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  1. MILF, Chapter 1
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  3. MILF, Chapter 3
  4. MILF, Chapter 4

MILF, Chapter 4

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cheating

Author: C B

Published: 11 July 2019

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The next day her ass was still pretty sore from getting reamed by Morris' thick cock, and her pussy hadn't fully recovered yet either. She gave her husband the cold shoulder when he tried to kiss her goodbye, but he didn't seem to notice much and left for work as usual. After an hour or so of feeling sorry for herself she got up and made herself a cup of coffee. She kept her silk bathrobe tied tight against her body and unconsciously crossed her arms to cover herself, though her smooth legs were bare up to her ass which the robe barely covered.

She curled up at her computer and that's when she saw it: an email with a subject line that read "You were great last night". Her heart skipped a beat and with a slight tremble she swallowed the lump in her throat and opened it. She had forgotten about giving her email to the three young guys at the start of the night, what with all the humiliating chaos that ensued after they left. There were several attachments, including a zip file of pictures and two videos. The body of the message simply said, "When can we do this again?"

She ignored it at first, but opened the attachments out of curiosity. Her abdomen started getting warm as she looked over the few dozen pictures of her stripping, then sucking, and finally fucking three young, attractive guys. She didn't notice herself becoming aroused as she looked over the pictures a second time, leaning forward in her chair to immerse herself in each one. The thought came to her mind that these were blackmail material, but luckily her face wasn't even in many of the shots and was covered by her hair or a blur the rest of the times.

Eventually she worked up the courage to watch the videos. The first one was dark, but she could see herself grinding on Dylan's crotch in the back seat of his car. She could vividly remember the entire incident, but seeing herself performing these illicit acts made her pussy wet again. Her heart was racing with embarrassment, and she turned it off suddenly. A few hours later she was back; she had to know how incriminating the footage was. Her hand slipped into her panties to finger her dripping wet pussy as she watched, unable to contain her intense desire for their young, hard cocks again. To her relief, the first video was too dark and the second one was always filmed from above or behind her so you couldn't make out her face.

With a sigh of relief she got dressed in a cute outfit that showed off her ass and went about the rest of her day. She was more chipper than she had been in a long time, feeling horny all through her body and even blushing in line at the grocery store as she tried to quell a sudden flare-up of sexual hormones. When her husband came home she kissed him and started friskily feeling him up. He also seemed to be in a good mood and said, "Guess what? I got a promotion today! You must have done something right last night."

He walked back to the bedroom to get changed and she sullenly recalled him driving away last night while his boss fucked her in the parking lot. She stood at the doorway to the bedroom, leaning against the doorjamb with her arms crossed. His back was to her as he got dressed, "If those guys from the other night want to get with you again, you'd better let them. I may be able to get another raise." She was dumbfounded and stormed away, but he didn't seem to notice. After dinner he said he had some work to do to catch up on his new position, and she dejectedly read a book until bedtime. As her eyes stared blankly at the pages she thought back to the abuse she suffered at his coworkers' hands and his comment that she "must have done something right" soured in her mind.

She went to bed angry and woke up after he had gone to work. Going back to her computer she opened up the videos from the email and watched them with one hand down her panties and her other hand in her bra. Halfway through she lightly bit her lip and moaned softly to herself as she came, imagining making love to these young guys' cocks again. As she got dressed it occurred to her with an ironic chuckle that she had gotten as much sex that night as she had gotten all last year combined, and orgasmed harder than she had in her whole life.

"Technically," she thought to herself, "These young guys are 'those guys from the other night'." She clicked reply and simply wrote, "Where and when?" It felt like cheating on her husband, but she kept reminding herself that he explicitly commanded her to do this, even if he didn't technically know about these particular guys. Two days later she got a reply, and her fingers mindlessly picked at the hem of her robe as she read the address and time on the screen. The location was a house about 15 minutes away and the time was listed as 11am on Saturday.

At the bottom it said, "Bring a bathing suit." Her mind raced to think if this might work. Her husband just told her his boss wanted to show him his new duties all day Saturday, and he wouldn't be home until at least 5pm. Her daughter had been asking to stay at a friend's house all day, but her son was going to be back from college Friday night and would be home for two weeks.

"I'm sure he'll want to hang out with friends he hasn't seen in a while," she thought to herself and nervously waited for Saturday. Every day she watched the videos they'd sent, fingering herself and managing to cum again one morning while listening to herself moaning and begging for more. She felt warm and giddy thinking about how much these guys enjoyed fucking her and how incredible their dicks felt inside her.

As soon as her son left the house Saturday morning she hopped in the car. She wore a pair of short shorts with sandals and a tight, thin t-shirt that showed the color of her bra in bright sunlight. In a deep beach bag she had a swimsuit and towel that she had packed two days before in anticipation, along with the rest of the box of condoms just in case. "I can always leave if I want," she reminded herself as she pulled up to the house with wild butterflies in her stomach.

Alex answered the door with a smile and led her back to the fenced-in pool area. The house was gorgeous and in the back of her mind she knew it had to be Alex's parents house, but she tried not to think about how young they were. Dylan and Tyler were already swimming around in the pool, and waved at her in greeting as she stepped out and closed the door behind her. She relaxed in the warm summer air and was surprised at how attractive these young guys were with their shirts off. "Where can I get changed?" she asked, motioning to her bag when they looked at her inquisitively.

"I'll show you," replied Alex, and led her through the house. "Here's the master bedroom, and there's the master bath," he said before leaving her alone. She sat on the bed a moment, staring at the huge mirror that spanned the opposite wall and wondering if this was a good idea. Finally she stood and stripped off her shirt, tossing it onto the bed behind her. She shimmied her shorts and panties down to her ankles and unclasped her bra. After a few obligatory poses in the mirror she slipped into her one-piece bathing suit, checked herself one last time, put her shed clothing back in her bag and opened the door.

Alex was standing just outside. "Ready?" he asked. It made her a bit nervous to have him so close while she changed, but he wasn't looking in the keyhole or anything so she thought nothing of it.

"Besides," she told herself as she walked down the hallway, "He's seen it all anyway." She didn't notice Alex dart into the bedroom and turn off the camera before following her back to the pool.

For the next few minutes she strolled leisurely around the shallow end, watching the guys rough-house and generally enjoying the pool, the warm sun, and the company. She watched them intently, freely enjoying their handsome bodies and looking to catch a glimpse of their semi-hard dicks in the loose-fitting board shorts that they wore. It had been a while since she had been able to relax with friends, and now she felt more free than ever to goof off. She splashed them and they splashed her back, circling around her and playfully dousing her frolicking body.

After giggling and laughing for almost half an hour, she rested at the edge of the pool, catching her breath and thinking how nice it was that they just wanted to have fun with her. They hadn't mentioned sex at all, and now she was glad she hadn't done anything she may have regretted later. The three guys swam over to her and started leaning into her, touching her arms and then her hips and back. She could feel their raging hardons through their trunks and although it felt great it gave her pause. With a smile she said, "I think I'm done, but thanks anyway," and got out of the pool.

She quickly made her way back to the master bathroom and hopped in the shower before stripping off her bathing suit. With a sigh she cleared her head and rinsed away her ideas about a repeat of the other night. When she pulled back the curtain all three of them were standing just inside the door, watching her with their hands in their swim trunks jacking off. She covered up with the shower curtain and told them to get out in flattered mock-confusion.

They grinned back at her as they left, closing the door, and she grabbed her towel before stepping out of the shower just in case. After drying off she wrapped it around her and went back into the master bedroom to change. Her clothes and bag were nowhere to be found, but all three of the guys were standing, lying, or sitting there completely naked, waiting for her. "Where are my clothes?" she asked nervously, knowing the answer as they circled her.

"You won't need them," Alex replied and grabbed the corner of her towel. With a yank he tossed it aside, leaving her completely naked, covering her breasts as best she could in stunned, jaw-dropping silence. Dylan slid his hand along her stomach and lower back, kissing her shoulder as he laid his rock-hard dick along her hip. Tyler cupped the sides of her breasts and ogled her cleavage as he pressed his shaft along the front of her pussy. Alex held her waist and she could feel his cock along her ass crack as he started kissing her neck.

A lump formed in her throat as the butterflies in her stomach spun her whole being around in a flurry of emotions. All this week the had fantasized about this moment, but now she convinced herself not to go through with it. Tyler's strong, capable hands grabbed her wrists and easily pulled them apart, exposing her breasts to his lecherous gaze. They walked her toward the bed, but she tried to pull away, saying, "No! Stop!"

"This is why you're here, isn't it?" Alex said playfully, and Tyler dragged her by the wrists onto the bed. Her protests were ignored as they grabbed her ankles and positioned her body exactly how they wanted, with her ass up in the air and her face in Tyler's crotch. Dylan straddled her back and held her ass cheeks spread wide as Alex knelt between her legs. She felt Alex lay the swollen purple head of his cock between her gaping pussy lips and spread her legs with his knees as wide as she could go.

Her body was held immobilized by these three guys and her struggles had no effect as they calmly waited their turn to wrap their throbbing members in her pussy. She glanced back at Alex who was putting on a condom and tossing aside the box she had brought with her in her bag. Dylan's fingers stroked the inside rim of her pussy, wetting his fingers and lightly grinding his cock against the small of her back. "No, no, wait!" she pleaded as she felt Alex's dick at her entrance again. "Let's talk about this!"

"Ok," Alex said nonchalantly, "Talk." And with that he skewered her on his raging fuckstick until her pussy lips kissed his tight, young ballsack. She let out a loud cry of pleasure and alarm, gasping as he grabbed her ankles and started plowing her hard from behind. His stroke were long and slow, savoring the feeling of having her wrapped around his shaft again.

He bottomed out hard, his hips slamming into her ass and each stroke eliciting a gasping shout of, "Oh! Ah! God! Ungh!" His strong hands held her ankles like a wheelbarrow as he drilled into her, and she panted, moaned, and shouted until he shot his load inside her cum dumpster. She cried out, "Fuck!" as he came, partly because of how dirty and used he made her feel, and partly because of how much that turned her on. Spurt after spurt emptied into her pussy and all she could do was lie there and take it until he was well and truly finished with her.

Finally he pulled out and tossed the condom into the trash can, then came back to the bed to take Dylan's place. "Turn her over for me," Dylan said, and he helped Alex grab her ankles and flip her onto her back. Tyler laid his dick along her face, trapping her head between his thighs. She knew it was useless to resist, so she just laid there with her ass at the edge of the bed, legs together, and breasts heaving, waiting to get fucked again. Alex ran his fingers along her stomach and played with her tits while they waited for Dylan to put on a condom. Her whole body was electrified now, more horny for their young, throbbing cocks than .

Dylan lifted her legs and pried apart her ankles with no apparent effort, handing them off to Alex. All she could see was Alex's back and ass as he straddled her torso and held her legs widespread, but she could feel Dylan stroking her inner thighs and pussy with his fingertips. His throbbing bulge pressed against her pussy lips and slid inside her, gliding smoothly down her pleasure passage. She was surprised to hear herself say, "Fuck, you're hard!", before her mouth locked open, reveling in the glorious sensations in her loins. He softly bottomed out and held himself inside her, letting them both enjoy the moment as his hands continued to caress her legs.

Tyler's hands started playing with her tits, pinching her tits to make her gasp as Dylan started thrusting. He fucked her nice and slow for several minutes, and soon she was panting in a steady rhythm with the motion of his member. Just as she was approaching her climax he stopped, letting his bulging erection pulse inside her as he enjoyed the feel of her skin again. Suddenly he shuddered and blew his load, unable to contain his lust for her, thundering his milky emissions deep inside her inner sanctum. She writhed in pleasure as much as she was able, now too aroused to stop herself from enjoying his youthful vitality.

Only when he was completely satisfied did he pull out, tossing his condom in the trash can as well before returning to the bed. Now it was Tyler's turn, and he said, "I want her to sit on my cock and ride me like a stallion." Alex pulled her up and held her naked body against his while Tyler laid down, then Dylan grabbed her legs and forced her to straddle Tyler's hips. She didn't help them, but she knew escape was impossible so she sat and waited patiently as Tyler rolled a condom over his long, hard shaft. Then with Alex holding her wrists, Dylan guiding her ass, and Tyler's hands on her smooth glistening thighs they forced her pussy down onto his cock.

She drew in a breath as her ass came to rest against his hips and she felt the full length and girth of his member buried inside her. She arched her back out of habit to get him deeper, and only then noticed herself in the mirror. Once before had she seen herself during sex, and that had been at a fancy hotel on her honeymoon. At the time it had unnerved her and she shied away from it, but now she could appreciate how sexy it was to see Tyler's glistening shaft slowly emerging from her pussy as they raised her up and the jiggle of her breasts as they pushed her down onto him again.

Dylan had nearly made her cum on his cock, and now her climax returned watching herself getting fucked like this. She needed more, and leaned forward to dangle her tits in Tyler's face. Alex accommodated, still holding her wrists tightly, and Tyler's hands came up to cup her breasts as he licked her nipples. She was too busy focusing on her impending orgasm to notice herself saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" each time they pushed her down onto the dick she was fucking, but it enraptured them completely and Tyler increased his pace.

After only a few more strokes her pent-up energy from the past hour erupted from her throat in a screaming groan. Her body froze as her mind was completely enveloped with sexual energy, but the three guys kept forcing her pussy down again and again onto Tyler's overengorged manhood while he sucked her swinging tits. The walls of her pussy clenched and spasmed, her body begging for his seed. It was all too much for him and Tyler threw his head back as he pulled her hips down tight around himself and held her there. His groans mixed with her panting moans for almost a minute while he shot his lusty emissions inside her. She was coming down from her climax, but rode the ebbing waves of his sexuality, bucking like a wild animal in heat. Alex and Dylan half lifted her so Tyler could slide off the bed when he was finished using her cunt, and they held her kneeling on the bed while he went to clean off.

Now she was tired but still horny, and looking over at Dylan saw that he and Alex were mostly hard again. At her insistence they allowed her to reach a hand down and with a sly smile started stroking Dylan hard again. He had a silly grin on his face, and she said, "Why don't you get up here and let me show you something really special?" He needed no further prompting, and she guided him to a standing position in front of where she knelt on the bed. Then taking him into her mouth she proceeded to deep-throat him for a few dozen seconds until he was rock hard again. Alex cralwed onto the bed behind her to let his palms stroke her ass and thighs as he watched her lips intently.

Once he was hard enough she slipped her mouth off of his raging member with one final lick, and raised up on her knees to thrust her chest toward his hips. Using her hands she wrapped her flesh around his shaft and gave him a nice, slow titty job. He helped her by thrusting his hips and she looked up at him with doe eyes and a half-open, lusting mouth. "Cum for me," she intoned in a sensual, breathy voice, rubbing her breasts and licking her lips like a slutty cock whore. She tipped her head forward and opened her lips, sticking out her tongue to guide his bulging head into her mouth with every stroke.

She could taste him budding pre-cum and after a few dozen strokes she slipped her mouth over his dick again, leaning down to deep-throat him. Her lips slid up and down his shaft, gripping him from the cleft of his head down to his balls and back again. Dylan was dumbfounded, standing with his mouth open in shock as she ministered to his member and moaned her approval loudly around his man meat. Alex had put on another condom and was kneeling behind her, rubbing his cock along her ass crack and feeling up her body.

When he couldn't wait any longer he positioned his dick beneath her ass and pulled her back onto him. He held her thighs firmly, and she put one hand between her legs to guide him into her pussy as he leaned her back. Her mouth slipped off of Dylan at the same time Alex's rod parted her pussy lips. Just then his member erupted, spattering her face with his first few squirts. She gasped open-mouthed in surprise then raised herself up halfway, pushing back onto Alex's hips. Dylan jacked himself off onto her body, and she cupped her breasts for him as a target. Alex held himself full bore inside her as she received Dylan's cum with "Oh!"s and "Ah!"s.

When he was finished his cum dotted her tits and neck, with a few spurts on her face. She licked her lips clean of his jizz and moaned her approval as he climbed off the bed. Now it was Alex's turn. He pushed her back down to a kneeling position and immediately started reaming her full bore from behind. She threw her head back in surprise and saw herself getting fucked from behind in the mirror. Watching her tits swaying with his exertions and the look of delight on his face as he plundered her hips gave her a new erotic thrill like she had never experienced. His giddy young dick and tight balls ramming into her pussy made her gasp, and she started panting, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Needing no further encouragement Alex shot his load, continuing his ravishing onslaught against her cunt until his throbbing member had completed its lusty conquest. He pulled out and left her lying on the bed, muttering her "Yes! Yes! Yes!"s and writhing against the sheets. Tyler was back and his twitching, semi-hard cock showed he wanted more. When she looked up and saw him standing beside the bed she grinned from ear to ear, rolled over, and crawled off the bed. She knelt in front of him, holding his hips and diving onto his swiftly hardening dick, licking and sucking him hard again. With one hand she tickled his balls, running her fingernails through his pubic hair and along his shaft, and with her other hand she reached down to finger herself.

She wanted to cum on his cock again and unconsciously moaned her enjoyment around the manmeat in her mouth. Her pussy was close and she knew she could cum if she continued to flick her clit like this, but she held herself hovering on the brink to bask in the feeling of Tyler's cock when he finally reamed her with it once again. Once he was fully swollen and throbbing again, she pulled her mouth off and began to jack him off toward her face. With her free hand she got a condom out of the box and stopped tugging on his member long enough to slip it over his bulging purple head and roll it down his eager shaft. Looking up at him with ravenous, lusting eyes she said, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it. Just fill my pussy with your man meat and don't stop thrusting til you've given me every drop."

She bit her lower lip and waited -- she didn't have to wait long. "Get up," he commanded her, and she readily complied, brushing his waggling dick with her tits as she stood with her hands clasped behind her ass, thrusting out her chest toward him as she awaited further instructions. He bent a little to lick between her breasts, grabbing them in his hands to press against his face as he licked from her belly button to her clavicle. She drew in a sharp breath and felt her knees almost buckle at the feel of his tongue against her skin. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her body against him, rubbing his pects against her nipples and sliding his erection along the front of her hips and thighs. Her pussy ached now for his manhood pressed so tantalizingly close against her.

She brought her hands forward to cup his shaft and stroke her pussy lips, parting her legs a little in the hopes that he would relieve her right then and there. But he had other plans. With a grin he spun her around and pushed her forward onto the bed. At first she was surprised by the sudden motion and caught herself with a gasp, but she immediately saw where this was going and spread her legs to stand on tip-toe, gyrating her hips side to side to entice him. She could feel his hands groping her ass and she bit her lip in anticipation of the long-awaited release from her prison of sexual tension. He laid his hard shaft against her ass crack and started humping her pussy. She started started moaning for him, "Yes! Yes! Please fill up my pussy. God! I need you so much! Oh God you feel good!"

Not needing any further prompting he grabbed his dick by the base and placed the head against her pouting pussy lips. Holding her down gently with his other hand on the small of her back he pressed his swollen head between her waiting lips. She drew in a breath of elation and started chanting, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Deeper! Fuck me deeper! You're so fucking hard! Yes! God yes!" under her breath as his throbbing, over engorged shaft started gliding deeper into her grasping cum catcher. The delay had brought her back from the brink for a moment, but now as he bottomed out inside her, grabbing her hips and pulling her ass against him like a vise, her sexual arousal came right to the edge again. When he pulled back and ploughed into her again she crested the ridge and plunged down into her deep, pent-up orgasm.

She let out a lout cry as she screamed her satisfaction to the world. It went on and on as Tyler pounded into her, and after a few dozen strokes he couldn't hold back any more. He buried his rod to the hilt inside her womanhood and released the ecstasy of his climax in a raging torrent of virility. Her electric waves of sexuality resurged at the throbbing of his cock, and they lay locked in euphoria together until he was well and truly spent. For several minutes all she could do was writhe in her sleepy lethargy and moan, "Yes! Fuck yes!" over and over again.

The guys had their trunks on again when she finally sat up, and her clothes lay in a pile in the middle of the floor. With a grin she walked back into the bathroom and left the door open for them. She smiled to herself as they watched her lather and rinse her naked body, aware of their presence but unaware that they were filming all of it. They watched her dry off and return to the bedroom, and they watched as she slid her panties up her legs and shimmied her hips to pull her short shorts up to mostly cover her ass. When she finally put on her bra they looked a little crestfallen, like the bittersweet end they knew was coming had finally arrived. Then, pulling her shirt on she picked up her beach bag, walked to the door, and turned to them all.

"Thanks," she smiled, biting her lip nervously, "That was amazing." They all murmured their agreement. She was going to set up a day to fuck them again, but thought better of it and said, "Well.... see you later!" As she walked off she smiled, already looking forward to when she could have them inside her again. The next day when she checked her email she had another email from them. This time it was full, well-lit video of the entire encounter: her getting dressed into her swimsuit, her taking a shower both times, and the entire gangbang in between. There were even gifs of her tits bouncing as she fucked Tyler and Dylan on the bed. Her face flushed as she watched them, immediately aroused and continually checking over her shoulder to make sure the house was still empty.

Her pussy tingled as she watched them grab her and throw her onto the bed, and her whole body glowed with sexual energy when she heard herself moaning for their cocks and begging for them to fuck her. She knew it was completely inappropriate and she hoped they wouldn't try to blackmail her with the irrefutable evidence, since she could clearly see her face in almost every shot. Nevertheless, she rewatched the footage every day for a week, and made herself cum every time.

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MILF, Chapter 4

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