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Connie and Hyde

Categories Fantasy, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance

Author: braindump

Published: 03 August 2019

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Lucy stared hard at Hyde when he suddenly announced that he had ordered pizza. He smiled back at her, once again taking in the lovely big brown eyes that were staring at him. Getting food in was of course against policy, but she resented the fact that the owner of this jeweller’s shop had a long list of do’s and don’ts. Worse he eagerly enforced broken rules with fines. She hated him and knew that Hyde did too. It was late at night, so there was no danger of getting found out, as long as they removed any evidence. What’s more she was hungry, and she did love pizza. So, she limited herself to a protesting sigh and carried on polishing the diamond she was working on.

Technically she was in charge and loved enforcing that fact, but tonight she did not have the energy. However, she needed to stop this food ordering lark. It was becoming a habit, but not now. She would save the pleasure of giving Hyde a hard time for his infractions another time.

“It’s not the usual guy,” observed Lucy, as she pressed the button on the intercom. The ring on the bell had come only a few moments after she had resumed work. Hyde casually observed that he was probably on vacation. “I’ll be there in a moment,” said Lucy to the microphone. Urged by Hyde to “go get it,” she glared at him, but still walked out of the workshop and headed for the back door. Who the hell was he? Ordering her around. She was in charge, something else she could give him a dressing down for later. Hyde for his part was smiling behind her back. Partly because he knew his “go get it” had annoyed her and partly because he was admiring her ass as she walked out of the room. Her tight jeans showed off her backside to great effect.

Hyde began to listen intently. After all the rules said the backdoor could only be opened in an emergency and the person not answering the door had to monitor the situation closely. Hyde told himself there was no greater emergency than his stomach needing food. At the door Lucy was greeted by the woman she had seen on the monitor. The woman smiled sweetly and responded immediately to Lucy’s query about the usual guy, saying he was on holiday.

“That was what my college said,” Lucy replied. The woman passed the box over and it was at that moment that Lucy wondered when Hyde had actually ordered the pizza. He had not asked her what she wanted, and he had not left her sight. She was sure he had made no phone call. Another thing that was against the rules.

“Here is your pizza,” said the woman and Lucy let out a little gasp as the woman pushed the box into her stomach hard enough to make her take two steps backwards. “With extra bullets as a topping,” the woman added smiling. Lucy let out a second cry as a gun emerged from underneath the box. Now inside the room, Lucy watched in horror as the backdoor was shut and bolted. At that moment, obviously having heard the commotion Hyde appeared. The woman smiled, “well, well, what a cute little couple,” she said laughing, “Hyde and Lucy.” Another rule was that staff wore badges at all times. “Come on, you can show me the diamonds while we eat the pizza.” Following the wave of the gun, Lucy and Hyde trooped back into the workshop. “I’m Connie,” by the way the woman said casually.


“Gee you not getting any Sugar?” Said Connie, meaning Hyde. “That sucks!” By now Lucy’s frustration was almost as high as her terror at being held up. Connie and Hyde were sitting there, eating pizza, chatting as though they had just met in a bar. Hyde had just confessed that he did not have a girl friend at the moment. As he spoke those words, he had looked at Lucy and despite the situation they were in, she could see lust in his eyes. He had asked her out a couple of times. So, Lucy knew he liked her, but he was simply not her type and anyway she had a boyfriend she was madly in love with. She was hoping he might pop the question any day soon.

“How about you sweetheart?” Said Connie and Lucy reluctantly told Connie about her partner. How could she not, when Hyde was talking so freely? Connie smiled, “surely you two have been tempted to have a little fuck. Locked away in here. Who would know?” She paused. “You two would make such a cute couple.” She then teased them both about the opportunity they both had. Saying several times who would know. She then focussed on Lucy, “you must have been tempted working with this stud all the time.”

Lucy was going to protest but Connie had suddenly stood up, observing the pizza was finished and then adding it was time to get to work. She told Lucy that she was going to help her and tossing her a pair of handcuffs she told her to cuff Hyde to the pillar. It stood in the middle of the basement that served as their workshop. Lucy was told for her own good, she should co-operate by Connie. So, Lucy led Hyde to the pillar and apologised to him as she cuffed him to it, his hands behind his back. Curiously he said nothing and made no protest. He seemed almost pleased. Connie then told her to start gathering up the diamonds, and to Lucy’s surprise Connie added that she knew the safe would open in thirty minutes. How did she know that wondered Lucy? “Then we can get at the good stuff,” Connie observed and then she suddenly added, “talking of good stuff!”

She pulled over a chair and sat in front of Hyde. Lucy paused, confused by what was happening. “Keep gathering up those diamonds,” Connie said, waving the gun at Lucy and Lucy went immediately back to work. Connie’s hand began to stroke the side of Hyde’s leg and once again Lucy paused, her mouth slowly dropping open at what was happening. Connie demurely asked Hyde if this was okay and to Lucy’s horror he nodded slightly. Connie smiled and then very carefully lifted his tee shirt, so the top of his trousers was visible. She asked him again if this was okay. Again, he said it was. Both of her hands had been caressing the top of his legs but now they reached up and undid the top button of his trousers. Connie slid down onto the floor, so she was now kneeling at his feet.

“OK?” Asked Connie, as she very slowly lowered the zipper whilst looking at Hyde the whole time. Behind them Lucy let out a loud gasp. Connie’s fingers lightly touched the bare skin that was now showing and then worked across his stomach. All the time she was making reassuring noises to Hyde, moving slowly, seemingly anxious not to alarm him. “Good boy,” she quietly said.

Behind them Lucy was too shocked to move. She watched as Connie very gently lowered Hyde’s trousers and then caressed the top of his legs. Lucy for her part could not help staring at Hyde’s dick. It was impressive, and shockingly it was standing stiffly to attention. Her mind was a confused mixture of horror at what was happening, curiosity, admiration and a desire to see more, but at the same time wanting this to be over. Connie told Hyde that he had a beautiful dick and then she laughed. But I bet all the girls tell you that! Hyde said nothing.

“It is a wonderful cock, right?” Said Connie turning to look at Lucy who was also silent. “Oh my! Your face,” laughed Connie looking at her. “Have you got all my diamonds?” Lucy dumbly nodded. “Good,” said Connie, “then sit right here.” Then she added laughing, “look and learn.”

“No,” said Lucy, “I don’t want to.” But Connie insisted, using her free hand to pick up the gun, that she had put on the floor. A weapon pointing at Lucy meant she had no choice. So, she sat on the chair that Connie had vacated. Only being brave enough to move it away from Hyde just a little bit. And so, Lucy sat there, uncomfortably close, but unable to take her eyes off what was happening. Connie’s other hand had been gently stroking Hyde’s dick the whole time she had been talking to Lucy. “Is that good?” She asked turning her attention back to him. To Lucy’s horror he said it was, in a firm confident voice but looked at Lucy and smiled as he spoke. And then Hyde let out a gasp.

Below him Connie had reached forward and opened her mouth, without hesitating she had slipped his dick into it. She had then sat back, looked at him, and then repeated the motion. Then with a hand resting on his balls and letting out a “mmmmmm” sound she began to rock back and forth.

“Oh, fuck that’s good,” whispered Hyde. Beside them Lucy stirred, but said nothing. She was aware that Hyde was still watching her. She tried to find a spot on the wall to look at, but always her eyes returned to the scene beside her. Connie was giving him a slow, rhythmic blow-job, taking the whole of his cock down her throat every time. This despite its size. Lucy could not help being impressed and found herself wondering how Connie could do that. Then she would remember where she was and force her eyes back to the wall. But almost immediately they returned to what was happening. “Oh, that’s so good,” Hyde was still muttering, and Connie was talking back to him whilst still blowing him.

“You like that huh?” She said, now resorting just to stroking his dick. “Uncuff him,” she suddenly ordered and then she repeated herself. “I said uncuff him. Lucy! Uncuff him!” Lucy had been in a trance and so had missed the fact that the order was aimed at her, until Connie had said her name. Of course, she still had the keys to the cuffs. She asked why and then told Connie the safe was now open. Hoping this reminder would bring this ordeal to an end. “I know,” Connie replied tersely and then again, she repeated, “uncuff him right now.” As Lucy wandered around to Hyde’s back to undo the cuffs, she did not see the tender little kiss Connie placed on the end of his dick, or the knowing smile she got back in return. Lucy was vaguely aware that Connie was now stripping Hyde, as she focussed on the lock of the handcuffs. But she did not really digest it until the cuffs were off and she straightened up again.

When Hyde’s hands came free, he immediately rubbed them together, slowly turning to face Lucy. Lucy gasped.

“You like what you see Sugar?” Asked Connie. Lucy was very conscious that Hyde’s dick was within touching distance and pointing right at her. Even though she made herself look at his face, her mind was focussed on his cock. It was shocking to her, that now his hands were free, he was making no attempt to cover his manhood. She was also aware that Connie was sitting back on her heels just silently watching. What was she doing? Lucy had assumed that Connie and Hyde were about to have sex and she was dreading having to watch. But her eyes widened as she recognised the look on Hyde’s face. Her stomach plummeted, as it broke into an evil grin of pure lust. Hyde took a step towards Lucy, who immediately took a step back, but Hyde simply moved forward again.

“No, no, no,” Lucy repeated, over and over.

“It’s you he really wants sugar,” said Connie, now standing up. “But you knew, that right?” Connie knew she had confirmed the fear growing in Lucy’s mind and that gave her a little thrill. What Lucy did next, she enjoyed even more. Lucy let out a scream and turned to run, although she did not know where she could run to. Connie caught her within a couple of steps, lifting her bodily into the air and whirling around. “Where you are going sugar?” She said, adding authoritatively. “Come here!” Lucy cried out as she was spun round, shocked at how strong Connie was. Before Lucy could resist, she found herself forced to her knees in front of Hyde. Again, his dick was right there in front of her. As Connie released her, she felt Hyde’s arm grab her just as firmly. She looked up at his smiling face and then let out a long cry of anguish.

“You want this?” She said aghast, speaking the shocked thought that had flashed into her mind. She tried to get up, but Hyde held her too tightly. He told her very firmly to come here and then when she had, to put her hands down. They had been trying to push Hyde away. She tried to get up and was pushed to her knees again. Behind her Connie now sat on the chair and watched, a satisfied smile on her face. Hyde held Lucy’s head with one hand and then holding his dick in the other he offered it to her mouth. “No, no,” she pleaded. Hyde ordered her to suck it. Lucy continued pleading, begging for him to stop but he continued repeating his command to suck it.

“I’d do what he says Sugar,” said Connie. Lucy froze at the sound of a metallic click. She knew it was Connie’s gun being cocked. “After all I gave you a little demo. To show you how and to put you in the mood”

“Suck it,” said Hyde. “Just like she did.” And, this time Lucy’s mouth opened just enough for the tip to fit between her lips. She closed her eyes but still she accepted the intrusion into her mouth. Hyde held his dick with both hands as the moaning Lucy moved ever so slightly back and forth. “For fucks sake do it right,” said Hyde. He put a hand under her chin and held her face still, rocking his hips back and forth to provide the movement. “That’s right,” he said. Lucy still moaning, sat passively as Hyde’s dick was gently pushed into her mouth a little way and then withdrawn. Hyde smiled, and pushing down with his hand on her head he told her to suck it nicely. Finally, she was taking about a third of his dick. “You like that huh?” He laughed, when she shook her head slightly, before adding, “Oh fuck that’s good.”

He rapidly began to get frustrated though. In his fantasies about this moment she succumbed to him quickly and even ended up wanting it. In reality though she was still struggling.

Hyde turned his head to look at Connie, who shrugged as if to say what can I do? Connie stood up and wandered off to look at the diamonds which Lucy had bagged up on the table for her. They were small and of some value but not really what she was after. Behind her Hyde was carefully face-fucking Lucy but still struggling with his resisting victim. Connie knew the now open vault should contain at least two larger gems. She placed one bag on the floor where it would be safe and cleared the table of the various tools and implements laying on it. They were what Lucy and Hyde used to polish and cut the stones.

“Lick it,” Hyde had suddenly said behind her, interesting Connie enough to make her turn and look.

“Please don’t make me do this,” Lucy was saying, but Hyde told her to be quiet.

“Lucy do as he tells you,” said Connie firmly. Clicking the gun’s safety catch again for effect.

She smiled as Lucy’s head was pushed against the side of Hyde’s dick and reluctantly she allowed her tongue to be guided up and down the shaft. He told her to do it again. “Please don’t,” she said again, much quieter this time. Connie could see her resistance was fading. She once again licked the length of his shaft. Finally, Hyde pushed her head back, told her to open her mouth and he inserted her dick between her lips again. He put it in about halfway, withdrew and then inserted again. Connie could see Lucy’s cheeks bulging now, as he face-fucked her and she turned her attention back to the bag of jewels she was still holding.

She sorted through the gems for a bit, running the tiny glittering balls of light through her fingers, before she placed them back on the ground again. She walked over to Hyde who was now getting a reasonable blow job from a more or less compliant Lucy. Connie stood behind Lucy and then making her gasp she forcibly lifted her to her feet, holding her arms behind her. For a brief moment the thought that her ordeal was over came to Lucy. She hoped she might be cuffed to a pillar and left. She quietly told Hyde that if she was tied up with him, she wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened. Lucy suggested to Connie that she should take the diamonds and go. Connie and Hyde both laughed.

“I know she made you do it,” said Lucy meaning Hyde. Both Connie and Hyde found that very amusing.

“Do you think I am going without seeing these lovely tits,” he mocked. Lucy tried to struggle but Connie was holding her too tight. Hyde had begun methodically and calmly undoing the buttons of her blouse. She looked into his eyes and saw he was deliberately taking his time. Again, she pleaded, but still Hyde just laughed. “Oh, you love saying, no don’t you?” He said. “Flashing your tits and your ass. Telling me not to do this and that.” The buttons were all undone now and at the same time Connie had quickly reached up Lucy’s back and unclipped her bra. She then grabbed Lucy hands again before she could stop the bra from falling away. “Fuck they are lovely,” said Hyde. Lucy closed her eyes, trying to shut from her mind her nakedness. “You may be a bitch Lucy, but you have a great body.” Hyde said.

“Fucking lovely,” he repeated. He pushed her shirt off her shoulders baring them, before using a hand on each, he lifted her large breasts and weighed them in his hands. “Kiss me,” he ordered and as he continued to fondle her tits, he forced his mouth onto hers. Behind Lucy, Connie pulled down Lucy’s jeans and as Hyde held her tight, she took them off, removing Lucy’s shoes at the same time. When Connie had gripped Lucy’s arms again, Hyde lowered his head and took a long, slow suck on Lucy’s right breast using his hand to position it in a comfortable position. His arm went around her back allowing Connie to release her and to step back. Locked in his grip Lucy had to stand still while Hyde took his time enjoying her breasts. Slowly sucking on first one then the other.

“I think it’s time I fucked you,” Hyde said after a while, “after all I have waited a long time.” He had lifted his head for a moment to speak to her, before returning to suck on her tit.

“Please don’t,” begged Lucy, and then she added, “I have a boyfriend.” Connie told her they really didn’t give a fuck about her boyfriend, making Hyde laugh. Connie grabbed Lucy hair making her squeak and pulled her to the table that she had earlier cleared. Then she made Lucy bend over the table, so her head was on it. Lucy felt her knickers suddenly ripped from her with one sharp tug. “I am going to take my time and really enjoy you,” said Hyde. His hand ran over her bare backside. Perhaps the tight jeans did not do it justice after all. Lucy closed her eyes but was still aware that Connie had walked away. As Connie disappeared into the now open safe, she heard the sound of an ass being slapped quite hard and a corresponding yell. Hyde’s firm voice telling Lucy to do as she was told came to her ears.

Connie began to hunt around in the safe. Outside there was the sound of more protesting and some more slapping. Connie smiled; Hyde would have to stand on his own two feet now. She had helped him enough. It would be interesting to see what he was really capable of. Then Connie spotted some interesting stuff, cursed she had not brought a bag, found one and then started sorting through the gems. She only wanted stuff she could get rid of easily. The secret with these robberies was not to be greedy. To take what would not get her caught. She spent several minutes sorting through the stuff before she went searching for the two special items that she had really come for.


When Connie came back out of the safe with the two diamonds that she had particularly wanted, she was surprised, and not a little impressed to find things in the workshop had moved on quite a bit. She had doubted that Hyde would be of much use in the future to her. On this job he had been essential, getting her access to the jewellers, and providing the inside information she needed to make the job a success. Perhaps though the boy had more potential than she thought. She had not been convinced, when push came to shove, that he would go through with his plan to forcibly take Lucy. Up to now it had felt to Connie like she had been doing the pushing but left alone Hyde had gone successfully to work on his victim.

Hyde was totally in control. Lucy was lying flat on her back, being fucked by Hyde in the missionary position. Presumably all the fuss had been Hyde pining her down and then forcing himself inside her, but he had done it. Connie pondered for a moment whether they had been making this much noise all the time? Connie was not sure. However, the room was sound proof, so Lucy could protest all she wanted. Hyde was already screwing her whether she wanted it or not.

His legs had pushed up against her thighs, lifting her feet into the air, as he pressed his full weight down on her body. One of her hands was trying to grasp one of his thick arms and the other was clawing at his head. However, this was all futile, already his ass was thrusting swiftly up and down. His whole cock was moving in and out of her and he was in total control. The pounding he was giving her, was seemingly robbing her of the strength to put up much resistance. Even her protests quickly reduced to just the occasional gasp of no.

Hyde raised his head for just a moment and smiled triumphantly. Connie gave him a grin back. Yes, she was impressed, he fucked well, and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Connie slowly began to circle the couple on the table curious to see more. Moving around a bit, she could then see Lucy’s face. Her eyes were closed, and her teeth clenched. Hyde lifted himself a little more, so Connie had a better view and they shared another glance.

“I think she likes it rough,” grunted Hyde between gasps of air.

“I think so,” laughed Connie. Perhaps aware that she was being watched, Lucy turned her head away from Connie, which meant she was now looking straight up at Hyde. He took the opportunity to kiss her. Lucy began to gasp louder now but with his hand holding her head in place and his thighs pushing her legs upwards a little more, there was little she could do to resist. “That’s good Hyde! Fuck her nice and hard,” encouraged Connie. She wandered around a little more. Lucy’s hand continued to claw at his back, but Hyde’s ass was now in full view and Connie had to admire it. It was smallish and very firm and had just the right amount of hair. She loved the way the skin flexed as he moved. Perhaps I will keep him around, and even let him fuck me she thought.

Hyde’s constant thrusts paused, and then changed to a rocking circular motion as Connie’s circular tour of the table reached the other side. She could see his balls, so tight and firm they had combined into one. Her eyes noted Lucy’s tight little asshole, the soles of her dainty little feet and her shapely calves hanging in the air horizontal to the table. Connie returned back to where she started, just as Hyde began to screw Lucy harder than ever. His hand was on her throat now, not choking her but holding her in place. He was watching her intently as he drove his dick into her. Lucy’s hand ran through her hair in desperation, her gasping now in time with each of the rapid thrusts.

For a brief moment Lucy seemed to try to get up, even her toes curled as she put all her strength into trying to rise. Hyde for his part barely paused in his motion. His left hand simply pinned Lucy’s arm to the bed, holding it away from her body. Robbed of this leverage she was forced to cease struggling. With her head to the side she then lay still, eyes closed as Hyde pressing his full body weight down on her continued to screw her.

Connie gathered up all the things to make sure they. Yes, it would be now be they, for she would take Hyde with her. She was keen to see what else Hyde could achieve with more guidance from her. She gathered up all their stuff together. She wanted to make sure they were ready to leave. They had been inside the workshop for forty-five minutes. Hyde and Lucy’s shift, not due to end for another one and a half hours, meant they had lots of time. But it was good to be ready. Connie pondered what to do. Stay and take more gems, go while the going was good, or stay and have some fun. It occurred to her that neither of the lovers in front of her had come. That seemed a shame. This was impressive from Hyde’s point of view. He did fuck well and clearly had staying power. Anyway, Connie and Hyde would enjoy completing Lucy’s humiliation. So why not stay and have some fun?

“Slow down stud,” she said to Hyde, who looked up and smiled. “I think you are going to need a little help to get this one’s fire really lit.” To Lucy she said, “isn’t that right sugar?” Connie had already began stripping, causing more protests from Lucy. Off came her sweater, tee shirt, trousers and everything, still she stood naked in front of a clearly impressed Hyde. He was trying to say that she was gorgeous but could not get the last word out, so a laughing Connie said it for him. “Back off a little,” she told him, and she got onto the table beside Lucy as he withdrew his cock from her. Hyde stood and wondered what Connie was going to do.

“Please don’t,” said an alarmed Lucy who had raised her head to look at Hyde. He was standing over her, smiling and stroking his dick. As Lucy went to get up he pulled her legs towards him, meaning she toppled back and rested on her arms. Connie smiled and began to caress Lucy’s breasts before she pulled her head back down onto the table. She began to stroke her head and then kiss her. “Please,” said Lucy, shaking her head, “Please let me go.” But Connie just put a hand on top of Lucy’s head to stop it moving and carried on exploring her lips with her own.

“Nice and quiet sugar.” She said, “that’s it. Do you want Hyde to keep fucking you?” Asked Connie. “To make you come?” Her head was right over the top of Lucy’s. She was stroking her hair as she spoke. Ignoring the head shaking and the protests coming back at her Connie smiled and added. “I think you do. I think you want Hyde to screw you some more sugar and don’t worry I’ll help you come.” She rested a hand on Lucy’s stomach just in case, but she made no further attempt to get up and once more they kissed. Connie’s other hand held her head in place. Connie added, “now I think you can do something for me.” And she offered her right tit to Lucy’s mouth.

“Suck it,” she said, “just like you did with his dick.” Lucy took some persuading but eventually she took the nipple and a reasonable amount of soft flesh into her mouth and began to suck on it. “That’s right sugar,” cooed Connie, resuming fondling Lucy’s breasts. Suddenly Lucy let Connie’s tit fall from her mouth, and with her mouth open in shock, she raised her head to look at Hyde. She was gasping for breath as she did. He had slipped his dick inside her again. “That’s right sugar,” said Connie, “take that nice, fat, juicy cock.” As she spoke, she pushed Lucy’s mouth onto her breast again and Lucy resumed sucking. She broke off, struggling to suck and gasp for air at the same time, but Connie pushed her back onto her breast almost immediately. “You like that don’t you,” she said.

Lucy broke off from sucking once again, raising her head and protesting. Hyde had been gently moving the head of his dick in and out of her pussy, teasing her with it but now he was thrusting all the way inside, going ball deep. Lucy cried out. And as he began to rock back and forth, her head flopped back onto the table. Connie resumed working Lucy’s tits with her hands and forced the reluctant Lucy to tell her that Hyde was fucking her. Once more, using her hands this time, Connie guided her breast into Lucy’s mouth and she obediently began to suck them again. Connie reached down and began to play with Lucy’s clit as she was screwed by Hyde.

“That’s right,” Connie whispered to Lucy, noting with pleasure the effect of her fingers on Lucy’s pussy, “only another girl really knows how to do this right.”

Many times over the next few minutes, Lucy lost concentration and stopped what she was doing, overwhelmed by the pounding she was getting, and the expert attention her clit was getting from Connie’s fingers. At other times she would devour Connie’s breasts with an enthusiasm which would later bother her greatly. Connie seemed to know exactly when to gently draw back a little, allowing Hyde to carry on alone. As Hyde continued to fuck her, Lucy’s breathing got faster and faster, until it reached a crescendo. Lucy head raised again, as Hyde lifted her legs and gripped them tightly. Urged on by Connie, and despite her desperation for it not to happen, Lucy’s orgasm hit her hard and fast. She cried out and tried to roll away, but Hyde held her firmly in place.

Then suddenly he was moving beside Lucy too and Connie was holding her where she was. Hyde forced his dick into Lucy’s open and panting mouth. He made her take the whole shaft down her throat, making her gag slightly. After a few pumps he too began to groan, and then in three short bursts he shot his load down her throat. Warm and salty seamen filled Lucy mouth. By her side Connie observed it was better than getting pregnant. Finally, with his load shot Hyde let Lucy roll away and she offered no resistance as she was cuffed to the table. Connie covered her with a coat from the rack observing that they didn’t want her to catch cold.

Picking up the bags of jewels and checking they had the gun, car keys and everything else they needed, they went to leave. Hyde and Connie thanked Lucy as they left. And before they were out of earshot, she heard Connie say,

“See I told you I would get you the girl, if you got me the diamonds.”

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Connie and Hyde

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