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  1. Getting revenge on Daddy, part 1
  2. Getting revenge on Daddy, part 2

Getting revenge on Daddy, part 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Cheating

Author: Wuffles2

Published: 25 July 2019

  • Font:

You exit the shower, as your plan begins to take form. You wrap yourself in a towel and stride back purposefully to your room.

First, you have to wait for your stepmom to get home. If it's after lunchtime, she will have had a couple of glasses of wine to fortify her for the rest of the day. She won't be going to the gym dressed like that. She would know she would get nothing done because of the attention she'd be getting from every dumb gym jock there.

You drop your towel and admire your glistening, tanned body. A vision stares back at you. Five foot four inches of young mischief, disguised under a cute, naive, innocent visage.

You open your drawer and consider which bra to put on. No, actually, you won't be needing one of those. Not with what you're planning to do. You open your wardrobe and ponder for a moment, eventually slipping on a white cotton tank-top.

Your mom bought you this top when you were 14. It looked cute on you then, but now, it looks positively perverted. The swelling hills of your maturing breasts are nearly popping out, and create a very pleasing amount of side-boob. You smile wickedly to yourself. You've never thought of yourself as a particularly sexualised being, but thanks to Chloe, you have started to realise just what a temptation your slim, teenage body really is.

You look down at the way the top hugs your generously girlish hips, and admire the curvature of your legs. Chloe told you last week that the gap between your thighs showed that you had the perfect amount of muscle and fat on your legs, and you have to agree.

Normally, you'd worry about what people would think if they knew you were walking around without panties on. But not today, you think, slipping into a pair of cutoff jean shorts. You turn and stare at the way that your tight, firm ass almost falls out of them, and smile wickedly to yourself.

You wander into the lounge, carrying your pride and joy, the small camcorder your parents got you on the day of your 16th birthday. You've used it mostly for cheerleader practice, interviews for the school newspaper, that kind of thing, but you've never shot anything like this with it. If the video turns out well, you might have to introduce Chloe to it later. You know your exhibitionist slut of a best friend would fucking love it. You giggle to yourself. Not that you can talk, considering what you're planning.

An hour or so later, the door to the apartment opens, and your stepmom walks in. She looks annoyed, and the blush in her cheeks says you were definitely right about the post-lunch drinks. She drops her cute Prada bag on the table and stomps over to the kitchen.

Did...she not achieve the desired result with Dad? Your smile widens as you realize that this might be easier than you thought.

She pours herself a coke zero from the fridge with ice, and adds a generous nip of twenty year old bourbon to it. She stalks back to the couch and collapses unceremoniously into it - unwittingly in the perfect frame of the camcorder you've hidden. You smile and shake your head. Deb really does have no bad camera angles.

You smile, feeling like the naughtiest perve as you open the remote app for the camcorder on your phone and start it recording. The camera feed shows Deb has shucked off her heels and is struggling out of her pantyhose.

You duck back for a moment and spray yourself with water from a spray bottle. Pausing for a moment, you confirm that you look like you've just finished a workout on the exercise bike, and pad into the kitchen, breathing heavily to ensure you sell it, and snag a chocolate ice block from the freezer.

"Oh, hi Deb. Didn't realise you would be back so soon. How'd it go with Dad today?" you ask, as you plop yourself down next to her on the couch.

She scowls for a moment, then catches herself, and forces the bitterness from her face as she puts her game face on.

"Oh, hi sweetie! Yeah, it went okay…" she says, smiling a smile with absolutely no mirth in it, her emerald eyes clearly showing the juxtaposition of her mood.

"Yeah? I bet he couldn't keep his eyes off you, dressed like this…" you reply, smiling coyly.

She pauses for a moment, and looks at you for the first time. Her eyes dilate as she takes in your current state.

Your tank top clings to your figure like you've been sitting in the rain for an hour. Her eyes linger on your breasts, where the water has rendered your already tight tank-top virtually see-through, your heavy breaths drawing attention to your rapidly rising and falling breasts, the areola of your nipples erect. She nervously licks her lips.

Breaking the silence, you sniff the air. "Does that coke have something else in it, Deb? It smells funny."

She nods. "Yeah, babe, it's got some of your dad's bourbon in it. Just what a girl needs after a hard day." she responds, bitterness creeping into her voice.

"Are you sure everything is okay, Deb? You seem kind of depressed…" you press, making a concerned daughter face. She laughs, her bitterness coming to the fore.

"Well...honey, your Dad was really busy with his work, and he was in a meeting when I went to see him. His assistant wouldn't let me in. She said he told her he was in a vital meeting with a biochemical firm from Asia, and that he couldn't have me 'disrupting his very important meeting'."

She laughed, realizing her words were slightly slurred.

"That little whore of an assistant has been after him since before I was in the picture. Too bad I got there first…" she snickered.

You listen, fascinated. This is a side of your stepmom you haven't seen before. You've never heard her bad-mouth anyone until now. Her cursing is...actually super fucking hot, coming from those normally perky, cheerful lips of hers. You can feel your pussy beginning to moisten with arousal, as you watch her eyes flick between your head and then down to your chest.

You begin the next step of your plan. Shuffling over, you raise one leg over her and settle onto her lap. You let your breasts, with their hardened little stiff points, drag lightly over her face as you right yourself.

You drape your arms around her neck and embrace her. Daughters can hug their stepmoms, right? Nothing pervy about it. Right? You lean over to her, your lips dragging slightly over her ear, leaving your firm young breasts mere inches from her face.

"Well, I think you're fucking gorgeous, Deb, and Dad should have paid attention to you. It's your one year wedding anniversary, and you deserve attention…" you purr quietly to her.

She is quiet for a moment, as if she is contemplating what to do. You shift, just slightly, so that one of your knees is touching her mound through her panties. Just like this morning, but this time with intent.

You hear a clink as she puts her mostly drained drink on the table. You feel her arms slide around your waist and back as she returns your embrace.

"I...I worked so hard to look good for him today, you know? And now it feels like all of my efforts are wasted, because nobody is going to be able to appreciate this…" she mutters sadly.

You turn your body back to face her eye to eye, and deliberately look her up and down. Just like Chloe did to you, that time in the locker room.

Deb blushes crimson at your examination, and smiles, as she puffs her ample chest out proudly. One of the buttons of the lilac blouse she's wearing pops off under the effort, revealing even more of her ripened busty tits, barely contained by the sexy violet bra she sports. She cranes her neck, and plants an affectionate kiss on your forehead.

"You're so sweet, babygirl. I love you so much…" your stepmom murmurs. You beam at her with a girlish smile, and nestle your head into her chest, making sure to rub your face over her nipples at the same time.

You are rewarded by a small stutter in her breathing. She lets you lay there for a while, as you both enjoy the feeling of each other's touch.

"So...how's Chloe doing?" Deb asks softly, stroking your hair gently. Your heart begins to beat faster at the question. Fuck, how does she even know about you and Chloe? Does she know? No, how could she know?

Questions race through your head. "Chloe? She's fine. Still my best friend. Still the head of the cheerleading team…" you say carefully.

Deb laughs softly. "No need to be defensive, doll. I wasn't trying to pry. But, you know," she says, her eyes sparkling, "I went to school with her sister. Rachel and I were both on the cheerleading team, just like the two of you…"

A sly smile passed over her face. "Well, I mean...except that I was head cheerleader, not her." she snickered good-naturedly. You raise one eyebrow, wondering where this is going, hoping that she can't hear your heart thudding in your chest.

She sighs wistfully. "Rachel was the hottest girl in school, and also the biggest skirt-chaser I have ever met. The number of times she tried to get into my pants was...astronomical. But, you know, I only had eyes for one person at the time, and aside from a little bit of experimentation, I never did let her conquer me." She licks her cherry-red lips.

"You look just like her, back then…" she said softly, in a voice tinged with longing.

You smile coyly. "Well, I mean...except that I'm about to fuck the head cheerleader…" you say, eyes afire, as you return her stare.

Your stepmom looks cautiously around, as if she is expecting your dad to jump out at any moment and divorce her.

"...but…" she protests, her eyes fighting a war between her lust for you and her common sense.

You lean in and grab her elegant curls, forcing her to look at you.

"No buts, 'Mom.' You deserve attention and that's what you're going to get."

Her mouth half opens in surprise, and then you crane your neck the last foot and silence her protests.

Tenderly licking her lips first, you plant a series of delicate kisses on her lips. She tastes like cherries and adult bourbon, and the combination is intoxicating. You kiss her again, harder, and her mouth opens to receive you, as your tongue massages the tip of hers. Just like Chloe taught you.

Keeping hold of the handful of her hair, you rub the crook of her neck, and slide your hand down her collarbone as your tongue caresses her mouth. She's starting to breathe heavily now, and her eyes are beginning to burn with the barely suppressed lust that you've only ever seen her show your daddy. You really hope your camcorder got that look on tape; it'll be SO satisfying when you send it to daddy later.

Your hand continues its downward descent, sliding off her collarbone as you softly slip it inside her blouse and lightly flick her nipple, your efforts rewarded as your stepmom moans softly into your mouth. You nibble and tug on her lower lip, causing her to gasp and shudder. She makes no attempt to escape the hold you have on her.

You release the grip on her hair, her now-dishevelled curls spilling messily back into place as she stares back at you with a mixture of surprise and arousal.

"Fuck, babygirl, do you know what you're doing to me?" she pants, struggling to regain her composure.

"I am sitting on your lap with my hand down your top, and making out with you because I want to see what noises you make when you come, mommy." you reply, as you stare down at her, a perverted grin on your face.

"Jesus fuck, you even talk like her." your stepmom says, biting her lip again as she waits for your next move.

You bend languorously over her, giving her the best possible view down your tank top at your shapely teenage breasts, as you reach your hand down the back of her blouse and easily unclip your step mom's bra. Smiling a primal grin, you watch as her beautiful tits (you were right, they are easily an E cup, but somehow still maintain their shape - is your stepmom a witch? Jesus) burst from their constraints.

Now it's time to get serious. You place your hands in between the remaining buttons of the lilac blouse and yank, sending buttons flying in all directions. She looks horrified as her favourite blouse is destroyed, licking her lips nervously as she stares back up at you.

You look down and stare her in the eyes. You see a hungry woman, staring back at her stepdaughter with a mixture of lust and shame at the way you are handling her.

You kiss her again, sampling her taste as your tongue penetrates her. Mm, cherries. So fucking good.

"You can touch me, too, mom." you whisper, arching your back to show off the perfect outline of your firm breasts through the see-through tank-top.

She hesitates, her eyes flicking around the room. You smile a naughty smile. "It's okay, mom, I'm not a little girl anymore. Look how much I've grown up since we met."

You feel mom's shaking hands move up your side, each part that she touches growing hotter to the touch from her movements. They pause on your chest, squeezing, molding, and pinching your tits, exploring, appreciating what a fine woman you're becoming.

You giggle. Her exploration of your body is tickling you, but it feels really good, and you feel a trickle of moisture dripping out of your pussy. You lower your mouth to mom's chest and begin to bite, suck, and lick one of her perky rounded nipples. You feel mom's hands becoming more certain, less shaky as your mouth sends waves of pleasure through her.

You feel her hands hooking under your top as she pulls the wet garment off you, releasing your tanned teenage breasts. She redoubles her efforts, each flick of a nipple causing you to nearly lose focus from the heady pleasure it brings.

Then a thought hits you. Pulling off mom's bra and what is left of her blouse, you swivel around until you are sitting on her chest. Her tits squish against your legs as you pick up the chocolate ice block and unwrap it. It's slightly melted already. Perfect.

With a bright grin on your face, you dangle it above mom's flawless tits, and watch as a single droplet of the freezing treat drips onto her nipple. She cries out, the chilling sensation bringing pain and pleasure in equal amounts.

"Oh my god, that feels so good, babygirl! Again, and this time lick it off me with that tongue that is making me feel so good…" she cries, abandoning all semblance of control.

You grin. Daddy is going to be SO MAD when he sees this video!

"Because you asked nicely, mom…" you snicker.

Fuck, look at her, half naked under you, begging for you to lick chocolate off her. Well, you're going to do it, but not how she expects.

You unzip the tiny pencil skirt mom is wearing, and throw it to the side. Her eyes widen as she realizes what you're planning.

"No, wait, please! Anything but that!" she cries, covering her eyes with her hand.

"You told me to lick chocolate ice off you, mom, and that's what your daughter is going to do!" you say evenly. You grab mom's ass with both hands, enjoying its firmness as you squeeze for a moment. You entwine your thumbs into the hems of her panties, sliding them down her long legs, legs you just want to rake your fingernails over.

Your 24 year old goddess of a stepmom lies naked beneath you, half-cut, as you sit astride her chest, your well-developing tits out for all to see.

As you look around for a moment, you notice that none of the curtains for the massive windows in the spacious lounge of the apartment are closed. Anyone watching would be seeing one hell of a show. Your pussy drips even more, as you feel a decidedly wet patch in your cutoffs - and you know mom must have noticed that too.

You stare between her legs for a moment, taking in the view of her shaven pussy. A tiny, perfectly rectangular strip of Auburn pubic hair peeks out at you from above her slit. You chuckle. Who would have guessed with the amount of crimson highlights through her hair that your mom was a natural redhead?

You hold the ice block over her, and watch as five drops splatter onto her shivering, naked slit, earning a girlish squeal from your stepmom as she writhes under you.

"Fuck! That's so cold!" she cries. Bending your flexible back, you lean over, giving her a good look at your peach of a teenage ass, and rub the ice block over her inner thighs, your attention sending more shivers and goosebumps over her flesh.

You start off by tasting the droplets around her inner thighs, your petite tongue delicately lapping up the chocolate treat. Mm. She tastes a little bit salty, which mingles well with the chocolate flavoring.

"Oh, jesus, yes, please, keep going, babygirl! Don't make me wait!" she gasps from behind you. You look back at her, naughty mischeivousness plastered on your face, and her look tells you that she knows you are not going to listen to her.

Your stepmom struggles a little, attempting to adjust her body, but is unable to move you from your perch on top of her. You feel soft hands exploring your slight frame, smoothing up your sides, cupping and squeezing your tits. She moans as you pause your dessert, waiting for her next move, and does not disappoint.

You hear the sound of your denim booty-shorts being unzipped, and lie back on your stepmom until your head is resting next to hers on the couch. You raise your legs, as your shorts slide down your hips, the denim caressing your thighs and legs. Your mom licks her lips as she grabs your pert cheerleader ass, exploring her daughter's curves.

You turn your head to her neck and nip at it, causing a deep moan of pleasure from your mom to escape. Wow. She really seems to like that. And she loved the chill of the ice block, too - does your mom like pain? You experiment, biting her neck again, but harder this time, your teeth burying themselves in her neck.

She shudders and moans even louder as she writhes against you, her tits rubbing sinfully on your back.

"B...babygirl? Please let me taste you…" she begs.

You stare at the small teeth-marks left on her neck, and readjust, returning to her inviting slit, now in full bloom and leaking her love-juices onto the couch. Good thing Dad likes plastic coverings on all of the furniture, because his wife is soaked.

Taking the now quickly melting ice block, you rub it up and down her pussy, savoring her squeals as the cold icy object stimulates her masochistic streak.

You feel her tongue being buried into your young slit, as she begins to stimulate your clit, the bundle of nerve endings shooting waves of ecstacy through your body. You tremble and steady yourself with your free hand on her voluptuous thighs, as you commence your own attack on her privates. She's so wet down there, and your tongue slides up and around her opening with no resistance as you suck her engorged nub into your mouth, licking around it as you shudder at the pleasure coursing through you.

She trembles under you, and you can feel her gasps and moans as you savage her opening. You jab her slit with the ice block again and again, the chocolate treat quickly melting under the heat that she is giving off. You feel your pussy being filled as your mom inserts one, then two fingers into your moist opening, and the pleasure, the naughtiness of this whole thing has you moaning and begging for more.

You feel heat and tingles beginning to build up in your hole as your mom increases the tempo, your wet pussy squishing pervertedly with every thrust of her fingers. You drop what is left of the ice block and start raking your fingernails up and down her succulent thighs, and then jam three fingers in and out of her, her slick tunnel constricting as she screams out an orgasm. Or was that you? You can barely tell any more, as you and this goddess ravish each other over and over.

Your legs give way and you sink down on top of her, your knees so weak that you can hardly stand. She is in a similar state, her cherry gloss smeared on her face, her flawless eye shadow a faint memory, her ample breasts wobbling pervetedly as she gasps for breath.

Just one more push, and zhe will give you what you want. Sliding off her onto the soft carpet, dripping with your mom's saliva and your flowing juices, you reach under the couch and pull out the small black dildo from its hiding place. It's length is nothing special, six inches long, fairly thin - you borrowed the smallest one you could from Chloe for this, and now you are glad you did.

You look at your mom, who is biting her lip so hard from the orgasm you gave her that she is bleeding from the lip, and smile.

Then, you unceremoniously shove the dildo into her sopping cunt and thumb the 'on' button at the end.

"Ooooooohhhhh-hhh-hhh god is that...mmmm!" your mom moans, as the vibrating dildo hits her already stimulated pussy.

"I borrowed this from Chloe, Mom. It used to be Rachel's." you lie, smiling impishly. "So in a way, it's almost like Rachel is fucking you, just like you wish you let her do in high school…"

"Ohhhh….y...yesssss, give it to me…." she cries, as you thumb the vibrator onto high.

"Baby...I...I'm coming close again...please…"

The time has come. You thumb off the vibrator and pull it out. Mom looks over at you, utter desperation in her voice. "N...nnoooo, please, don't stoooooooop!" she begs imploringly. "I...I'll do anything…"

Your smile widens. "Has Daddy ever made you this horny before, Mommy?" you ask, looking her directly in the eyes.

"W...what?" she stammers, clearly not prepared for the question. You catch a glimpse of something in her face as she looks away, embarrassed.

It's there, you saw it in her eyes. She knows the answer, because she has never been this horny before. You knew it.

"Have I, your step-daughter, made you hornier today than my dad has in all the times he's had you?"

She looks desperate, rubbing her thighs together to try to induce enough friction, to no avail. She's right on the edge, and she knows you won't let her get there till she answers.

"Yes." she whispers submissively, almost imperceptibly. That won't do, you need the camera to hear it.

"I can't hear you, mom." You say, slapping her thigh, hard, admiring the blaring red nail-marks already appearing from your handiwork.

"YES, YES, You're making me hornier than your dad ever has!" she pants.

You clap your hands together with girlish delight as you slam the vibrator into her over and over again, and she climaxes thunderously, a deluge of liquid from her cunt splattering all over your face. She screams as her legs and face contort, whimpering loudly as a second titanic orgasm tips through her, her tits bouncing up and down with her ragged gasps for breath.

"Wha…what just happened, Mom?" you ask, your voice quivering as her orgasmic juices drip wetly down your chin. She smiles shyly, an expression you didn't realize she had in her. Fuck, shy Deb is...unexpectedly adorable.

"I think I just...ejaculated on you, babygirl…" she mutters quietly. "It's only ever happened once before, when I was masturbating…"

You raise one eyebrow, a cynical expression on your face. She pouts, her bottom lip protruding at you.

"It's your fault, you know. When the hell did you find the time to become such a god-damn minx, you little brat?" she huffs.

You lift your head to hers and kiss her deeply. Mm. You can taste yourself on her lips, and apparently you taste pretty delectable. She smiles and giggles affectionately.

"I wonder if Daddy would feel bad about ignoring you today if he saw what we just did?" you muse aloud, smiling wickedly at your naked, exhausted stepmom splayed on the couch, still leaking girl-cum from her beautiful pussy.

She thinks for a moment, as a naughty smile begins to creep over her face. "I think Daddy would be a lot more reluctant about ignoring his girls in future, wouldn't he?" she agrees, pulling you to her and planting soft, lingering kisses on your face. She softly licks some of her juices off your lips and smiles knowingly as she smacks her lips.

You wink at her. You reach out to your discarded cutoffs and open your phone. You thumb a few buttons, and then press 'send'.

The camcorder whirrs as it uploads the video to your daddy's personal email address. Your mom looks at you, and then squints, noticing the camcorder on the shelf nearby.

"Did you just…?"

To be concluded.

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Getting revenge on Daddy, part 2

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