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  1. Initiated by Baxter - Chapter 1
  2. Initiated by Baxter - Chapter 3

Initiated by Baxter - Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Bestiality

Author: adrianmaroon765

Published: 12 July 2019

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“You know, you should consider castrating him.”

I laughed nervously. “I won’t take the pride of the dog away, Ann, what the hell.” The dog we were both referring to is the one I adopted four months ago. A big, smart and goofy stray dog, who we both named Baxter. “That bitch was on heat, it wasn’t his fault.” We were walking back to my home after spending the whole afternoon chasing our dog everywhere at the dog park. If there’s one thing Baxter has, that thing is energy.

“Right, but look at him,” Ann said, pointing to the restless dog sniffing and barking at the silliest things the rope of his leash allowed him to. “Baxter, no, st-AHH!” She said right before Baxter tied her legs and tripped her - luckily - towards my arms. “He wouldn’t be so high on his own hormones if he didn’t have his balls.”

“Oh, you cruel woman,” I said, and we both burst into laughter. “It’s not his fault, that bitch’s owner cock-blocked him. What’s the big deal, anyway? They’d make out, be happy and have the cutest pups ready to make other families happy.”

Ann righted herself, untangled the rope off her legs and handed it to me, “here, you hold him, I just can’t.” As she adjusted her hair behind her ears, she looked down at Baxter, whistled at him and gave him a good scratch on the neck. “Also, you weren’t paying attention. That wasn’t a bitch, I’m pretty sure it was another male.”

I smirked and laughed. “So he goes both ways, then,” I said as I opened the door to my building. The dog, as usual, leaped over the stairs before us and waited for us at the top. “So do we have a problem, then? It’s not like he was going to impregnate that dog.”

Ann gave me the side eyes. “Yeah, right. We will have this conversation again when Baxter starts humping chairs, shoes and pillows.”

As soon as I opened the door to my small studio apartment, Baxter ran towards the couch and laid belly up, wagging his tail and looking at us. Ann, as expected, walked towards him and gave his much requested belly rub. “Don’t tease him too much, or he’ll get excited,” I joked.

“Ha-ha, very funny, Will.” As I reached for the cabinet in search for a glass to pour some water for us, she continued. “Though I didn’t know dogs had such big dicks.”

“Wait, what? I was concentrated in pulling Baxter away from that other dog, and you were occupied staring at his dick?”

“It’s not like I couldn’t see it, it was dangling. You didn’t?”

I shrugged. “Honestly, no. Your mind in the right place?”

Ann laughed and got up. “Don’t start thinking things.” She walked past me and towards my cabinet, peeked inside and gasped. “You STILL have not bought anything? What am I going to eat?”

“Ahh, sorry, hun. I’ll do this weekend. I’ll order us some dinner.”

She flipped. “Hell no, I’m fed up with Chinese takeout. At least my home has proper food.”

“Come on, we can get some pizza instead.”

“You KNOW you can save quite the buck if you cook your own food, right? I’m almost penniless, Will, I’ll spend the night home tonight.”

I frowned. Ann shared her place with another friend, and it didn’t have either the relative comfort or privacy of my own home. Not that I live well, mind you, but a full size bed makes a huge difference, for starters. “Uhm, I’ll get some groceries this weekend. Promise, hun.”

Ann wasted no time. She quickly grabbed the few clothes she had lying around, stashed it in her backpack, and approached me for a kiss. “Tomorrow night, then?”

I pulled her by the waist and kissed her deeply. “Tomorrow night.”

As she left I put some food on Baxter’s bowl, refilled his water, took my shirt off and tossed it to the side. I was heading to the shower but then I saw the stash of VHS tapes and reconsidered my priorities. It’s not often that Ann spends the night at her own place, so I could be a little lazier than usual and no one would complain. Besides, I like how my body smells after a day of work. Not Ann’s thing, but she wasn’t there.

I shuffled through the stash to find the next episode of the previous season of Murder, She Wrote, then walked towards my VHS player, passing through Baxter silently eating his dinner and put the tape in. In my kitchen there was some stale bread, some crackers, a bit of jam and a few cans of coke, so I was set for the night. I grabbed the remote, undid my pants, slid them down and launched myself to the sofa wearing only my boxers and socks. My body glistened due to the accumulated sweat after work and the heat, but I didn’t mind. After grabbing a pillow to rest my head on, I laid belly down and hit Play on the remote.

As expected, as soon as Baxter heard any sound coming from the TV, he went straight to the sofa to lay beside me. Unfortunately for him, I spread my body all over the sofa, including the spot he usually would curl up and take a nap while I watch my favorite series. He crawled up, tried to find a spot to sit comfortably but didn’t find any. “Sorry, bud, I guess it’s the floor for you today.”

Baxter, perhaps, was spoiled by the nights spent with me watching TV. Ann would reclaim his spot when she was with me but I didn’t mind he slept on the sofa, or on the bed with me when she wasn’t around. He’s just great to cuddle.

Surprisingly, Baxter decided to lay on top of my legs, in his usual spot. Baxter was fairly big, so his weight definitely did not go unnoticed. Considering the heat that night and his fur, I starting sweating more than usual. It was okay, though. He was comfortable, I was comfortable, we were good, so I kept watching my episode while Baxter found a way to nest himself among my legs and use by butt as a pillow. It felt somewhat weird to feel his junk resting dormant against my calf, though it didn’t feel as big as Ann’s impression of it from earlier.

My moment of peace didn’t last long, though. My boxers were glued to my skin due to my sweat, and I felt Baxter’s nose probing my butt crack down to my perineum. Now, I adopted Baxter on a whim and never had any pets before, but even I could see that a non-neutered dog in presence of certain stimulant scents would get horny. His head was close to my junk, so I wasn’t surprised he caught my scent. That it did turn him on, that surprised me.

Then again, dogs often hump chairs and pillows and stuff.

Not for a split second I considered stopping him. In fact, I was getting strangely aroused by it. I wasn’t sure when to stop, so I just let it go its course and see where it would lead us. Baxter’s nose and breath felt somewhat cold to the touch. He was fixated in digging deeper into my ass crack, often going down to sniff my perineum and balls. I let a faint moan escape when he tongued my balls under my boxers. His tongue felt wide, coarse and hot to the touch.

Perhaps most people would’ve stopped after their dogs licked their private parts. Me? I raised my butt just a little, by instinct. I felt like Baxter knew what I wanted, even if I didn’t. He started digging his muzzle deeper between my butt cheeks, sniffing and licking all of it, completely soaking my underwear. I raised the volume on the TV and moaned discreetly as Baxter worked my ass as best as he could. My dick was too uncomfortable being pressed against the sofa, so I reached my hand to pull it out and stroke it a bit.

It felt too good. Oddly enough, my mind was racing. I do recall some stories of people fucking animals in farms when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t sure if I ever was into it. It didn’t gross me out, sure, but I never fantasized or masturbated to things like this. Yet there I was, completely given to my own dog for our own mutual pleasure.

Baxter focused on licking and sniffing what he could of my balls. Poor dog was doing his best with my underwear standing in the way, so I let my smelly balls dangle off. I was afraid Baxter would try to bite it, but he limited himself to licking them clean, instead.

It came to mind that I did wake up some times in the middle of the night with Baxter humping something. They’d often be one of our used clothes, either mine or Ann’s, that he’d bring and lay on top of his favorite pillow. Smart boy, smart boy. Ann never figured that out, strong as she sleeps, so I always hid the proof of the crime away. It was only natural that, given access to the original source of the scents, Baxter would take advantage of it.

It’s been a long time since I got rimmed. It’s not Ann’s thing, and Baxter was so focused on my ass, I thought why the hell not? I put my thumbs in the boxer’s waistline and pulled them down just enough to reveal my hairy ass, raising my butt and angling my back enough to taunt Baxter to his prize. Exactly how Ann does with me, mind you. As expected, Baxter first sniffed my whole ass crack and licked my asshole vigorously.

I wouldn’t even dare to imagine what would happen if Ann, who has the keys to my home, came back to find her boyfriend on all fours raising his ass to be eating by his own dog.

Sometimes fate is on our side. Besides, the risk only made the situation that much more exciting.

My moans were muffled by the loud TV. I stroked my cock vigorously as Baxter gave me the best rimming I could expect in years. His whiskers deliciously tickled the insides of my butt cheeks as I stroked my cock ever so vigorously. I was ready to cum.

But I didn’t. Whenever I got closer to the edge, I stopped and calmed myself. Why?

What does a dog do when he’s horny enough? So, yes, that.

It wasn’t conscious, though. I was just instinctively driven to wait until the right moment, though I still wasn’t sure if it would get any past that. It’s been too long since I got a dick in my ass, and if Ann’s words were anything to believe on, chances were I wouldn’t be able to take Baxter on my first try.

It didn’t take too long before Baxter finally decided to stop licking my ass and try to mount me. My butt cheeks rubbed against each other, and I felt the stickiness of his saliva. He leaped forward, towards my head, and clamped his front legs around my body as I raised my butt higher to match with his cock. He started humping me, and for a few seconds all I felt was a hairy nub rubbing against my butt.

Until… “Ouch,” I said loudly when I realized Baxter had scratched my side abs. “Well, that’ll be easy to hide,” I whispered in jest as I touched the new bruises with my fingers. “Easy, boy, easy,” I said, trying to calm him down, but his cock was already leaving its sheath and finding its way among my butt cheeks.

For a few seconds, I stuttered. I clenched my butt around his cock to better gauge its size while at the same time I tried to rearrange his front legs to stop his claws from scratching me any further. It was, indeed, big, probably had the same girth of my own cock at its thickest, but wasn’t as uniformly thick. I felt the tip trying to invade my asshole but got afraid it was too much for me on my first try. Not without a lot of lubrication and perhaps some stretching, and I didn’t even feel the knot yet!

So I lowered my butt so his cock was now better angled to hump my butt crack. I would generally used the term “dry humping” but it doesn’t apply well here: my butt was soaked with his saliva, and his cock was incredibly wet and slippery as well. I kept one hand awkwardly adjusting his front legs whenever needed, and with the other I pressed his cock against my butt to make sure it wouldn’t either slip out, or in towards me.

As far as first experiences go, this one was exhilarating. Baxter was growling and panting heavily as he humped my ass, his dangling tongue dripping saliva in my back, while I, sweaty as I was, stood there with my legs open, clenching my butt cheeks as tight as possible around his thick cock. Every thrust of his moved my own cock like a pendulum, hard enough for it to hit my belly with a distinctive “thud” sound.

I wasn’t sure if I would hold myself for long enough until Baxter finally came as I finally felt his knot getting out of its sheath. In comparison to us humans, dogs cum a whole lot, and he shot his cum far enough to hit my neck and paint my whole back, with most of it pooling closer to my waist. At the same time I came myself too, a few huge spurts like I haven’t come in months. Hands free, too, and that’s a first for me.

Breathless, Baxter unmounted me and I laid to my side with a leg in the air to appreciate what just happened. Baxter just sat beside me and licked his own cock. To feel it is one thing, but to see it is something else. It was huge, beautiful, crimson in color. The tip was somewhat thin but it got thick way too soon for it to be considered smooth. The base was slightly thinner, but the knot was, well, worthy of beast of his size.

I was panting, massaging my own, still hard cock, then I got up. The sofa was an absolute mess, with my own cum and Baxter’s after I changed positions and accidentally rubbed my back in the sofa back. “I wonder what that will smell like tomorrow,” I thought, then rubbed my hand in my butt cheeks and smelled my fingers. It smelt pungent, strong. Reminded me of my own sweat, but also something else. Baxter’s own fluids, I imagined.

I considered grabbing Baxter’s cock to see how it feels in my hand, but unfortunately most of it was already sheathed and Baxter got up to drop off from the sofa and do something else. “So you can’t stand as much as us, right bud?” I said as I scratched his head with my hard cock on my other hand.

After Baxter went to finish his dinner, I tried to recompose myself. Took off my wet boxers, wiped most of the sofa the best I could, then walked naked towards the bathroom. I stopped at the door, looked down at my underwear in my hands and put it in my face to once again smell us both, together.

“Damn,” I thought, then changed direction to my bed. I laid there as I was, then covered my face with my underwear, smelled it and licked it as I masturbated to what had just happened.


My days as a construction worker are often uneventful. I tend to be the quiet one of the bunch, only often talking during breaks and so. No false modesty, I’m also usually the most productive as well.

Yet, I’m sure you could understand why my mind wasn’t in the right place. I was still processing what had happened the previous night. I wasn’t getting judgmental, mind you, it was something else: I wanted to learn how to best take advantage of my moments with my own dog.

With some luck, my best buddy, coworker and the biggest slacker of them all would help me in this. He’s often the one to take the most pauses to light a cigarette.

“It’s not like you to join me, Will,” Matt said, taking a cig out of its box. “Want one?”

“Not now, thanks. Hey, huh…”

“There you go, you wouldn’t stop working if it weren’t to ask about something,” he said, smiling and laughing. “What’s bothering you?”

“Right, ahem,” I paused, looked away and then continued. “So I overheard you talking to Terry about this rental shop.”

“Yeah,” Matt said, scratching his chin, “yeah, I remember. During lunch time, a few weeks ago. What’s with it?”

“Well.” At that time I was sure I heard either him or Terry mentioning, and I quote, you can even find some dog on woman kinda porn there, and how the other person who was with them was disgusted by it and wanted to leave. If I wanted to continue having fun with my own dog, I had to research a bit. “Didn’t you mention there were some bondage videos there?”

Matt is my best friend but I had no idea of his thoughts on this matter. I couldn’t risk it.

“Yeah, there is,” he answered between whiffs of his cigarette. “Lots of BDSM related stuff and a few specific fetishes. What do you need?”

“Leather, perhaps. Me and Ann are trying some new things in bed.”

Matt dropped his cigarette, faced me and smiled. “Leather is my thing, Will. I can drive you there after work one day or the other.”

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Initiated by Baxter - Chapter 1

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Tiger_t — 12 July 2019 11:37
Hot start, more please.
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