grabbed his arm, trying to pry his grip from her neck.

“Trevor, please.” She pleaded, her voice hoarse. “Let me go.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Trevor growled, his free hand snaking around behind her to unzip her dress. “You know what you came here for.”

“No!” Tegan protested. “Not like this. Please!”

Trevor pulled her away from the door put her in an arm lock, yanking the dress straps down off her shoulders. He briefly released her arm long enough to pull her dress to the floor, leaving her only in her panties before pushing her onto the bed. Tegan quickly recovered and rolled off the far side of the bed trying to put some distance between her and Trevor, scanning the room for options. She made a break for the doorway between the kitchenette and bathroom, realising there was a small balcony she could call for help from. Unfortunately this brought her within Trevor’s reach again and he scooped her small form up easily, throwing her back onto the bed and pinning her down by the throat again, giving her a warning squeeze as he kicked off his shoes and began to undo his belt to shimmy out of his pants.

“You bitches are all the fucking same. You talk a big game but when it comes to actually following through you protect your cunts like the holy fucking grail.” With his free hand he groped her small tits, roughly pinching her nipples making her squeal in protest, but he quickly silenced her with a sharp slap across the cheek. She felt tears well in her eyes from the sting, immediately ruining her mascara and liner.

“Second warning, slut.” Trevor grabbed the front of her panties and tugged the roughly, ripping the side seams and pulling them off her body in one swift movement. She stifled another scream as the material briefly dug into and snapped against her skin, managing to keep it to a restrained whimper.Trevor forced his hand between her legs and probed her slit with his fingers until he found her opening, roughly working his finger into her warm hole.

“Very nice.” Trevor grunted, pulling his finger out and using it to circle her clit for a moment before pushing two fingers back inside her and kneeling on the bed next to her, his huge cock bobbing just in front of her face. “You know what to do, you little slut. Get me warmed up well enough and maybe I’ll be gentle.”

A choked sob escaping her as black tears ran backwards from her eyes, she raised a hand to grip his shaft and guide it to her lips. Trembling, she closed her mouth over the flared head and began to use her tongue to wet it with her saliva. The thought occurred to her that he was putting his most sensitive body part in the vicinity of her teeth but knew that if she acted on that impulse she would regret it. As she elgulfed the spongy tip in her mouth Trevor pulled her bodily to the edge of the bed so that her head was dangling from the side. She realised his intention slightly too late as he cradled her head in his hand and began to force his cock further into her mouth, trying to insert himself all the way down the tunnel of her throat. She began to struggle as she felt him begin to block her airway and her gag reflex reacted to the larger than usual intruder. After thrusting at her throat a few times Trevor seemed to begrudgingly accept that he wasn’t going to get it any deeper and pulled free of her mouth. Momentarily unrestrained Tegan gasped for air and tried weakly to roll over, starting to crawl across the bed away from him until Trevor took her by the ankles and pulled her back with the same casual ease as he might and empty wheelbarrow.

“No, plkease!” She protested as he forced her legs apart, lining his cock up with her little slit. He responded by leaning across her and placing his hand on the side on her head, pinning her in place momentarily before easing off, almost tenderly stroking her cheek.

“This will be a lot easier on you if you stop struggling.” He whispered menacingly.

“Please… don’t hurt me. I won’t tell anyone about this, just please stop.” She pleaded.

Trevor just laughed, wrapping his fingers around her neck again to hold her in place as his other hand nudged his cockhead between her pussy lips to find her hot entrance. Tegan tried to pull away but simply didn’t have the strength, and sobbed into the mattress as she felt his cock push into her, his girth opening her up as he slowly eased in. Finally resigned that she couldn’t stop him Tegan just went limp and lay trembling under him as he began to fuck her. After a minute of slow gentle strokes as he acclimatised himself to her body he took her by the hips to raise her up onto her knees and give himself a better angle of attack. She felt him push in deeper, feeling fuller and fuller until the pressure against her cervix told her that she was out of room. She wasn’t really sure how deep she was but she suspected Trevor still had inches to spare and could hurt her if he got careless. She shuddered at the thought.

“Please, don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want. Just… please.”

“That’s more like it.” Trevor said as he slapped her on the ass and began to thurst in and out, moving slowly and steadily, happy to take his time using her. She could feel her hole being dragged back and forth with his movements, her tight tunnel clinging to his girth as he slowly picked up the pace. He seemed to have found the measure of her cunt now and was able to fuck her steadily without hammering her cervix, which was quite considerate of him all things considered. She felt her body quiver under him as a small orgasm took her unexpectedly and she buried her face in humiliation, stiffling the gasp that escaped her by biting down on the thick quilt. She had no doubt that Trevor knew the effect he had just had on her as her vagina twitched and squeezed his cock tighter, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of vocalising it.

After a few more minutes of steady fucking she felt his thumbs dig into her ass cheeks and separate them, and she knew he was looking down at her asshole. She supposed she shouldn’t be surprised. Every other man she’d been with lately had seen her backdoor as some kind of free for all, and if Trevor was going to use and abuse her body without any input from her then why wouldn’t he claim her ass again? After all, he wasn’t going to convince any of his other sexual partners to let him do it. He stopped fucking her for a moment to reach into the drawer of his bedside table and she heard the now all too familiar sound of a tube of lubricant clicking open, and felt a cold dollop of the gel drizzle onto her crinkled hole. Trevor tossed the lube aside and she felt him jam a finger into her ass, using the lube to force his way in and start smearing it around.

“Not there.” She begged weakly. “Please… I’ll do anything else you want.”

“That’s a great offer, but all I want to do is fuck you in the ass.” Trevor said bluntly.

Defeated Tegan shook with another sob and tried to relax as she felt him slowly draw his raging hard on from inside her and push the fat head against her anus. She knew that there was nothing she could offer him that would compare to that, if she truly had been the first woman to be able to take him that way, then why would he pass up the chance to do it again, for possibly the last time? She bit down on the quilt again to stifle her groan of discomfort as he used his thumb to push his fleshy head into her, the lube allowing it to slide past her tight sphincter. She moaned through gritted teeth as she felt his thickness force her open again. Less warmed up for it that she had been on the poker night and not drunk this time she fully appreciated just how thick his cock was as he fed more of it into her. She knew that he would be able to enter her ass deeper than he could her pussy and probably had every intention of doing so. She felt him glide deeper inch, feeling agonisingly full until Trevor’s pelvis met her ass and he gave a satisfied groan. There was no point asking him to take it out,the best she could hope for was that he finished quickly.

Once settled in Trevor began to move, taking long slow strokes. Her aching ring of anus muscles gripped at his shaft as he slid in and out, slowly at first but gradually picking up a little more speed and his breathing told her that he probably wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum.” He announced unceremoniously as he forced his cock all the way inside her again, making her cry out with a start as his cock flexed inside her and she felt his shaft pulsing, his gunk shooting somewhere deep up inside her. Tegan trembled with humiliation as she felt him drain himself into her, his satisfied groans each time his sensitive cock twitched inside her. Eventually it seemed he was actually spent and he withdrew. It was an odd feeling, his slowly softening cock slipping out of her abused hole. As soon as he was out of her she slumped onto her side and curled into a ball as Trevor went into his bathroom to clean himself up. He returned after a minute or so and crawled onto the bed, gently spooning her and caressing her cheek with the backs of his fingers. There was a minute of silence.

“Was that ok?” Trevor asked eventually.

Tegan just nodded then sat up, easing herself off the bed and wincing as her asshole spasmed. Apparently she had a cramp from overworking those muscles. Just great. She walked around the bed and stepped into her dress, pulling it up arouns herself from the floor and zipping it up.

“Hey, you are ok, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Trevor picked up her shredded panties from the floor. They were unsalvageable. Well, no big deal. She tossed them to Trevor. “Souveneir.”

“You seem a bit mad.”

“I’m not, I didn’t say the safeword did I?”

“No, but… you were pretty convincing.”

“Thanks.” She flashed him a strained smile. “I’m in a bit of discomfort, to tell the truth. There’s a really good reason most girls won’t let you jam that thing up their butt.”

“You did say ‘no holes barred’. Which isn’t the correct phrase by the way.”

“It was a play on words. Anyway, I think I might have to rescind that invitation in the futre.” Tegan went to the bathroom and looked at the mess her face had become during their scene. “You wouldn’t have any micellar water would you?”

“What’s that?”

“So that’s a no. Wet wipes?”

“There’s a packet of make up removing wipes. Might be a couple of months old .”

Tegan rifled through the basket of assorted detritus sititng next to the sink until she found the packet. The wipes were dried out but she revived a couple by running them under the tap and started to clean up the smudged foundation and black streaks of mascara and liner that has run from her eyes. Once satisfied that she no longer looked like a rape victim she left the bathroom and picked up her purse.

“You’re going already?”

“Should I not?”

“We could hang out. Watch netflix. Order a pizza.”

“Sounds like something you’d do with a girlfriend.” Tegan said flatly.


“Sorry, not sorry.” Tegan said with a smirk and an ironically dramatic hand on hip movement. “Seriously, though, I have to get home.”

“Do you want an escort?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Text me when you get there.”


“Uh, yeah.”

“Ok.” Tegan said with an eyeroll, briefly checking her phone for messages and battery.

“So should I call you?”

“Why don’t we just keep texting for now. I’m not sure I want to become one of your booty calls.”

“Alright,we’ll text.”

“Ciao.” Tegan said, and let herself out.

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House Slut 25 - Little Talks

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