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  1. The threesome, Part 1
  2. The threesome, Part 2

The threesome, Part 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Cheating

Author: Wuffles2

Published: 04 July 2019

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11:30pm. A house party, upstairs on a private balcony, three figures present, their silhouettes lit by the single outdoor light on the balcony.

Matt looked at Stacey, who still looked a little unsteady in her orgasmic afterglow, and exulted. She really was fucking cute. Five foot seven in her red one-inch heels, her eyes were glazed with dreamy post-coital endorphins. As she half turned, the light washed over her. Her blonde hair (now quite ruffled from the forcefulness of Matt's treatment) flowed down her back in rivers of gold. , Her tights emphasized the brazen curves of her oh-so spankable rounded butt, sporting a massive tear where it counted after Matt determined them an inconvenience. Her panties dug into the side of her crotch where her Daddy had pulled them for access to her still-dripping slit.

Matt smiled, and she looked down at his rock-hard member. Seven inches of muscle looked back at her as she licked her lips, her hands twitching.

Celine knelt next to the two, her eyes locked on Stacey's buxom breasts, as she let out a small cry of pleasure. Her golden gown that she wore like an Amazon in battle drooped off her, revealing her shapely, well-proportioned breasts. Her hand was moving all over her body, as she smoothed over her athletic waist, traced across her flat, muscular belly, and rubbed her small, blatantly erect nipples in turn. Her other hand had sunken deep into the folds of her gown, as she continued to pleasure herself to the scene unfolding in front of her.

Stacey and Matt exchanged looks for a moment, and smiled cheekily at each other. With an unerring unity, the two moved in concert over to the 33 year old woman, and began to show their appreciation.

Matt grabbed her under the arms, pulling her to her feet as Stacey pushed her softly against the glass sliding door that the balcony shared with his bedroom. Between them, they pulled off the remains of her gown like they were unwrapping a christmas present, throwing it haphazardly to the ground. Celine paused for a moment, her hand still inside the sleek white panties she wore, and peeked nervously over her shoulder at the windows of the lounge below

Stacey knelt between Celine's long, tanned legs, letting her hands run down over the elegant lady's breasts and stomach and was rewarded with a muffled gasp from Celine. The look of hunger on Stacey's face told Matt that Celine's world was about to be changed forever.

"Heh. So much for going easy on her", he snickered.

Celine pressed her hands against the door to steady herself, feeling the cool glass against her palms, as she felt two small hands reach around to grab her slim waist. She felt soft, passionate lips licking and kissing down her pelvis, stopping just above the line of her panties. Stacey hooked her thumbs into the elastic, sliding her underwear slowly, deliberately down her long, supple legs, revealing a neatly trimmed landing strip of pubic hair.

Stacey mewled in anticipation, as she looked up and stared into Celine's deep, almond eyes, seeing a war between the tall woman's arousal and anxiety raging for supremacy.

Celine felt a strong, quiet presence next to her, as Matt placed a hand around her shoulder. Pulling her around to him, she saw a look of happy satisfaction and arousal in his face as he hungrily bought his lips to hers. His tongue teased her, tantalisingly flicking her lips, as she felt his other hand trap her nipple between his fingers, the rolling sensation as his knuckles massaged her sending sharp bursts of pleasure through her. Fuck, the heat of his body as he explored her mouth was so addictive, and she couldn't get enough.

She moaned into him, winding her hands around his strong, muscular back as she ferociously returned his kisses, feeling him grunt in pleasure at her unexpected forcefulness.

Stacey smiled. This was going to be fun. Daddy was making sure Celine wasn't going to run away, and she was going to blow this beautiful lady's world.

She ran a hand up and down Celine's upper thigh, caressing, grabbing, lightly tracing her nails near her mound, as her other hand lightly caressed behind her knee. Celine could feel every breath the younger girl took in her loins.

It felt like Stacey's hands were everywhere, as she felt her ass being lightly pinched and patted, fingernails raking lightly across her inner thigh - everywhere except for the one place she wanted. Her breath came in ragged bursts as she struggled to stay upright, between Matt's lips and hands and the brat's tempestuous teasing. Her world began to spin, and everything other than Matt and Stacey faded.

"Please…" she gasped, "please fuck me…"

Matt moved back, clearly taken aback. He smiled a fierce smile.

"Stacey, do you remember what you said to me, the first time you used your skills on me?" he inquired, a shit-eating grin on his face. Stacey paused for s moment, and blushed red crimson as she nodded.

"...Of course I do, Daddy. I had to make sure you knew your place, after all…" Stacey breathed, placing kisses along Celine's inner thigh.

"It's Celine's turn." he replied simply, his grin growing wider.

"I couldn't agree more, Daddy…" Stacey breathed, as she rubbed her face affectionately into Celine's hips.

Slowly, sinuously, the blonde girl stood up, and stared Celine in the eyes. She smiled a savage grin.

"Celine…" she started.

"Y...yes?" the brunette stammered.

Without warning, Stacey drew back her hand and bought it across Celine's face, slapping her cheek. Hard.

Celine's hand came up to her face and her eyes widened in surprise as she turned around to stare at the smaller girl. She opened her mouth to speak, but Stacey cut her off.

"For the rest of this night, you will not beg or ask me for anything, do you understand? I do not accept requests. I am your cat, your toy, your fantasy, your little girl, and quite possibly the hottest piece of ass you will ever fuck, but i will not be begged, I will not tolerate being asked for service by you. I am yours, you will take what you want from me, and you will speak to me with that in mind from now on, do you understand?"

Celine closed her mouth, then opened it, then closed it again. She looked at Matt, who shrugged theatrically. "Don't look at me, Celine, look at her." he said smugly.

"Matt, you're such a shit, you know that?" Celine muttered, but smiled all the same. She turned back to the blonde girl, who was waiting expectantly, a small smile playing over her lips.

"Yes, i understand, kitty." she said, the pink mark on her cheek still pulsing painfully from where she was slapped. Stacey bounced up and down on the spot, her breasts jiggling pervertedly, as she smiled radiantly.

"Raaaaow!" she purred. Eyes afire, she stepped up to Celine and kissed her, hard. Matt noticed the telltale signs of Celine's knees giving way and grabbed her before she fell.

"Stacey...uh...continue what you were doing, but this time, convert me. Show me the sounds a woman's lips can force from me." the brunette told her.

The blonde girl smiled, and sank back down onto her haunches. Purring, she rubbed her face on the slim ebony landing strip of Celine's pubic hair, and then lowered her face to her welcoming cunt.

Celine felt soft, moist lips tasting the nectar leaking from her. Stacey let out a low moan of delight as she savoured Celine's taste. It was incredibly sweet, like peach, with a slight aftertaste of pineapple and elderflower.

Stacey bit her lip in anticipation and began lightly flicking Celine's pleasure-bud (in full bloom by this point) with her tongue. Celine gasped, and her legs gave way. Matt's grip tightened on her as he carefully lowered her to the ground. She felt teeth lightly graze her mons as the blonde hussy between her legs went to town.

Stacey's tongue began lapping hungrily over her clit, each touch sending a chemically enhanced wall of pleasure shuddering through her body. All pretense at being proper forgotten, Celine grabbed a handful of Stacey's gossamer locks and pulled her further into her, the gesture matched by an increasingly intense series of tongue lashes over her pleasure centre.

She felt herself being penetrated by something, as Stacey inserted her fingers into her opening, and began stimulating her g-spot without missing a beat. Nobody had ever found her G-spot so effortlessly before - even Matt had needed two or three goes before coming upon it.

She moaned wordlessly, a small part of her brain marvelling at the noises extending from her, as she felt waves of pleasure beginning to wash over her.

Then she heard a slapping sound, followed by a cry before Stacey's face and hands pushed even deeper into her mission of pleasure.

Matt was behind Stacey, and had bought his hand down hard on the smaller girl's ass, forcing her forward into Celine.

Matt leaned down to Stacey and nibbled her neck. "Did you like slapping my girlfriend, you cheating little slut?"


Are you getting off on what you're doing to her?"


"Are you enjoying the gift that you and daddy unwrapped, while your boyfriend isn't around to stop you from being the conniving, horny little cat girl whore you've always been?"


Do you like how Mommy tastes?"


Stacey was moaning uncontrollably, each slap driving her further and more powerfully into Celine.

Time slowed for a moment as Celine surveyed the scene, dizzy with lust and passion.

She saw herself in the reflection of the glass, her elaborate hair tousled and messy, her eyes filled with desire and affection toward the only other two people in the world at this moment.

She saw Stacey bent over her on her knees, three fingers buried almost to the knuckle inside her free-flowing pussy, her face in the middle of a cry of ecstacy (heyyyyy...funny pun, a small part of her conscious mind muttered, shooting finger guns at her), her crimson lipstick artfully diluted from her moistness. Her ample breasts, still somehow almost perfectly rounded despite gravity's pull, were a shrine of femininity, begging to be squeezed, nipples begging to be tugged.

Stacey's marble skin glistened with sweat as Celine's eyes followed the curve of her back down to her pert ass, now a shade of red comparable to her lipstick, with several perfectly man-sized handprints eagerly standing to attention. Her gaze moved to Matt, his strong hand an inch away, as he bent over Stacey, another obscenity clearly about to exit his sadistically grinning face, his eyes filled with a happy mirth. She looked down at him, with his impressively crumpled, well-fitted shirt and realised that there was nowhere else she would rather be at this moment. Then the moment passed, and her mind was again overtaken by things obscene.

"Do you like how youre making my partner moan? I can tell, you're fucking soaked, you fucking little cock-tease…"


That final slap echoed around the balcony, bouncing off the plaster walls. Stacey drove her tongue and fingers into Celine's overflowing tunnel, and cried a cry of such passion that she felt it inside her.

She could feel the heat radiating from Stacey's hand and mouth and knew she was almost there.

Matt, as if thinking the same thing, caught eye contact with her for a moment and smirked and nodded. He sunk two fingers into the blonde girl's pussy, and began furiously sliding them in and out. She grabbed Stacey's hair once more and pulled, feeling Stacey begin to quiver uncontrollably.

"Come for Mommy and Daddy, Stacey." She murmured, bending over to whisper the words into her ear. Stacey's moans intensified, and she felt fingers being slammed furiously in and out of her pussy and a thumb gyrating on her clit. The pleasure nearly caused Celine to pass out, as her eyes closed and she struggled to remain conscious.

Then Matt buried his teeth into Stacey's neck, and the girl screamed with joy as orgasms began rocking her, lifting Celine to a rock-shattering climax of her own.

Stacey gripped Celine in a fierce, desperate embrace and kissed her like the world was about to explode.

Waves of heat blossomed through the girls as they frantically made out, trying to channel the pleasure they were feeling to the other.

Matt smiled, and disengaged his teeth, leaving a dark, perfect hickey on the back of Stacey's neck.

He sat back for a moment, enjoying the rush of power from making his fuck-toy almost come without even touching her pussy and the satisfaction of introducing his partner to the joys that bisexuality could bring.

Smiling smugly, he looked back at the girls and stopped smiling for a moment.

They looked at each other, and smiled mischievously.

"You know, Mommy, I think Daddy's wearing too many clothes…"

"You know, I think you're right, kitty. Let's make Daddy squeal."


Matt gulped, as he saw the smile the two women were wearing. The same smile he'd had on his face for most of the night.

"Well, fuck." Matt muttered.

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The threesome, Part 2

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