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Some playtime

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Threesome, Written by women

Author: Alex MacDonald

Published: 12 July 2019

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It was one of those lazy weekends. The rare ones when we were both off duty.

When I say lazy, well, I still went for my morning run, did some shopping on the way back to our flat.

David was in the shower when I placed the bags on the kitchen table. Smiling I started to undress and made my way to the bathroom.

“Afternoon gorgeous”, I teased him as I squeezed in beside him. “Oi, you can wait,” he grinned and tried to push me back. With his hands on my small tits which only made me smile.

“Do you really want me to wait instead of having this body next to you? These hands touching you?” And I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him towards me.

“Don't tempt me”, he murmured and kissed me briefly on the forehead. “But yes, I want you to shower alone. That way you might get clean.”

He winked at me and stepped out of the shower. “And since I am such a nice person I will even bring you some clothes.”

Confused I looked at him. We hadn't seen much of each other during the last week. And now he skipped an opportunity to fuck me.

“Who are you and what have you done to my husband?” I called after him but got no reply.

So I showered alone, enjoyed the warm water loosening my tensed muscles.

When I stepped out of the shower I laughed. The clothes he had left for me just made me. A small bustier and woman's shorts, camouflage print and not mine at all. But my size. I dried myself and looked at them again, frowning.

“Have you died in there?” “Nearly,” I replied without missing a beat and shrugged. I would give them a try. If I did not like it I could change.

They felt weird. Soft, shiny material hugging my tits and my crotch. I was used to loose fitting shorts, his tank tops at home. Looking at myself in the mirror I smiled. Not bad after all. When I turned to look at me at a different angle, the fabric rubbing my tits made my nipples harden and my smile got bigger.

Not bothering to dry my long black hair I made my way to the kitchen to grab a coffee.

Only to bump into David – in full uniform.

“Oh no.” The weekend had started so well.

He smiled a wicked smile. “Got you at last. Turn around, hands on your back and you won't get hurt.”

My head was spinning. Thoughts raced each other and all I could do was stand there and stare at him open mouthed. My strange clothes, his uniform, the smile, the order.

He nodded, showed me the handcuffs.

“Let's play this easy, MacDonald.”

Suddenly all the pieces clicked into place. He did not get a call. He wanted to play. Another first time. I felt myself turned on by that thought. Bound, fucked – yes we had done that before – but never as a role play.

Slowly I turned around. Slow enough to see the look of relieve and satisfaction on his face. I could not stop smiling as I stood there, crossed wrists on my back.

Clueless to what he had in mind I felt him grab me and cuff me.

“Right. Now sit down and wait.” He pushed me down on one of our kitchen chairs and reached for his phone..

David dialled, waited and my head was spinning again. Part of the game? Did he really call someone? Who? Why?

“Got her secured, awaiting orders.” I looked at him. “Right, bye.”

Our eyes met and I could see a smile in his. Even though his face stayed blank. He stood at ease, waited. For what? Or whom?

I kept looking around. The time seemed to pass more slowly. Through the open window I could hear cars, people on the street. Just another Saturday morning.

And I was sitting here, bound, kind of helpless and wondering what his plans were.

After what seemed like eternity the doorbell rang and David left me alone in our kitchen.

My heart rate went up. Whatever was going to happen, it would happen now. Low voices. Ryan? I wasn't sure. Steps. I took one deep breath.

It was Ryan. As David he was in uniform and I could not suppress a big grin.

He looked down on me. Never had I noticed how cold his grey eyes could seem. “Look at that.” Even his smile was cold. “Got her at last.”

“Sir”, I nodded courtly. Something was happening. A game no one had bothered to tell me the rules. Ryan had seen me in shorts and tank top, naked, he had even fucked me. And now, clothed like this I felt embarrassed, even ashamed.

At the same time I felt my hard nipples, my arousal.

I glanced at David but he had adopted an impassive, professional face as well.

“Get up.” They both grabbed my arms and helped me get up. Not gently, rough.

Even though I had no clothes to conceal anything Ryan started to search me. Normal at first, then squeezing my tits and shoving a hand between my legs.

He rubbed my crotch and smiled. “Well, I think we will have to make some adjustments to her uniform.” My eyebrows rose and I felt David's grip tighten.

“It is nice to see the hard nipples of a slut or feel her getting wet, but to use her”, Ryan's voice trailed off and he turned away.

He rummaged through our kitchen drawer. As he turned around with the scissors I drew a deep breath. “What the fuck?”

David stepped now behind me and took both my arms. “Just hold still.” His voice hat changed as well. Eyes fixed on the scissors I struggled in his grip. “No fucking way.”

One well placed hard kick against the back of my knees made me go down. But he held me, stopped me from hurting myself.

Ryan chuckled. “I was wondering why this was so easy.” He bend down and cupped his hand around my chin, looked into my eyes.

“I don't want to harm you MacDonald. Rules are easy. The more you struggle, the more we hurt you. In the end we will get what we want. Easy or hard. Your choice.”

I licked my lips, nodded. It was tempting to struggle on, make it a bit harder for the boys. He must have sensed what was going on in my mind. He winked at me, at least that was what I thought, before he straightened up again.

“Alright. Adjustments. One rough tug at my arm brought me to my feet again.

Slowly Ryan traced the outline of my hardened nipples through the fabric with his fingers. “Is this as hard as it gets?” he teased me and twisted both without warning. I moaned in pain and tried to break free again.

“Seems so.to yankmu” I could hear the smile in David's voice and leaned back against him till I felt his breath in my hair.

Without hesitation Ryan pulled the fabric away ans snipped two holes in it. Now my hard nipples were exposed. Even though it was not cold I could feel the air at my skin.

“Much better”, he murmured and licked first the right, then the left one. “But”, he smiled,” that was only part of the job.

“We could just strip her”, David suggested but Ryan shook his head. “I want to modify this slut's uniform. Get her on the table.”

David pulled me back, helped me onto the table with one hand between my legs. “She seems to have soiled it already.”

And he was right. I was wet and the fabric was soaked.

“See, we can't have that.” Ryan placed one hand on my shoulder, the other in my crotch again, started to rub my clit. As I moaned he stopped.


He pulled at the fabric and I tried to raise my head but David restrained me. The handcuffs bit in my back and I grunted my teeth in pain. “Won't take long.” Ryan murmured and I heard the snipping of the scissors, felt the pull of the panty. But what ever it was he was doing, he took his time.

Finally he let go, pulled the shorts back into place. But I could feel no more fabric on my cunt. Only two thin strips which he carefully placed on both sides.

“Much better,” he smirked and looked down on me. David looked and smiled, lifted me up into a sitting position. “That was a great idea.”

He traced the big hole with his finger, starting just before my clit and all the way to my ass.

“She'll be leaking,” he grinned as he pulled me off the table and towards the living room.

“Actually I am in the room”, I grumbled and he pulled me close. “Easy or hard, remember?” His voice was hard and I swallowed. Then I caught his eye. In an instant I knew he loved me, wanted me. “Yes, Sir.”

“And you are wet. Just like a good slut should be. But you have to learn when to open and when to shut your mouth. Just some basic training.” He pointed on the floor in front of the sofa.

“On your knees, legs apart. I want to see you.”

It wasn't that easy with my arms on my back, but I managed somehow. I looked up at him, then at Ryan who had followed. It seemed so unreal, and I was so wet, so ready, so willing.

He smiled down at me, opened his pants.”One of the occasions when you open your mouth is when you suck us off.” He sat down in front of me and David's laughter made me aware that I had licked my lips again.

“Greedy slut”, he mocked me and sat down himself.

“Yes, Sir”, I murmured, ashamed. He was right. I wanted it. I felt a short twang of lust in my womb.

“What are you waiting for?” Ryan kicked me with his boot. “Do your job.”

Without hesitation I straightened myself and bend towards him.

“Start with my balls. If you do good there you might get my cock.”

I licked my lips again, started to lick his balls. It was weird without using my hands for support and it took me some time to get used to it. Eventually he moaned with pleasure and started to strike his cock. “That's good.”

Smiling to myself I continued, concentrated on the 'work' before me.

Suddenly it hit me and I pulled back. What the hell was I doing? What was happening? I glanced at David.

He smiled at me, opened his pants and freed his hard cock. “Ryan first, then you can have mine.”

That was all the reassurance I needed. I turned back to licking Ryan's balls. He smiled, groaned with pleasure. “And you like that, don't you?”

“Hmhm...” was my only response since I did not want to stop again. “Told you mate, she is amazing.” I heard the pride in David's voice.

“Yeah”, Ryan pushed his cock towards my lips. I felt his pre cum, licked his head to taste him before I took him in my mouth.

Circling it with my tongue I bent forward, took him in inch by inch.

“Ah, fuck that”, he grunted and I felt his hand in my hair. Without warning he started to fuck my mouth, short but forceful thrusts. He just used me. In front of my husband, his best mate.

I rebelled, pulled back but his grip tightened even more, hurt me. “Oh no”, our eyes locked and he smiled a brief smile. “You know you want it,” he panted.

And he was right. More or less. What I really wanted right now was to be fucked. By both of them, again.

He let himself go, didn't control himself anymore. One deep thrust made me gag, he did not seem to care, forced himself deeper again.

Panting he came, I felt his load hot in my throat, gagged again and tried hard to swallow.

As he let me go I bent over, retching. But David did not give me time to recover. “My turn.” He pulled me close and forced his cock in my mouth. “You know what I like.”

His voice was hoarse, his cock so hard and dripping with pre cum. I moaned, started to suck him and massage him with my tongue. Usually I would massage balls with my hand, no chance for that now.

He closed his eyes, moaned. Yes, I knew what he loved. And I loved it, seeing him like this knowing that it was me who gave him that pleasure. Like Ryan he would not last long.

I pulled back, looked up to him. “Please fuck me.”

Ryan laughed a short laugh. David just pulled me back and forced his cock back in my mouth, used me as Ryan had before. “I will.”

I had suspected that he would not last long but was disappointed all the same when he came after just a couple of thrusts. I was wet, wanted a cock inside me. I wanted it so badly I let out a small moan of frustration after I had swallowed his cum.

Ryan got up and left the room. D

David smiled down at me, placed a hand on my cheek and traced the bone with his finger.

“I give you a choice.”

Irritated I looked up, wrinkled my brow.

More gently than the whole morning he helped me get up and on his lap. “Option one. Getting untied and fucked. Right now and here.” “Yes”, came my quick and somewhat breathless and he laughed, kissed me briefly.

“Or you can stay our... let's say prisoner, for this day. Used, Abused, fucked at our mercy. As I said before. Easy or hard, that depends on you.”

Ryan was back, leaning against the door frame, two mugs with coffee and one bottle of water in his hands.

“Think about it. Do we have to show you how wet you are from just this short playing around or can you feel is?”

Looking from him to David and back again I tried to think. It was not easy. Ryan's dick still hanging out of his pants and David's between my legs did not help. But they gave me time.

Yes, it had turned me on. It was new, exiting, strange, scary and I had rarely been this horny in my life.

“If you decide for option two our pleasure comes first. I want to push you to the limit and maybe even further. A thing David would never do to you on his own. You like it hard, you want the pain, I have some experience, he can learn.”

I nodded bit my lower lip. “If,” my voice was hoarse and I cleared my throat. “If I agree, what about me. I want, hell no, I need to be fucked.”

David laughed again. One of his soft little laughs and kissed me briefly. “We see to that. You might get more than you have bargained for though. I love you. However you decide. If you want it, need it, I am willing to agree to this. If he can help you discover this side of yours, explore it, satisfy it, fine by me. And I have to admit, that I like to see you like this. Bound, used, by him or by me. If you don't like it after all, it was a one off and we will never surprise you with a thing like this again.”

I leaned in and kissed him. My mind was made up. “You know I love you.” I murmured, turned to Ryan.

“Okay”, I felt nervous, like going on a trip into the unknown. “I am your prisoner.”

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Some playtime

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