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A gracious gift

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, First Time

Author: MarkoFox909

Published: 11 July 2019

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High upon stone throne laden with beautifully draped cloth, sat an old gizzard, his tapping fingers waiting for days end. The hall lay quiet, with nearly every man hid behind steel helmet asleep.

Soon the king turned, scornful eyes piercing the servant 

beside him with a gasp. "Call it off, it's clear our guest isn't coming and I'm too tired to wait much longer."

He turns back to the hall, seeing the bucket heads for knights sway lazily asleep. He stood with booming roar "I SAID YOU ARE DISMISSED" the entire room lit up in panic. You could see guards stumble out of the hall as the king slowly left his throne in a grumble.

He passes through double doors, to be met by a boy in his image "So I take it the envoy hadn't visited?"

The king groans "No, I suppose the neighboring kingdom wishes more to test my patience than to rather reach an agreement." The son replies "So will we wait? Or shall we send out a party to make sure they didn't get lost?"

"I could care less either way, I'm still going to send a message directly requesting a damn answer to why they take so damn long."

The king stops at his bedroom door, waving to the son "however that will have to wait for tomorrow, good eve Thurston."

The son waves back, pacing to his room to catch a certain someone..

A servant stood at the prince's bedside, dusting off the tops of drawers and cabinets when the door opens with a loud creak. "H-hey Mitilda" the prince utters, "evening Thurston" she replies, quickly setting down her dusting tool.

She sits upon the bedside, patting the spot beside her; the prince closing the door behind him and taking a seat. The small woman places her head on his shoulder "so I'm curious as to what you wanted to talk about, so what's upon your mind?"

His eyes are glued to wall with anxiety; he quietly mutters out "well.. I want to hear what your day was like first."

"Oh, it was great!" She kicks off the bed with a skip and twirls around "I've been saving my silver and copper for so long, that I wanted to go and get something."

So she spins with one flowing whirl, "so I decided to get a dress! What do you think?" The red fabric swung around her marvelously, with precisely woven seams and ribbons adorning her figure.

"I-its beautiful" his face starts to glow a shade of pink "I know right! I commissioned a clothier that was recommended to me by the other servants, and I'd say they're guesswork was right."

She plops back down again "it just was a hassle to get the dress once it was finished, but I was able to sneak some time to go grab from the market. So now with that, you owe me."

She lays her head on his shoulder again, gazing into his eyes, his heart starting to pick up more speed. "Well.. I have been dealing with something.."

"Well what is it? I'm sure a prince like yourself could-" "I need your help with the matter."

She sat there shocked "well what is it? I can help you with anything you need Thurston" he sat in ponder, wondering if this was a good idea.

He turned to meet her eyes yet again, a certainty filled him, so he met her somber lips. He parted, turning his head away as she sat in bafflement and blush, her entire body warm and glowing with heat.

"W-well, I-I would never expect you to... have those kinds of feeling for a service girl." "You say it best yourself, we know each other better than I know my own father, a-and that's why.. I wanted to see if you'd want to take it further."

Even with her hands trembling, she gracefully grasped his palm, her other fingers turning his head to lock another kiss. "I hope that answers your question dear prince."

They gave perky smiles and then began to ponder what to do now, "so where do we even begin?" The service girl spoke "I'm not all too familiar with the art of love, so I'm relying on you, Thurston."

He sat in a bitter silence, before mumbling "I don't really know much either" "Really!? Hasn't anyone taught you?" "Nope, as there are no princesses to be wed to, my father deemed it unnecessary."

They sat in awkward stance, their hands shifting and fumbling. "Well-" the girl started "There is no time like the present to learn I suppose, so.. I guess let's get undressed."

"N-now?" "Yeah, I wanna take this relationship and explore it with you Thurston, so I want to get started" his throat felt tight, but with a gulp he nodded. "Alright, I guess let's begin. So... I suppose you are going first?"

"Sure, I can try and break the ice to begin with" she gets up, her nervous hands beginning to peel off her beautiful dress.

Underneath all she wore were undergarments, and the prince began to have her beautiful figure unravel before him. She was petite, with a rounded bosom that was very plump. Her beasts were small and perky, the areolas a bright color.

Soon she stood before him fully naked, a sight to behold "Now it's your turn prince, go ahead." She proceeded to sit back down on the bed, the prince trembling as he arose to the occasion.

He began to peel away his layers, his frame very thin for royalty the girl noticed, his chest was barely toned or adorned with hair. He got his pants down, when a tent appeared in his undergarments, a large one at that.

He sat there, his feet shifting as his trousers still sat on. "Well what's wrong? Don't you want to take them off?" The prince sat with a red face "I-I just feel weird showing anyone this, I just feel it would be more embarrassing to see than anything."

"Thurston, it gives me pride to know that because of me, you have a large tent pitched up underneath your garments. I'm not going to laugh or anything, trust me." He sat with held breath, slowly peeling away the final layer, with an impressive member jumping free of the cloth prison.

"Wow, color me impressed my king" she sat with a gleeful smile, the prince giving a relieved smile of his own as he sat down beside her. "Wait, did you say my king?" "Of course, I just feel it appropriate, seeing how you're going to.."

"Right, so where to begin?" The prince takes a deep breath, "well it seems that kissing comes natural, so maybe just do that until we explore a bit more?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a marvelous plan" he turns towards her again, certainty filling his heart as the locked lips yet again. The two began to roam around each other's mouths, tasting every bit of each other as they became lost to it for quite some time.

The girl looks down to noticed the appendage had grown even more, and halts their interlocking of tongues. "So may I touch..?" She points out the appendage and he nervously nods.

Her slim fingers grasp around the shaft, soon it feels like a talons grip. "So now what do I do?" She asks the prince, "I'm not quite sure, you'd think there would be more pleasure involved."

She releases her grip for the prince to nearly moan "w-wait, grip it again" she grasps it firmly again, "now move your hand towards the top."

She slowly pulls the skin up, for a rush of pleasure to fill the prince "now try and go back down" she moves her hand accordingly and it happens again. "So that would if I did this.." she began to jerk his cock and the prince let's loose a sigh of relief.

"There we go, I knew we could get a 'grasp' on this, right my dear king?" He nods, his face full of pleasure, and taken unawares as he is pulled back into a kiss. Now the two sit passionate, the cock of the prince being jerked around like a toy.

"O-oh, what's this?" The girl pulls of her hand to notice a sticky clear substance had covered the top of her hand. "Has this come from you?" "I would suppose so? What's it like?"

"Its a viscous slimy substance, very slick to the touch." The boys eyes perk up "oh, that must be the body's way of providing lubrication." "Oh, that would make a lot of sense" the girl remarks.

"So now what about you? You have serving your king all of this time and you have been getting a very small amount of pleasure out of it." She takes his line with a fanciful accent "oh my king, it's very considerate for you to take my plight as a lowly peasant woman so serously." She gives a chuckle alongside the prince of the act.

"So may I?" He moves his hand over her slit, waiting for permission "yeah, I'm sure you could find out more, better than I could"

He slowly let's his hand set atop of the pair of lips, and tests with one finger pressing it in. The finger slides between the two pieces of skin and races a rush of pleasure down the girl's spine "like that, just rub it like that"

He continues, adding two more fingers to the fray as he runs it up and down her puffy lips. She moans in shivers, placing her own palm on his hand to press the fingers deeper and deeper.

He notices the clear liquid again, "it would appear you leak it too, interesting" she looks down for a moment "could it also be related to the amount pleasure as well?" "It would have to be, I would see no other reason."

"Do you think it would taste good?" The girl comments, the prince sits there puzzled. "Maybe you could go down and give it a shot? I'd day it's worth a try while we're learning."

The boy shrugs his shoulders "I can't argue with that" so he hops off the bed and sits on his knees before her. " I would never think royalty would ever kneel before me" she remarks. "Well you now to get to be tasted by royalty too."

He looks at it with a nervous expression "so should I just go for it?" "Sure, just give slow."

He braces himself, slowly moving in with tongue eventually touching the oozing slit. "Ahhhhh!~" the girl exclaims "Are you okay, I didn't do anything wrong did I?" "No, no, it felt wonderful actually.. go and do it again."

He peels back in to start and lap at her pussy, the girl placing hands upon his head as the heat dove into her. She began to steadily moan and pant for the prince, his bulge stiffening like a rock with her beautiful cries.

He soon surfaces again "so how was it? Was I decent taste for you my king?~" "it was a bit salty, but just slightly sweet. It was certainly an experience to say the least."

The prince is pulled into another kiss, lasting another few minutes as they dove into each other's mouths. "So mind if I could give it a try, want to see what this taste is like."

He sits back down on the bed with his legs dangling off the side "only if you kneel for the king" "that I shall my highness" she gets between his legs and grasps onto his throbbing member.

"So I just take it into my mouth?" "Yeah, and make sure to use your tongue, it's a very useful tool in love I suppose."

She began to take down his cock, the tip sitting firmly in her mouth as he exclaimed with delight, clawing the bedsheets she her tongue made him grow wild. It brilliantly swirled around the tip, making his hips jolt and shake with every revolution.

She tried to take more down, but found it difficult with the sheer size of the prince. Soon the girl had the prince panting with every movement, the pressure building up more and more.

Soon he pat her head, as she popped off of his member. "So you enjoying yourself my king?" "Y-yeah, you're making my entire body tremble with your little tricks." "Thank you" she kissed the tip as she lightly jerked it around.

"S-so I think we're ready" "ready for what?" She stood back up, and sat beside the prince, "I think we're ready to do it, properly do it"

"Oh you mean actually..?" "Yeah, I want us to intertwine and feel what its like to be paired like that." "So what should I do?" "I think you should lie on your back, and I'll get on top."

She fell back to the bed, the prince slowly crawling atop of her, really taking in what he is doing and the beautiful woman that lay before him. "So you ready?" She comments, noting his nervous hands "yes, I'm ready."

He grasps his cock, beginning to angle it in, soon it sits at the entrance as he looks deep into her eyes "do it when you're ready my king, I'm here to serve you my beautiful royal." He begins to press it in, his head resting on hers as they push.

Soon it pops in, the two panting in relief as they lock in another kiss, the boys hips start to move off of instinct, soon his cock pounding her puffy lips with a wet slapping.

They moan and cry out, a primal growl starting to emerge in their throats as they lend themselves further to the experience. He grasps her tightly behind her back and she clutches dearly to him "I love you my king, I don't ever want to let go" "neither do I, my faithful love."

He feels a pressure begin to wash over him, so he claws at her deeply, giving a final few thrusts before they cry out in a primal pleasure. White runny liquid pouring out of both of them as the excess begins to pool out onto the bedsheets.

Panting alongside her, he strokes her face "From now and forever, you're my beloved." "From now and forever, you are mine too" she gasps. The pant until with the slowing of their breath, they fall into a calm slumber.

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A gracious gift

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