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Second Trip to Bookstore

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Exhibitionism

Author: mlektm50s

Published: 11 July 2019

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Well we had another adventure this weekend. LuEllen and I couldn't stop talking about how hot our experience was a week ago. We fucked like rabbits all week. We even made it to our club and snuck to the basement and had sex in the supply room they had in the downstairs bar. I never met a woman so into sex as my wife. She was a sex machine. I met my equal. There is a God I thought to myself...lol we drove over to the Emporium again and was met at the door by a guy who checked ID's. Was weird but we showed them and the lady we met last weekend was behind the counter again. We found out that was her husband at the door later. Anyway LuEllen and I started to talk to her. She was smiling and talking like we always do. Linda (ladies name) said it was nice to see us again. She said there were guys who asked if we were in the store all week. LuEllen just blushed and smiled and told her she was making up stories. Linda introduced us to her husband came over shook our hands and joined in the conversation. He was the bouncer guy checking ID’s. "No it's true" he said. Guys asked if the couple from last Saturday was here all week. I knew he looked familiar. He was one of the guys peeking in over my shoulder at LuEllen last weekend.... He said it was great to see us again. Some of the guys we remember from last week and some new started gathering at the front desk buying tokens. Some stuck around to talk including the one who had his fingers buried in LuEllen’s pussy. He was very nice and complimentary on LuEllen’s purple mini and white blouse. He hoped we were going to go back again. We assured them we’d be back shortly. LuEllen was holding and squeezing my hand now. I could feel her hand sweating a bit. She was nervous but very excited. It was about 6 p.m. and earlier than last weekend. It surprised us how many cars were out front an in the back lot. There were even couples in the big room today. Linda said she we had to buy tokens but $10 would be fine this time. She smile at LuEllen once again and said “have a good time hon”. LuEllen blew a kiss at her like last week and Linda just smiled broader. We pulled the curtain open and there was Tom again. We didn’t see him when we came in so he had already been back in the arcade. He shook my hand and gave LuEllen a little kiss and asked if we were going to the back again. We said yes for sure and he said there may already be a couple back there but he took us back like last week and sure enough there was. Guys were huddled around the booth. You could hear muffled moans not made by the movies coming from it. Tom just smile and said they were a young couple who were visiting from South Dakota or something. It surprised me he knew so much about everything that went on back there…. He said there are a couple other booths around the corner and led us to a darker area. We thanked him and stepped inside. Turns out it was on the backside of the other booth. Yeah the couple was really having fun over there. In no time LuEllen dropped our tokens in the machine and pop the screen lit up. We scrolled thru the channels till we came to one of those home made movies with a couple and having sex outside by the pool. LuEllen settle back and in less than a second you could see the shadows moving outside the booth. I stood up and pulled my cock out. LuEllen loves to suck me and she just went to town. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it apart. She reached up and unlocked the door like it was nothing. Seconds after hearing the latch slide the door opened slowly. There was the finger fuck guy with his massive cock in hand pressed in our doorway. LuEllen just reached up, moaned and started to stroke him. I never saw a man shoot so fast and so much. His cum hit LuEllen’s chest and ran down her stomach. I had to laugh because he said he was sorry and actually handed her a tissue to wipe up. He said he never cums that fast and he thinks she’s the sexiest lady he’d ever met. Then as fast as it started he thanked us and squeezed past the other guys waiting outside the booth. LuEllen looked up and smiled at me. As she was smiling a hand reached in and squeezed her breast and nipple causing her to give out a squeal. Oh my God she said. I’m so wet. I pulled the hand off her and closed the door. I didn’t lock it just closed it. I asked if she was okay and she said yes. She stood up, turned me around and pushed me down on the bench. She unzipped my jeans and pulled out my raging hard on. She then turned around and pulled her mini up and that’s when the guys could see her pussy for the first time in the movie lit room. She lowered herself on my cock. She was not just wet but dripping wet. She just moaned and moaned as she bounced up and down on me. She opened the door just a little and that was all it took. The guy standing there opened it the rest of the way and just started grabbing her tits. She was going nuts. Other guys could be seen peeking in around the guy and even trying to reach around him to cop a feel too. She didn’t care. She was not even in this world. My balls were soaked with her cum. You could hear a guy say oh yeah babe fuck him good. I felt a hand on her pussy now. She was really gone. She leaned back on me to give him better access. I reached around and was holding he breasts up to them all to see. I was nibbling her neck and back. I could feel her pussy just contracting around my cock on every pump. The guy found her clit and was going to town on it. He even leaned in and was kissing her now. She put one hand behind his head and pulled him in tight as her other hand stroked his cock. He grunted and LuEllen just squealed as his cum shot all over her arm and belly. They kept kissing for what seemed like forever. He pulled back and thanked her then kissed one more time and turned and disappeared into the shadows. I exploded moments after this happened and LuEllen almost screamed as her orgasm rocked her body. She was almost in sensory overload. Another hand and another cock took the last guys place. LuEllen stood up and I moved over and put my cock away. She was stroking and he had learned in to kiss her as well. I stood and separated them long enough to squeeze out the door and close it behind me. I could hear the talk. Wow hope she sits on my cock like she did you. I just pointed out she was my wife and no but he may still have fun. He apologized and said she was so hot and thanked me. I told him to thank her if he gets a chance. I actually walked to the front by the curtain and went out into the big room Linda just smiled and looked over my shoulder looking for LuEllen. I told her she was having fun and I need some air. She said she knew she was having fun. Some of the guys walked out talking about the hot mom in the back and she could hear her all the way out here. Just then I heard a loud grunt and LuEllen moan load… Another cock shot cum on my lady I said. Linda just smiled and said her old man was back there checking it out. She really thought LuEllen was hot too. I said I better get back but Linda said not to worry her husband wouldn’t let anything happen LuEllen didn’t want to happen. She had on a summer halter dress tonight. I didn’t really notice when I first came in. She really was very sexy lady. She said her and her husband played once in a while and if we were interested they’d love to get to know us better sometime. She gave me a card that had their information on it. I said thanks and we’d love to get together sometime. She smiled and said she’d hoped I say that. Well I needed to go back, one because I was curious and hot to see what was happening to LuEllen and two because Linda just got me hard talking about wanting to get to know us better. The thought of seeing her in a state of undress really got me hot. As I made it back to the back LuEllen was really moaning again. I squeezed in past the guys to where I could see in. The door was open and LuEllen was riding a guy and another was sucking on her tits. She looked over and seen me and mouthed “I Love You” then moaned loudly again. The guy grunted and almost threw LuEllen off him as he came. The guy sucking her nipples stepped back just a little and blew another load of cum all over her chin and neck. She was all red faced and hot. Her hair was dripping with perspiration. I could tell she was spent. As she stood to let the guy up I noticed he had a condom on. That was great and the guy who just unloaded all over her was wiping her chin and neck off. Then he leaned in and they kissed a long passionate kiss. The guy behind her with was pulling the condom off and tossing it in the small can in the booth. He slowly spun LuEllen around and kissed her hard. Other guys were trying to push past but I told them the show as over for now. LuEllen broke the kiss and looked out said sorry guys she was hot and tired. They all broke up and went their separate ways. The guy turned her face back and they kissed again. He was squeezing her ass tight and pulling her in to him. She told me his cock was pressing her pussy and almost separated it to push in. It wouldn’t have taken much with how wet she was. He pulled his face back and thanked her. She thanked him and hoped she’d see him again. Tom was standing behind me and said wow LuEllen you are one in a million. I found out he was one of the loads running down her chest. The guy pulled his pant up and pushed past out into the hall and vanished into the darkened hallway too. Tom pressed in and kissed LuEllen and she pushed back and kissed him hard. They broke and he thanked us both again for a great evening. LuEllen’s eyes almost rolled back into her head from exhaustion. She smiled and hugged me. Her blouse was still open and breasts out. I sat her on the bench and asked if she was okay. She said when I left 2 guys came on her tits. Then the guy who had fingered her last week had his cock out and had a condom on. She just stared it the monster and he pulled her up and she just stood like a mindless zombie she said. He replaced her on the bench and he spread her legs apart. She looked down and it rose up and up. She said she didn’t have far to stoop before it was at the entrance of her pussy. Just as she was penetrated another guy had reached in and was pinching her nipples. That was when we heard the amazing loud groan at the front desk. The guy pinching her stopped and stepped back she said and just smile and she reached out and took hold of his cock and stroked him off on her. It was Tom… Tom stepped back an unloaded a huge load of cum on her tits and all she could do was moan and almost scream from the pounding she was getting from the horse cock buried in her. 2 more guys blew loads all over her she said. One I had seen when I came back. As we walked down the dark hallway making our way to the exit LuEllen looked up at me and smiled. She was so excited and tired and happy she said. Linda greeted us with a big knowing smile. She reached over the counter with a bottle of water and LuEllen thanked her. Well see you too soon she said as we headed out the door. It had got dark and the parking lights were mostly out around where we parked. The night air was crisp and cooled us both off rather quickly as we walked hand in hand on the way to our car. There were a few guys standing outside smoking and checking us out as walked. LuEllen recognized them from the booth area and waved and said her good nights. When we got in the car I was just horny as hell reminiscing about tonight’s adventure. Her skirt was soaked in cum as was her top. In fact the top was almost transparent. I love he breasts. Her nipples were poking tightly against her blouse now. I leaned over and we started kissing. She was really laying into it and breathing hard. She was still turned on and moaning now. I had reached over and cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple thru the blouse. This always gets her motor running even faster. I slid my hand up to her lips and she sucked it clean of any cum residue from her blouse. While we did this we had been spotted by the two guys at the back door. The slowly made it over to our parking spot on LuEllen side and were looking in on her. While we kissed she had been undoing the buttons on her blouse to give my 100% access. It was so hot seeing her breasts out in the car. I told her we had a couple voyeurs standing by the car. She didn't even miss a beat. We just kept kissing. I had moved my hand down to her skirt and she rose up her hips for me to pull it up. Now her soaked pussy was in view along with her gorgeous breasts. I reached over and turned the key and told her if she wanted she should roll the window down so our guest could hear her moans and see her clearly. While never taking her eyes off me she reached over and the next thing you heard was the window sliding down into the door. I was alternating sliding my fingers in and out of her hot pussy and caressing her clit now. She slowly leaning her seat back and putting her right foot on the dash to give me easy access. My hand was pumping away and she was raising her hips off the seat to meet each pump now. I saw a hand reach in and caress her thigh. She just moaned even louder. I was sucking her nipple now and pumping away. The hand had slid down close to her quivering pussy now. Squeezing her thigh tight and she reached down and moved my hand and grabbed his and slid it over her pussy. In a moment he was fingering her to climax. I swear I thought the people inside the store might thing there was a crime going on outside. Her hips bucked and twisted on his fingers. I could hear the squishing sound of her cum on his hand as he pumped and twisted his fingers in her. His cock was pointing out straight now as she slowed down she opened the door. The cab light turned on and she was there for all to see. Pussy wet and tits out with super hard nipples. She reached out and pulled him close to the door and stroked him till he burst another load of cum all over her. She was just a super-hot and horning wife going nuts over all the attention she was receiving. The second guy stepped in when the first had moved away and his condom cover cock sticking in thru the open door. She turned and leaned into me with her legs spread wide hanging out the car. He leaned in and in one quick smooth motion was balls deep in my wife’s hot pussy. She gave a loud moan and took a deep breath as he pumped her. Her breasts were bouncing wildly and her eyes were closed, mouth open climaxing. She climaxed after a few strokes... He was really pounding her. The slapping sounds were right out of a movie script. She reached up and pulled him down on her smashing her lips to his. The kissed and moaned together as one. I could see her sucking his tongue and her hands around the back of his head locking in place. He gave a grunt moan that would have made anyone jump. He was filling her pussy with his massive cock and filling his condom full of cum. I was just watching and pinching nipples. He slowed and she was trying to catch her breath. The car had been really rocking. I was beside myself with lust for her. The first guy apparently had gone inside and mentioned the activity outside. There were two more guys standing next to the side of the car looking in. He broke the kiss and they looked at each other. He told her how amazing that was and thanked her for a great evening. As he pulled out of her you could see a small balloon sized bubble at the end of the condom full of cum. It was a huge amount. She reached out and helped take it off. Then to my amazement she squeezed the contents all over her chest and stomach. She just laid there and cooed. He zipped up, turned and walked back towards the store. Another guy stepped up with his condom cover monster cock and my wife looked up at me as if to say she wasn't sure about this one. He was mini baseball bat size and thicker. As she started to sit back up he knelt down between her thighs and buried his face in her pussy. She fell back moaning. He sucked her clit and slowly inserted his fingers in her still soaked pussy. Just when I thought there was no way for her to climax again he hips bucked up to meet his mouth and her hand again squeezed the back of a strangers head and pulled into her tightly. Her hips slowed down and as she was coming down off the high he quickly positioned his huge mushroom bulb against her pussy lips. He stroked it up and down a couple time and just shoved in deep. She actually had her breath taken away. I could see how stretched and smashed her pussy was. Beads of sweet were sliding off her forehead and her moans were so loud again and her hips now pumping up to meet his every thrust. It was the sexiest scene ever. He was pumping her sore hot pussy hard and fast and she was just slamming back with the same enthusiasm. She was bouncing off the seat it was so hard. He gave one last long hard pump and just ground into her clit and pussy. Her head was rolling side to side as she shrieked with pleasure. She was squeezing his back pulling him tighter. She screamed "I'm fucking cuming, oh fuck me!!” The entire scene just put a permanent smile on my face. She was satisfied, spent and abused. She had cum all over her body and her pussy lips were almost raw and red. She reached up pulled my face down to hers and kissed me deep. We broke our embrace and the guy leaned down and kissed her again. He thanked her and couldn't wait for our next visit. The other guy was about to step up when the wife said she was to sore for any more fun. He was bummed but said that was okay. He make sure to be at the front of the line the next time we came to visit the store. He leaned in kissed her lightly and thanked us both for the great show. LuEllen pulled her legs back into the car and he shut the door for her. As I stared the car up she didn't pull the seat back up. She was leaned back buttoning up her blouse and pulling her skirt down. On the way home she fell asleep. She looked so sexy laying there. I love this woman.

Hope it wasn't too long winded and you all found it enjoyable.

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Second Trip to Bookstore

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