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  1. How it all began with the BBC search..
  2. How it all began 2 Pam in desperation turns to BBC
  3. How it all Began 3 Pam introduces Marie to BBC
  4. How it all began 4 Pam tries her luck again then helps Marie.

How it all Began 3 Pam introduces Marie to BBC

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing

Author: bigbo400

Published: 11 July 2019

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Pam called Marie and told her about her yard boy's fucking her and how much she loved it, Especially the on with the 13" cock.. "Oh my god Pam were you able to take all of that?" "Yes but it did hurt a bit the first time he passed my cervix but then it felt absolutely wonderful, The other two are only about 10" but much thicker than Bobbie." "Oh shit that sounds exciting, I wouldn't mind trying that myself" "If you're interested why don't you come over on Tuesday morning, They will be here to cut the grass and we can take turns" "I will be there at 9am sharp" "Ok don't wear panties, You won't be needing them lol"

Tuesday arrived and Marie was on time.. The guys were there already so I let her peek at them from the kitchen window.. "My god Pan they look hot without their shirts.." "They look even hotter without their shorts hehe" I Said "well you interested?" "He'll yes I'm interested" "Well come with me ad do as I do" Pam pulled her skirt up and tucked into her waistband and walked to the patio door, I followed suit, Then she opened it and we stood there on display.. One of the young guys saw us and got the other ones attention.. When he to saw us here they come.. Pam introduced me and said "She's as horny as I am, You boys think you could help her out?" WE stepped back and they came in dropping their shorts as they did saying "He'll yes" We simply turned and bent forward lifting your skirts in the back and they both entered us and began fucking like dogs in heat.. When they finished I told them to please send Big Jim in.. As they left out I pulled a dining chair you and when Big Jim cam in his eyes bout popped out of his head.. "Jim this is a very good friend of mine who wanted to meet you guys, Would you please drop your shorts and have a seat in the chair" He did and Marie wasted no time, She straddled his legs and lowered herself.. She met with a bit of resistance at firs but went right down.. I knew when he got to her cervix because she had a grimace on her face but being the trooper she was she kept going until he was all the way in, Then she looked at me and smiled then started stroking him but cum her ass off after about the third stroke then she really got into stroking, Taking longer and longer strokes and appeared to be in a constant orgasm.. It didn't take Jim long to cum after that and when she pulled off she said "Big Jim that was a wonderful fuck, In fact I would love to do it again but my hubby is home so I need to get back.. Would it be possible to come by your place tonight when I have more time?"

"Well Marie I agree, That was a wonderful fuck and I would love for you to come by my pace tonight" "Jim since Sam works days maybe you could invite him over also, I'm sure they both would enjoy each other and he can fill in while you recover because I'm sure she is going to want more than just one fuck." "Sure I can I'm sure he would like her as much as you". Well if your son's were there too she would love sucking them off while she fucks you and Sam" "Oh hell yes I love sucking cock while getting fucked"

Jim went back to the yard work well satisfied.. After he left.. I told Marie about Sam "Look girl if you thought Jim's cock felt good just wait till Sam fucks you, He has this beautiful 15" cock that really feels good" "wow you think that I can take that much?" "Well you were not sure about the 13" but apparently liked it, I'm sure the result will be as good or better"

Marie did go to Big Jim's place and sure enough his son's and Sam were there.. She looked at Sam and said "I have already met everyone else so I'm assuming that you are Sam." "Yes and you must be Marie, Nice to meet you Marie.." "Well Sam Pam tells me that your cock is 15" I'm not sure I can handle that much but if you will be patient and let Jim fuck me first I sure want to try" Jim took a seat in a chair and I mounted him, This time he went in with no problem and the fuck was even better than earlier.. I must have cum 10-15 times before pulling off.. I looked at Sam and smiled "I'm ready now please have a seat.. Not only was he longer but thicker also.. After a tight entrance he just slipped right in.. it didn't hurt my cervix when he passed it but I definitely felt it.. I continued down until I felt him hit bottom and his pubic bone hit mine at the same time and damn it felt good as with Jim I must have cum 10-15 times before he did then pulled off.. Saying "After that I think I need a beer" Jim got all of us a cold one and we sat around the dining table, Including the boys and chatted.. I told them that today was the first time I took more than 10" and absolutely loved it.. Both of you were absolutely great.. You wouldn't happen to have any friends with as bit or even bigger cocks would you?" Sam said "Well I do have this one friend who has never been able to fuck a woman because they all run when they see his cock" "Oh really, Just how big is he?" "He is only about 14" but really thick, Much, much thicker than us.." "I did like your length but I also liked it because it was thicker than Jim's so maybe that's my thing, I'm not sure but if I get the chance I will definitely attempt to take him" "Can you come back tomorrow night?" "Sure I was planning anyway on it if Jim

didn't mind" "he'll no I don't mind you are welcome any time" "Good I will call him now"

He did call and he said for sure he would be here" "That sounds great, I can hardly wait"

"Jim you ready?" he was and took a seat in the chair and I backed up to him setting down on that lovely cock.. Once he was seated fully I called over one of the young guys and began sucking his cock like I was starved... Didn't take long for him the fill my mouth which I swallowed every drop and smiled up at him licking my lips then called over the other one and did the same thing all the time Cumming like crazy on Jim's big cock.. This guy and Jim came about the same time and I went wild with orgasm..

Once I pulled off I called Sam over and once seated properly I called over the first guy again.. He wasn't hard again but didn't take me long to get him that way.. I fucked and sucked them until 10:30 and said "Look guys my hubby will be home within an hour and I need to get home and clean up a bit before he does but I assure you I will be here tomorrow night..

On the way home I thought to myself, I can't believe that I fucked and sucked four cocks three times, That's six fucks and six blowjobs and everyone of them was super..

Next night I arrived and met the new guy Harold.. "Harold Sam tells me that the women run away when they see your cock" "Yes mam that's true" "Would you mind showing me why?" "Not at all and if you don't run you will be the first" With that he dropped his pants and wow I can see why women would run, He was absolutely huge.. I stepped up to him and took him in my hands looked him in the eyes and said "Harold you definitely have a huge cock but as you can tell I'm not scared of it at all, In fact I'm looking forward to attempting to fuck you.. No guarantees. Just let me fuck Jim and Sam and we will work on it" I did fuck Sam and Jim and sucked off Jim's two sons.. "Ok Harold lay on the floor on your back and we will give this a try.. Try as I may there was just no way to fit him in so I lay beside him and jacked him off while licking the head free of precum until he shot his load while I had my lips firm against his head taking every drop of his delicious cum.. Once he softened I got back on top and placed the head at my entrance and stuffed him inside.. Once he was inside I started thrusting my pelvis and taking little short strokes.. "Harold even soft you feel great inside me." That evidently did the trick because he started to get hard again and the harder he got the harder I stroked until much to my delight he was fully erect and I am having a problem getting movement until finally my pussy stretched enough and I stared stroking longer and longer.. Harold said "wow I can't believe a woman is actually fucking me, This is fucking great" "yes it is Harold I fucking love it" My strokes are getting longer and longer now until I'm coming almost all the way out before ramming back down really hard, All the time Cumming my ass off.. Once Harold got close I pressed down real hard thrusting back and forth until he cum deep inside me.. I rolled to the side and said " wow Harold that was fucking unreal Thank you so much.. "No thank You Marie I have no idea how I can ever repay you for that" "How about doing it again later that would be payment enough"

Harold did fuck me again in fact he fucked me two more times and these two He was able to enter me fully erect..

Friday night she returned to find only Sam and Harold there plus Sam's 18 year old grandson Who Sam introduced as Tim.. Marie Tim is a virgin even though he's 18 so I thought who better to break him in than you." Oh that's so sweet I would be honored." "Tim have you ever even see a necked woman?" "only in magazines mam"

She pulled her dress off and said "Well now you have, So what you think? "Shit mam you look much better than any of them in the magazines" "Ahh that's sweet, Would you mind if I see you now?" With that Tim dropped his pants and damn he must have been 12" long but very thin.. "Very nice cock Tim, Now lay on the floor for me" when he did I straddled him and put it inside when I felt him at my cervix I just sort of rubbed the head around enjoying the feeling.. Tim got a little to excited and thrust hard evidently at just the right time, he must of been lined up with the opening because there was a sharp momentary pain as he entered my cervix for the first time.. To my surprise after the initial sharp pain it felt really, really good and I finished what he started and took him all the way.. My orgasm started immediately and I was Cumming my ass off.. I may have took his cherry but he took my cervix cherry and I hope it won't be the last time.. As young and inexperienced as he is I'm sure there will be several opportunities before the night is over.. He didn't last long but that was to be expected, At least he cum inside my cervix for the first time in my life.. I fucked Sam and Harold three times each and Tim six times and I don't know which I enjoyed most..

Before I left I told them I wanted them to do me a favor and let me come over tomorrow night since it's Saturday my hubby won't be working and I want to bring him along.. When he comes in I want you and Harold to grab him and sit him down in a chair while Tim ties him up so that he can't move and has to watch." "You sure you want that Marie?" "Yes for sure, You will understand tomorrow night"

We arrived and as planned they grabbed him, Once he was secure she told him

that there was something she wanted to make very clear to him.. All those times of unfulfilling sex with him led her to seek satisfaction elsewhere. She loved him but could not live with the strong sexual need

that he could not provide.. Two or Three min of fucking and then rolling over to fall asleep would just not work and she found a way to resolve the problem. Now rather than try and explain I'm going to show you what I'm talking about..

Tim undress please.. Tim is only 18 years old but much of a man when it comes to pleasing a woman.. The first time I fucked him he was a virgin with a long slim dick with which I was able to insert into my cervix for the first time there is no feeling that can match that so any time he wants to fuck

me I'm ready and willing. He's not the only one who fucks my cervix now that he has stretched it there

are several others that get in there on a regular bases. Sam and Harold here are much to large to get

in there but they have other qualities..

Ok Tim please lay on the floor so we can demonstrate.. When he does I straddle him and lower myself

Taking most of his 12 inches until he hits my cervix, I grinding my hips while pressing down and pop he

enters.. I tell hubby that he is now inside my cervix and I'm gonna take the other three inches in there.

Once I'm fully in I start long stroking telling my hubby that he is now fucking my cervix and it's gonna make me cum shortly, something you have never did before.. I always had to pleasure myself after you went to sleep.. Not only is he gonna make me cum but I will prolly cum several time before he does and then

when he cum's I will cum one last time as he does.. When Tim finishes I lift off and tell Sam to undress and take the position which he does. Now Sam here is 15 inches of thick hard meat which I also love dearly.. The first time he fucked me was immediately after a guy with q 13 inch fat cock had finished.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Sam has a tremendous staying power which allows me to climax10 or 12 times before he dumps a huge load of cum very deep in my womb..

Once Sam finished I told Harold to undress and take the position which he did.. Now look at that cock. That's a horse size cock and to date I'm the only woman who has taken him.. Watch this, I straddle him

and sit on his cock with my whole body weight without penetration.. There is no way I can get him in with a full hard on.. Again as always I bring him off and allow him to soften then stuff him inside,, This is the only way I can get him in me but once inside I will tease him until he penetrates me fully and become completely erect again which stretches me unbelievably which I love.. He will be so

thick that I can't move up and down but I will wiggle around until I loosen up enough to move.. Once that happens I will take short strokes until I cum like gangbusters..

After I calm down a bit I will start taking gradually longer strokes until they are a bout 10 inches long at which time Harold will begin to fuck me really hard and I will cum so hard that I sometimes pass out.. After Harold finishes I remain sitting on him and call Tim over who is hard again

I take him in my mouth and begin to face fucking him really fast and herd then when I feel he's about ready I lung forward Taking the full 12 inches down my throat while he empties his balls again..

After that Harold is hard again and while we are again fucking I motion for Sam who I take as much as

I can until he also unloads in my throat.. Now I really fuck Harold hard until he's ready to finish and I jump off and put my mouth over the end of his cock and take his load.. With cum running down my chin and tits I turn to my hubby and say "Now that's what I need on a regular bases If you can handle

it we will be fine if not then I'm sorry".

Gosh Marie I had no idea, You should have told me sooner.. It's a synch that I can't compete with these

guys but I assure you that I will find a way to solve our sex problem if you're willing to work with me. Now that this is out in the open you no longer have to hide it, In fact any time you want to invite one or all of them over please do so I kind of liked watching.. So In other words I will no longer have to

pleasure myself when you are not up to doing it for me.. Yes of course, You can invite them or go to them it's your choosing I want you to be happy.. Ok something else you need to know.. The guys here is

just a sampling I also like to be gangbanged and have had as many as 10 in one go with most of them taking me 2 and 3 times.. Apparently the more I fuck the more I want to fuck so it would be impossible

for one man to satisfy me. Just so you know I'm not the only woman who feels like this, In fact there is another one who lives in the same block just down the street.. she's the one who turned me on to this when I was confiding in her about our problem in the bedroom.. Turns out she has the same problem which she resolved by fucking her son's classmates.. every year when her husband goes to seminary and

her son goes to summer camp for 2 weeks she has regular gangbangs with them to which she invited me one day.. Reluctantly I took her up on it and for the first time I cum during intercourse and not just once

but many times.. Those kids were amazing, They could pop a nut and be ready for another in 15 min, Sometimes never even go down before popping another. Hell I was in heaven.. The only thing was that only

one had a large cock and it was only 10 inches which was great for me for a while.. He used to come to

our house while you were working and fuck me for hours..

Then summer vacation was over and she wasn't getting as much from the boys so she hit on the three lawn

guys, One of which had a 13 inch cock and that's how we got started with the bbc thing and haven't looked back since.. As a matter of fact I can introduce you to her if you would like, It might do you some

good to get some strange.. Matter of fact I need to introduce her to Harold anyway.. Maybe we can have a

get together with you and Harold.. "You saying that you won't be upset if I fuck her?" Why would I be after all I will be fucking Harold and anyone else he or she brings..

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How it all Began 3 Pam introduces Marie to BBC

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