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  1. Dead end job gets interesting, part 1
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  3. Dead end job gets interesting, part 3
  4. Dead end job gets interesting, part 4

Dead end job gets interesting, part 3

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Author: Wuffles2

Published: 12 July 2019

  • Font:

Jordan collapsed, exhausted, into the welcoming confines of the meeting room chair. He could hear Kayla lean against the door, and it was all he could do not to burst out laughing at her faster-than-light exit. He could only imagine the consequences if an errant co-worker or one of the cleaners saw her, naked, out of breath, with a string of white, sticky ejaculate running down her inner thigh.

It would probably be the hottest thing they'd ever seen, actually.

He heard light footsteps pattering away toward the bathrooms. He paused for a moment more to reflect on what had just happened.

It was totally reasonable for Kayla to be terrified of what he would think of her, after uttering the title of the one who helped bring her into this world at the moment of climax. He'd have to take steps to reassure her about that sooner rather than later, and to explain that this was by no means the first time he had been afforded such a title by young things. Now, THAT is going to be an interesting conversation, he sniggered to himself.

Pulling a tissue from his pocket, Jordan began to clean himself off. His dick was ultra-sensitive to the touch, quivering with every caress, as he expertly cleaned himself with the poise of a geek-boy that had masturbated in front of a computer more times than he could count in his developing years.

Pausing for a moment to catch his breath, Jordan wondered what Sarah would say if he mentioned this encounter to her. He shook his head and chuckled. No question, she'd ask for all of the details, while being slightly jealous that he beat her to it. Eh, that's a conversation to be had later, anyways.

Jordan slowly pulled himself up from the chair. His knees were a bit shaky and his thighs were burning, unused to such athleticism. Stretching his neck from side to side, he felt an audible series of cracks as his bones re-adjusted themselves.

He wandered out to back to his desk, and picked up his swimming gear.

'Come on, Jordan, time to continue becoming less fat', he muttered to himself.

Hoisting the bag onto his back, he wandered to the elevators, and paused for a moment to check his phone. Hmm. Two messages, one from Sarah asking him if he wanted to walk home with her (from two hours ago) and a message from Carly, asking him to buy toilet paper on the way home.

He whistled a jaunty tune as he jumped into the claustrophobic metal box of death, noting a tad sourly that it didn't miss even a moment in zooming down to the exit as he remembered how much he would have appreciated that service from it in the morning.

He strode out of the exit, waving goodbye to steve the security guard, who nodded politely as always.

This was the fucking life. The sun was shining in fucking December and it was 26 degrees celcius at 6pm. As he strode on, he began to feel the typical stress of the pack of fitness in his legs quickly begin to catch up on him, and ten minutes walking down lamborn quay, one of the larger shopping streets in central Wellington soon had him red faced and puffing.

Getting to the end of the quay had him feeling like he'd just run a half-marathon. Ridiculous how unfit bureaucrat life had made him. Just ten years ago he was swimming 5 kilometers after work four times per week. He

Jordan sighed. Well, gotta start somewhere, eh, he figured to himself. Turning into Willis street, he arrived at Habit Gym, the hipster corporate swimming facility he had signed up to on a whim six months ago.

Sweating, Jordan jumped onto the escalators. He sniggered, the hypocrisy of riding an escalator up to the second-floor gym instead of taking the stairs not lost on him.

As Jordan languished on the escalator, a startling sight greeted him. A woman in a sleek black evening dress in front of him on the escalator caught his eye. Her shoulder-length hair fell about her in artful dishevelment that probably took a long time to get just right. The dress was as elegant as it was revealing, with two thin straps over her shoulder the only thing holding it in place, its cut plunging deep down her lower back, showing off a generous amount of tanned, unblemished skin.

The dress bunched pervertedly around the waist, wound tightly over a generously curvaceous ass. One half of the dress was cut long, elegantly and modestly draping down her lower calf, while the other was pleasingly short, the cloth ending at the woman's upper thigh, showing off a very generous amount of an almost perfectly shaped leg. Topping off the look were a pair of strappy black three inch heels.

His tiredness gone, Jordan marvelled at the beautiful creature in front of him, wondering just where she was headed. The gym was part of the Majestic Centre complex, and he couldn't help but admit that she was definitely in the right building. She definitely wasnt going to the gym dressed like that, though, nor was she working for the insurance companies that also were in the complex - which only left the swanky high-class apartments.

Stepping off the escalator, she swept toward the apartment elevators on the other side of the foyer in which they found themselves, confirming his guess as correct.

Something tickled the back of his mind. Taking one last look at the dress she was wearing, he couldn't help but wonder if he had seen it before. Eh, probably his imagination running wild again. He shook his head and was about to look away when the young woman jumped at the sound of the elevator DINGING loudly, turning her head to one side just enough for Jordan to get a glimpse of her face.

His jaw dropped as recognition hit him. It was Lorelai.

He realised that he was standing in the foyer slack-jawed, as his hot co-worker recovered her composure and slipped into the elevator. He tore his gaze away and turned toward the gym just as she turned around as the elevator closed. Not for the first time that day, his member jumped a few inches in his pants.

Damn Lorelai was all the right kinds of hot, especially in that sexy fucking dress.

The pool was empty, as usual around this time. As Jordan swam, he let his thoughts drift freely.

He wondered what event Lorelai was going to looking like that. Maybe one of the rich fat cats living in the luxury apartments up there was a friend or relative of hers. Eh, it would give him a ready made conversation topic and an excuse to talk to her tomorrow, anyways, which was never a bad thing.

Before he knew it, he had been swimming for half an hour. If he could lift his limbs tomorrow it would be a modern day miracle. Struggling out of the pool, Jordan rolled his neck and shoulder muscles, receiving a series of cricking noises that felt good (but almost certainly weren't) for his efforts as he padded over to the nearby gym spa pool to warm his complaining muscles. Depositing his glasses and phone next to where he was sitting and his towel on a nearby rack, Jordan stepped into the spa.

Immersing himself in the warm water, he impatiently jabbed the jacuzzi button, and let out a long sigh of relief as the frothing waters began stimulating his flesh, the jets causing warmth to start soaking into his body.

He heard a soft squeak of surprise coming from the other end of the pool, and realised he was not alone in the pool.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you - I can turn the bubbles off if you want…" he began to the silhouette of the small human at the other end.

"No, it's okay, I was just surprised…" a softly spoken voice answered.

Jordan squinted. That voice was familiar, but he just could not see shit without his glasses. He reached one hand out and grabbed his glasses. The cute face of Bunny swan into view as his eyes refocused.

"Oh, Bunny, is that you? Shit, I didnt recognize you - as you can see, I can't really without my glasses."

The pun was pretty lame, but surprisingly, he was rewarded by a chuckle from Bunny at the other end.

"Yeah, it's me, Jordan. You got in on the corporate plan here too, huh?" she asked.

"Yep. Sure did. Bargain if you ask me, I mean...who wouldn't want to spend parts of their evening feeling their muscles slowly descend into pain from hell with all of these wonderful hipsters for a marginally lower price than my everlasting soul?" he replied dryly.

Bunny smiled. "My thoughts exactly."

"How long have you been coming here? It's my third month, and," he looked at the ceiling, "...my second time in this place."

Bunny stretched langurously, revealing a bit more of the one-piece swimsuit she was wearing. It was a simple one, navy-blue, with a black streak over the chest. Jordan blinked in surprise. Hmm, she actually had a pretty decent-sized set of boobs under all of those cute sweatshirts she wore. Small D cups maybe? He wanted to check again, but he had already stared more than enough.

"This is my first time here, actually. Normally Steve prefers me to be home as soon as possible after work," she replied, "but today he's hanging out with his friends, so he'll be busy till later."

There was a tinge of...bitterness? Regret? in her voice that he detected that piqued Jordan's interest.

"Oh yeah, okay. Sounds like Steve takes up a lot of your time…" he remarked, keeping his tone light-hearted.

Bunny looked away. "Yeah, he likes knowing where I am," she muttered non-committally.

Jordan sighed. The hooded, cautious look on her face was one he had seen all too many times over his adult life. Steve sounded like a possessive asshole and Jordan didn't like him already.

"Oh, okay," he replied neutrally. "You know, I had a girlfriend once, back when I was at university. She was gorgeous and I was hopelessly in love with her, at least at the start. Thing was, she was very demanding of my time. Whenever she was having a bad day, she would message me, and would expect me to drop everything and go to her immediately. I didn't mind, though. I loved her, and knew this meant she loved me back."

Jordan shook his head ruefully. "We moved in together after six months or so, and her demands on my time increased tenfold. I had to be home at a certain time every night or she would passive aggressively punish me. Slam doors and pots and pans, demand I do her chores that she agreed to do the night before, or demand to see my phone to check that I hadn't been messaging anyone to cheat on her with. It was...so fucking weird. Like I couldn't do anything right, and that I was always the one at fault for the relationship not going according to plan."

He flicked his eyes over to bunny, who was listening intently, with wide eyes. Her hands were clasped tightly together like she was trying to keep something precious from spilling out.

He sighed. "Bunny, is this the first relationship you've been in?" He asked.

Bunny nodded slowly. Jordan smoothed his hand through his hair and grimaced, shaking his head slightly to collect his thoughts.

"...Look, I'm not going to tell you what you should do here. Everyone has different needs that they want met from a relationship, and if you're sure yours are being met, then pretend I said nothing. But if you have any doubts, then…" Jordan trailed off and turned to face her.

Bunny studiously began studying the bubbles in front of her. Was that her eyes tearing up?

"Bunny, are you ok?" Jordan asked softly, feeling like a shithead for pushing things.

She didn't reply. Well, that makes things fucking awkward. Good job Jordan, you sure nailed that one.

He stood up quickly, water pouring off his swimming trunks like a miniature waterfall and turned to leave. Then he felt a small hand grabbing his.

"Please stay a little longer. I'm sorry, it's just...people don't notice. People NEVER notice." she said in a quiet little voice. The words cracked Jordan's heart, and he stopped.

He turned around and sat down, depositing himself back into the water next to Bunny. Her lip was quivering and her eyes had reddened. A quick glance at her neck also showed some very tell-tale discoloured skin, probably remnants of a bruise, which he otherwise would probably never have noticed due to her style in woolen sweaters with high collars. His eyes darkened for a moment as he wondered if he could get away with murder, before taking a deep breath and closing his eyes to center himself.

"Okay, so I am guessing that your boyfriend's possessiveness is not the end of the story…" Jordan intimated gently to her.

"You are safe here, and nothing you tell me will leave this jacuzzi, nor will I act on anything without your explicit request unless I, like, see him hurting you or whatever, okay?" he quickly added, seeing the panicked look in her face.

She stifled a sniffle, and nodded.

"Steve is a good person. I want to make that clear. He is a devout christian and volunteers at the local soup kitchen every sunday..." She started. Jordan nodded.

'Typical "he's not a bad guy, really" opener.' Jordan thought to himself.

"For the first ten months or so, he was fantastic. We connected on everything, and he was everything I could ask for. We went on hikes during the weekends and played through all of Borderlands 1 & 2. He treated me like a princess, even though it was obvious that I didn't really know much about people or relationships. I grew up in a really small farming community, you see…" she added, a small smile briefly passing over her lips.

"Let me guess...hmm...somewhere off the east coast?" Jordan guessed. Bunny smiled a little wider and shook her head.

"I lived in the Chatham islands until I was 18." Seeing Jordan's blank look of incomprehension, she chuckled and wiped her eyes.

"The Chatham islands are, like, a series of tiny islands about 1 hour due east from Wellington." she stated.

"Ah, so I wasn't that far off!" Jordan chuckled, making finger guns to the right. "I said 'off the east coast' didn't I?"

Bunny rolled her eyes. "Yeah, guess you did…" she responded, stifling another sniffle.

"Anyways, I came to Wellington because I didn't want to live on a 500 person island farming goats and sheep for the rest of my life. I got my degree, came here, and met Steve at the central processing unit, the place I worked at here until I came to national office."

Jordan smiled. "Sounds like you really have your head on straight, Bunny, if you're here already. You're, what, 23?" Bunny nodded.

Jordan was taken aback. 'How the fuck are all of these kiwi girls so damn smart! It took me till age 28 to get here, and it was a hell of a slog…' he thought to himself.

"Okay, well I already know you're hella smart from working with you so that doesn't surprise me…" he replied smoothly. "Go on…"

She blushed a little at the compliment, clearly not expecting it. "The...possessiveness started soon after I came here, or more specifically, when Steve saw that I was getting paid more than he was. He's a firm believer in the man being the breadwinner in the relationship, so he took it pretty hard when he found out." She shook her head.

"He started to get anxious. Like, a lot. Like...he would message me constantly while I was at work, and would get angry when I told him I had to concentrate. He'd be moody for hours after I got home, and would tell me that he felt like he wasn't my top priority anymore, now that I was in 'the big leagues', and didn't need him anymore. I found myself making more and more concessions to him in order to keep him happy, and before you know it, he was checking my bank accounts and ordering me to be home at certain times."

Jordan shook his head for a moment at the amount of words that just came through to reset his concentration.

"Okay, so, in certain circumstances, time planning can be a good thing for relationship dynamics, and it isn't too unusual for couples living together to share bank details, as long as there is equality in what is happening…?" he asked, watching Bunny's reaction. She smiled a bitter smile with very little mirth

"He doesn't let me anywhere near his accounts, and he often comes home late. Like, he often turns up to stuff he asked me to make sure I am on time for an hour late. And if I ask him about where he was or bring up anything regarding equality…" she paused, and her eyes darted to the left and right, as if she was worried others in the deserted gym were listening.

"...He doesn't like that." she said in a small voice, barely more than a whisper.

"...is that where the marks around your neck came from, Bunny?" Jordan asked softly.

She looked down in shock at her neck. Her eyes widened and she quickly sank up to her chin into the jacuzzi, not making eye contact with him.

"You don't need to answer that, Bunny. I'm sorry, that was a dickish question to ask." Jordan said coolly, trying not to let the anger he was feeling show.

She looked at him, and tears suddenly welled up in her eyes. She reached out and pulled herself to him in a fierce, desperate embrace. Despite everything, the feeling of her skin on his, and the softness of her breasts pressing against his chest through the thin swimsuit was enough to send blood soaring into his member, which was suddenly half erect at a moment's notice. 'Huh. Apparently Kayla didn't drain it completely,' his inside voice noted dryly.

"Wha...what do I do, Jordan? I don't want to be one of the victims that we deal with every day…" she sobbed into his chest.

Jordan was...confused. On the one hand, this was a very vulnerable human asking for advice regarding an abusive, controlling relationship, but on the other hand…Bunny was actually really cute, especially from this distance. Her cute hooded eyes and button nose, and her shy yet optimistic smile were accentuated by the womanliness of her long, dark brown flowing hair. Her slim, attractive body reminded him of a school girl that had just passed the throes of puberty and hadn't yet figured out how the changes in her body would affect the way that people would look at or treat her.

She was...cute and beautiful. Cutieful. 'And innocent. And Naive. You perve.' His conscience admonished him. Annoying little fucker.

Jordan sighed again. "Bunny, I don't know how to say this but...this is going to be a nightmare for you. Steve sounds like he has done some pretty serious harm to you in this relationship, but he's also your first love, and the human mind does some pretty fucked-up things to try to justify the behaviors of someone you love. From my perspective, Steve seems a controlling, gaslighting, abusive asshole. I'll bet 100 dollars right here as well that the reason why he assumes you've been cheating on him is because he either has (or at least would jump at the opportunity to have) cheated on you. Insecure little men like him need people to like or worship them, but they also can't respect people who do because deep down they know that they are trash human beings, and anyone who worships trash is, to them, trash."

Bunny continued to sniffle in silence against his chest for a moment. He awkwardly reached over and lightly stroked her hair in an attempt to comfort her after his tirade.

She lifted off from him as she stared into his eyes. Furiously, she tried to blink back the tears, with partial success.

"I've been...suspicious for a while about that, actually. Steve would often disappear for hours at a time without telling me, and would then furiously question my loyalty to him if I asked where he had been, like, 'if you can't trust me, this relationship is fucked, don't you get that? Why is it so hard to understand' - stuff like that."

Jordan nodded gravely. "Thing is is that shitbirds like that also tend to be the most reluctant to allow those that worship them to disengage. It is when you try to leave or withdraw from them that they really pour the honey on, because they are addicted to that constant reassurance- without it, they have to be alone with their issues. It's hard to feel like you're in control of your life when you suddenly no longer have a person to redirect all of your inadequacies onto. And, if that doesn't work, they can often turn nasty. Like, Stalker nasty."

Bunny looked horrified and sceptical all at once.

"How would you know, Jordan? You've never even seen me with Steve…" she muttered.

He smiled ruefully. "Because I was describing my ex girlfriend, Bunny, and your description of steve and his behavior basically matched hers perfectly. I went to an all-boys highschool for 5 years, and had basically no idea of what a healthy relationship was. I was with her for two years, and after she eventually left ME, I went through like three years where i basically hibernated except for geek things. Romantic overtures that were made to me were ignored or unknown, and I didn't think I would ever love someone else like I did her. Or that I deserved to be loved by anyone because I couldn't find a way to make her love me. But I can tell you that while it was a hard path, I did come out of it, thanks largely to some very good friends I met along the way. I found out how to stop her controlling me by…"

Jordan trailed off. Bunny cocked her head, waiting for him to finish.

"…Bunny, I need to know that you won't spread this around. I'm not ashamed of it, but, well, it's not exactly...a normal thing, societally speaking."

Bunny looked taken aback. "I just told you things about my relationship that could literally get me… ...and you're wondering if…"

She looked at Jordan with a mixture of hurt and annoyance. "Do you really think I would risk telling any of your secrets, knowing you know what you know about me?" she asked.

Jordan smiled an embarrassed smile. Fuck, he was bad at this shit sometimes. "Er...yeah, sorry. Continuing…" he pressed on.

"I stopped her from controlling me by giving up possession in my relationships. I am non-monogamous. Those that I care about can do whatever the hell that makes them happy, as long as I am getting what I need from the relationship. And they know that if they or I are unhappy, we can communicate and renegotiate with each other."

Bunny's eyes widened as she took this in. "Wait...so, you're telling me that you have...multiple partners? Is that, like, polygamy?"

Jordan snickered. "That question actually comes up more often than you think, Bunny. No, I am not polygamous. Polygamy is the idea of one man having several wives, like a harem type thing, where each of those wives submits to his will etc. I am a relationship anarchist, though I generally find those that use that term incredibly wanky." Jordan rolled his eyes at himself.

"Put simply, I customize my relationships in ways that allows people I care about to be free to do what makes them happy. I don't lay claim to anyone because I don't own them. I never want to own someone in the same way that I was owned by my manipulative ex. I mean, what is even the fucking point of having a relationship with someone you care about if you're just going to stand in the way of their happiness?"

A look of wonderment moved over Bunny's face. "That sounds...nice, Jordan." Jordan nodded.

"It is, but it requires a lot of work. Rewiring ourselves to value happiness over possession is hard, and I still feel like I have so much work to do on myself, but...like, everyone I care about is so much happier now, and so am I."

"But don't you feel jealous when someone you're having sex with wants to fuck someone else?" Bunny inquired.

"Yeah, I totally still get jealous! But jealousy at its core is just our minds telling us that something is bothering us. When I feel jealous or insecure, I do my best to recognise that feelings of jealousy start with me, and that it is up to me to seek reassurance or to discuss why I am feeling jealous with the person/s I am feeling jealous about."

Bunny's eyes teared up again. "That sounds...so utterly wonderful, Jordan. I want that. I want to be valued by people I care about like...like…" Bunny gazed into his eyes, her eyes undisguised wells of vulnerability and longing.

"...Like the way you value people." she said quietly. Leaning in, she nervously bit her bottom lip, and planted a tender kiss on Jordan's lips. Pulling back, she lowered her head and peered up at Jordan with a mix of hope and nervousness.

'Well, fuck.' Jordan's inside voice spluttered.

He felt Bunny's fingers tentatively running along his chest. He felt his groin beginning to stand to attention. Bunny leaned over him, and he could feel her breath on his ear.

"Please say something, Jordan…" Bunny whispered, her ample breasts hovering a few inches from Jordan's face. Three inches, and his tongue could be teasing those hardening nipples through the thin fabric of her swimsuit.

'Jordan, no. She's crying, and vulnerable. If you take advantage of her now, neither of you will be happy afterward. Pleasure is fleeting, but helping a girl struggling with an abusive relationship will have far greater long term rewards…' his conscience warned him.

'Look how fucking squeezable those tits are, Jordan! Peel off her swimsuit and ravage her. She's begging for it.' his second brain enthused, twitching and struggling to be free of his loose swim trunks.

Jordan's mind blanked as he felt himself reaching up to grip Bunny's back, pulling her the last few inches to him. She let out a startled yelp at the sudden movement, as her breasts were pulled into his face. He savoured the feeling, the softness of her bust as he rubbed his face over them, the movement garnering a sharp gasp from her as it stimulated her nipples.

Standing up for a moment, Bunny lifted one leg over him, and sat down in his lap, the thin fabric of her swimsuit pressing against his bulging cock. Hungrily, she moved in for another kiss, tasting Jordan's lips, and feeling his tongue snake out to entwine hers.

The scent of salted tears filled him as the brunette made love to his mouth with the frantic intensity of a person struggling to feel something.

Pulling back, Jordan grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and looked into her big, brown eyes. There was a longing there, like the smouldering embers of a person on the verge of reawakening.

Smiling savagely, Jordan yanked the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders down to her elbows. Bunny gasped and chewed her bottom lip nervously as she surveyed the deserted gym, her perfectly framed tits on display for any lucky gym-goer that happened to pass by. God, she looked anxious as fuck, and this must be her first time being revealed like this in such a dangerously public place. Jordan exulted in her awkwardness, enjoying her discomfort. Fuck, Bunny was so fucking cute. Eyes afire, he wrapped his hands behind her slight frame and pulled her breasts to him, taking one of her small, erect nipples into his mouth. He lashed her areola with his tongue, as Bunny shuddered, her legs tightening around his now rock-hard dick.

"Jordan I...I've never done this before in such a public place...this is okay, right?"

He smiled cheekily at her. "Not even remotely okay, Bunny, but you are fucking gorgeous, and I can tell that you're enjoying the sensation of danger, aren't you?"

A blush ran up her face, and she made to pull him in for another kiss, but found her arms were held fast by the fabric of her swimsuit, still tightly around her arms.

"Ohh my god, Jordan, this is so naughty, what if we get caught?"

"Then it'll be quite the show for any who see us, won't it?" Jordan grinned, tweaking her other nipple with his fingers. "I bet that the girl downstairs, if she saw you on top of me like this, so vulnerable and horny, would have her hand in her panties, masturbating over the brazen way you came onto your coworker and over your ripe young body. Just like I will be later."

Bunny gasped. Her mouth opened, then closed. "Jordan...I...want you to take me right now. Remind me what sex should be like…"

Jordan smiled. He reached one hand down into the bubbling water and began rubbing Bunny's slit through her swimsuit. She writhed and rubbed herself on him, impatience and arousal painted on her face.


He didn't need to be asked twice. Pulling the thin fabric of her swimsuit aside, he shucked off his trunks and impaled her welcoming hole with his hardened rod. Her tunnel was so fucking tight, and it gripped his dick with the same desperate lust that her kisses had.

He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, his tongue sliding around the raised bumps, his teeth nipping and grazing her nipple. His other hand gripped and massaged her breast as he softly rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger, his attention eliciting passionate moans from him.

She mewled in arousal and frustration as she tried to move her arms to grab him, but the fabric of the swimsuit held her arms tightly restrained. God, she was so fucking tight. Jordan growled as she started to slide herself up and down his shaft, faster and faster, her moans intensifying.

Grabbing her waist with both hands, Jordan began moving his hips in time to her thrusts. He could feel himself coming close.

Grabbing a handful of her hair, Jordan forced her to look at him.

"This...is how a real person...fucks, Bunny. Remember how good this feels the next time your abusive asshole of a boyfriend tries to take what he wants from you. You are a free agent and can…"





*He slammed his whole length into her, fucking her frenziedly*


*She gasped with pleasure, biting her lip so hard that a trickle of blood ran down her chin*


“Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, god...JORDAN!


"Fuck, I'm coming, Jordan!" Bunny cried, as her pussy contracted like a vice around him. They both cried out, as Jordan shot load after load of cum into her tight pussy.

They sat there gasping for breath for a moment, Jordan's member slowly wilting inside her back to normal size.

Bunny leaned over and kissed him tenderly once more on the lips. She tried to stand, but her legs were jelly, and she staggered and fell off him back into the water, lifting herself back up to sit next to him.

She was quiet for a moment, and as Jordan recovered his breath, he looked over at her. She was crying again, her tears flowing freely, and her face covering her hands.

"Wha...what have I done? I just cheated on my boyfriend!" Bunny sobbed. He reached over to console her, and her head snapped up as she slapped his arm away.

"Don't...don't fucking touch me. This was a mistake. I'm leaving." she said quietly, with enough force to shatter concrete. She got up, adjusted her swimsuit, and walked out, leaving him alone in the complex, feeling like the shittiest piece of human garbage on the planet.

He shook his head, and the image faded into steam and bubbles as the real world blurred back into focus, with a pair of very shapely breasts (still confined by a swimsuit) three inches from his face.

'Aaaaaand that is why you are NOT going to listen to your dick,' his conscience exulted smugly. He could have sworn he heard the sound of a mic drop in the distance. Fucking thing was even using his overactive imagination against him now...

"...uh, Jordan? Why do you have such a weird look on your face?" Bunny inquired, raising one eyebrow.

Jordan took a deep breath. Then looked at Bunny's gorgeously shaped tits, straining against the thin material inches away, begging to be released. Then took another deep breath.

With one final shuddering breath, Jordan centered himself, just like his karate sensei had taught him years ago.

He grabbed Bunny and hugged her tightly to him. He felt soft lips tracing kisses down his neck, as Bunny misread this as confirmation. He put his hands on her shoulders, gently extricating himself.

Bunny looked at him in surprise for a moment, and then her lip began to tremble. She looked away, but not in time to hide the tears once again flowing freely from her. She stood up, and started to move toward the jacuzzi exit.

Jordan got hurriedly to his feet and placed both hands on her cheeks, pulling her back to look at him. She stared sadly into his eyes, salty tears rolling down her cheek.

"Bunny, let me be clear here. This is not a rejection. I think that you are fucking..." he looked her up and down, noting her fit, muscular thighs, her flat stomach, the way her swimsuit clung to her groin, her long, thick brown hair still raining droplets of rain, back to her flawlessly rounded perky tits, "...fucking stunning. I am even now questioning my decision not to take advantage of you, as you can no doubt see…" he said, gesturing downward.

Bunny followed his hand, and blushed furiously as she saw the tent that his second brain had pitched in his trunks.

"But you are vulnerable as fuck right now - as anyone would be after such an intense conversation - and not thinking straight. To take advantage of your desire to feel wanted right now would be doing you no favors. I mean, you're (currently) in a monogamous relationship, and I have a very strong rule not to mess with those, even where one of those people is a manipulative shitbag."

"But...I thought…you were being so kind to me, and I wanted…" Bunny sobbed, sniffling miserably.

"The thing is, that the most important rule I have is to not take advantage of people if they're in a headspace where they might not be able to consent to what is on offer. Or if they - or I - would regret consenting to it later."

Bunny sniffed, and wiped her eyes.

"I would be this kind to literally anyone in your situation, Bunny. And I am 1000% there for you if you want out of that relationship, because I wasn't exaggerating in the slightest before. Manipulative people's honeyed words become ashen very quickly when they see that they no longer hold power over their target."

Bunny shrugged, her eyes still red from the tears.

"That said, I'm not a shrink, but I can recommend some pretty good ones if wanted. Until then...fuck, lady, you're my friend, okay? I'll help you out however I can." He paused, and looked her up and down, slowly and deliberately.

"...And if you do get out of that relationship, I will happily take advantage of you anytime." He smiled cheekily as she blushed crimson at his examination.

"Thanks, Jordan. You sure do have the right words for the right occasions." She moved up to him, and hugged him chastely.

She turned away, wading through the water with exaggerated slowness, letting him take in the smooth skin of her back, her long, flowing brown locks, and her bouncy, perky looking ass.

Almost despite herself, Bunny turned back and flashed a small, secretive smile at him. Somehow, that tiny smile completely took his breath away, and left a blush of his own creeping up his face.

It took a 40 minute cold gym shower and two times furiously jerking off before his second brain finally calmed the fuck down. Shaking his head, Jordan exited the gym and swung home to his mid-city apartment.

Trudging up the stairs, Jordan swiped his apartment ID card and swung into his house. He was sweating from the heat - like why the hell was this fucking country still 23 degrees in December. Someone call the police on that temperature, because it was about to murder him. He could hear the delicate musical notes of Slayer, which meant that...

"Hi, Jordan. Did you remember the toilet paper?" a soft, feminine voice echoed, interrupting his train of thought.

Fuck. He totally forgot the toilet paper.

Walking into the lounge, his flatmate Carly was splayed on the couch, fanning herself with a cheap fan she acquired in a recent trip to Japan, listening to the death metal band as she died from the heat.

As per usual in these temperatures, Carly had stripped out of her clothes the moment she got home, and was wearing only a pair of loose booty shorts.

He admired her for a moment. He literally never tired of doing so. Twin bat tattoos snaked down both legs and a massive gray-scale tentacle monster ogled him from her left upper back. Her sandy brown hair was highlighted with bright blonde flecks, and her youthful face had a tiny golden stud threaded through the eyebrow and a silver ring embedded in her lip.

Her pheromones were on full tilt today, as she lay there, furiously swinging the fan, her ripened body on display, ample breasts jiggling with the effort of fanning the hot air away by pushing...more hot air at her. Man. Too fucking hot, in too many ways.

His gaze slid down past her luscious curves to her comparatively tiny waist, and full thighs. Neither fat, nor skinny, her legs were just right, promising everything that a person could dream of. Carly was a 29 year old in a 20 year old’s body, and was every man's dream. The only way that you could read her age was through her deep gray eyes, eyes that belied a breadth of experience gained from more bad experiences than most have in a lifetime.

"Too hot for clothes?" he asked laconically. Carly groaned in response. He grinned at her.

"Aircon still busted, then?" he inquired.

"Fuck off, Jordan. Not everyone spends their time in a perfectly TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED CORPORATE OFFICE!" she screamed in decidedly over the top hysterics at him, balling her fists and throwing the fan at him.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I totally will pop out to get the paper in a moment", he replied, completely ignoring her previous sentence. She smiled tolerantly at him.

"No prob, I know your meds wore off hours ago. And I see you've been to the swim gym, good fucking work, dude! Our wager's still good, if you can make it…" she murmured, completely ambivalent to the fact that she was basically spread-eagled in front of him. She noticed him staring at her, and sniggered, giving him a quick shimmy of her tits and spreading her legs a little wider.

"Hmm, so to win now, considering your...poor showing of late, you'd need to make it to the gym like...five times a week until bingo day, July 31st…" she huskily pronounced, tracing a line down her body with her fingers. Jordan swallowed, helplessly entranced.

Despite everything, he felt his tired dick twitch to life.

Then, his eyes widened as the inkling of a realization hit him like a freight train.

"Carly, you know that amazingly slutty black cocktail dress you bought a while ago?" he babbled, speaking so fast as to have the words tumbling from his mouth all at once.

"Cock-tease dress is more like it, amirite?" She snickered, saluting him with a mostly-empty beer bottle.

"Yeah, that one. Do you still have it?"

Carly downed the remaining liquid in the bottle and placed it carefully next to the three empties beside her. "Nah, I lent it to a friend from work. New girl, only been here a couple months. She seems lovely. I'd fucking ruin that nervous little thing twelve ways from sunday if given the chance." she added, licking her lips.

"Strawberry blonde hair? Tits up to here? Clumsy and a bit anxious?" He asked.

"Yeah, that's her. Why, do you know her?"

Jordan didn’t reply.

You see, Carly was a sex worker. She fucked guys with too much money in exchange for pretty generous amounts of that money.

Now he knew where he'd seen the dress Lorelai was wearing before.

"Well, fuck." Jordan muttered.

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