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Categories Fantasy, Female solo, Incest, Threesome

Author: maryme

Published: 20 July 2019

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I don’t know exactly how old I was, but I do remember that feeling. I was looking at the new, very cute boy that just moved in across the street and it was electric. I was boy crazy instantly. I was compelled to watch everything he did. I wanted to be closer, like nothing else mattered. That feeling, I later discovered, was my crazy sex drive. Not that I knowingly wanted real sex back then, but my body had a reaction to boys that created intense urges. I was actually rather shy.

My junior year, I turned 18. My family moved when I was little and I entered school a year late. My older brother Kevin and I were only 10 months apart, but he looked like a college guy and I looked like a kid. I was skinny all my life until about two years ago when my breasts started a major growth spurt.

Nearly every day after school, my brother would get with his friends, lock themselves in his room, and watch Internet porn while talking about girls. Listening at the door is how I learned about sex. I'd listen to every word and find out which girls they liked and wanted to have sex with. Some were even teachers and moms! I was careful to pick up on what they liked about girls and what things turned them on. I wanted to act like those girls. I wanted to get boys to notice me too.

Getting noticed had been difficult. I learned that flirting was what boys liked. Hair tossing, smiling, and pouting lips seemed to come up a lot. My body wasn’t so hot. My waist was hard and flat and my ass was small, but tight. My boobs were getting good though. As a junior, I had a full C-cup (fast to becoming a D). My skinny frame remained the same as my boobs grew, making them look even bigger. When you weigh under a hundred pounds and are pushing big boobs, boys begin to notice.

I was sexually charged 24 hours a day, but slow to follow through. I wanted every boy in the school for one reason or another. One because he was so handsome, one because he was so athletic, one because he was so smart, one because he was so awkward, one because he was cool. I even thought about some of the teachers because they were so confidant and easy to talk to. Even a few dads were on my to-do list. I have been masturbating for some years now and was very good at it.

On afternoon, I overheard my brother talking about how sexy nipples were, especially long ones that stuck out. Well, as luck would have it, I had that type of nipples, but was always hiding them. I had them strapped down by a compression type sports bra. So now, armed with my new found info on nipples, I experimented in front of the mirror without a bra. With just my blouse covering my boobs you could so see my nipples pushing out. And if I gave them a little squeeze they got even harder and longer. My boobs jiggled nicely without the bra. I had to give the no-bra thing a shot.

I called this nipple-flirting. The boys noticed. My inexperience came into play a few times before I caught on. The boys (and one teacher) found that when I bent over, my boobs hung down and my nipples could be viewed. I was wondering why so many boys where getting so clumsy around me, asking me to pick up the pen or book they just dropped. When I learned they were watching my tits I'd get excited. I wanted them to see my nipples. This was a super turn-on.

One teacher would ask me to stop by his room after school to talk about grades. This was always on a day when I wore something on the sheer side. He’d have me sit in this little chair close by his desk so he could look down my blouse. By now I was up on those tricks. I played along very well. I’d squirm, play with my hair, lick my lips, and lean into him to provide a perfect view. My nipples got harder thinking about him seeing my nipples. I was getting very wet too. But then my shy gene kicked in and I left without the satisfaction of a physical experience.

I was still hot when I got home and went to my room, pulled off my panties and rubbed my cunt. I fell back onto the bed and buried two fingers as I rubbed my clit. I was very hot thinking about my teacher. That’s when I heard an “Oh shit” coming from the hallway. My brother's friends were in the hall and I could see my door wasn’t shut completely. I think they might have seen me, but I wasn’t sure. But, why else would someone yell out “Oh shit”? I jumped up and closed the door. The boys were already busy in my brother's room. It was also a big turn-on thinking about being watched by boys. I finished myself with my dildo. It was a memorable, massive orgasm.

The next day at school one of my brother’s friends came over and started flirting with me. My nipples were hard immediately. I knew he had to be one of the boys who peeked at me masturbating. It was very distracting to talk with him knowing that he had seen me all naked and horny like that. He asked me over to his house after school and I agreed. He said his parents didn’t ever get home until after five. We’d have a good hour to ourselves. I was wet thinking about it, but really had never done “it”.

Once we got to his house he was quick to get his arms around me and kiss me. I kissed back. Making out was hot. I was weak at the knees. He laid me back on the couch. He knelt of the floor and slid one hand over my tits as the other unbuttoned my blouse. It felt so good to have someone actually touch them. With my boobs exposed, he began sucking my hard nipples. His hands undid my jeans and tugged them over my hips as he kissed my breasts and belly. My thong was soaked.

Arching back he unzipped his own pants and pulled out his cock. It looked fantastic. I grabbed for it. Squeezing that hard cock made his eyes roll back in his head. Wow! I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but I was orally fixated on his cock. I wanted it in my mouth. I didn't know anything, but I knew I wanted to suck that cock. I pushed him back and rolled off the couch on top of him. My head went face-first between his legs. His eyes still hadn’t focused. I put that throbbing rod into my mouth and sucked. It was so hot. So was his cum. He exploded into my mouth immediately. I unexpectedly swallowed before he pulled out. He sprayed more cum over my face. My pussy sprayed in my panties. This, of course, is when his mother walked in. I knelt there wide-eyed, with my tits out, jeans pulled down to my thighs, drenched thong barely hiding my slit, and with cum dripping from my lips and face. Her son was on his back, jeans pulled down to his knees, with a full erection. That was a lot of firsts for me that day.

I often wondered what happened after I left - it took me less than 20 seconds to pull myself together and get out the door. Walking home I was still horny thinking about what just happened. I had a fantasy that his mom was chastising him as he lay on his back with that big hard cock sticking up. In my mind she can’t resist and decides that he needs an orgasm and a pussy. She climbs on top and rides his cock until his step-dad returns home. Step-dad watches his wife orgasm as her pussy is filled with boy-cum. Step-dad then takes his turn. He gives mom a wild fucking, filling her with more cum. Thoughts like that really get me hot. Hotter.

I got home, went to my room, stripped naked, and lay back on my bed letting fantasies run free. I had two fingers and a thumb in my hoo-ha when my door opens. I try to cover up. My brother steps in and closes the door. My mind is running wild. He says something about having a taco. I have no idea what that was about, but I told him he could have all he wanted if he didn’t tell mom. He told me I had really nice tits. Then he got on his knees and pulled my legs towards him. Spreading my thighs with his head, he stuck his nose against my clit and licked my vajayjay. His hands squeezed my boobs as he sucked and probed my pussy. A minute later I came with a juicy squirting orgasm, He pulled his head up with an astonished look on his face.

"Best taco ever, Sis." He said. "Juicy!"

Ok, now I get it. My vertical pink taco.

"That was really good." I replied nearly out of breath. "Can I see yours?"

"I don't have a taco." He said with a smart-ass grin.

"Then let me see your burrito." I replied.

My brother pulled his jeans and boxers down revealing a big hard cock. When I say big I mean it was thicker and longer than his friend's. I really wanted to suck it. So I did. No resistance. He left quickly after drenching my mouth with a full load. My second mouthful of the day! Blowjobs are hot. Mom got home shortly after we finished.

Then next day at school my English teacher, Mr. Peterson again asked me to stop by after class. I didn't mind. I get horny thinking that any guy wanted to see me. And I love being horny. I made sure to stop in the girls room and undo a couple of buttons before squeezing my nipples hard. I reached under my skirt, pulled off my thong, and fingered my clit before going to his room. I held my books against my chest as I walked to his room. I closed the door, said hello, and walked to his desk setting the books down. I imagined I looked very slutty. His eyes were glued to my jutting nipples.

"Let me get that door."My teacher, Mr. Peterson, said as he got up. "If I don't lock it now we'll be interrupted for sure. It can get busy this time of day."

He returned to his desk chair and smiled. I took the little chair next to him. Dropping my pen, I bent over to reveal my tits. I held this position for a long time to make sure he got a good look. When I sat back up, my left nipple didn't completely return to its home inside my blouse. I just left it exposed and acted innocent. I tossed my hair and batted my eyes. He nervously looked around the room before wrapping his lips around that nipple. I loved it. He sucked hard. I pulled his head close and moaned. I put my hand on his crotch and felt his cock. Very hard. One hand slid up my thigh. But, a knock on his door threw water on that fire (probably best). I immediately buttoned my blouse as we nervously looked back and forth. I stood up, grabbed my books, held them to my chest , and walked towards the door.

"Come in." Mr. Peterson said after a second knock at the door. "Just a minute. Its locked."

Just before getting to the door I turned, pulled up my skirt, and flashed my very horny pussy. I paused for a second then turned and opened the door.

"You're next," I said to Nicolle, a very chesty blond senior. I guess boobs are teacher's thing.

"Hi Jill!" Nicolle said. "Your grades falling too?"

"Not anymore." I replied with a smile. "Make sure you lock the door or you'll get interrupted."

I wondered what she was going to get from Mr. Peterson. Maybe more than she thought now that his motor was running. I had a fantasy about it when I got home. I pictured Nicolle naked getting those big tits sucked before he fucks her on the desk. On my back, on my bed, I diddled myself with my dildo as visions of fucking pulsated through me. I didn't notice that my brother and his friend (yes, the same one I sucked) had walked in. It was incredibly hot.

I watched both strip naked as I continued to fuck myself. My brother's friend Jack, stood in front of me stroking his cock. I pulled out the dildo and spread my legs wider. He slipped his hard cock into me as my brother watched. The masturbating cleared me for a smooth entry. It felt great. I watched my brother stroke his big cock as his friend fucked me. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Mr. Peterson fucking me on his desk. When he finished, my brother took a turn. He is very big. Very hot and very sexy. Not a word was spoken. My sexual introversion had disappeared.

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Comments (1)
Tiger_t — 17 July 2019 21:57
Awesome story, you have got to love a girl like that.
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