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Amy Emily and Me Part 4

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Incest, Teen

Author: Fucktoy Toilet Slave 69

Published: 05 July 2019

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Emily and I knew that mom and dad would be home soon so we better get dressed and appear normal when they got there.

I put on sweats and a tank top and Emily put on a tight pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We were sitting at the dining room table doing homework when mom came in.

Hi kids. Mom said.

We both looked up and replied, Hi Mom.

She went to their bedroom to change and Emily and I smiled at each other knowing that we needed to keep quiet about everything so far.

I can still taste it. I told Emily.

I can still taste your cum too, she responded.

Mom came in and said that she was going to make supper. She asked what we were hungry for. Emily and I gave each other a little smile and said to surprise us.

After Mom went to the kitchen, Emily whispered that she wanted a huge sausage. I smirked and told her I wanted shit on a shingle.

We both cracked up laughing. Mom asked what was so funny.

Nothing. I told her. Just a private joke.

Ok. You kids need to grow up. Mom said.

Neither of us could concentrate on our homework. My head was still spinning on the events from earlier. Emily suggested that we stay home from school tomorrow. Mom and dad will be at work all day. I thought about it and agreed.

Just then, Emily's phone rang. It's Amy, she said.


What can't you stop thinking about???

Oh yeah... I forgot that you said that...

I was cheesing about their conversation. I knew exactly what Amy wanted to do.

No I haven't told Kevin anything... Do you want me to????

I didn't think you did...

Emily was almost ready to start laughing hysterically.

You came...??? How many times...???

My cock was getting hard hearing that Amy came more than once thinking about shitting on me.I could see Mom in the kitchen busy getting dinner ready. I reached over and took Emily's hand and put it on my bulging sweatpants.

You sure I shouldn't tell him??? Emily teased.

I could hear Amy yelling at Emily.

GOD NO!!! He'd never let me do that!!!

You never know what he might let you do...

Emily was enjoying their conversation very much knowing that I could hear them.

Ok. Ok. I won't tell him...

I have to get back to my homework...

Ok. Call me later.


Emily was rubbing my cock under the table and said, I'm sure you heard most of that.

Yes I did. I told her.

By now we could smell that supper was getting close to being done. The smell of Alfredo is very distinctive.

I whispered to Emily that she should see if Amy could come over for supper. This would make her fart a lot. We both started laughing aloud.

Another private joke???? Mom asked.

Emily answered, Yes Mom.

Is it ok if I invite Amy over for supper???

Well that depends on if she wants to and if it's ok with her Mom.

I was almost ready to bust a load right in Emily's hand.

I'll see what she says... Emily told Mom.

Emily then called Amy and invited her over. We're having Alfredo...

The phone was between us so I could hear Amy too.

Won't Kevin just love that if I do????

I'm sure he probably will. Emily responded.

Amy said that she'd ask her Mom.

Mom doesn't feel like cooking tonight anyway so that'll be fine. What should I wear for Kevin's smelly torture? I could hear her excitement in her voice.

Emily suggested a skirt and thong panties while stroking my cock harder now.

Fuck. He'll be jerking off for a month straight after that. Amy chortled.

Probably... Emily laughed.

Ok Amy... We'll see you in a little while.


Just then Dad came in the door and said that we all need to talk. We closed our school books and Mom came in the dining room and sat down.

Ummm... I just got a call from my brother Bob. His wife Cindy got in a bad car accident and he wants us to come there.

All of us??? I asked.

No. Just your mom and me. Dad said. She's in surgery right now and might not make it. We need to leave as soon as we can.

Mom said she'll pack and for Dad to get changed. We can leave in less than half an hour. Supper is almost ready. You two are on your own.

While they were getting ready, Emily and I finished getting supper ready and set the table for us and Amy.

Dad took the suitcases out to the car and Mom was frantically making sure they had enough of everything they needed. Bob and Cindy live about an hour and a half away.

Just before they left, Amy walked in. We each gave Mom and Dad a hug and told them to have a safe trip and let us know what was going on.

We explained what was happening and turned supper down on low while we thalked about everything. We then realized that we were alone in the house and could basically do anything we wanted to.

While I was serving the meal and getting the garlic bread out of the oven, Amy and Emily went to her room and said that they'd be right back.

I could hear laughing coming from upstairs. A couple of minutes later they came in and sat down. They were both giggling smiling back and forth.

Kevin... Can you get the parmesan cheese please? Emily asked.

Sure sis. I went to the kitchen and they were laughing even harder.

I got back and Amy said thanks and bon appetit.

I knew something was up but I didn't care. Emily and I had a secret bigger than anything they could have concocted.

We began eating and they were watching me intently while trying to carry on with a regular conversation. As I was eating dinner I took one forkful and tasted something different....

I knew what it was, but wondered WHO it came from. It was pretty easy to conceal with the sausage... but I knew.

I made a little bit of a disgusted look while I swallowed it but didn't complain.

They both started laughing....

What...???? I asked.

Nothing... Just a private joke. Emily answered.

My cock was throbbing now thinking that I probably just ate Amy's shit. I knew that she was going to be farting later. Amy ate a whole plateful of Alfredo. A little milk makes her fart, but this much Alfredo would probably make her like a farting machine.

After we were done, I got up and started collecting dishes. I made it a point to stand inches away from Amy's face and let her see the tent in my sweats while getting her plate.

Emily told Amy that she didn't need to help clean up because she's company. As we were putting everything away and loading the dishwasher, I asked Emily quietly who's shit it was.

Amy's... She answered and rubbed my cock. How was it???

A little different from yours but definitely tasty, I told her.

Emily smiled and said that they were going to go to her room for a little while but not to go to my room. She was figuring out a plan for Amy to fart up a storm for my benefit.

Ok sis.

We were just out of view and kissed before she left the kitchen.

Come on Amy, she said as she headed towards her room. They giggled all of the way there.

I went to the living room and turned on the TV. I then went to Emily's door and listened a little. Emily was trying to talk Amy into figuring out a way to actually take a dump on me. Everything she suggested, Amy got nervous and said no. Then I got an idea.

I went back to the living room and made some noise as I went back upstairs and knocked on the door.

Emily said to come in. I opened the door and asked if either of them wanted a drink.

Mom and Dad are most likely going to be gone all weekend and tomorrow is Friday. So....???

They looked at each other and both had to think about it for a few seconds and then Emily said that she would.

Come on Amy... You can stay the night and we'll be okay. Emily urged her.

I... Ummm... I guess so... Amy gave in and asked what we have.

Beer, vodka, schnapps, almost everything. I told her.

They looked at each other and both said schnapps and started laughing.

I said that Amy better call her mom and get permission to stay before we start drinking.

Amy called her mom and told her about our aunt and said that Emily needed her support. She also asked that if Emily was still in hysterics tomorrow if it would be okay to stay here with her instead of going to school.

Amy's mom talked to Emily and decided that it would be okay and said that she hopes that Aunt Cindy comes through okay. Emily said thanks for the support and thank you for letting Amy stay.

After Amy hung up, she said, Well.... Let's get this party started.

I said that we should go to the basement. The bar is there and we have games and TV there. Emily agreed and told me to pour some drinks and set up the card table and told me that they would be right there.

I set up the table and got the drinks ready. My cock was half hard in anticipation of everything I was hoping would take place.

I heard footsteps coming down. Amy was in the lead with Emily following close. Thank God I was already seated at the table. Amy had taken her bra off and was wearing an almost see through blouse of Emily's that I always found to be sexy.

Emily was now wearing a skirt and a blouse that was almost see through too. She paused behind Amy and took her thong off and twirled it around her finger and hid it in her palm before coming down the rest of the way. After sitting down, she handed it to me under the table. I stashed it in my pocket.

I raised my glass up and proposed a toast. To what??? Amy inquired

To.... I had to think.

To .... To.... Alfredo.

We all laughed hysterically.

To Alfredo, Amy repeated and slammed her first glass.

I looked at Emily and said, This is going to be fun.

She and I cliinked our glasses together and each took a sip.

I got up to get Amy another drink and she saw my hard-on tent in my sweats.

Hurry up. I'm getting thirsty. Amy commanded.

Yes your highness. I replied almost sarcastically.

Emily was all smiles. She knew exactly where I was trying to push the direction of this party.

While I was pouring Amy's schnapps I asked if they wanted to play a game. Amy suggested Truth or Dare. I handed her her drink and sat back down. Emily and I looked at each other and both replied that it sounds like fun.

Emily went first.

Amy... Truth or dare???

Dare, she answered.

I dare you to kiss me.

Emily was definitely trying to give me a little bit of a tease. Amy leaned over and kissed her lips.

My turn. Amy said.

Kevin... Truth or dare.

Dare I replied.

Ummm... I dare you to touch your sister's boob.

I reached over to touch it and put my hand over the one closest but pulled my hand back.

Chicken... Amy said.

I then leaned down and kissed her nipple through the blouse.

Amy's mouth dropped open in disbelief. After she came back to reality, she slammed her second glass and fanned her face.

That was hot... She said.

I got up and grabbed the bottle and brought it back. I poured Amy another drink and topped off Emily's and my glass.

I raised my glass again and said, to Alfredo...

We all toasted Alfredo again and started laughing. This time Emily slammed hers.

As I was refilling her glass she grabbed my cock through my sweats.

Emily.... Truth or dare.

Dare she said.

I dare you to kiss Amy's tits.

Amy's eye's lit up and she stood up and unbuttoned her blouse. Emily leaned over and kissed one of Amy's nipples. She glanced at me and sucked the other one while she squeezed my boner hard.

Amy sat back down but didn't button the blouse leaving her breasts semi-exposed.

Everyone took another drink.

Kevin... Truth or dare??? Emily asked.

Dare. I answered.

Emily gave Amy and me a very mischievous look and said...

I dare you to kiss Amy... Amy's ass.

Amy stood up and turned around and pulled her skirt up and told me to kiss her. Emily told her to bend over and give me a target.

She did and said, Be careful. I might fart on your lips.

Under my breath I said, I hope you do.

I pulled her thong out of the way and licked her asshole and then kissed it.

Amy spun around and looked at me like she was mad. She raised her hand to slap my face, dropped her hand, smiled and then kissed me.

She then sat down in the chair closest to me.

Amy I said, Truth or dare???

Truth, she answered.

Did you like that??? I asked.

I was shocked at first but... Yes I loved it. Nobody else has ever licked my asshole before.

Emily reminded us that she was still there. Don't forget about me over here.

I slammed my drink this time. As I was refilling my glass, Amy reached under the table and felt my hard-on. Emily moved her hand out of the way just before Amy's was reaching.

Amy looked at both of us and asked....

Emily... Truth or dare???

Emily paused, and answered... Dare.

I dare you to kiss your brother, but not just a little kiss. Kiss him like he's your boyfriend.

I looked at Emily and she looked at me and.... gave me a kiss that made my cock even harder in Amy's hand.

We were all a little dumbfounded about what to do next when...

Amy ripped out a huge load fart and brought everyone back to reality. We all started laughing hysterically.

Amy said that she wished she could have done that while I was kissing her ass. I surprised myself when I said, Me too.

My turn... Emily reminded us.

Amy... Truth or dare???

Amy took a drink and replied, Truth.

Emily asked her what her deepest, darkest fantasy is.

Amy blushed and almost choked on the schnapps.

That's not fair Emily.... You know what my fantasy is.

I do.... But Kevin doesn't.

Emily was trying really hard to get Amy to tell me what she wants to do.

Ummmmm..... Amy said.

Well...???? Emily asked.

Amy slammed her glass of schnapps and took a very deep breath.

Then she looked me straight in the eye, gripped my cock harder and slowly she said... My deepest... darkest... fantasy is to....

My eyes were wide open in anticipation hearing her word's

Yes.... I said.

Is... to... Shit on your face Kevin.

You probably hate me now she said and pulled her hand away from me. She couldn't look at me anymore.

I took her hand in mine and leaned over and kissed her.

I don't hate you Amy.

She looked up at me with a tear in her eye and said, Really??? I probably would.

I put her hand back down on my cock and kissed her again. I pulled her closer and started kissing her like I was making love to her. She grabbed my cock and squeezed really hard while returning my kiss enthusiastically.

I told her that her fantasy actually turned me on. She asked why.

I said that I don't know. It just does.

Then I felt Emily's hand on Amy's hand and she helped Amy start stroking my cock. I leaned over and kissed Emily. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she returned my kiss. I then did the same thing to Amy again. Back and forth this went on for a few minutes.

Emily said that she had a fart brewing. Amy's eye's lit up and she said that she wanted to see her fart on my mouth.

When you're done I'll try too. Amy said.

They both stood up and Emily pushed her ass towards my face. Amy raised Emily's skirt and saw that Emily didn't have any panties on. She began rubbing Emily's ass and spreading her cheeks apart.

I layed down on the floor and Emily squatted right over my mouth. Amy got down close to watch.

Are you ready...??? Emily asked.

Amy and I both responded, Ready at the same time. As she farted, I licked her asshole. It wasn't a huge fart but it still turned me on.

Amy got even closer now and kissed Emily's ass cheek. I think that she wanted to try it too. Then Emily pushed her ass down onto my mouth harder while she forced a much bigger fart out. I shoved my tongue deep inside of her this time. Amy inhaled deeply. I did too. The scent was pungent but very intoxicating.

I kept licking Emily's asshole and started tongue fucking her. Amy asked me if that's what I want to do to her. I nodded my head yes and kept licking.

Amy didn't know it but Emily had my cock out and was stroking it. Emily farted a few more times before she put my cock back inside of my sweats and got up.

Amy started kissing me like she was in love with me. She sucked my tongue like it was a cock. I think that she was trying to taste Emily's ass on it.

Then she stood up and pulled her panties off and squatted right over my mouth.

I can really feel the Alfredo working... The alcohol too. She warned me. Emily sat down next to us and began rubbing her pussy while watching me kiss Amy's inner thighs and ass cheeks.

As she tried to fart, I could feel a little bit of pee leaking from her pussy. I pulled her so her pussy was right over my mouth and started licking her damp lips. I pushed my tongue between the lips and sucked on them.

Emily was watching closely. She saw some more dribble out and told Amy to pee in my mouth. Make him drink it. She said in a kind of commanding voice.

Amy relaxed and let it go. It started out as a dribble and turned into a stream. I swallowed it as fast as I could. Some was running down my cheeks but I got most of it.

She then farted and Emily shoved her tongue deep inside of Amy's asshole. The aroma was much stronger than Emily's gas earlier. My mouth kept filling with the golden fluid and I swallowed all of it that I could. With everything she drank, she had a lot to give me.

Emily was devouring Amy's cute little asshole. I was seeing my sister's tongue going in and out of the hole at a record speed. My tongue licking up the remaining drops on her pussy and was fucking her pussy with it.

When I found her clit, I licked and sucked it. Amy started shaking and moaning. Together Emily and I were bringing Amy to an earth shattering orgasm. Amy was screaming that she was cumming. Emily held her hips in place and continued fucking Amy's asshole.

She came several times. Each one stronger than the last. Eventually she collapsed on top of me with her face resting on my hard cock.

Emily kissed her ass cheeks a few times and then kissed me. Her tongue probing my mouth.

As Amy was recovering, she farted. Then she farted again. Emily was lightly licking Amy's asshole. I was jealous that my tongue couldn't reach it but I watched Emily.

I thought that Amy was falling asleep and we helped her get off of me and on the floor. Then I picked her up and put her on the couch. She was drunk and exhausted. She rolled over so her ass was facing us.

Emily and I sat down at put our chairs close together and held each other. We talked about what we did and Emily said that when Amy farted on her tongue she almost came. I said that was how I felt when she farted on my tongue. We kissed and made out and took liberties with each other's bodies recovered ourselves.

Emily said that she needed to pee and I said that I do too. We looked at each other and smiled. We both knew what the other one was thinking.

There's a shower upstairs, I said. I pulled my sweats off and took Emily's hand. We slowly went upstairs. My hand rubbing her ass and her hand around my cock....

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Amy Emily and Me Part 4

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