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  1. Daddy's Little Secret
  2. Daddy's Dirty Secret. Part 2.
  3. Daddy's Dirty Secret. Part 3.

Daddy's Little Secret

Categories Fantasy, Incest, Male / Female, Masturbation

Author: DirtyLittleDeeds

Published: 12 July 2019

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He rubbed his cock thinking of her. He knew it was wrong, and not just wrong, but fucked up. But his mind kept wandering back. Her tight little shorts, her small summery crop tops, her sweet pink lips.

He'd been so lonely, years since her mother died. And only a few short and unsuccessful relationships since had left him a desperate mess of a man. So desperate after all these years he found himself lusting after his own daughter.

Maggie was only seventeen, a quiet and innocent girl. She'd never drank or smoked, didn't go out late, no boyfriends. His mind wandered to her soft aurburn hair, her deep brown eyes. Her sweet perfume intoxicating him. Those lean long legs, the tight little ass..

"Fuck" He swore to himself, feeling his cock ache at his semi. He was never going to get to sleep tonight.

He couldn't stop his mind wandering to her. How many times had he shamelessly stood in the shower, jerking himself to thoughts of her. Remembering a trip to the beaches, her prancing down to the water in a bikini. Or those hot summer nights where she wore thin nightgowns that barely covered her thighs.

All these things she did, without realising her own father was wishing he could use that little body of hers. But tonight, he wanted more. Wanking himself to the images of her in his head, just wasn't enough. Did he dare to? Would he stoop that low?

He found himself standing over the delicate frame of his little girl as she slept, watching her chest rise and fall beneath her sheets. Anguishing over her in turmoil, he could leave now and pretend these thoughts never crossed his mind. But his cock was already aching in his briefs, twitching at the thought of her. His heart pounding in his head and his mouth dry with excitement.

He gently slipped his hand under her sheets. Grateful that she was lying on her side facing away. It gave him the perfect view of her ass, curves and legs, once he pulled the sheet down. Her choice of pyjamas, an old nightie, slightly too small for her, just made her an even easier target for his lust. The white fabric clung to her skin and accentuated her small, immature curves.

He began feeling along her toned thighs, tracing his fingers along her smooth porcelain skin. His cock was hard and pressing against his briefs by the time he reached her ass, shifting the fabric of her nightie to expose her. His hands softly groped her small, tight ass, enjoying the feel of her plump young skin.

Fuck this was so wrong. He was groping his own daughter. But his shame was overrun by his undeniable lust. His cock twitching as he slowly explored her teenage body. He wanted more. He wanted to claim her.

He slipped her sheets off the side of her body, fully exposing her sleeping form from chest to feet. His hand slipped around her asscheeks to between her thighs, softly prodding the thin cotton fabric of her underwear.

"Mm you like that don't you sweetie, when Daddy touches you" He breathed quietly, his fingers softly caressing the outline of her pink lips. He couldn't resist anymore. One hand reaching into his briefs and grasping his hard, throbbing cock. He already had precum glistening on his tip as he began to stroke himself. Imagining all the things he'd do to her, his sweet sweet daughter.

"You're a dirty little cock slut aren't you, Maggie?" He whispered gruffly. His free hand gently rubbing her virgin lips through her underwear. His eyes devouring her body, ever curve that her clothes clung to, down to the arch of her back and her perfectly toned calves.

"You just love to please Daddy huh, don't you?" He panted, his hand firmly gripping his length, jerking his wrist up and down as he explored his daughter more. He hooked a finger underneath her cotton briefs, and pushed them aside, exposing her.

The sight made him bite down on his lip, to stop himself from groaning out too loudly. It was all he could do to not cum right then and there. Her sex was perfectly smooth and shaved as he ran his fingers along her slit. Her tight little peach, pink and warm to touch. So perfect.

"Saving yourself for Daddy's cock aren't you? Such a good little girl" He gruffly whispered, his breathing becoming short and sharp. He could barely contain himself as he jerked his cock over and over. Standing stooped above his daughter, his meat only centimetres from her sleeping form.

Seeing his young supple daughter's body, touching her virgin lips, it was all becoming too much for him. He felt his breath begin to catch in his throat and his balls ache. His hand continued to pump his cock as he softly pressed into her lips, spreading them slowly.

"Uh that's my little slut. Show yourself to Daddy" He groaned, his cock throbbing in his hand. His balls were ready to burst as he gripped and twisted along his length. His finger sliding along the length of her slit, feeling her soft pink lips squeeze him lightly.

"Uhg fuckkk... You make Daddy feel good huh baby girl" He moaned out, unable to resist his climax anymore. His cock erupted, twitching and spurting his hot thick cum. He watched as he shot his load over his daughters tight little ass, streaking her soft skin with his sticky seed.

"Uh uh uh yess you dirty little slut. Take Daddy's load" He groaned out, hand milking his throbbing length, the last of his cum dripping down his tip. His finger still burried between her soft virgin lips.

Panting he sat back on his heels, ensuring to gently remove his hand from between her thighs. She hadn't even stirred. Her slumbering form still calm. He admired his handy work, her smooth plump ass covered in thick spurts of cum.

"Mmh you took Daddy's load like a good girl" He moaned softly, taking his shirt to clean himself off her. Ridding the evidence of his pervasiveness. Well, most of it. He couldn't believe what he'd done.

He just masturbated to his daughter. His sweet, innocent little girl. He hadn't cummed that hard in years. There was no going back now.

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Daddy's Little Secret

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Comments (1)
himerosa — 11 July 2019 14:52
Nicely written and good use of descriptive wording. I hope there's more about the daughter as she is the perfect age.
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