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Adult Camp

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Author: Don'sdick

Published: 05 July 2019

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Don Parker received an assignment to attend a two-week conference at a secluded educational center in Northern Michigan.

The purpose was to learn the ins and outs of the company’s new ‘employee assistance plan’.

He would run the program at the Memphis facility; helping others with personal problems, in order to make a more productive, happier, work force.

Don was allowed to take Carly, his wife of 16years.

There would be plenty of recreational time for the couple, who were in their mid-thirties.

Glen Smith, from the Boston distribution center, brought his small, Italian wife, Rosa.

They enjoyed sharing three, of the four, daily classes with Don and Carly, and the two couples agreed to hit a bar or two each evening.

None of them were heavy drinkers, but they loved to dance and laugh at each other’s mindless jokes.

Classes each day; unbelievable buffet for each meal; walks around the lodge and through the woods to the deep lake which had been created centuries ago by glaciers; it all presented a lovely setting for friends to enjoy two weeks of company paid vacation.

One morning, Rosa announced that a meteor shower would take place that night; she would like to lie on the beach and watch.

Carly didn’t show up for class that morning; Don explained that she had come down with a case of poison ivy, “But if she doesn’t mind, I’d love to watch it with y’all.”

An hour before dark, Rosa and Don met in the huge main room, “Guess what?” Rosa seemed perplexed, “Glen decided to stay here and watch all his favorite western shows on the big TV in the recreation room.

Sometimes I can’t understand how his mind works, but it looks like just you and I will be joining the rest of the class at the beach.”

Four other married couples and two pairs of ‘newly acquainted’, younger people were already around a small campfire.

It was mid-June, so the nights in upper Michigan were plenty cool.

As the first bright streak was spotted, the group decided there was too much light, so the fire was doused and the couples began spreading out down the beach.

Everyone knew there would be some serious fucking happening, soon.

Don spoke first, “Well, this looks like a nice spot. We can put our blankets side by side and talk while we watch the show.”

After thirty minutes of small talk, listening to love making thirty yards away, and spotting twenty- two meteors, Rosa turned onto her side and propped up on her elbow, “Uh, have you ever cheated on Carly, Don?”

“What? Why would you ask me that? And why would I tell you, if I had?”

“Never mind answering; you just did.”


“If you hadn’t cheated, you would have just said so. But you’re trying to beat around the bush, sooooo… the correct answer is, ‘yes’, you have cheated on her; right?”

Don grinned, he had just been busted by a damn Yankee woman, half his size, “Yeah; With her sister, a neighbor and two women from work…. What about you?”

She flopped back down and replied, “Nope, never have. I’ve been thinking about it, though.

You know we have four daughters; what you don’t know is that we lost a son, a little over two years ago.

He was born with a heart problem and died three weeks later.”

Glen took it hardest; he wanted a boy so badly.

Would you believe he’s only made love to me four times in the past two years?

I’m not dead, Don,” she sniffed back a tear, “so why won’t he….”

For some reason, Rosa’s sobs went straight to Don’s blood stream.

His cock began filling as he put his arm around the dark-haired vixen, “Maybe if you take control; stroke him, suck him, mount him when he gets hard. My God, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist a woman like you.”

He wasn’t aware that he was kissing her forehead until she pulled him to her lips. Her hand slid down and into his sweatpants.

She caught her breath when she realized she was grasping the largest cock she had ever felt.

Within seconds, her large, Italian, mouth engulfed half Don’s eight-inch member, striving to take more.

In less than half a minute, he exploded, sending warm, salty streams down her smooth, lovely throat… to her credit, Rosa didn’t lose a drop of his seed.

“Sonofabitch, girl, I sure didn’t expect this to happen. If your pussy is as good as your mouth, Glen doesn’t realize what he’s missing out on. I can’t believe he won’t touch you.”

She never released his shaft as she wriggled out of her panties.

When he began to harden again, she slipped her summer dress up and off, exposing her beautiful tits with dark areolas and nipples.

Her wet cunt accepted most of his dick as she sat astride him.

Three minutes of hard riding brought Rosa to her first orgasm; one which lasted the petite, sex-starved beauty for a full minute and a half.

She almost went completely limp, so Don rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs onto his shoulders and hung his cock back into the depths of her tunnel.

Somewhere down the beach, a woman screamed in ecstasy, prompting Don’s second cum of the evening. His blanket was soaked with sperm and the piss that leaked from her, as he pulled the plug from her pussy.

He may have had a better fuck in the past, but not one he could remember.

The wet blanket served its purpose, wiping away as much evidence as possible.

He would stop by the laundry on the way back to his room.

Not sure if he had just conquered her, or she was the victorious one, he asked, “Uh, I didn’t think to ask you about birth control. Can you still get pregnant?”

Rosa snickered, “Now wouldn’t that be a bitch?

Technically, I still have all the equipment and I’m not on the pill, but I doubt very seriously that will ever happen again.

If I do, I’ll just mount Glen like I did you… I’ll make him fuck me.

In fact, when I get back, I’m gonna shower and make him fuck me tonight.

Uh… are we through, or do you still have a little more left for me?”

They agreed on ‘ninety-six’ as the number of meteors they would tell their spouses they saw.

After pounding Rosa’s pussy two more times that night, it was very late when they ran their blankets through the laundry and made it back to their rooms.

Carly, covered with her Calamine lotion, slept right through Don’s shower and crawling into bed.

Spent and exhausted, he fell asleep within a few minutes.

Glen thought nothing about Rosa’s claim of sand all over her feet and legs.

He was just lying down when she came from her shower; as she climbed over him, she took his dick in her mouth and went to work.

“Rosa, I…”

She covered his mouth with her small hand; she didn’t want to hear a protest.

Seconds later, his shaft rose to full staff; he had been watching Rosa, but his head fell against the pillow. No reason to protest now.

Glen’s mind drifted to the porn movie he’d watched that evening; the busty blonde’s asshole being slammed by an unbelievably giant cock.

He remembered the globs of cum draining from the woman’s ass and slowly making its way across her large cunt.

It was enough to send him over the edge, cumming into Rosa’s mouth.

She moved fast, mounting his hardness before all his juice was spent.

Her well lubricated, ready for more, pussy dropped onto his hard rod easily.

If Don had accidentally impregnated her; now she could claim it was her husband.

Glen was happy his decision to watch porn movies was a better choice that evening, than the old westerns would have been.

At the first sign of her poison ivy rash, the facility doctor had given Carly a strong shot to counteract the allergic reaction.

She was able to attend classes the next day, but told Don she’d stay in their room again that night, if he wanted to join the rest of the group for another ‘meteor watch’.

Feeling his shorts start to bulge, he forced himself to turn away, “I’m not sure anything could top last night’s experience, but I’ll check on what everyone else is doing.”

“Baloney. I know you enjoyed the show. Go; tell Glen and Rosa you’ll meet them;

Then let’s eat some supper. I’d like for you to put the lotion on me again before you go.”

Supper consisted of quick hot dogs, Carly’s choice. Don barely got started applying the pink lotion when Carly rolled onto her back and spread her knees, “Eat me, Honey. Eat me and fuck me hard. Just be careful about rubbing my side.”

Never wanting to disappoint his loving wife, the man slipped his clothes off and dipped his face to his favorite place.

After sixteen years of sucking Carly’s cunt, he still jumped at every opportunity.

It took close to ten minutes for her to reach a powerful orgasm, but her second one came four minutes later; courtesy of Don’s cock slamming in and out of her wetness.

Don groaned, faked a cum, and plopped on top of her sweat covered body, “Damn, that was good… but you always are. Maybe I should just stay…”

“No. No, you get a quick shower and go with our friends. I’ll be fine… especially now.”

She kissed him and pushed his shoulder, “I’ll wait on my shower until morning, since I already have lotion on.

Go, now; go clean up.”

He knew the group already had time to get to the beach, but if he could just get Rosa away from Glen for a little while… just a little while.

“You in a big hurry for something?”

Don jumped at the unexpected voice. Rosa had been standing outside the main doors, waiting for him.

“Uh,” he glanced around, “I was hoping to catch up with the group. Where’s Glen?”

“Watching fuck movies. He’s not going with us, okay?”

Smiling back at her, he responded, “I can’t believe he’d rather watch a fuck movie, than fuck a movie star like you.

I reckon I’ll just have to do it for him.”

He did…

Carly lay on the bed, partially covered with a sheet, when Don walked into the room, “How you doin’, Honey? I’m gonna rinse off because of the sand. Be back in a few minutes.”

“Oh, I’m doing fine; just been layin’ around since you left. Before you tie up the bathroom, let me just douche the rest of the cum out of my pussy. It’s hard to believe so much is still in there.”

Don watched her douche and wash, followed her back to the bed and kissed her, “Since I didn’t cum inside you earlier… how was Glen tonight?”

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Adult Camp

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Comments (1)
moooow2 — 10 July 2019 03:45
good story!
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