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The Chauffeur(#56) The Recording Studio

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Pregnant


Published: 12 July 2019

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The Chauffeur (#56) The Recording Studio


Copyright 2019


Unfortunate for the company, I had to consider if Mike Booker had a future with Jaxson, Inc. The recording studio was not making money, not at all. Mike was a nice guy, but he didn’t seem to be willing or able to get the recording studio running properly to make money.

He talked repeatedly about his plan for changing what was going on with the music studio, but unfortunately, his plan never materialized. I decided to call him and have a very frank discussion.

“Hey Mike, it’s David Greene. How are things going?” I ask.

“They are going pretty good, thanks for asking,” he says to me.

“So, tell me then, what makes you say that they are going pretty good?” I ask.

“Well, the recording studio is doing much better than when you first acquired it,” he tells me.

I think about what he has said, and I am not sure that he really understands what I’m looking for in a company under the Jaxson, Inc. flag.

“Mike, do you need some help to get the recording studio to start making money?” I ask.

“Well, it is making some money, but I don’t think it’s the amount of money that you are looking for,” he says to me.

“Mike, it's not making money at all. If it was making just a little bit of money, I would be willing to hold on for just a bit longer, but it’s not making any money and unfortunately, I think it is time to cut the recording studio loose. Do you know anyone willing to buy it?” I ask him, hoping he will tell me that he wants to purchase the recording studio.

“Are you opposed to me purchasing the studio?” he asks me.

“No, I’m not opposed at all. However, are you able to buy the studio, or do you need time to find a financial backer?” I ask.

“Well, I don’t have the amount of money that I believe that you would be looking for if I wanted to purchase the studio. What agreement do you think that we can come to for this transaction?” he asks,

“I know a couple of people who would be interested in purchasing the studio. Let me contact one or two of them and let’s see how things go,” I say.

“David, will you give me a couple of weeks to see if I can put together a small financial group to make this transaction?” he asks me. I’m not opposed to him trying to buy the studio, but I’m not confident that he has the pull to get an investor or two to make the purchase. I wouldn’t be opposed to him buying the studio in a payment plan, but here again, I’m not sure that he has the strength financially to pull that off.

“Mike, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you to the end of this week. We will talk again to see how you are coming with some financial help. If you don’t have any people willing to step forward and help you, then we will need to look at other options. I’m sorry, but it’s just time to cut the studio loose,” I tell him. I know that he is taking this hard, but you can’t keep throwing good money into a losing venture.

When I finally hung up, I thought about Dr. Ronda once again. She’s beautiful, sexy and seems to still be interested in us creating a baby together, which I am all in favor of doing. I decide to dial her up.

“Hello, this is Dr. Ronda. Who is calling?” she asks.

“The guy who is trying to give you a baby,” I tell her.

“Well, hey there sexy. When do I get to put my hands on you again?” She asks.

“Well, whenever you choose to come see me at the house. You know that I’m available to you any time you want me,” I say to her.

“If I come to see you, what will you do to me. Sit and read me some Shakespeare?” She says laughing the whole time. I laugh back as we certainly know how to liven each other up.

“Well, maybe I’ll put my hands and lips, and tongue on you and we can be as intimate as possible and hopefully make that baby you want. Sound good?” I ask her.

“Darling, anytime I’m with you sounds good to me. Should I tell you when I’m coming over or just show up?” she asks me.

“Just show up. It’s not like I wouldn’t love to be surprised by you stopping by,” I tell her. I hear her giggling on the other end of the phone. I tell her that I love her and end the call.

The next call is from Paula. She seems to think that she is having difficulty and would like me to stop by and listen in on some phone calls. I tell her that I will be happy to do so and that I will stop by unannounced that way staff members won’t change their tactics if they know that I’m going to show up.

She thanks me and ends the phone call.

Just as I end the call with Paula, my phone buzzes. It’s Special Agent Fernandez.

“Hello, this is David,” I say to him.

“Hey David, I was just calling to see how my wife is doing on her first day,” he tells me.

“Well, we traded her for a new pickup and some sandwiches from Jimmy Johns,” I say to him.

“Huh? I don’t get it,” he says to me.

“Not to worry Jose, that was one of my stupid jokes. You know, it sounds funny in my head but when I say it out loud, no one else thinks that it is funny,” I tell him. I get a slight chuckle from him.

“Jose, I’ve stopped by her desk a couple of time and she seems to be doing well. If you would like to speak to her, I can transfer you over to her. I’m sure she would love to talk to her boyfriend…. oh wait, you’re her husband aren’t you…hahaha. Yep, I’m still pumping out the stupid jokes,” I say to him.

“Alright funnyman just poke the buttons and send my call over to her,” he says laughing.

I transfer the call. I can see her on the phone, and she seems very happy and is smiling and chatting it up with Jose. Suddenly my phone buzzes again. I see it’s Jose once again.

“Hello this is David,” I say as I answer my phone.

“David, its me again. I wanted to tell you that the investigation of the shooting in Phoenix at your girl Tina’s college will be ongoing for a few weeks. Local law enforcement killed the perpetrator but not before he killed so many and wounded so many more. He certainly came to the campus well-armed with a plan to hurt and kill college students. We haven’t found any sort of note to explain why he did what he did,” Jose tells me. I exhale thinking about how bad it could have been with Tina, but we were so lucky that she was not hurt in any way.

“On a different note, we have been hearing rumors that the Russian brothers may be making another run at you, so please be careful. We also have heard intel that one of the Mexican drug cartels may be trying to affect your businesses. Please keep yourself safe and protected. I heard you have hired 6 Secret Service agents, which I think is a smart move. I’m not sure if you realize it but Jill and Dakota are your two weakest links, they are very close to you and they are both pregnant, so please don’t let them go anywhere without protection,” Jose tells me. I thank him for the information and end the call.

I see John and call him over.

“John lets you and me go to the shooting range. I think that you could use some private lessons from the Secret Service agents on better shooting. What do you think?” I ask him.

“Hell yes. I’d love to get a shooting lesson from the Secret Service agents. If you remember, I get one or two in the dark center part, but then I have two or three shots way out towards the edge of the paper target,” he says to me.

I go over to the Secret Service agents and ask if one or two will take John and me to the shooting range and help us be better shots. They ask if we have even held a gun or own one. I tell them that we have gone to the shooting range, but we really didn’t do very well. One of the lady Secret Service agents and one of the guy agents both volunteer to take us to the range.

I head over to Sharon and tell her that John and I are going to the shooting range to get a private lesson from two of the Secret Service agents. She just smiles at me and says that the boss gets to do what he wants. I smile back and kiss her on the forehead.

I know that Sharon has been seeing Agent McHenry and that it seems to be going along well. I am always concerned about the ladies that live with me. Does my presence prevent them from having a normal life? I don’t really know.

Sharon calls Fred who tells her that he will be in the parking garage in about 25 minutes. I tell the two agents that Fred will be here in 25 minutes, they tell me that I should just alert them when I’m heading to the elevator.

John and I sit at my desk chatting about how things are going. He is very happy that Diane is doing well. He tells me that he has been worried about Dakota since we took her to the hospital, but he’s very happy that Dr. Ronda is taking care of her personally. He also asked me if the rumor was true, that Dr, Ronda wants to make a baby with me, which would make three women that I would create a baby with. I tell him that yes, Dr. Ronda wants a baby by me, but she doesn’t necessarily need me to help raise the baby financially.

He seems concerned about three women wanting to make a baby with me. He tells me that Diana has made it a point to tell him that no other woman gets to make a baby with John, period. He says that he’s completely fine with that as he is nervous enough that he made a baby with his love, Diane.

Thinking about the three women and babies, my mind drifts over to Michael. I’m not sure what he was trying to do with Tina, but whatever it was it didn’t work out. He and Tina didn’t even make it up to her room. They both went up the stairs, but she came right back down less than 5 minutes later with nothing to say. Michael didn’t say anything either. He just took a seat at the table in the kitchen when he returned from upstairs.

I know that Tina and Michael are not that far apart in age, but I think that Tina has a love for me that being intimate with Michael might give her mixed feelings about me.

Sharon comes over to John and me telling us that it’s time to head downstairs to meet up with Fred. I go to my safe in my office and get my gun out of it. John has his gun on his hip and the two Secret Service agents both have their firearms on their hips as well. The four of us ride the elevator down to the second floor,

When we step off the elevator, we head to the crossover and walk into the parking garage. Fred is easily accessible. John and I open the back door and get in. One of the Secret Service Agents also gets in the back with us. The other agent sits upfront with Fred.

“Hey Fred, do you have your gun with you?” I ask.

“Of course, sir, isn’t that my job?” he asks.

“Well, it’s not your JOB, but I do thank you for carrying firearm protection,” I tell him.

I have never ridden with a female Secret Service Agent in the back of a limo before. I took her over and she is stunningly beautiful. She’s slender and athletic. She has long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. To me, she has a Hispanic look to her.

“Excuse me, Agent, how long have you been with the Secret Service before we recruited you to come to Jaxson, Inc.?” I ask her.

“I was with the service for 8 years making just above the minimum of what the Agency pays. You doubled my pay and added the promise of a new Ford, which we haven’t gone to get just yet,” She tells me.

Again, I think about Kitty Creamers. I had forgotten that I promised a new Ford to all the Secret Service Agents when I hired them. They have not said anything, but I don’t want to take too long.

I dial up Kitty Creamers and tell her that she needs to join me at the Ford dealership tomorrow which she readily agrees to do. I tell her that she needs to come to the office at noon and we will take the agents along with Jose Fernandez’s wife and Tina’s Mom to the dealership.

I slide the privacy shade down and ask Fred to please get Tina’s Mom tomorrow and bring her to the office by noon. I had promised her a new Ford along with the 6 Secret Service agents and Margaret Fernandez, the newest member of our real estate department. I asked him to please bring one of the larger limos which he tells me he will do.

When we arrived at the shooting range, Fred parked right in front of the door and let us out. Once we were out of the limo, he drove it across the parking lot and parked it away from the front door.


The four of us went into the range. John and I showed the counter person our carry permits. The Agents also showed their carry permits. We were given 4 lanes next to each other along with 4 targets. The two agents got the ‘bad guy’ target with John and I getting the standard bullseye target papers.

All four of us had 9mm weapons and thus I bought four boxes of ammunition, so we had plenty of ammo to work with. We also rented 4 sets of eye protection.

Something that interested me was that the two agents pulled out these gloves and put them on as they were setting up the targets in their lane. I had not seen anyone using gloves and asked how much they help. The male agent tells John and I that it helps you handle your weapon when your hands are sweaty.

We put our targets up and push the button for them to go down the shooting range. John and I picked about 40 feet. The two agents sent their target the entire distance of 100 feet. I asked about how difficult it was to learn to fire such a distance. The female agent tells me that it really depended on how good your eyes are. If they are good then the distance really doesn’t matter that much, but if they are not all that good, then you will miss a lot.

Once John and I have our targets up and our eye protection on both agents tell us how we should focus on the targets. She tells us that we should only exhale as we pull the trigger and not hold our breath when we fire our weapon. She also notes that if we are right-handed, we should be looking down the gun sights with our right hand. However, if we are left eye dominate, then we should be shooting with our left hand.

Since I am left eye dominant, I had to change hands holding my weapon. It felt weird to hold the gun in the opposite hand. However, once I shot two or three rounds, the accuracy got much better. John was doing OK, but the agents were hitting bullseyes time after time.

The female agent asked if she could speak to me privately. I shrugged my shoulders and laid my gun down and followed her back to inside the range. She led me to a table and took a seat herself.

“Mr. Greene, if you have 6 agents who protect you, why do you want to learn how to fire your gun better?” she asks me.

“Well, I always want to master whatever skill I am learning. Plus, if one agent comes out with me and is ambushed, I want to be able to defend myself not just be an easy target,” I tell her. She sits and ponders what I have said before she replies with, “Mr. Greene, we’re not going to let anyone get to you, Jill, or Dakota. You pay all of us well to protect you. We still have a couple of hiccups between your scheduling and the agents protecting you. Please remember that we have years of experience in protection and will adjust your schedule to protect you and your wife and your assistant,” She tells me once again.

“Mr. Greene, I was under the impression that you had two former Coast Guard guys who have counter-terrorism experience, but we haven’t met them nor seen them. Are they around or have you fired them?” she asks me.

“Well, to answer your question the best that I can. The two CG boys are Fred’s nephews however, they seem to be smitten with the two blonde porn starlets that live out back in one of the pool homes. I haven’t heard from them in over two weeks now. The girls are not in the house that they rent from me and the boys haven’t responded to my or Fred’s text messages, so we are not quite sure what is going on with them,” I tell her.

Then she asks the question that I really have been waiting for since I hired them.

“David why is it you have so many college-aged women who seem to be all wanting to get into your bed. I mean I understand that you are rich beyond their wildest dreams, but you have a wife and an assistant that are both pregnant by you and a third lady that also wants to get pregnant. So, I must ask, what the heck is going on?” She asked me.

“Agent, Jill and I made a truckload of money this past year. Our bonus alone was in excess of 500 million dollars. Jill and I are very open and physical with others, much like swinger couples. She doesn’t care who I sleep with and I don’t care who she sleeps with. I do love my wife and my assistant. My salary from Jaxson Inc. is larger than the salary of all six of you agents,” I tell her. I see the stunned look on her face.

“Um, OK. I’m not sure what a swinger’s lifestyle is as I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to sex,” she says to me.

“It means that Jill and I can and will sleep with anyone we feel we want to. It’s not loving with others, its just sex. Physical intimacy does not mean love. Plus, should I create a baby with another woman, I certainly have enough money to pay for the child,” I tell the agent.

“Um, this will sound really odd, but I have a sister who has tried to get pregnant with several different guys and so far, she has been unsuccessful. Want to help her along?” the agent says to me. I’m not sure if she’s testing me or if she’s serious.

“Agent, are you serious or are you testing me?” I ask bluntly.

“Well, I am serious, but I would understand if you decline the opportunity,” she tells me.

“Agent, I’ve never met her. She may have no interest in making a baby with me. However, I will do this, bring her by the house and have her join all of us to have dinner and we’ll see how things go,” I tell her.

She smiles and tells me that she is now excited. I tell her that this is not an offer to create any baby, it’s just an offer for her to join us for dinner.

“She will like you. You are a gentleman, better than any of the losers that she seems to end up with. Plus, you are a hard worker. I would love it for you and her to hook up together, but that is between you and her,” the agents say to me.

I smile and thank her for the offer but remind her that it takes a lot to be willing to make a baby with someone else.

Just as we were finishing our discussion, the male agent came into the seating area to ask if we were done shooting or if we were still having our conversation. I asked him how things with John is going. He tells me that John has learned well once he changed hands with his shooting.

Then the male agent said something that surprised me. “So, did you ask him your question about your sister?” he says.

“Yes, and he was quite the gentleman. Who knows, maybe they will hit it off but that’s up to them,” she says to the male agent.

That really surprised me that he was involved.

“Um, agent, you knew she was going to ask me about her sister?” I said to him.

“Well, yes. Especially since she and I are dating, and we want her sister to finally find someone that is a decent guy. We ran several checks on you before we came to work for you and everything that we have investigated about you tells us that you are a decent guy who takes responsibility for your own actions,” he says to me.

“Let me get this right, you and she are dating and both of you are looking to me to help her sister create a baby. Am I understanding this whole thing correctly?” I ask him.

“Yes sir, but we both know that we are several steps away from you agreeing to do what we are asking for you to do with her sister,” he says.

I am stunned. I’m not against the idea but I never saw this coming. If the sister is anything physically as the agent across the table from me, I just might be interested. It clearly is up to her to become responsible for her own actions. I am sure that we will keep things going, at least for now.

The two SS agents keep laughing and making it possible for me and the female agent’s sister to have a date. Getting intimate might be in our future, but just having a date seems much more plausible.

I watch John continue to fire off round after round to get better at his shooting. The three of us sitting in the room still discussing John and myself and our shooting techniques. The two SS agents get up and head back out to the range. They load their weapon and fire off several rounds, hitting the bullseye over and over.

John and I notice that we are hungry. We head to the grill that they must order a cheeseburger for John and a hamburger for me. We both order a handful of French fries. The female agent covers her fries with ketchup, just as Dakota always does. The male agent puts mustard and ketchup on the burger and adds extra salt to the fries.

John asks the grill guy to cook the burger well done as he doesn’t like any pink meat in his burger. I also ask for a well-done burger, but I also ask for an extra number of fries. I salt the fries a bit extra and then slather them with ketchup.

The two agents also order a well-done hamburger with lots of French fries. I like both agents, they add ketchup to their meal, but both began to eat the fries.

I dialed up Jill and Dakota hoping that both keep John and me learning more and more about the shooting.

John and I realize that we are hungry and offer the two agents to join us for some food. Once we finish our target shooting, we head out to the limo. The male agent sits on the passenger side once again. The female agent along with John and myself sit in the back of the limo. The female agent asks me about the two porn ladies and Fred’s nephews. Fred doesn’t seem to know where the nephews have gone to nor does he know where the porn twins are.

The shooting exercise goes well. The two agents still help John and me to improve our target shooting. The SS agents take the time to address John and my discrepancies.

I am happy that the four of us take some time to practice our shooting. John changes hands to his left hand which helps him immensely with him being left eye dominant.

The four of us head out to one of the limos. The female SS agent sits in back with John and me. The male agent sits up front on the passenger side. We head back to the Chateau. We get there reasonably quick.

I know that we have had a nice time shooting, but John and I learned quite a bit. With John and I did some shooting, we feel that we’ve made progress with our firearms. John and I have eaten both of our burgers and fries enjoying them all.

Fred does a great job at getting us back to the Chateau for the evening. When we arrive at the house, Fred pokes the necessary buttons to open the outer gate then he opens the inner gate. Once the outer gate is closed Fred pulls the limo into the courtyard and then into the garage. We get out of the limo and walk into the house and both of us sit down at the kitchen table.

Bobby and Sammy have made what looks to be a delicious chicken casserole with noodles and cheese. John and I think that dinner looks delicious and make ourselves a plate each. As I sit at the dinner table, I think about the sister of the female agent. I wonder if she is anywhere as beautiful as the agent. I get the agent’s concern as lots of families to have that one stupid child that can’t seem to find someone that is able to find someone decent to date, but instead they end up creating a baby and then arguing over who is going to raise the child with the woman usually the one who ends up raising the child that she created with the ‘loser’ of a guy.

As we all walked into the house, it dawned on me that it was John and I to go shooting, yet we had one of the female agents, the ones that were supposed to guard Dakota or Jill. But I guess finding someone for her sister took precedence.

When John and I returned, we were inundated with kisses from our partners. John got lots of kisses from Diane and I got lots of kisses from Jill. I got a couple from Dakota as well, but she wasn’t feeling all that good just yet. I sat down next to her on the couch and put my arms around her. She just laid her head on my chest and told me how much she loved me. I pulled her in tightly and whispered the same thing back to her which did make her smile.

When Bobby and Sammy announced dinner was ready, I told Dakota to just stay where she was, and I would bring her a dinner plate along with a bottle of water. I got up and got a plate and filled it with a casserole and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge. I carried it over to her which made her smile and tell me to thank you.

Since I haven’t really gotten much work done today, I make myself a plate of food then head upstairs to log into my laptop. When I turn on my laptop, I see that I’m back to having more than 300 emails once again. I start with the duplicates and eliminate them. That only takes me down to about 275.

The first email that I stop at comes from Mike Booker discussing that he would like a bit more time trying to find an investor to help him purchase the recording studio. I tell him that let’s look again at this by the end of next week.

From there I get an email from Ms. Burger telling me how much better all of the Dallas market is doing and that she wants to again thank me for promoting her and the other ladies to become district managers. Ms. Burger sent me a spreadsheet of each restaurant in the Dallas districts. Even the worst district was substantially above where it was before I put Plan B into work. In my head, I decided that I should buy each of the Plan B ladies a new car. I would start with Ms. Burger who has assumed the position as Market Manager and is handling all of the Plan B ladies.

I put a call into Kitty Creamers and asked if she could sell Jaxson, Inc. some Fords from Dallas to our district managers who were working for us there.

I took a bite of the casserole and a swig of Coke before I got back to the emails. I looked at the restaurant in Las Vegas that was still in the company’s top 15%. I sent the district manager and the General Manager an email congratulating them on their continued success. I just wanted to remind them that I was still watching and not to stop working at being a good quality restaurant.

John came up to the office and asked if he could open a couple of bottles of wine. Of course, I told him, yes, but it reminded me that I have three vineyards that I need to address. I pull up the financials that I have on the three and it appears as if they make a whole lot of money, getting more per bottle right at the vineyard. What they do is service the people who pull off the highway, give them a nice taste of whatever wine they are interested in and sure enough, they end up purchasing a whole case of wine at full retail pricing.

I sent all three an email of concern. Since this past year has produced several fires, I asked if any of the vineyards were affected and if so, how good or bad was the vineyards affected. I also asked if there was anything that I could help them with now that they are associated with a multinational company such as Jaxson, Inc. I remember the tires that I started getting for the trucking companies and now they are the most successful company in all of Jaxson, Inc.


I also saw an email from one of the casinos. They thanked me for the help with the forged currency. They explained that they worked with the Treasury department in capturing the culprits which are now behind bars and looking at 25 years to life for their crimes. They went on to tell me that it was a group of Russians that were trying to affect the casinos. I just sat there looking at the email telling me about it being a group of Russians that were trying to affect the casino by using the forged currency.

Well, that answered that question as to who was trying to get lots of forged money into our casinos. I dialed up the Treasury department agent that was being copied on the email. I thanked him for the hard work that his department is putting into helping the casinos.

As I hang up the phone, Dr. Ronda appears in my doorway to the office. She looks just a beautiful wearing her scrubs and white doctor coat as she does wear anything else.

“Hi there sexy, you told me to just show up and that I could have my way with you,” she tells me. I know that I did tell her that, but it was nice to see her take me up on the offer.

As I was smooching on Dr. Ronda, John came up to the office and let me know that there was a guy at the outer gate asking to speak with me. I stood up and pulled Ronda behind me as we went downstairs. When I got to the kitchen to look at the security camera, I recognized the guy immediately. It was the guy that I bought dinner for at Longhorns. I poked the proper buttons, thinking that we need a human gate in addition to the vehicle gates.

The guy trudged his way up the drive to the inner gate. I had poked those buttons as well. He came into the courtyard and towards our front door. I opened the door and stepped outside. One of the agents stepped outside with me.

The man walked across the courtyard. He thanked me profusely for buying him dinner that night. He said that he feels horrible when he must ask people for help. He said that he’s been out of work for a couple of weeks now and with very little opportunity to get a nightly shower and sleep in a clean bed, he doesn’t seem to be able to find consistent work. He is a handyman by trade, but lately, he ends up as just a janitor, not something that he wants to do. He was hoping that he could find work with my company somewhere locally.

I invited him inside to sit down and chat a bit. I see the agents getting a bit restless and nervous. He smells the casserole. I offer him a plateful which he readily accepts along with a drink of his choice. He asks for a soda of any type. I get up and make him a plate of food and put it in front of him at the dining room table. I then make his choice of drink, Coke.

I think for a few minutes about where I could use him the most. I decided that he could be useful at the Pinetree on Sunset Blvd. This way he would have a place to sleep, a place to get a shower, and he would be useful to the hotel handling continual issues.

As he finishes his first plate of food, I offer him a second plate which he accepts. The guy is really a decent guy. I get up and make him a second plate, refilling his drink as well. He thanks me and begins to gobble as fast as he can.

The guy could use a shower, but he’s not really that bad. I ask John to give him a ride to the Pinetree on Sunset Blvd. and that I will call the General Manager to give him a room and put him on the payroll. I let the guy know that he won’t be making too much money, but he will be making some to help him along. I know that the Pinetree on Sunset Blvd. has been having issues keeping people to work there. Hopefully, he will work out and solve one issue we have at that location. I tell him that there is a decent Waffle house and an IHOP both across the street from the hotel so he can get a decent meal. The guy thanks me and is ready to leave.

John has his truck right by the front door. I shake the guy’s hand before he leaves. I somehow just have a good feeling about his guy. I reach into my pocket and do what I normally don’t do, I give the guy cash. It dawned on me that he won’t be getting any meals from IHOP nor Waffle house if he doesn’t have any cash. I hand him a folded $100 bill and tell him that his first payday will be in three days, it will be a partial pay but still a payday, nonetheless. The guy thanks me and heads outside to get into John’s truck.

Ronda just sat at the table in amazement. She had never seen the generous side of me before. She grabbed my face and gave me several kisses. She drug me out to the couch in the TV room and planted me on the couch before she entangled herself all into me. I thought for a moment that my laptop was still on an engaged into the work email portal. I whispered into her ear that I needed to go turn off my laptop. She smiled and told me to do what I needed to do.

I got up and hustled up to the office to turn my laptop off the company’s website portal. Once it was closed, I headed back down to a waiting Ronda who was all ready to get intimate with me. She was still on the couch waiting for me to get all intimate with her as well. Once I sat down on the couch, she straddled my lap taking my face into her hands and kissing me. I responded in the same manner as she did. I kissed her as romantically as I possibly could.

Dakota got up off the loveseat and told us that she was heading to bed in her bedroom. I was glad to hear that she was heading to bed a bit early so she could get some sleep. I looked as she passed by me and sure enough, she did have panties on her cute little ass.

Dakota going to bed gave Ronda an idea with me. She got up and took me by the hand to take me to one of the play beds in my bedroom. Once we were in my bedroom, she pulled my clothes off me and pushed me towards the bathroom for both of us to get into a nice hot shower. She was giggling the whole time.

As we were about to get into the shower, my phone buzzed. It was John.

“Hey boss, the General Manager of this location doesn’t want to give up a room to this homeless guy and wants to speak to you personally,” he tells me.

“Ok, put him on,” I tell John. I’m thinking that this might be a brutal conversation, but I wait until John hands his phone to the General Manager.

“Hello, this is David Greene. How may I help you?” I ask.

“Sir, did you send a homeless guy to take a hotel room under the premise that I hire him, and he will work for us as a handyman?” the General Manager asks me.

“Well, here’s what I did. He is a licensed handyman and knows how to fix things. I have seen over your tenure as a General Manager that you need a handyman to fix all the things that keep breaking at your location. Your location might be one of the only ones here in LA that don’t have a live-in handyman that is able to fix things in the middle of the night, such as the TV, or the rooms that have a kitchenette the cooking surface. I am directing you to hire the guy, put him in your smallest hotel room where he will stay. You are to have him fill out the necessary paperwork and forward me a copy. Does that sound OK with you?” I ask.

“Yes, sir. I guess that we’ve gone so long without a handyman that I had given up looking for one. Thank you for sending me one and hopefully, he will be as good as you believe he is,” the General Manager tells me.

What I am going to be looking for is his new hire paperwork, will it be processed through or will it just sit waiting. I believe that with the lack of HR work to be done properly, it will just end up sitting and not be processed.

I think about the HR conference that I announced to occur at the end of this week. I had Dakota schedule a large conference room next to the Hawk. I talk to Sharon to ask how many HR people we have scheduled and are we ready for the possible mass exodus. I ask Sharon if we have files on all the HR people before the conference. She tells me that we do have files on many of them, but not all.

I thank her and head back to Ronda who is patiently waiting for me in our bedroom. We were heading into the shower, but we never made it there. I go back to my bedroom and see my Ronda sitting on a play bed waiting for me. Once again, she strips me down and herself and takes me by the hand into the bathroom to take a nice hot shower together.

We both step into the shower and turn it on allowing the hot water t cascade over our bodies. She pushes me against the wall and strokes my cock until it is pointing at the ceiling. I ask her what she would like to do to me. She just giggles and tells me that we’re going to make love once again as she isn’t pregnant. That news made me a bit melancholy about her not being pregnant.

Ronda cupped my face and began to kiss me as the nice hot water cascaded over our bodies. She rubbed all over my body before she laughed and decided to wash my hair. She squirted a bit of shampoo into her hand and leaned me forward to make sure that my hair was plenty wet. She began scrubbing my hair with the shampoo, turning me around to get the back of my head as well.

As we were soaping each other up, the door to the shower opened and Jill stepped in. She smiled at Ronda and gave her a big hug and kiss. The three of us washed each other. Ronda shampooed Jill’s hair as well. Once it was done, she put Jill’s head underneath the showerhead to rinse it all off. Finally, as we were all clean and shampooed, we turned off the water and began to dry each other. It didn’t take all that long for us to get each other dry before Ronda and I went to one of the play beds. We tossed our towels into the hamper.

Jill climbed up on the sleep bed and turned away from us. Ronda and I chose a play bed and climbed into it together. We began our process of making love to each other. As we were getting intimate, we spent more than two hours all tangled up with each other. When we found ourselves finishing up, I asked her if she would like to spend the night with me and Jill. She said she would love to spend the night with us.

We both moved over to the sleep bed, where Jill was already sound asleep. I gently climbed onto the bed and Ronda followed me. She turned away from me and backed her cute little ass up into me. I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me. She wiggled her ass when she was up against me which caused me to smile.


Making love to Ronda for more than two hours, wore my ass out. It must have also done the same thing to her as she backed into me, just as Dakota does and she went right to sleep.

She woke early and kissed me as she was getting out of bed. She whispered into my ear that she had some patients at the hospital that she needs to go check on. I kissed her back and told her to please drive carefully. She dressed and left the bedroom. I don’t know why, but my mind drifted over to buying the SS agents each a new Ford. I got up and got dressed in my usual attire, shorts, and a tee-shirt.

I asked all 6 of the agents to ride with me to the Ford dealership where we will meet my fleet manager, Kitty Creamers. As we were riding towards the Ford dealership, I asked each one of them to choose a Ford that they were interested in having. The female agent that went shooting with us, who wants me to date her sister would like a Ford Flex, black. The other female agent also wants a Ford Flex, but she wants white.

All four of the male agents told me that they wanted an F-150 each. Two of them wanted the quad cab and two of them only wanted an extended cab. Each one chose a different color.

As we all arrived at the Ford dealership, I see that it isn’t open just yet. I ask Fred to take us all to that weird-sounding breakfast place ‘eggs and meat’. Quite possibly the oddest breakfast name that I had a herd.

When Fred pulled up to the front door, we all got out and Fred parked across the parking lot away from everyone. He then walked back to the restaurant. When all 8 of us were sitting a couple of the agents asked what is good at this restaurant. Fred just replied, “Look at the name, look at the name,” which caused all of us to laugh.

I make it easy for the line cook as I order scrambled eggs and a couple of sausage patties. I also order a glass of orange juice as I remember that they don’t carry pineapple juice.

The two female agents both ordered over easy eggs along with some hash browns and some bacon. They asked for coffee and a glass of milk for when their breakfast arrives.

The waitress asks if they would like a couple of slices of toast, which they readily accept. I know that the toast is for dipping into the over-easy part of the egg.

All the male agents followed my lead and just ordered scrambled eggs, but one asked for some parmesan cheese to be sprinkled onto his eggs. They all ordered sausage patties to go with their eggs. Three of them ordered toast and one didn’t want any toast.

Fred asked for an omelet, filled with bacon and cheese. He also ordered a glass of OJ as well as a glass of milk. He said that he had a bit of an upset stomach. I offered to drive for him, he declined telling me that he will stop at a Walgreen’s and get some Tums to help with indigestion.

We all enjoy breakfast. I find out a little more about the agents as all 6 of them became a bit chatty as we all ate breakfast. The owner remembered me and came over to say hello. One of the agents had his hand on his weapon. Fred told him to calm down and relax as we know each other. The agent took his hand off his weapon and leaned back into his chair.

I did see that the two agents that told me that they were dating managed to sit next to each other. I saw that they held hands during breakfast which made me smile. Oddly enough, I trust Fred more than I trust the agents. I haven’t been all that long with them running my protection detail. I asked them if they were allowed to carry their firearm across state lines, they all tell me yes that their license gives them the right to carry their weapon anywhere in the USA.

As we finished up breakfast, I paid for the meals and off we went back into the limo. We drove up to the street to the Ford dealership to purchase 6 new Fords. When we pulled into the dealership, I see Kitty’s car sitting there waiting for me with her still in the car. Fred opens the back door and all the agents spill out. I end up laughing as the agents are not used to being in the back of the limos that they ride in.

I go over to Kitty and open her car door. She gets out and puts her arms around me and kisses me passionately. I kiss her back the same way.

“Ok, so tell me, what vehicles are you looking to buy this time?” Kitty asks me.

“Well, four F-150s and two Ford Flex. You’ll have to chat with the agents as to color and which vehicle each one is interested in,” I tell her.

She rolls her eyes and walks off to start with the two female agents. She gets the information from them and then moves over to the 4 guys. She gets the information from each one on what F-150 each guy is interested in.

She heads into the finance manager’s office looking for the best deal on the 6 Ford’s. It takes more than an hour, but she returns with 6 sales contracts. I look them all over and sign the bottom. Since I have been such a good customer, I only need to give them my Visa to pay for all the vehicles. Kitty takes my card and heads back into the finance manager’s office with 6 signed contracts.

It doesn’t take much more than an hour, but she returns with 6 sets of keys. She hands each set of keys to each agent. She gets a smooch on the cheek from the four male agents and a handshake from the two female agents.

I ask Kitty Creamers to let BJ know that we just purchased 6 more vehicles and for her to please synch the gate codes up with their vehicles. She tells me that she will make the call for BJ is ready when the agents arrive at the house.

The finance manager comes out to see me and chat with me about the purchases of all the vehicles lately. He wants to thank me, and he gives me his business card. I hand the card to Kitty as I didn’t want it or need it.

Kitty puts the card in her pocket although she tells me later that she knows more about selling cars than the finance manager does. She tells me that he’s not quite up to par with making deals. However, he hides it well enough that management doesn’t catch on, but she could bust him if she chose to do so. Right now, he’s willing to agree to the sales prices that she is requesting, but that may change soon. I tell her that if he does that then Chevy or Dodge look awfully good to me. She smiles and tells me that she has an ‘in’ with the ownership of this dealership and will use it when the time is right.

Since the 6 vehicles are all bought and paid for, the agents all get into their vehicles and just drive off. Thinking about our rod-iron gates, I dial up the gate company.

“This is Jay, who am I speaking to?” He asks.

“Jay, this is David Greene. I need a favor from your company,” I tell him.

“What favor can I do for you, Mr. Greene?” He replies.

“I need people gates in the wonderful gates that you put at my house. The outer gate and the inner gate both need a smaller walk-through gate that also can be linked up with our security system,” I tell him.

“Well, that’s easy enough. Any day you want the work done, or just as we get to it?” He asks me. I tell him to just take care of it at his convenience, which he tells me that he will.


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The Chauffeur(#56) The Recording Studio

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Mabear — 13 July 2019 03:52
Another great chapter!!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!
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I enjoy that you can continually depict so many different personalities . As it can no doubt keep you confused to some degree . You do well with it . The sex has tapered off a bit . Which is no matter . I kinda miss " Sasha Mode " . Lol . I will read whatever you put out though and enjoy it thoroughly . I would like to see if Michael ever gets his shit together . Can't wait for you to meet the agents sister . Bet she's a knockout . The kids are coming soon as well . Curious to see how David deals with that . No doubt he will . GR8 stuff Pablo .
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