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Monique under Mind Control

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Humiliation

Author: nutzbubby

Published: 11 July 2019

  • Font:

Monique was on knees sucking on Juan's dong , the kinky latina with the huge tits & ass was now a sexslave to her well endowed 23 year old son , she was deepthroating the penis like she had done many mornings before. 50 year old Monique was a Spanish teacher at a local high school , so currently she was dressed elegantly in her work heels , blouse , skirt & thong bikini briefs which barely covered her ass & cunt , this she did on orders of her son/ master Juan. Juan's stepdad Jose was vice-principal at the same school , he had already left for work . Monique was bobbing her head quickly as Juan released his jism down his mom's throat as he did most mornings . Monique swallowed , used her mouthwash & then left for work.

Chapter 1- Joanne

Joanne was bent over doggy-style as Juan lubed her asshole . The 54 part-time realtor was Juan's full-time sex-slave, still married to her cuckold hubby Philip Juan would keep her for days on end for his sexual use . Today he had called her over , after Monique had blown him cuz he wanted to fuck the voluptous , blonde slut up the ass. He collared & leashed Joanne before he shoved his 11 inch prick up her asshole. Stuffed& in ecstasy Joanne enjoyed her master's dong . It had been over a 1 year since he had brainwashed her & his mom Monique. Juan released the jism in her shithole . And Joanne knew she had been anal creampied. Master Juan told her to take a shower , & meet him downstairs in the dungeon

Chapter 2- In The Dungeon

Joanne was hogtied & ballgagged & in the bedroom , when Monique arrived back from school at 4pm , the 50year old mom/slut immediately took off all her clothes & put on her thigh-high hooker boots & was collared & leashed by her son/master Juan who led her downstairs to the sex dungeon.Monique was ordered to lick her son's ass which she did without question. Juan wacked off while Monique ate his behind , when he was stiff as a board he guided the old mom/slut to the bedroom , where Monique ungagged Joanne & they french-kissed for a minute. After Juan untied Joanne & shoved his monster weiner down her throat , this time though he had mom (Monique ) suck his nuts . Joanne's throat was dripping with jism as Juan unloaded a load of cum , then he ordered Joanne & Monique to share his man-dessert.

Chapter 3 - Webcam

Joanne also made money for Master Juan , twice a week she went webcam for him . Logically Juan thought his mom ( Monique ) couldnt do this because she was a teacher & she would lose her job. Joanne on the otherhand could, he had turned this mild-manner married mother , into a pussy loving dyke slut. Currently Joanne was licking Cindy's 20 year old cunt, she was ex-girlfriend & thru mind control , he had turned the horny nympho into a lesbian . Moaning like crazy , the petite redhead was getting her cunt eaten by a woman who was older than her mom . In fact Sheila ,who was 46 years old & Cindy's mom was currently on her knees giving Juan head , as he watched on screen two of his sex slaves make money for their pimp master . The members , always loved to see the age gap in the lesbians on screen.

Sheila was a dark haired cocksucker & a month ago he had hypnotized . Juan would use her to the extreme, he would fuck her in all her holes , tie her up , he took her to a couple of swingers clubs where he watched her eat granny pussy , he'd piss on her , he'd spank her she would always receive a facial from . And sometimes he'd watch her strapon-fuck her now dyke daughter Cindy before she'd have Cindy eat her ass & cunt . And finally Sheila would even piss on Cindy's face when ordered to

The lezzies had now switched places as Joanne was now getting licked by Cindy , Sheila was now licking Juan's butthole as he jerked off , watching Joanne & Cindy on cam . As both whores reached orgasmic bliss , the viewership & cash output was dwindling , so the cam was shut off . As Juan decided to urinate all over Sheila's face. Covered in her maledom's champagne, Cindy who was now in the same room as her mother, kissed Sheila on the lips, as the mother/daughter tasted urine.

Chapter 4 - Monique P.O..V

Once in a while on orders from Juan , Monique would sit down with her cuckold husband (JUANS STEPDAD)& have coffee & tell him about her latest kinky escapade with her son/master. "Jose,she began , yesterday Juan had me get my tits pierced & then he introduced me to his latest girlfriend , Agnes , she is 59 with big slightly saggy tits & a huge ass . When she greeted us at her home she was naked , ballgagged , & buttplugged , Juan said he had serviced her an hour earlier , he had told her wimp hubby to get lost. When we entered Juan took off her ballgag & spit in her face & then had me lick it off the old hag's face. After , i undressed , i began eating the granny pussy while Juan fuck me doggy style , he was super-hard & took my wet juices from my pussy & lubed my asshole, before he screwed me in the butt. After he gave me an anal creampie Agnes licked my ass, before she pissed all over my face. This must have turned my son /master on cuz he urinated on both mine & Agnes's face. "

The End

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Monique under Mind Control

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