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Sammy gets trained, the prequel

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Coercion, Slavery

Author: abroadsword

Published: 05 July 2019

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Sammy gets trained, the prequel

Samantha was depressed. Her life was a mess. She was going nowhere. She failed her college courses. She couldn’t keep a boyfriend. She needed help.

Her friend Anya suggested she contact Mike, a life coach who had helped other girls, so Samantha arranged to meet him at his office down town around noon.

Mike was a good looking guy in his thirties. He wore a smart lightweight suit with a conservative shirt and tie and looked every inch the consummate professional.

His receptionist Mandy showed Samantha in to Mike’s office and then went to lunch.

“Hi, Sam, I’m Mike, I understand you are depressed,” he ventured getting straight to the point.

“I guess,” she replied.

“So what’s wrong?” he asked, “Guy trouble?”

She nodded, “I feel stupid, guys just use me.”

He sympathised, “How so.”

“They just use me for sex,” she explained.

“I sort of guessed that,” he agreed.

“Then they dump me” she added.

“Why let guys use you?” he ventured.

“I’m not gay,” she explained.

“Right,” he agreed, “You seem nervous?”

“I guess,” she agreed.

“Am I making you nervous?” he asked.

“Sure,” she agreed.

“Waiting for me to make a move?” he asked.

“Sure,” she agreed.

“I just want to help you. listen to what’s worrying you,” he insisted.

“Ok,” she replied.

“So what’s worrying you?” he asked.

“You haven’t made a move yet.” she confessed.

“Yes, I’m here to listen,” he agreed.

“Don’t you like me?” she asked.

“That isn’t really the issue?” he insisted, “I just want you you relax.”

She nodded.

“Sam, you just need to relax,” he insisted, “You’re all tense.” “Why don’t you slip your bra off and take the weight off your shoulders?”

“Oh great, you just want to see my tits,” she retorted.

“No, keep your top on and just undo your bra so your nips aren’t squashed,” he suggested

“Oh, I see,” she agreed.

“You’re horny, I guess you feel I disrespected you by not making a move?” he ventured.

“I guess,” she agreed.

“How about you get naked?” he asked, “Would that help?”

“I guess,” she agreed.

“So tell me, what’s the issue,” he asked.

“Don’t you want me to get naked?” she asked.

“Only if you want to,” he agreed.

“You gay or something?” she asked.

“No, I’m not gay,” he admitted.

“You turned on by me talking about getting naked?” she asked.

“This is not about me,” he insisted.

“Why don’t you goof off?” she asked.

“It would be rather rude,” he suggested.

“How about if I gave you a blow job?” she asked.

“This is not about me,” he insisted.

“Maybe I want to get your cock out and suck it?” she suggested.

“Do you?” he asked.

“Sure if you want,” she agreed.

“No, this about you,” he insisted.

“Then please stop talking dirty and make a move,” she replied.

“I want to help,” he insisted.

“Then help!” she protested, “You made me feel horny so do something!”

“So let me understand, the problem is guys just use you?” he asked.

“Yes, then they dump me,” she said.

“And you want?” he asked.

“To cum of course,” she replied, “Its not fair!”

“Do you want someone to love you, care for you, cherish you?” he asked.

“No, I just need to cum.” she admitted.

“You ever thought of being a whore?” he asked.

“No, of course not!” she snapped.

“All the cock you can handle and get paid for it?” he suggested.

“No!” she insisted.

“Join a pervert club and do it for free then,” he suggested.

“What?” she exclaimed.

“Join a private club and get all the sex you can handle,” he explained.

“You have to be kidding,” she protested.

“No, obviously it’s not for everyone, but it suits some girls,” he assured her, “There are several clubs right here in town and they are always very pleased to welcome new members.”

“Seriously?” she gasped.

“Deadly serious,” he agreed, “You get laid, no strings. Get an orgasm, no awkward date, no wondering if he will call, just a puss full of nice hard cock, hell you don’t even have to see the guy.”

“What?” she stuttered.

“One place, the girls put their head and arms through a partition,” he explained, “They bend at the waist and watch porn on TV while guys fuck them from behind. The guy doesn’t see them and they don’t see the guys.”

“Oh my lord that’s disgusting!” she gasped.

“But if it gets them off where’s the harm?” he asked. “Maybe you like dominating guys? Dress up in leather and whip a guy until he screams, or torture him?”

“Er, no?” she said.

“Maybe you want them to tie you up and fuck you every which way,” he suggested,” Whip you maybe?”

“No,” she stuttered.

“You sure, you look like the submissive type to me,” he challenged.

“I just want someone to love me,” she blurted out.

“Really, you think someone will love you,” he asked. “You got fifty grand of student loan and no qualifications, Nice tits shame about the face, bit flabby round the middle, seriously Sam you’re not wife material, quickie after a few beers maybe, but girlfriend no way.”

“But you’re supposed to hep me!” she protested.

“By telling it like it is Sammy,” he insisted, “I won’t lie to you.”

“So what do I do?” she asked.

“Lose some weight, pay off the loan, trick some guy into getting you pregnant,” he suggested.

“Oh great, just like that,” she said.

“Yes, join a club, see if you like it and if you do see if they will offer you a job,” he suggested.

“What job?” she asked.

“Brain surgeon,” he suggested flippantly, “A whore of course, hell you could be debt free inside two years.”

“Gee,” she agreed, “What would my friends say!”

“Tell them you have a job upstate,” he suggested, “You coud live in and just go home every few weeks or so when you have your period?”

“Gee,” Sammy said, “I don’t know if I could do that.”

“You could try for a week maybe?” he suggested. “Tell your friends and family you had an interview and have a weeks trial upstate somewhere?”

“Gee!” she said, “When?”

“How does this afternoon sound, grab some clothes, and overnight bag enough for a week and meet me back here in a couple of hours and I’ll have it all set up.”

“Just like that, you don’t want me do do anything?” she asked.

“No Sammy, I’m just here to help.” He explained, “See you here at five o’clock,” he said ushering her towards the door, “See you later.”

To be continued

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Sammy gets trained, the prequel

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Comments (2)
Impax — 07 July 2019 22:13
This is interesting. She doesn't want to be a whore, but she's gonna sell that pussy and find out something interesting about herself...
Impax — 07 July 2019 22:12
This is interesting. She doesn't want to be a whore, but she's gonna sell that pussy and find out something interesting about herself...
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