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JIM: Manipulative Manager

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Job/Place-of-work

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 12 July 2019

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Jim ran a local talent agency that covered all of the county with Big City in the middle. He had many connections in the county, some suspected to be of dubious natures, but if you wanted to perform in this county, you had to go through Jim.

No one was sure of his last name, he never publicly allowed it to be known. For his privacy, of course, and a cover for some of his past and current dealings.

Lately his business had been expanding and so he was due to take on another local young gal to his business, a business intern to start with, not a performer (Any of the performers that were any good always drifted to him when performing locally, and sometimes to his bed, too.) She would have to show her initiative to move up to first a part-time paying position and then to a permanent full-time job. There would be a number of very determined ladies, mostly, in competition for any advancement in position in this company. Jim never made inappropriate overtures to his young employees, they made them to him if they wanted to advance.

Jim avoided the complexities of an advertisement and contacted the local office of a national employment screening company for candidates for this position. And his H.R. director sent along an analysis of what the candidates would need to succeed in the job. And in his company, looks were very important. This was never put in writing, but from private consultations of Jim with William, the local head, this understanding was firmly presented. Very sexy good looks were avoided, because that would draw too much attention to what he might get to enjoy in their future under him.

So, William identified several young women of varying backgrounds to recommend to Jim’s company, Big City Talent Agency. And the H.R. director sorted out three for Jim’s personal attentions. Jim set aside a whole day to interview them, he was in no hurry to make this decision, that could have considerable influence on his social and private life in the future.

The first candidate, Annie, showed up at ten in the morning for her interview. This was planned to take place after Jim’s morning coffee, donuts and bullshitting over the sports over the weekend. Important things first, of course. And when she came and while she was seated in the outer office awaiting her entry into the real world of business, he checked out her resume and cover letter. He found out that she had graduated from the local business college with stellar grades. He didn’t take this too seriously, because though the training was very good, they tended to inflate the grades of the graduates to give them a leg up on getting a job. They took a plot of pride, and marketing, with their employment rate.

He noticed that her job history included experiences as a box girl at the local mega market, clerk at a pizza place and some UBER driving experience, too. The reports from her employers were all very favorable. Then he checked her pictures and played a self-made video of her in actions around the home and local playfield to give an impression of her social skills.

The pictures showed a young woman of about twenty-two who was of average looks, intelligent eyes and a positive and determined spirit. Jim was very impressed by her total package. And he knew from long experience that gorgeous looks were no precursor to a woman being a great lover, more like a red flag that she wouldn’t be. If a girl presents herself too gorgeously, it can be an indication of intense self-possession. A lady who presents herself in a modest and well-arranged dressing, is much more likely to be a dedicated lover when she becomes interested in a man.

As he was now attuned to what would come into his office, he had her directed in and he watched her as she moved in. She walked with a casually professional manner with a slight but noticeable humble spirit. She then sat at the chair in front of his desk in a lady-like manner, with no overt shows of her womanly charms.

After letting her stew for a few minutes while he pretended to further examine her employment documents, she kept her cool manner intact and showed no indications of impatience or impropriety at all. She didn’t seem to be hiding her femininity, just not showing it off. It was there, it was obvious, but not the focus of their meeting, seemed to be her attitude.

When he asked her some business questions about things that she should know about from her work experiences and education, she answered intelligently and politely all of the questions that he proposed. He was very impressed.

When it came time to dismiss her after this first interview, she seemed to be anticipating some more interactions with him, probably of a private nature. And when he skipped past this, perhaps afraid that she didn’t fit his employment needs and desires, she asked him if there was anything further that she could do to impress him with her desire for this job.

He looked into her eyes, and they showed that she was ready to accede to any request of his, and he then let her know that this was enough of an interchange for the present and if she was to be further considered, there would be another deeper interview. And so, she left, just a bit discouraged at seemingly losing out on this opportunity. Perhaps, she had not presented her sexuality well enough she mused.

Her already job experiences had made a great impression on her of the relationship between sexuality and success in the workplace. At least for young attractive women. And she recognized that she was one of them. But he had not dismissed her ‘with prejudice’ so she still entertained hope of getting a further chance at this job.

With her withdrawal from his office, Jim used an index card anchored to the employment pack, noting that she was at the top of the list. He was very curious on how she would present herself the next visit. If she would give into the pressure to advance her sexuality before him, or would as he preferred remain lovely, modestly dressed and of a professional manner.

At One and Three o’clock, Jim interviewed the other two prospects and they turned out to be as qualified as Annie showed herself to be. They were also a lot more insistent on showing their sexuality in their modes of dress and behavior. And if this had been fifty to seventy years ago, he might have utilized this for his fun. But, in these days a guy, especially an employer had to be a lot more careful in such matters. So, Jim excused each of them without any sexual exercise and focused his attentions on Annie, with these two still on the candidate list in case Annie didn’t work out.

Since these interviews were on a Monday, he let Annie stew in her juices until Friday to maximize her likelihood of being malleable as to her place in the company and his attentions.

Annie showed up at ten in the morning as invited and Jim asked some more professional questions about matters that she would work up to be assigned, if she was hired. And she showed that she was mostly well-informed and a likely candidate to rapidly come on board with the rest.

As he questioned her, he again took inventory of her appearance and he detected a slightly more sensual manner in it, but still well within the boundaries of professional dress and so was pleased by this. He was also pleased that she wore a very fine-looking dress and not jeans or slacks. And when she got up, her breasts stayed in place and she showed no panty lines through her dress. All well and good.

So, with him satisfied up to this point, with no overt sexual advances made by her (nor him,) he decided to show her around the offices that she would be working in. It would be the bookkeeping section of the business offices.

She showed considerable interest in this area, and as they moved through it, she moved with a very obvious feminine grace. She was proud of her status in life, but not overt about that.

The other ladies took special notice of her as she moved through their areas of work. ‘Another sex-pet candidate,’ they thought and as they looked at her, they thought that she was a perfect candidate. Attractive, without it being too obvious to the onlookers, but the ladies knew………

After the guided tour of the office, Jim led Annie back to his office and she expected ‘it’ to happen then and if he didn’t try to advance it, she would. But as they settled in to further discuss her possible employment, she ready to make her play was startled when he simply told her to report to work on Monday morning at nine and seek out Otto, the HR Director. And then he dismissed her, with the relief to have the position, but the puzzlement of this handsome man not having made a play for her. ‘Oh well,’ she thought, ‘time will tell.’

Over the first six months of her employment, things went very well, she learned all that she would need to know to handle the position that she was being groomed for. But she had expected to be an intern only three months and now it was six and she wondered, along with her parents, when this would become a paying job.

So, she through a gay sympathetic fellow employee learned of where he lived and planned to move this forward that weekend. Axel also verified that Jim had no wife, mistress, nor live-in lover at the moment. This didn’t preclude him having other assignations with the ladies at work, though. But he was known for his discretion in these matters.

On Saturday morning, she called him asking for a discussion about her job that day. He had been waiting for this and invited her to come to his gated community about noon that day. And he prepared from his stored resources a welcoming package for her.

He advised the security guard of her coming arrival and gave him the instructions to send her directly to his door. Since this was a strictly M.Y.O.B contained community, the other observers of his neighbors would pretend to take no notice of a new young girl coming to his door, for what they assumed was his purpose.

When she came to the door, he appeared in very casual slacks and a polo shirt. Obviously with nothing underneath. He knew why she was there and what she was prepared to give him to get the regular job that she had been training for. And even her parents had obliquely recommended that she take her case directly to him.

Before she could address him with her concerns, she noticed the French maid’s costume mounted over the chair in the dining room that was open to view. With this, she knew what was to transpire this time, and she made the decision to advance her cause in this manner. He was waiting to see if she would cooperate with this, or make a hasty retreat.

But with no spoken words, she nodded to him and moved to the chair to change her clothes to what he desired at this time. She made no effort to hide herself, just undressed and the redressed right in front of him. And as part of the effort, she was momentarily nude to facilitate this.

As soon as she was in costume complete, he instructed her to move out and walk to the front gate with a provided key and get his mail that was delivered by this time, each day, and bring it back to him. This would establish to the neighbors that she would be a regular visitor and at least presented to be a legitimate employee at his home. He had used several ploys to facilitate this in the past, but never with this particular costume before. The neighbors observed this and weren’t fooled by this, but it did give them plausible deniability in case it should come under official investigation.

When she arrived back at the door of his home, he opened the door and with affection welcomed her back. After taking care to place the mail at the side table at the door, he took her back in his arms and looked her in the eyes, that if she was feeling resistive to what was to come, this was the time for her to escape. But her eyes showed no such intention on her part. She was evidently in for whatever came about at this time.

He took a course of advancement with her of a very gentle and respectful manner. He was direct as to his interests and intentions, but left her with plenty of room to let her natural reactions further advance their sexual interchange. At first, he had her in his arms for serious kissing and his hands caressing her breasts.

With him at six foot and her five foot eight, they met in the middle very easily. And she was very turned on by his active kissing of her, especially when his tongue entered past her lips with very active ministrations to her mouth. And she sponsored his further advances to her womanly ‘ladies,’ by reaching up and opening up the top of her maid costume to allow him direct access to her breasts.

As things moved along, they seemed to be in no hurry, with pleasant interchanges minute by minute together. However, with her noticeable reactions in her nether regions from the kissing and breast caressing, she reached over to his free hand and directed it to her maid’s costume panties. He knew what to do about this and began a program of activating her sexual orifice for eminent occupation over and under the black panty fabric.

With them still standing just inside the door, he began to rub her lower belly and then moved down to her pubis that was lightly furred. And when he teasingly pulled a bit on a couple of her hairs there, she returned the favor and slightly bit on his tongue up into her mouth. There were smiles back and forth over that.

Soon his hand moved to inside of her panties and a finger began to play in the crack from her pubis to her anus. Special attentions were given to her perineum between her vaginal entrance and her backdoor portal. But, when his finger moved up into her birth canal, she hunched down to move it up higher to try to get it to her upper front level to engage with her G Spot. He got the point of this and noticed that her hymen was intact as his finger probed past it.

By this time, she had a hand down his shorts, too. And was stimulating his penis to further duties. It was already seeming to be leaking a very slippery substance, as was her vagina on his hand.

With that, he backed off and led her with his arm around her shoulder to his downstairs master bedroom. As she walked willingly into its fresh and inviting interior, she admired the huge and appealing bed that was soon going to be the site of her sacrificing of her girlhood to this man. With her body already considerably tuned up, she was looking forward to that with considerable relish.

So, he doffed his inside shoes and she did so with the high heels of her costume and they gently joined together in their arms on the bed’s surface. He then moved down to her privates and moved the thong pantie to the side for his lips to work up the target for his upcoming direct stimulations. She had enjoyed some of this before, but never with the ultimate goal of this scene in mind. And she could quickly tell that he was very much more skilled and enthusiastic about this than her previous lovers had been.

As he proceeded with his affectionate manner around her privates, she began to look forward to giving him the same kind of treatment and soon. With her vagina leaking the love juices actively, she used her hands to indicate that she wanted to take over the directorship of this fun, with her on his penis. So, he gave in and rolled over to being on his back and let her have her way.

She soon, had his male equipment up and running with a continual flow of very tasty and slick productions. So, she decided to advance things, so that these fluids could go to where they were intended to be spilt.

With that she rolled over next to him and took a couple of pillows to brace her bottom up for his easy utilization. And so, he reached to under the bed and brought out the virginity sacrificial towel. He mounted it under her bottom and in the direct path of the expected blood flow of her initiation into active woman hood. As he ministered to this, she showed an easy and agreeable smile with the apparent bodily expectations of this on her part.

With the safety measures in place, he moved down to further stimulate her virginal responsiveness, with his tongue working over her clit and female cleft. With this, he confirmed that though her pubis was furred, her lower regions were completely bare of any hair. The area got very slickered up though, for what was to follow. And she flexed her vaginal area up to facilitate his ministrations there.

Soon, he was so inflamed with lust, that he moved down his knees and she opened her legs even wider and he aimed his male member right at the beautiful flower of a hole that was presented to him by her. His penis moved up to her hymen rather easily and then with a sudden push he moved past it with only minor pain of her initiation to womanhood and adult lovemaking. She was very happy about out-working of each of those issues.

Once past the idol of her virginity, he moved gently but firmly up her upper vaginal chute. And she moaned and sighed with the feelings that it caused her. With him firmly implanted in her lovely abdomen, he began to retract and plunge in and nearly out of her vagina. It stung just a bit as he moved up to her ruptured hymen, but not enough to cause her to want him to stop. And with her active participation in the flexing and rousting up of her belly, he soon came up into her.

Neither of them wanted to disconnect any time soon, so he laid gently on her body and braced himself up to ease the burden of his weight. She was determined to keep him there and actively helped him to manage his body over hers. And they both could feel the leaking of their male and female fluids along with the small amount of blood. With that, he moved down momentarily to savor the taste of her with the blood before it could sour. And he served up a bit to her, too.

Then they settled down to a nap for a few minutes to feel the specialness of what they had just done, and to recharge their batteries.

She lingered for a couple of hours after their sexual encounter and talked about the business.

She started that coming Monday in the business’s bookkeeping department and moved up rapidly until after five years with the company, she became the C.F.O.

Over the years up until then, they had remained ‘secret’ lovers. But he still interviewed new ladies to the business in the same manner, except after she moved in with her appointment as CFO, he did so away from their home.

He had fallen as much in love with her as he would likely ever do with any woman, but her advances in the business were based on professional expertise, not sex, no matter what she thought.

Her parents were very pleased to see her advancements in her career, but somewhat irritated that they never married, nor had any children. But they stuck together permanently and no one doubted that they were a strong personal team.

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JIM: Manipulative Manager

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Comments (1)
James Dylan Dean15 July 2019 01:08
I see by the current low rating of this story that perhaps some misunderstand my thinking on bringing out this and other sketchy stories. It should be noted that because I write about certain modes of sexual actions, does not mean that I condone them. Just like writers that tell stories about murders and rapists, who would never do such things themselves. I just like to look into the hearts and minds of people who get entangled sexually and try to understand the motives of such actions and their results. It should also be noted, that despite that I write a lot of stories about old men and young teens, I have never been with a sub-legal gal since I was sub-legal myself and then only very lightly. Nor have I ever been in any kind of incest relationship. I was a virgin until the age of twenty-one. Perhaps this notation will quell the backlash against this and others of my stories.
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