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RUNAWAY Chapter 18 "Time Alone with Viktor"

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty

Author: brokenwing

Published: 11 July 2019

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After a few more minutes Viktor came over to her and helped her off of Dwayne and the sofa. Everyone watched in shock as Viktor walked and guided Holly to an unmarked door.

Roger started to follow but the large Italian man Vincent grabbed hold of his arm, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Holly's eyes opened wide when she was guided through the unmarked door and Viktor locked it behind them it had a vanity with a sink basin, a toilet and a glass enclosed shower.

He sat her on the toilet and turned the water in the shower on. She definitely needed to pee but it was embarrassing doing so with him in the restroom. He kept his body and face pointed at the shower to give her confidence to pee. Eventually she was able. He asked, "Are you done?"

Holly nodded so he gently pushed her knees apart tore a piece of toilet paper and wiped between her legs. He did it intentionally to communicate control and humiliation. Once he wiped her he helped her to her feet, guided her naked body to the shower, checked the water temperature and when he could tell it wasn't too hot or cold he walked her into the shower. He took hold of one wrist and turned the palm of her hand up and opened the lid of a bottle squirting fluid in her hand and said, "Shampoo. Wash your hair."

She did as she was told and it was and it did feel good to wash. He just stood there and watched her not saying a word and not rushing her. Once she rinsed the shampoo from her hair he took another bottle and poured fluid into his hand, "Body wash."

He rubbed his hands together and took hold of one of her arms gently pulling her to the edge of the shower and then started washing that arm, "You did very well with Dwayne. I'm very proud of you." He continued to wash up her arm to her shoulder and then onto her back turning her facing away from him, "I knew if you would use your body and participate it could be less painful and even pleasurable for you."

He washed her back and then onto her bottom, "With the size of Dwayne's cock I know it still hurt but despite the pain you also felt pleasure." He was meticulous in washing her butt even working his soapy fingers into her butt crack and even probed at her butt hole, "All people have sex. It's not a bad thing."

He started washing down the back of her legs, "It can even be pleasurable and bring you to orgasm. It can blow your mind."

He gently guided her hips to turn her around facing him. He then put more body wash in his hands and stood up and began to soap up the front of her shoulders, collar bone, upper chest and then breast having put an over abundance of body wash in his hands, "Sexual stimulation and pleasure is normal for people, both men and women. You should not be ashamed that when you are touched and stimulated your body responds and gets aroused."

He used his hands to really focus on her breasts and nipples, "Holly you are a beautiful young woman. Your body is incredible even naked, you should not be self conscious. Any man, other than maybe gay men and maybe even a few of them would stare at you if they could see you naked and most would get aroused and want to fuck you. It is you that has trepidation about that. Fairy tales in books are just that make believe stories for children. No man is going to come riding up on a white horse to take you away to live happily ever after. More then half of all marriages end in divorce. Many of the partners in a marriage cheat on their spouse. There are a few special woman that are destined to please and receive pleasure from many men and even some women. I believe, no, I know you are one of those special women. Even though you believe you are embarrassed and ashamed standing here before me naked I can see and you can feel how much your breasts are responding to me washing you and that's okay"

He moved his washing down to her stomach and sides, "Roger is идиот um, an idiot I think the word is. He knows nothing about women. He doesn't know how to cultivate their womanhood and sexuality he just knows about brute force.

After finishing washing her tummy, sides and hips he knelt down took hold of her wrist and placed her hand on his shoulder, put more body wash in his hand and began to wash down onto her pubic bone then between her legs talking very soft, "Roger does not value women. He is a neanderthal no better then a cave man. He does not understand how to use pleasure, pain or discipline with a woman. He is идиот. I talk to him. Maybe I buy you."

"Close your eyes. Hold onto my shoulders" he said and placed her other hand on his other shoulder and continued to rub her sex, "You work very hard today. You do good job. You pleased many men and milked much cum. You are beautiful, feminine and you enjoy sex, even though you are very scared."

He used his soapy fingers to rub her vaginal lips and clit for several minutes until he could tell from her reactions she was feeling aroused. Only after she responded for several minutes by breathing harder moaning softly and leaning heavily on his shoulders, "I'm going to ask you a question, but if your too ashamed to answer I won't be mad, if you want you can just nod your head or of you really have confidence you can say your answer, Does this feel nice?"

At first Holly felt shame and didn't want to answer but his fingers using the water from the shower and the soap suds slid over her clit and pussy lips so smoothly, but after hesitating a few moments she nodded slightly.

He kept working his fingers around circling the clit and playing with her lips. He kept doing it a while longer then softly asked, "Are you ready for me to stop? If you want me to you have to say the word Yes strongly, or you can shake your head no or if your too timid then you can just stay quiet and I'll keep rubbing."

He was delighted when she didn't say Yes and kept rubbing. He even then rinsed the soap off his hand and started using his hand and the water to rinse the soap off from between her legs. Once he had the soap rinsed away he started pressing one finger at the opening to her vagina. He would rub his hand back and forth over her vagina and drag one finger down the crack and gently press one finger between her lips. He slowed the passing of his fingers to allow the finger to push a little deeper.

"Your natural fluids are coming from inside you, they're more slippery them the soap" he said and smeared the juices up onto the lips and eventually onto her clit. "I don't want to stop yet, I want to keep playing with you making you feel nice. It makes me feel nice to make you feel good and I know it feels good to you or your body wouldn't be making the wetness, I'm not ready to stop yet but if you say the word Stop loud I will, or you can just keep your eyes closed and stay quiet."

He smiled when she said nothing. She felt him shifting around and at one point she felt him take hold of her waist and pulled her onto his knee. He had one foot on the floor and his other knee on the floor. He sat her bottom on the edge of his leg. He then carefully nudged her knees apart and returned to rubbing between her legs.

He didn't say anything for a while and just focused on slowly easing her legs wider open and gently rubbing her sex. He continued to rub until her breathing was heavier and she let out little moans.

"Just keep those pretty blue eyes closed" he said as he softly rubbed between her legs, "Just relax. I'm not going to hurt you I want you to learn to let your body feel good." He continued to play with her sex until he felt her more and more wetness. Finally he helped her stand up. He got out a towel and dried her body some with it and then wrapped it around her. He shut the toilet lid and gently guided her to sitting on the closed toilet.

He looked through the cabinet and found a hairbrush and began to brush her hair, "Roger is идиот. He teaches you nothing about not only pleasing the man but enjoying yourself. You want to make the man believe that you are enjoying as much as he is."

He was gently brushing her hair wanting it to feel nice. He then pulled firmly but not hard tilting her head back and kissed her. Like she had with the other men she immediately opened her mouth. Within seconds he broke the kiss, "You must relax your jaw. Kissing is not painful it is meant to be pleasurable. You want every man to believe you want him to kiss you! He must believe he is the best kiss you have ever had. Now let's try again, soften your mouth."

Once again he kissed her. For the first few seconds her kiss was stiff but just before he broke the kiss again he felt her jaw relax, her mouth soften and the kiss felt more genuine. He used his hands and ran his fingers through her hair then broke the kiss, "That's it just relax. You want nothing more this moment then to kiss. You want the man to believe that."

He started kissing her again and caught her off guard putting his hands under her armpits and lifting her to her feet. He gently turned her around then backed her against the wall, slowly and gently. He changed to multiple shorter deep kisses, "Pretend you these are the most magical kisses you have ever had. Pretend the man kissing you is the man you've been dreaming of, the musician who's concert you want to see more then any other, the actor who's movie you saw multiple times just because he was in it."

He kissed her more and softly rubbed her butt through the towel. Standing barefoot at five foot one inch he towered over her so when he kissed her she had to tilt her head back and turn her face up and he crouched down a little and tilted his face down. He interlaced his fingers with hers, "Hold my hands like I'm your first crush. It's about making the man believe he is the only man you are thinking about. I'm old, Russian and ugly, but you must make me feel like I'm the man of your dreams. You must push all thoughts of ugly, fat, smelly and gross out of your mind."

He kissed her softly and gently and took advantage of their fingers being laced together to lift her arms over her head and pinned her against the wall, "You must make him believe you are vulnerable. The damsel in distress. Sometimes a little resistance will excite him more but it also can get you hit."

He held her pinned against the wall and moved her hands together so he could hold both her wrists with one hand, "Use the emotions Holly. Use the fear, think of it as excitement, you don't know what I'm planning. Your heart is beating faster, it's adrenalin. Use that adrenalin too."

He kissed her harder but was careful to not push her too hard. He rubbed the bare skin of her arms and shoulders, "Even if he repulses you imagine it's your dream man, close your eyes if you need to."

"I'm going to pull the towel down now, believe you are the most beautiful actress or model you know. You want men to see your naked body. Imagine your breasts are huge, you want his hands on them. Let your body react and communicate to him what feels good and what doesn't. The more real your reaction the more believable." As he warned her pulled the towel down her body till it fell at her feet, "You are beautiful naked Holly. If you believe that the men will. Men are not choosy they just want a woman to milk their cum."

He rubbed the bare skin on her back and then rubbed to the front cupping her breasts using his thumb to gently flick over her nipple, "Your body already knows how to react to what feels good. Your nipples are hardening nicely."

She could feel her body responding and she felt so self conscious for responding to the strange intense Russian man yet she couldn't stop her body from doing so. Once again he started kissing her moving his hands back and forth between her face and breasts, "Relax your jaw, relax your body just close your eyes, push the thoughts out of your mind and let your body respond."

He kissed her mouth again and her kiss was far more relaxed. He then kissed her cheek, nose, chin, back to her cheek, then to right by her ear and then gently licked and sucked her ear lobe. As he sucked her ear lobe his left hand fingers found her right breast nipple and rolled, lightly pinched and pulled on it.

"Your body is excited. You are aroused" he lightly traced his right hand fingers down the back of her left arm. "Open your eyes Holly. Look at me. Look into my eyes. I want you Holly."

He kissed the tip of her nose making her blink and then switched to his right hand and fingers playing with her left nipple. "You don't have to answer my questions. If you don't answer I take it as a yes. What I'm doing feels good? Your body is turned on?" She didn't answer.

He continued, "If you tell me to stop I will! Close your eyes Holly." She closed her eyes as he instructed. She heard his belt buckle jingle and a few more seconds passed as he pushed his slacks and boxer shorts down and off. He kissed her softly then broke the kiss, "If this doesn't feel nice and you want me to stop then tell me to stop Holly." Again he gave her short soft kisses. Then carefully and gently he slid an arm behind her shoulders and his other hand behind her head and eased her fully against the wall.

He reached down with his left hand and lifted her right knee up, "Just relax Holly it's okay." He kissed her softly and she felt his cock touch her sex and then start to push inside her as they stood there him pinning her against the bathroom wall. As he pushed in a little deeper he reached down and grabbed her right thigh and lifted her fully off the floor and then shifted his hands under her bottom. He continued to give her short soft kisses as he began to fuck her against the wall, "Let go Holly. Let your body enjoy sex. It's not something bad, it's natural.

Holly couldn't believe once again she was having sex but worse he told her she could say no and she didn't. She stayed quiet and said nothing. Her mind was spinning and she wanted to say no but couldn't. The feelings of fear and shame were so intense and controlling.

Everything in her life had changed and was so out of control. She just needed to say no or stop but she didn't, couldn't or just maybe she didn't want to. He spoke so differently to her and physically was different too. She felt ashamed yet so vulnerable. It felt crazy to not be supporting her weight at all. He held her up completely, well except for the wall.

Suddenly she heard his voice say, "Use your body Holly. Wrap your legs around me. Put your arms around my neck." She timidly did as he asked as she felt him exert effort to thrust in and out of her. He continued to whisper in her ear, "Move you body and hips Holly. Make love with me. Relax, feel it, experience it."

For the next many minutes it was silent in the bathroom other then the sounds of sex, two bodies slapping together, heaving breathing, grunts and groans both feminine and masculine.

He was delighted because she was trying, participating, moving and most important seemed to be enjoying it.

He made a point to use his hands to gently rub and stroke her skin. He rubbed her breasts some but was careful for it not to be perceived as an attack. He focused on sensuality. He wanted her to learn that even devoid of love and emotional attachment sex could be pleasurable.

"It doesn't have to be about love, Holly. It's not about size, I'm much smaller then Dwayne, but don't misunderstand me, Dwayne knows how to fuck. It's about moving your body, enjoying the best of the person you are with. You have to make them believe they are the best. Right now Holly you are the best woman I've ever fucked and you have to use your body to convince me that I'm the best" he whispered. If you surrender you will learn to cum Holly but the best gift you can give your partner is to milk their cum inside your body. You deserve my cum Holly. You are earning it. I'm going to squirt it deep inside you. It will ooze back out from inside you into your panties later tonight."

He tried to delay his orgasm but he had wanted her since he saw her after arriving at the bar. It wasn't much later before he began to cum inside her. He kissed her harder then, harder then he had the entire day. Finally after squirting every drop inside her he leaned against her against the wall. He slowly let go of her bottom and she lowered her feet back to the floor, "You did very well проститутка." He kissed her forehead gently and then bent down to pull his pants back up and then took hold of her face gently kissed her forehead and said, "I'm going to step out for a moment to get your clothes. Lock the door behind me and when I knock and say, проститутка let me back in and I will give you your clothing and drive you home. Understand?"

She nodded and he walked out of the bathroom door closing it behind him. She used the toilet again with him gone to relieve her bladder. She hoped he was being honest she couldn't help wonder if he might take her somewhere and kill her or maybe never take her home. But the alternative was to trust Roger and she knew everything he had done to her.

She could hear voices talking but couldn't understand what they were saying. After only a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Viktor's voice said, "It's just me проститутка."

She had thought about her options and there wasn't another way out nor would it do her any good even if there was so she unlocked the door when she heard his voice. He handed her the clothes and pulled the door shut staying outside the bathroom.

She quickly got dressed, washed her hands and opened the bathroom door. Viktor was standing right outside the door. He put his arm around her shoulder and they walked past three of the other men including Roger.

They exited the bar and walked behind another warehouse looking building and for a moment she thought she was going to be killed but then she saw a long black car sitting running with its parking lights on. As they got close to the car a man in all black got out of the driver's door and opened the back door where Viktor guided her. The driver in the dark clothing walked Viktor to the other opened the door for him and Viktor got in the backseat with Holly.

He asked Holly her address and she told him her address and Viktor repeated it to the driver and the car pulled out from behind the warehouse.

They rode in mostly silence until they got to her home. When the car stopped he placed a hand firmly on her shoulder and slowly pulled her to him, "Relax" he said then massaged her jaw then pulled her closer and kissed her slow and gentle.

When he finally broke the kiss he said, "Your kiss must make me believe you are having the best kiss of your life. Every time with every man. Men are not complicated, good food, good sports, success with work and important good sex with exceptional woman. You can be exceptional if you want to be. You think about and believe that. Yes проститутка?"

He reached in his jacket and pulled out five twenty dollar bills, "You tell Roger nothing about this. This is yours." He then pushed the money into her bra, "Good night проститутка. Get some rest!"

When he said that the driver got out of the car and opened her car door. She got out of the car so very confused and overwhelmed.

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RUNAWAY Chapter 18 "Time Alone with Viktor"

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