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  1. Dead end job gets interesting, part 1
  2. Dead end job gets interesting, part 2
  3. Dead end job gets interesting, part 3
  4. Dead end job gets interesting, part 4

Dead end job gets interesting, part 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Discipline

Author: Wuffles2

Published: 03 July 2019

  • Font:

It was 1:18pm when Jordan crept back into his chair. Fortunately, papa gram was over getting a report printed, so the eternal hellscape of withering looks was conspicuously absent as he returned a few mins late to his chair.

Jordan allowed himself a crooked, self-satisfied smile to move briefly over his face as he sat down, his chair singing its praises of his bulk by screaming like an axe murderer victim.

Popping in one of his earbuds to give the impression of diligence, Jordan paused for a moment, staring at the email he was planning to send to Kayla.

Was he really going to do this? Was he actually going to reveal (or rather, imply) that he knew Kayla had been pleasuring herself in a work bathroom cubicle?

He smiled. Kayla was a beautiful young lady who had clearly reaped the benefits of her appearance thus far in life, and he was curious to see how she would react when confronted with a social situation where the other piece didn’t play the part that society had taught her that he would.

He liked Kayla, she had his back. But he also really enjoyed the thrill - and the risk - from seeing what she would do when put in a position where she couldn’t dominate the other person by virtue of her charms and ease with words and perceptiveness.

He clicked send.

A few minutes later, a red faced, slightly out of breath Kayla slunk back to her desk. He could see a blush in her face, and a slight look of frustration in the way that she chewed her lip as she sat down. He also noticed that she had re-applied her lipstick and eye shadow. Interesting. She was worried people would notice.

He noticed a small kayla-shaped face peer over her monitor for a moment and made sure to look like just another office worker, typing important things.

Then, he heard a soft, surprised gasp as she (presumably) read his email, followed by a clickety clack of office chair wheels like a small figure had just sunk back on her chair. if that wasn't enough, the muttered "fuck" told him she had read it, and that he was right.

He almost couldn't hold his impartial workface up as he struggled for his life not to snicker. Would she tell the truth, or would she lie to him? She'd definitely lie, right? I mean, who gives up that kind of intimate information to a co-worker who (until two hours ago) had just been nothing more than a friendly tubby dude that made her laugh sometimes?

But if she told the truth…

He could feel his dick rising in anticipation as he waited in suspense for ten minutes or so, hyper-focussing on her. But nothing came, and he eventually had to actually get to work to finish his report before gram yelled at him.

He got up to print off the report at 4:25, a good 25 mins after papa gram had lumbered off for the evening and a little bit deflated that he hadn't received a response, but when he returned, there was a folded post-it note on his keyboard.

It was Jordan's turn to sneak a peak over his monitor at Kayla. She was typing up something quietly, not paying attention to him, but he did see a red flush creeping slowly up her face as she worked.

Jordan smiled. Looking over at Lorelai (who was working late as usual to make up for her tardiness) he stretched back in his chair, and was rewarded with a vision and a half. Lorelai happened to be reaching down to pick up a pen she dropped at that moment.

Straining desperately against the thin fabric of her blouse for release were two of the most perfectly shaped breasts he had ever had the honor, nay, the privilege of admiring. Lorelai's breasts were at least an E-cup, and bounced seemingly independently of the movement of the rest of her body. They were barely contained by a lacy purple bra that almost perfectly matched the oeuvre of her poison purple lipstick that morning. Despite their size and obvious weight, they also somehow managed to seem perfectly perky and eschewed gravity completely, jutting proudly out like two ample peaks waiting to be scaled. Jordan's hands and dick both twitched involuntarily as he tore his gaze away, just in time as lorelai glanced over at him, smiling a polite smile, then turned back to her screen. Her big, pretty eyes widened as she squeaked in alarm and bolted upright, almost knocking her half drunk mug of coffee off the table if not for Jordan deftly snaking out to prevent its capsize, and without a word she grabbed a gym bag secreted under her desk and bolted for the elevator.

Jordan blinked a couple of times in surprise, and then lost it. So much for making up for the Lorelai tardiness. Still chuckling, he looked around, and saw that the rest of the team aside from him and Kayla had also gone. He remembered bunny had a private appointment this afternoon and that Jessica, the last member of the team, wasn't here today.

Still chucking at lorelai's sudden exodus, he unfolded the note. Written in bright pink glitter-pen (Kayla's pride and joy) was a triplet of sentences that Jordan had to read twice.

"Sarah is too fucking cute and I couldn't help myself. Don’t tell anyone else, but I'm actually into girls and guys, and the way you two spoke to me at lunch reduced me to a helpless pile of quivery jelly. Can I please ask you some more questions after work?"

Jordan tried his best to hide his surprised expression and failed. The fuck? Did she just...? Wow. Jordan wasn't sure what he was more taken aback by - that Kayla just basically admitted she masturbated over the way Jordan and Sarah treated her - or that she thought her love of girls was a secret. Good lord. An involuntary giggle escaped Jordan's lips. Well, that gamble sure had paid off in blood diamonds, holy shit.

He scribbled a response, screwed up the note, and lobbed it over the monitor, a surprised Kayla yelp confirming she had received it.

He raised a hand above his monitor with a thumb up.

He did not get a response from Kayla.

At 5:15, his work long abandoned, he finally made his move. Wandering over to the espresso machine (one of the best parts of working at national office) he made an espresso and a mocha, and casually shuffled back to their area.

Shambling up to Kayla, he held out the coffee. She looked up from her work, and as she saw him she nervously jerked back a little. He raised one eyebrow at her.

"Thanks Jordan, you always know how to make a girl not fall asleep." she quipped, shaking her head and grinning at herself, a slight flush running up her neck.

"That's all well and good for now, but see how that goes after three days of coffee induced insomnia", he replied, deeply sipping his mocha. He looked around. Hmm. Everyone seems to have somewhere to be. Eh, okay.

Kayla looked up at him, her green eyes sweeping over him appraisingly, as if trying to read his power level. She stretched out on her chair, raising her arms above her head, causing her shirt to bunch up around her breasts. She rubbed her neck with one hand and rolled it to the left, and was rewarded with a loud *crick* of her neck.

"Argh, these lights are spazzing me out - wanna go hang out in the conference room?" she remarked.

"Well, I GUESS that's okay, since it looks like nobody is going to have it booked for the rest of the night..." Jordan pronounced.

She jumped up and grabbed a notebook and pen. Seeing Jordan's glance at it, she smirked. "If anyone comes in, I'm interviewing you for a ministry news article".

Jordan smiled and nodded.

The conference room

A wide, spacious area greeted them as they wandered in. Pictures of Maori mythology, from Maui with his magical fishing hook (the real one, not that dumb fuckin’ Disney imitation) to a carved wooden relief sculpture of a taniwha (a kind of Maori mythical water-serpent) snaking through stylized waves caught his attention for a moment. The room was pretty spacious, with enough chairs for six to eight people (or, like, 5 Jordans) to squeeze into.

The chairs were nicely padded, and far more agreeable than his usual chair, as he plopped himself down.

Kayla, meanwhile, closed the door and clicked the lock. Jordan raised an eyebrow at her. She pouted, and her posture stiffened a little. "You're the one that said you didn’t want anyone else at work to hear anything!" she reminded him, hands on her hips. Her posture inadvertently pulled her shirt a bit tighter against her chest, outlining two marvellously well-proportioned C-cup breasts.

"So, Kayla, you have me here in a locked room in what I can only assume is a series of questions you're planning to ask. Did you get my response?"

Kayla groaned theatrically. "Yes, Jordan, quid pro quo is acceptable."

She re-adjusted her top before sitting a few chairs away from him across the table. Kicking off her shoes, her face broke into a mischievous grin.

"Question: Why did you speak to me like that?"

Jordan paused, and pursed his lips before answering.

"Well, I had to be sure that you weren't going to tell anyone that I had a hot friend working next door that had made out with me in the middle of Wellington just to prove a point to some catcalling shit-stains that she had never met..." he replied drily.

She nodded, and leaned in a little bit, waiting for him to continue.

He smiled. "My question".

She pouted, protruding her bottom lip and narrowing her eyes at him. "That's it?"

He shrugged. "If I wasn't sure that you weren't going to tell anyone, I'd be worrying that people you told could start seeing a side of Sarah that she wasn't comfortable showing, which could cause problems for her. She chooses the people she trusts very carefully and," he said, his voice hardening for a moment, "I tend to not be kind to those who prove themselves unworthy of that trust." He stared her in the eyes, as if daring her to make a joke or talk back to him.

She stared back at him, and bit her lip. She lowered her eyes, and shook her head. "I think you know that I keep my word at this point, don’t you?" she replied, in a small, questioning, totally un-Kayla-like voice.

"Yeah you've been a good girl for half a day, keep it up." he replied condescendingly, smiling sweetly at her. She rolled her eyes at him.

Jordan's brow furrowed for a moment while he considered his question.

"Since you became an adult, do you often find people that are easy to manipulate - with your beauty, intelligence, and personality - kinda boring?" he asked.

She snorted, and her mouth curled downward, like she had just finished eating a stale piece of bread.

"Didn't take you for a flatterer, Jaws. Is that seriously the best question you can come up with?" she asked, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms.

Jordan took a turn rolling his eyes, before overtly looking her up and down evaluatively, like a judge reviewing a prospective medal-winning feline at a cat show. She blushed at his gaze, and then puffed out her chest, the gesture granting him a lingering view of her strappy black bra. He shook his head and tore his gaze away before continuing.

"Not flattery, fact. You're objectively attractive by societal standards - and you know it, because you're smart enough to have attained a law degree (I'm guessing without even fully applying yourself), so you know how attractive you are, especially with the complimentary way you apply your makeup. You're also very good at reading people, and you probably figured out some time ago that this bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality you have (or at least affect most of the time) makes you easy to like." Her eyes widened and she involuntarily gasped, her mouth opening to speak and then closing like a goldfish out of water as she struggled to maintain her poise.

Jordan grinned cheekily at her. "Let me rephrase the question, but this time, you should actually answer it. Do most people bore you because you can easily get what you want from them?"

Her grip on the pen she was holding tightened. Her eyes flashed with sudden annoyance for a moment as she realised too late that she had already given the game away with her initial surprise and lack of retort. Her mind raced with questions. How the everloving fuck did he figure all of this out about her? Where the fuck did he pick up skills like that?

Jordan tapped his finger on the desk. "I'm waiting, Kayla..."

Smug asshole. He knows her answer already, he just wants to hear her say it. God, why was this a good idea again?

She sighed, causing her breasts to wobble in an entirely eye-catching fashion. She didn't miss Jordan's eyes darting downward, and smiled inside - at least that was a small victory she could capitalize on later.

"Yes, okay, people bore me because they're too easy to understand and that makes them easy to manipulate" she muttered reluctantly.

Jordan's grin widened. "Your question, Kayla."

Her eyes lit up with glee as she opened her notebook. Jordan chuckled. "Well, you weren't lying about the interview part, I'll give you that." he remarked, one hand rubbing his eyebrows.

"Why are you so good at reading people, Jordan?" she asked, the curiosity in her voice thick enough to cut with a circular saw.

Jordan spoke without hesitation, and Kayla realised he'd been expecting this one. "This is one of those answers you cannot tell anyone about, Kayla. If people found out it could have serious implications for my future career prospects."

As she opened her mouth in protest he held up his hands in surrender. "I know you won't tell anyone, Kayla, I'm sorry, this is just something I'm pretty insecure about, especially here." He looked down for a moment and gestured around the office. He took a deep breath.

"The reason why I am so good at cold-reading people is because I have ADD. Attention deficit disorder. And before you raise your eyebrow in disbelief at me," he said, wagging a finger at her, causing her half raised eyebrow that was caught red-handed to sulkily return to its rightful resting place, "I've had to learn how to read people's moods and body language my whole life.

He shuffled his feet and wrung his hands as he spoke.

"A lot of the time, I only hear 60% of what people are saying because it is so damn hard to focus on them. Because anything they say that doesn’t interest me becomes twice as hard to retain. So I learned how to read the mood, tone, and nonverbal signals people send while they're speaking, which helps me to bridge the gaps from the parts I miss by intuitively figuring out on the fly what the missing 40% is *likely* to be."

Jordan paused, and watched Kayla carefully. She cocked her head to one side for a moment and pursed her lips, considering his answer.

"So does that have something to do with why you turn up late so often to work?" she shrewdly deduced.

"Yeah, I call that the "distracted by bumblebees" effect," he replied, smiling inwardly. She was quick and so damn smart. He looked back at her, and noticed a familiar expression threatening to engulf her face - the sad, almost pitying look that materialized aimed directly at him. God, he hated that look. His fists clenched for a moment, as he took a deep breath and pressed on.

"It isn’t all bad. When I'm interested in a conversation or an activity, I can do what people call "hyper-focussing", which basically lets me focus completely on one thing to the exclusion of all others. It's kind of like a superpower, although good luck trying to get my attention for anything else when I’m doing it. I have meds to help my concentration for like 80% of the boring shit I do on a work day, so I'm fine for most things."

Kayla's eyes were like glittery emeralds as she processed this information.

"So, are you..."

"My question, sorry..." Jordan smirked, cutting her off.

She scrunched up her face and stuck her tongue out at him. He smiled angelically at her.

"What part of being spoken to like that did you enjoy the most? As in, what were the reasons why you were reduced to a quivery pile of Kayla jelly by it?"

She blushed crimson. God, she was so fucking cute when she was embarrassed, Jordan thought. He felt a twitch in his pants as he watched her embarrassment. His second brain agreed wholeheartedly.

"So you have already noticed I don't get told off very often for my behavior. Because..." she paused, blushing even harder, "...because I'm cute and bouncy, people tend to let me get away with whatever I want." Jordan's mind immediately went to Bunny, and he snickered and nodded.

She continued on. "When I was with you and Sarah, I felt like I was being called on my shit immediately when I stepped out of line, and it forced me to bring out my best behavior."

She blushed even harder still. Jordan leaned in, eyes on her. "Okay..." he said, prompting her to continue.

"I just...don't feel like I can be my best person when I get everything for free. You two bought that out by making me..." Kayla paused, and raised her head, returning his eye contact. Her eyes had a glimmer of pride in them that wasn't there before.

"By making me accountable. I really...liked that."

Jordan paused solemnly for a moment, before dissolving into giggles. Kayla's mouth dropped open a bit, clearly not expecting that reaction.

"The fuck, Jordan! I was being totally serious!" she lamented.

Jordan regained his composure. "I'm sorry, that wasn't intentional, and I'm not laughing at your answer. I just...was not expecting you, the cute and bouncy 22 year old law graduate, to be so taken in by being called on your shit."

Kayla huffed and pouted, her bottom lip protruding. "My question, Jordan." He nodded, leaning back on his chair.

She put both of her elbows on the table and leaned over, placing her head into her hands, as she looked up at him, eyes twinkling with an air of assumed innocence. Her shirt bowed as the gravitational force of the table as it relaxed its vigil on her purity, the cloth parting to give Jordan a one-way ticket into the enticing tunnel created by her curvaceous breasts pressing together.

"Have you been checking me out (like you were just before and are now) prior to today, or did I only spark your attention after you figured out I was masturbating in the ladies room after lunch?" she ventured, as his eyes snapped too late back to meet hers.

He blinked twice and his eyes widened. What did she just say? He didnt believe the words that just came out of that little minxes mouth. Kayla's eyes twinkled with unsuppressed mirth, a look of unspoken victory that she knew Jordan would understand.

Jordan raised his head and met her eyes with his. This was the way she wanted to play this? Okay, he’ll take her on.

"Oh, no, I checked you out the first time I saw you. I quickly lost interest, though, because I didn't initially realise you were more than just a pretty young face with a body begging for a sexual harassment lawsuit. Turns out I was partly mistaken about that impression, though." He shrugged, his tone indifferent, as he acknowledged the point With zero fanfare, giving her nothing to exult over.

"Partly?" she huffed, placing her hands on her hips.

"Well I mean...I wasn't wrong about the pretty face or how much of a temptation you are, but honestly I didn't think you were worth the effort of pursuing. I assumed you'd already written me off as just some fat old dude." he said solemnly.

A tinge of guilt ran across her face. She looked down at her feet, crushed. Her reverie was quickly smashed, though, as the sound of his amused sniggering cut through, and she realized that he was fucking with her.

God FUCKING DAMMIT. She was sure she had him that time. And now her cheeks were flushing beet red. She could feel the now-familiar heat starting to build between her legs. Her mouth was dry, and she swallowed audibly, as she fidgeted in her chair, all things she knew Jordan would not fail to notice.

"Don’t worry, Kayla, I know that in reality you've pretty much written off everyone that you feel like you can control. They're just there to scratch itches for you..." Jordan's voice dimmed almost to a whisper as he leaned closer, "...but probably not itches like the one this conversation has you feeling right now."

Her mouth was still dry, and she was starting to feel lightheaded, out of breath. She wanted to lick her lips, but she also didn't want to do anything that would act as evidence that he was right. She just glared at him in silence instead.

Jordan didn't move his face away as he continued to look her in the eyes, seeing a positive turmoil of emotions raging in her big, expressive eyes. Those eyes, that if he stared into too long would envelop him in an emerald daze.

Almost whispering, Jordan spoke his next question, the words imparting almost reluctantly on his lips.

"What...do you want from me, Kayla?"

The girl 11 years his junior tried to maintain the facade of anger on her youthful features, but the rosy blush running slowly up the nape of her neck, to her cheeks, and the way her breathing quickened gave him his answer.

"Well? Answer the question, Kayla." He sat back on his chair, and gestured, his palm opening in the universal "give-me" sign.

They stared at each other for a moment, her eyes afire, his an affected casualness, carefully studying each other's expressions. Then, Kayla averted her eyes, and bit her bottom lip as she spoke, almost too softly for Jordan to hear. Almost.

"I want...to see what happens..." she murmured, swallowing nervously as the words caught in her throat.

Jordan cocked his head, and a smile played over his face.

"Sorry, I missed that. Come over here so i can hear you, young lady, my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be..." he replied, pushing his chair a distance out from the table.

Kayla softly moved her hands to the table and lifted herself from her seat, arching her back a little, her soft, heaving breasts on show, struggling to be released.

She took two nervous steps forward, hands trembling as she reached out to grab Jordan's shoulders. Not sure what to expect, Jordan's nose was suddenly filled with the scent of the apple conditioner of her hair, as Kayla delicately climbed onto his lap. She let out a small sigh as she sat back on her haunches, feeling the warmth of his legs through his well-cut black cotton dress pants. She raised her chin, and stared up at him, waiting.

Jordan could feel her firm, tanned legs pressing against his upper thighs as the 22 year old lowered herself slowly onto him, holding his shoulders carefully. He could see the hard points of her breasts standing out against all odds, the black lacy bra and the Victorian shirt unable to contain her arousal. She could smell the remnants of orchid scented body wash rising from him - quite pleasant, and less musky than she was expecting.

Jordan felt the flowing locks of her hair caressing his face, the scent of fresh apple suddenly an impossibly erotic fragrance as she leaned over to him, whispering conspiratorially in his ear. He felt her lips graze his ear as he heard the words he was waiting for, her breathy voice catching as an involuntary shiver ran down his body:

"I said, I want to see where this goes, old man..."

Jordan slipped a hand around her slim, firm waist, feeling the heat radiating from the small of her back as he gripped her hip tightly.

She gasped at the assertiveness of his touch, and was reminded for a moment of the way Sarah grabbed her shoulder at lunch. Accountability, she thought, her mind aflame. I'm acting without regard for the consequences, seducing my coworker in a place where we could easily be caught, and he's making sure I know he's still holding me responsible for my actions. Even though this must be a once in a lifetime fantasy for him.

She repositioned herself, her face pulling back from his neck, and gulped, her face an inch and a half from his, expecting to see eyes glazed over by lust for her and an expression saying he was about to devour her. Then, she saw the confident smirk on his face.

"Are you...always this forward with your intentions, Kayla?" he said neutrally, his face giving nothing away.

Kayla's brows furrowed in confusion. "Of course not...you think I ever have to work this hard to get want I want normally?" she spluttered, befuddled by the lack of expected response from him.

"No, no, this won't do, Kayla, you're acting way out of character, what's gotten into you?" her inside voice chided. "Take a deep breath, and get your head back into the game. You have to win..."

She sighed deeply, and then she remembered something he'd told her. Her face split into a sultry smile. "My, Jordan, are you hyper-focussed on your cute little co-worker right now? Perve," she accused, "that's how you haven't lost yourself yet, right?" she guessed, punctuating her guess with a sinuous shifting of her hips from side to side in his lap, as she ground her pert, proportioned ass into him.

His grin widened. "Maybe I'll tell you why i still have my shit somewhat together sometime, Kayla, but you're not going to figure that out tonight..." he replied cheekily. His hand "accidentally* brushed over a nipple, as he moved it up to put his fingers through his wavy brown locks, the already engorged bumps of her areola sending shivers of pleasure through her.

Jordan paused, taking in her facial features, committing them to memory. She really was fucking cute, with her long golden-brown hair hanging haphazardly down her back and shoulders. Her already well-constructed cheekbones were emphasized just slightly by a tinge of extra color, in addition to the blush that she wore. Her rose-tinted lips parted as she smiled hungrily at him, revealing rows of perfect teeth.

Damn, Jordan thought. She's so damn gorgeous. If I were anyone else, I'd have lost it by now. But I can't lose it yet. I still have to bring this home. She still thinks she has a chance to win.

"Well? Are you going to ask me a question, or are we just going to stay here like this?" he asked impishly.

She raised an eyebrow at him in disbelief.

"Are you fuckeeeek!" she squealed, as she looked down, her eyes as big as saucers.

Jordan looked back innocently at her, as the cold hand he had just slipped under her shirt that was now sliding slowly up her back continued its mission. "Am I fucking what, Kayla?" he questioned.

She writhed and squirmed under his touch, clearly ticklish, but making no move whatsoever to escape.

"Are you fucking kidding m-m-m-m-m-me..." as Jordan's other hand slipped under her shirt, and expertly snared her nipple between a thumb and index finger, pinching and rolling it between them. The pain-tinged pleasure shooting through her was the final straw, the exotic combination of good and bad ecstacy fuelling her hunger.

Wordlessly, she batted his hand out from under her top and pulled it up over her head in one fluid motion. As the Victorian shirt fell to the floor, Jordan drank in her nubile young body, his eyes devouring her like a starved beast.She felt exposed, vulnerable, as his gaze pulled her in. But she also felt safe, which was a feeling she did not often feel, especially with men that were this...implacable. Her slit moistened, as she began to imagine herself naked and helpless in front of him. His voice quietly but firmly ordering her to please him.

"Fuck, Jordan, do you know what you're doing to me right now?" she murmured.

Her slim, tanned waist, and the stunningly intricate eastern dragon snaking up from her right thigh and around her hip and flat, muscled stomach. The scent of her was all he could smell as he breathed her in. Her supple, shapely breasts rose and fell as she inhaled air, her breath coming in short bursts. The flames of arousal were rapidly going from embers to an inferno burning, ruminating inside her.

Jordan's hand was shaking as it came to the end of its journey exploring the curves of her back. Finding his goal, with a snap-click, he dextrously unhooked her bra.

Kayla's breasts popped eagerly out and stood to attention, her flawlessly shaped grapefruit-sized mounds accentuating the wicked curves of her hips. She smiled, enjoying Jordan's unfiltered gaze, as she ground her hips into him, his second brain rewarding her efforts by standing to attention.

"Do you like what you see, Jordan? Would you like to tell me what you want to do to me?" she asked, her eyes afire. Jordan could feel the heat and scent of the sex hormones coming off her, ordering him to lose control and give her what she wants, just as nature intended.

But he wasn't done yet. Jordan smiled, his fingertips tracing light lines down her soft skin to her hips. She bit her lip and let out a low moan as she shuddered at his touch.

He smiled a smile full of teeth as he grabbed the soft flesh of her hips and dug his fingers in, not enough to harm or disfigure, but definitely enough to let her know his intentions and how he felt about her question. She mewled in pain and writhed in his lap, struggling against the pain. Jordan’s dick hardened to a diamond point as he watched her inch away from him, trying to minimise her discomfort, but not making any attempt to escape.

His grip intensified, and she let out a gasp as she struggled to contort her body in ways that would lessen the pain his hands were inflicting. She wriggled away as far as she could without getting off him entirely, swiveling around on her haunches so that her head rested in the crook of his neck. She wiggled her way back in close to him until her smooth, unblemished back was resting against his chest. She felt his rock-hard member trying to pierce up her ass through his pants. Through the pain, a stray thought wandered. "Is he getting off on watching me squirm?" her inner voice muttered distractedly to her.

His hands ceased their assault, leaving her panting for breath, as his hands again began their caressing movements up her torso, tracing small circles in her flesh, exploring her feminine curves, committing them to memory, watching her reactions. A small gasp here, a soft moan there.

She felt his neck muscles tighten as he craned his head down her her, his breath on her neck only encouraging her further as it quickened with her movements.

"This will stop the moment that you want it to, Kayla. You are free get up and walk out anytime," Jordan whispered to her. A look of confusion passed over her face, and he felt her shoulders stiffen.

"Well, if I'm free to go, should I stop, put my top back on, and leave?" she replied darkly.

"I'm not telling you to leave, only that you're free to do so anytime you want. I won't stop you and I will never force you to do anything you aren't comfortable with." He set his jaw resolutely and stared levelly at her.

She met his gaze for a moment, as the look of confusion turned to realization. It wasn't just her he was holding accountable, it was also himself. He was risking his own pleasure in order to let her know he was asking for her freely given consent. Why of all the men she had taken interest in, was Jaws the one that gave her the freedom to leave whenever she wished, when he was the one she found herself wanting to please the most?

"Thank you for thinking of me, Jordan, but I am done thinking for tonight…" she murmured demurely.

Biting her lower lip, she leaned into the last few inches separating them. Her lips grazed his, softly at first, then again a bit more insistently. She felt him shiver as his hands twitched, her lips telling him all he needed to know.

As she separated from him, his hands gripped her neck and pulled her back in, as his kiss devoured her. Shivers ran down her neck, and she trembled at the sensation of his tongue softly but insistently massaging her lips, probing for entry. The force of the movement left her gasping for more, as his tongue lightly massaged hers, surprisingly delicate and in stark contrast to the fervor with which his hands held her to him.

As he began to pull back, she breathlessly reached behind her and grabbed his collar. Then a sharp sensation in her lip shattered her last shard of willfulness as he bit down softly on her bottom lip, dragging his teeth over it before finally disengaging. She shuddered at the display of savagery and slid her hand around to the nape of his neck, entangling her fingers in his wavy brown locks.

He smiled a savage smile that was all teeth and no mirth as he licked his lips, his lust for her leaking out.

"You make me want...to work hard to please you, Jordan..." she whispered breathily. Her back arched, offering her breasts to him, the small pink nipples hardened almost to the point of discomfort.

Jordan stared, and for a moment in time, everything slowed down. He felt her long, supple legs, and her firm toned ass driving his dick to the point of insanity as she revolved her hips, desperate to please him. Her face was an uncensored gift to mankind, eyes a depth of wanton submission and desire. Her lips parted as she whet her lips in anticipation, waiting for his next move.

Then time sped up, as his hands greedily groped her pert ass, snaking up to encircle her breasts, squeezing, tracing circles. She moaned, quivering at the sudden fervor of his touch, and turned her face to his, seeking his lips once more. He moved in, but then stopped at the last moment, his lips barely a half inch from hers.

She craned her neck to reach her goal, but felt strong fingers entwining in her hair, pulling her head back and up to face him.

"Not yet, Kayla. You've been a very good girl for me so far, but you have to earn that." he whispered, as his finger traced around the areola of her nipple.

She pulled against his grip, struggling to close the gap. Jordan's eyes narrowed, and he squeezed her nipple, sending a sharp stab of pain into her.

"I said not yet, and you disobeyed me. Why would you do that? Aren’t you trying to please me?" he questioned, feeling dizzy from the heat and the pheromones radiating from her.

"Maybe I want to see what the consequences of disobeying you are..." she replied brattily, increasing the pace of her ass grinding into his crotch as she leaned back against him. Fucking brats. Of *course* he'd found the one bratty girl in his office. He rolled his eyes inwardly.

Jordan smiled a savage smile. "Just to confirm, you can leave anytime you want, and I won't stop you." he said levelly, disguising how close he was to losing it entirely from the brazen way she was making his member react.

Without waiting for an answer, Jordan stood up, a fistful of Kayla's hair still in his grasp, and pulled her to her feet. She staggered and winced in pain as the movement forced her to back against him, and she realised just how much taller and stronger he was than her, as she shot looks at him, her eyes darting nervously between his bulk and his face. Strangely, though, she wasn’t scared - learning that he had the power to do whatever he wanted to her was probably the hottest thing she had ever realised in her life.

He pawed at her breast with his free hand for a moment, caressing, stroking, squeezing, and any breath she had was long gone. Even in the position she was in, she lecherously ground her ass into his crotch, her hands seeking, probing, for his painfully erect penis poking into her, frantically trying to excite him, to break him, to please him, to see if she could push him over the edge.

Then, she felt his powerful hands slam her onto the table. Her breasts bunched against the wooden surface, and she felt his hand on her thigh, as he ran his fingers up and down her proportioned legs.

She heard the sound of a zip, and her skirt fell to the floor. An image flashed through her mind of what it would look like right now if someone walked in on them - Jordan, a tall, slovenly looking man, bending her, his young co-worker, nude (except for her lacy black panties) over a conference table, her skirt, shirt and bra haphazardly discarded to the sides, her breasts mashed into the table, her eyes glazed over with lust as she prepared to be used for this beast of a man's every whim...

She could feel herself beginning to drip with anticipation of his next move. Her moist panties clung lecherously to the curves of her ass. She could smell the scent of her sex in the air.

Kayla swiveled her neck around to look at Jordan, and the look of raw, unfettered lust and anticipation almost drove him to tear her panties and fuck her like a wild beast in heat.

But no. She wanted to be held accountable, and that was what Jordan was going to do for her. He quietly raised his hand, and then bought it down hard on her left butt cheek.

She cried out in surprise, the pain not at all what she was expecting. Jordan pulled her back up by the hair and clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Shh, you wouldn't want the cleaners to hear us, would you?" he hissed in her ear.

She lecherously nibbled and licked his hand, all restraint gone, as she once again reached for the steel-hardened rod in his pants.

He smiled darkly. He picked her up bodily and threw her back down onto the table. Her slit was inflamed, and Jordan could see her juices trickling down her leg.

"Three for not listening to me, three for asking for punishment, and three for trying to grab my dick before I was ready…" he whispered into her ear. Her look of defiant arousal told him she was going to take everything he could dish out.

He bought his hand down again on the other cheek, the slap causing a much quieter moan from his prey.

Seven more times he slapped her. The skin of her ass was bright red. Jordan could see one of the slaps left a perfect handprint on her left asscheek.

"P...please..." she murmured, her face still on the desk.

Jordan paused, surprised. "Please what, Kayla?"

She raised her head, and Jordan could see the desperation in her voice, and a single tear rolling down her cheek. "P...please, fuck me..." she implored, not moving from the table.

Jordan's dick grew so hard that he was half worried it would be like fucking her with an iron rod.

"Good girl." he said, softly stroking her hair.

Jordan unzipped his fly and let his second brain free. It sprang to attention. He had always been pretty happy with his dick. It was of average length (he guessed about six inches at its hardest) but its girth was considerable, and it bent just enough that most women found it hit their pleasure centers just right.

Kayla sighed with happiness as he prepared to grant her wish. Slowly, Jordan savoured the scene as he worked off her panties, the juices flowing from her leaving them sopping wet, revealing her body completely to him. Her well-trimmed mound was equally soaked, and her sex scent filled him. He let out a half growl as he breathed out, positioning himself at her entrance, his thick penis tantalisingly teasing her clit.

"One more time, Kayla. You can..."

"Please fuck me, I cant wait any longer...it's so hot down there..." Kayla moaned, cutting him off as she desperately begged for the fat man to take her.

Jordan smiled primally, and with one thrust, he plunged into her depths, meeting no resistance from her .

The lubricated tightness of her chamber enveloped him, and he growled like a beast, all trace of control lost. He grabbed Kayla by the hair and pulled, lifting her a few inches off the table as he savagely pounded her from behind. He groaned at the supple slickness of her vulva as it enveloped him, and savoured the sinfully masochistic grimace painted on Kayla's face as he held her there, the tips of her breasts slapping softly on the table in a perverse rhythm in tune to his thrusts.

Kayla's moans intensified. Jordan's dick was hitting her deeply, his ample stomach hitting the reddened skin of her ass as he fucked her, and it was driving her into a frenzy of ecstasy. Her pleasure was soaring to heights she had never experienced before.

She felt flashes of past partners appearing in her mind's eye. Partners with longer dicks, better personal grooming, abs like a washboard, rugby players, but this was different. She was single-mindedly dedicated to pleasing someone other than herself in this moment, and for the first time, she didn’t feel...bored, or like a selfish, manipulative bitch while fucking someone. She actually wanted this. She hadn’t felt this way since…since...

She blanked out for a moment, as she felt Jordan’s dick grind against her G-spot. His member seemed to curve and hit her pleasure centres like a heat-seeking missile, and a small fold of pudgy skin poking out above his dick, coated in dark pubic hair, slapped against and stimulated her clitoris with every thrust. Slamming her hands onto the table to steady herself, she gyrated her hips in time to his movements, her efforts earning a wordless growl of pleasure from him. A series of gasps and moans began to issue from her as his fervour began ushering in waves of pleasure, as her increasingly sensitive clitoris was stimulated over and over as he breathed heavily, pounding her with an intensity that she wouldn’t have expected him to be able to muster for a man his size.

Jordan leaned over and gripped her breast with his free hand, tweaking her nipple with his thumb. Feeling her pussy clenching around his dick, he pulled out and sat back down on the table, his rock-hard member poking out of his trousers, still dripping with her juices.

She didn’t wait for him to speak. She leapt onto his lap and, kneeling with her legs on either side and without a moment’s hesitation, impaled herself onto him, her features taking on an animalistic frenzy of lust. Her athletic legs rose and fell as she bounced up and down on him, the sounds of her pussy enclosing him and their mutual grunts and cries mingling together as she gripped his business shirt with both hands as she gasped and moaned in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, I’m close, I’m close, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUCK!” she cried.

Jordan’s hand clamped over her mouth as she lost sight of the situation they were in, her cries building in volume. His other hand returned to her hair as he savagely yanked her head toward him, as he felt his own orgasm building inside him.

“Kayla, this is important, are you safe, or do I need to withdraw?” he growled.

"Safe, safe, safe! God, Jordan, I'm so close! Pleasepleaseplease don't stop!"

Jordan stood up again, his hands gripping Kayla's ass, as he easily picked her up. She was moving her hips so quickly now, and breathing heavily, focusing on nothing except the promise of the most divine orgasm she had ever had as her pussy tightened even more.

Jordan turned, and slammed her against the wall, his strong arms easily holding her as his dick drilled into her, over and over, her back hitting against the wooden taniwha relief.

She held his body in place with a vice like grip as her legs grabbed both his hips. They shared a moment as they caught each others eyes.

"Come for me, Kayla." he said, as he gasped with the effort, pulling his dick almost out completely and then slamming it back into her as he felt spasms inside her, even as her tunnel contracted.

She looked at him, her face an uncensored vision of gratitude as she smiled the most honest, guileless smile he had ever seen from her.

She cried out as a mountain of pleasure sent earthquakes through her body like she had never experienced before. Her body bent over, as she embraced him, her face next to his.

"Daddy, I'm coming, coming, coming!" she whispered, biting down onto his neck.

Her words (and teeth) sent a jolt of electricity through him, pushing him over the edge. He grunted, slamming her one last time as he sprayed wave after wave of hot streams of cum into her begging slit, the force of the orgasm almost shattering his balance with its intensity. He gasped for breath and carefully rested her against the wall while he recovered his composure. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist in a vice-like grip, as she rode the waves of pleasure immobilizing her, unable to breath, unable to think.

His soft voice broke the silence a minute or so later. "Ah...Kayla, i can't breathe…" he muttered gently, gingerly disengaging her teeth from his neck as he stroked her hair gently. She whimpered wordlessly, still lost in her own head. He raised her chin, and carefully met her lips with his, as he delicately kissed her.

She hugged him tightly and buried her face in the crook of his neck and shoulders. She reluctantly unclasped her legs and allowed his now rapidly drooping package to withdraw from her.

He watched the small, naked creature in front of him, still gasping for breath as the orgasms subsided. Eventually, she regained a semblance of control, and bit her lip as she ran a hand through her now-dishevelled locks. Fuck, even her scalp was hypersensitive after that.

She looked up at him, a disbelieving look on her face, as if she suspected that the whole thing might have just been a crazy fever-dream she was only now waking up from. Seeing Jordan standing in front of her, with a very Kayla-sized teeth-print on his neck, still short of breath, she felt a thick ribbon of cum drip out of her, dribbling down her inner thigh.

He smiled at her, a puzzled but inordinately satisfied look on his face.

“Daddy?” he inquired, eyes filled with good-natured mirth.

Her lips opened, then closed, then opened again, then closed. Her eyes widened as she realized what she had said. She paused for a moment, as several options for response passed through her head, before choosing by far the most mature of them.

She sprung over to where her clothes still lay grabbed them up, and bolted for the door like a startled rabbit, unlocking it and then closing it behind her.

She sank against the door for a moment, feeling the cold wood against her back, and the reassuring softness of the carpet through the thin socks she still wore, as she covered her eyes with her hands. The scent of him filled her nostrils, as she smiled disbelievingly at him, herself, this whole situation.

“Well, fuck.” Kayla muttered.

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Dead end job gets interesting, part 2

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