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  1. Forced to be used.
  2. Forced to be Used. Part 2.

Forced to be used.

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Cruelty, Domination/submission

Author: DirtyLittleDeeds

Published: 12 July 2019

  • Font:

His arm was tightly wrapped around her waist before she even realised what was happening. Dragging her into him, her scream was cut off by his other hand covering her mouth. Bucking and squirming in his grasp, she wasn't giving in. She kicked her legs back against him, only to have him pick her up and shove her into a wall.

Her arms lashed out as she tried to escape while he stood behind her. With her mouth still covered she cried into his hand, thrashing her face about. All it did was make him grip into her tighter, and shove her harder into the wall. The man successfully managing to pin her arms against her.

Still squirming and flailing in sheer panic, she could feel his hot breath against the back of her neck. He barely even registered her escape attempts. Not even flinching as she twisted and whined. One strong arm pinned her to the wall, with his full wait pressing into her. While the other still clamped over her mouth.

'Shushh shushh shushh now..' A gruff deep voice said in her ear. She could feel his breathing quick against her neck as he spoke. His voice made her lessen her fight slightly. Distracted by the eerily calmness of his voice.

'If you keep fighting I'm going to hurt you now, little pet' He crooned almost sweetly. He squeezed her waist tightly making her squeal out in pain, proving the point of his strength. As if how quickly he had overpowered her wasn't enough.

'We both know noone is coming down here to find you, you silly little girl' He continued, his voice gravely and deep. 'You're regretting this short cut, huh, aren't you pet?' He continued.

She squirmed and kicked against him again, desperate with fear. Wishing he wasn't right, wishing she hadn't left the main roads. But her fighting was quickly stopped, as he let go of your mouth to grip her throat tightly. She felt him squeeze her neck, and it felt as if he pushed the air out of her lungs. Gasping and squirming as he choked her.

'What did I just say huh?!' He growled. 'I'll fucking hurt you. I'll make you regret it!' His voice snarled through, cutting the panic of her being strangled. Her lungs burner and head pounded as he held her there for a few more seconds before letting go.

'Do that again, and I'll not stop until your limp'. He finished, before completely releasing her throat. Dazed and in pain, she stood there limply leaning into the wall, his large body still pressed behind her.

Could feel him adjusting, leaning away slightly as the waist as he adjusted his pants.

'No! Oh no! Stop!' She cried out, now realising what he was doing. 'Please no!' She cried out, trying to free herself from him. He let go of his pants and gripped her by the shoulders, pulling her away from the way to slam her back in. Her head smacking hard against bricks, causing her to daze and fog out.

Coming to a few moments later, now groggy, with the taste of blood in her mouth and painful head. The man now had a arm wrapped around her throat tightly, with the other behind her waist, hitching up her skirt.

'Huh, when are you going to learn little girl?' He growled as she lolled her head loosely, still recovering.

'I can hurt you if you don't let me get what I want'. His hot breath lingered on her skin, as she swallowed hard against his choke hold.

'Oh no...' she moaned out. She felt his free hand roughly sliding up her thigh. His tough skin running along her long smooth legs, only to have him rip her skirt up, exposing the soft white skin of her ass. She felt him grasp her panties and yank, ripping them off her completely and making her squeek out meekly. Her skin stung from the snap of fabric.

'Dont push it pet' He groweled another warning into her ear, as she squirmed slightly against his body. The cold bricks pressed into her face and chest as he kept her shoved into the wall. She could feel his free hand now roaming along her thighs to her ass, squeezing kneeding them. Enjoying the feeling of her tight little ass in his large hand.

'Mm aren't you just a sweet treat for me huh?' He crooned, now softly in her ear His voice sent chills down her spine, as she began to cry quietly. His hand roamed from her ass to her mound. Slowly edging across her front, down to her pink lips.

'Uh mm, freshly shaved too huh? You are just a filthy tease' He growled as she shuddered against his touch. His rough hand working over her pubic mound to her pussy lips. She whimpered and trembled against him as his fingers pressed between her. His thick fingers spreading her easily, as he explored her more.

'Please don't.. please' she whimpered more. Tears running down her face as she was consumed with fear and disgust.

'Now now pet don't you cry.' He crooned softly, slowly releasing the pressure of his other arm for her throat. 'If you're a good girl, I won't hurt you now' He continued, fully letting go of her throat.

She swallowed hard, struggling and trembling. She knew she couldn't escape. But she knew she couldn't fight, either. The hand that left her throat now made its way underneath her blouse. Feeling along her flat stomach, as if he enjoyed her soft skin against his hard hands. He reached up to her breasts, grabbing her bra tightly and snapping the straps with a jerk.

'Oh!' She squeaked out in pain as the elastic snapped against her skin. 'Hush now sweet' He murmured, now flicking the broken bra off onto the ground with her panties. His hand returned to her breasts, feeling and kneeding her small, perky cleavage. Squeezing and rolling each between his large hands. Only pausing to pinch and twist her nipples, causing her to cry out again. She felt her nipples begin to harden against his touch, as he kept flicking his rough fingers over them.

She could feel his cock pressed against her ass as he fondled her. He took his time, he knew no one was going to distrub them here. She cried and whined quietly, still trembling helplessly against his strength, as he enjoyed her body.

'Mmm... I'm going to enjoy all of you' He growled deeply into her ear, making her shiver again. Her stomach churned in fear, as panic continued to consume her small, trembling frame.

He slide his hand down from her breasts, to hold her waist tightly. The other has not strayed further than her thighs as he had explored her. He held her still, his chest pressing against her back. He was large enough that with little effort, he kept her subdued. She felt his rasping beard scratch along her neck as he leant in closer. His fingers finding their way back to her pink lips, parting them slightly.

'Mm, I want to hear you moan as I rape you' He groaned into her, his face now pressed against her neck. He breathed in her perfume as his fingers curled to find her clit.

'Oh n-no! No!' She squeaked in panic, as his fingers flicked across her sensitive nub. She felt him smile as he chuckled into her, his fingers pressing and rubbing across her clit again and again. Her body shamelessly twitched with each movement, a lustful flinch unable to be hidden even with her trembling. 'P-please no!' She squeeked again.

'No?' He murmured, 'Well if you insist..' His grasp around her waist tightened, as his hand pressed deeper into her. Sliding along between her lips until he found her tight little opening. 'Well go straight to the fun then' He chuckled into her ear.

'Uh.. oh please!' She cried out pathetically as she felt one thick fingers press against her hole. He didn't stop, pushing his finger into her tight little cunt.

'Mmm more you think?' He growled, gripping her waist tightly now. He withdrew only enough to add another finger, feeling her stretch against him as he pushed deeper. A pang of pain shot through her as he pushed deep inside, already stretching her.

Her legs trembeled against his hand, her body leaning heavily into the wall as she cried and whimpered. Her small, delicate frame was draped across his as he kept her propped up against the wall. She could feel his breath quicken against her neck as he began to slide his fingers in and out of her.

Small moans escaped her lips each time he pushed deep into her. Over and over he pumped his fingers in and out. 'Uh, uh uh' She peeped out softly, tears still wetting her face. Her tight little hole gripping onto his fingers as he violated her. The pain of being stretched by him still slowly ebbed through her body, the headache still ringing in her ears from being slammed against the wall.

'Oh you're a sweet little thing' He groaned to her, pumping faster into her cunt. His fingers had become slick with her wet, her body unable to not resist what it was designed to do. The soft 'schlicking' sound matched only by her panting, and his gruff breath, as he fucked her hole over and over.

She could feel his cock twitch and press against her ass, as he pushed his ctotch deeper into her. He nestled his hard cock, still tented behind his briefs, against her ass cheeks. His beard scratching her soft skin as he began to kiss and suck her neck.

'Oh fuck I'm going to enjoy you' He growled louder, rocking his hips into her ass, as one hand gripped her waist, and the other burried in her cunt. His lips lingered on her skin as he groaned into her.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out of her, making her cry out. 'Oh don't worry pet, I'll replace them with something better' He chuckled against her neck. Her body shook in his hands as she began to panic again.

'No!' She screamed out. 'Please no!' She cried again, squirming harder now. As his grip had loosened with her waiting attempts, she had to thrash hard against him. Quickly he gripped her waist hard, shoving his chest against her to send her forward into the wall again.

'Do I need to do more to hurt you?' His snarling voice cut through her daze. Her head throbbed again, and she felt her blood drip from her nose, as her face was kept pressed against the bricks. One hand remained firmly against her waist, while his weight kept her still.

She cried and whined against him, but did nothing more but tremble in his grasp. Her small body completely overpowered by his.

'Now be a good little slut and stay still' he snarled into her ear again, his face pressed against hers. She felt his free hand slide to his waist as he pulled down his briefs.

'Please...' she cried pathetically, knowing what was to come. He didn't stop. He gripped his hard cock in his hand, and pressed it between her ass cheeks.

'Please don't do this' she whimpered, her legs shaking and weak. He pressed his cock deeper, parting her cheeks, prodding for her tight little hole. She gasped and flinched as his thick head pressed against her entrance, still tender from his rough fingers.

'Mmmph there's a good little girl' He crooned, now softly, to her. His voice thick and hot with greed. He pressed himself deeper, his head pushing past her pink lips and inside her.

'N-no, no no' She sobbed. Her whole body ached, her head killed, as she cried. His thick cock slowly pushed deeper into her, stretching her tight hole with each inch. His groans filled her head, as his cock filled her cunt.

'Fuck you're so tight' He grunted, both hands now gripping around her waist as he pressed his hips deeper. With another shove, he plunged his full length deep inside her, stretching her out sharply. She cried out, sobbing in pain and fear as he began to rape her. Her pussy hot and wet with his throbbing cock filling her completely.

He began to pump in and out of her. Shoving his hips up against her, pushing her hard into the wall with each thrust. His thick, throbbing cock stretching her out over and over. She cried and moaned softly with each jerk of his hips, her body slowly bring accustomed to his large size and girth.

'Uhm, uh uh uh..' She panted, tears and blood drying on her face as the man raped her. His groans were deep and sharp in her ear. His cock pumping in and out of her, harder and faster with each thrust. Her body betrayed her, getting wetter and wetter as he continued his assault. Her tight little cunt wetting his cock, letting it slide freely in and out of her.

'Mm you're a good little girl aren't you?' He moaned into her ear, burrying his face into her hair. Kissing her neck and breathing in her sweet scent. His hands gripping her tightly as each thrust sent her into the wall. His cock pumped in and out of her hole, now dripping wet. Her soft, pained moans now matched with the sound of her own wetness.

Her body unashamedly reacting to being raped. Accepting the thick cock that filled and stretched her. His balls slapping up against her clit with each hard thrust, making her twitch and flinch.

'Hmm? You going to be a good little whore for me huh?' He mocked her, moaning between breaths. 'Look how fucking wet you are' He panted, his cock sliding deep into her cunt again. 'Cant even help yourself can you? You little cockslut' He growled, now pounding her hole faster and faster.

Her ass jiggled with each thrust as he began to slam into her. His hands gripped her waist so tight it hurt. He bit and kissed along her neck and shoulders and he groaned deeply, more desperately. His waist smacking into her tight little ass over and over as he plunger his cock deep into her hole.

'Ah uh uh ah!' She whined out, each squeek of noise escaping as he rammed his cock deep into her wet cunt. She could feel his cock twitching and throb inside her, her pussy walls clenching tightly around his girth. His breath quickening, more desperate as he came closer to his climax.

'You dirty slut huh?' He growled loudly. 'Taking this fucking cock, enjoying me raping you' He snarled, ramming into her over and over. She cried beneath him, her body trembling and weak. The wet sounds of her cunt being fucked filling the air. He growled more as his thrusts became more erratic and desperate.

His thick cock twitched and pulsed inside her as he moaned out loudly. One final thrust and his cock spasmed in her tight little hole. Sending his seed pumping into her as he continued to thrust, his balls twitching and aching with his orgasm.

'Oh fuck!' He growled. Slamming his cock into her again, filling her with hot cum. She sobbed into the wall as he continued to pump his hips, feeling his seed fill her up and drip out of her.

His thrusting began to slow, as his cock began to twitch less. His cum running down his length as he began to soften in her hole, then dripping down her thighs. She could feel his rough panting in her ears as she trembeled beneath him.

'Mm, now you really are a dirty little whore' He groaned, pulling his semi limp cock from her. He let go of her waist as he pulled her skirt to clean himself. Slowly allowing her to slump to the ground. Her body shaking and weak, aching in pain. She could feel his hot cum running down her thighs and ass as she sobbed into the ground.

He stood behind her and pulled up his jeans. Staring down at the half naked, wet little slut he raped. Her soft white skin so pale against the dark bricks, and bruises already showing along her thighs, ass and waist.

'What should I do with you now huh?'

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Forced to be used.

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Comments (1)
Norty Oldman — 15 July 2019 15:23
Please tell us what he will do with her now...
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