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  1. My first knot pt 1
  2. My First Knot pt 2
  3. My First Knot pt 3
  4. My First Knot pt 4

My first knot pt 1

Categories True Story, Anal, Bestiality

Author: Cloud2299

Published: 04 August 2019

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To start with, I'm just your average guy. 6 ft, 170 lbs. Brown hair and eyes, nothing out of the ordinary. I guess I am bi, because I have had a couple of sexual experiences with men in my life, and I liked it. When I was a teenager, however, I had my first K9 experience.

I had an old hound dog of mixed breed named Blue who always follwied me around the yard and down into the forest when I would go for walks. I was probably around 14 or 15, so this was also the age where I started masturbating... a lot.

One day, Blue and I were out in the woods, just walking and enjoying nature, when I got the urge to masturbate. This was something I had never done outside of my room, so the idea was very exciting.

Taking a quick look around to make sure no one else was out there with me, I took my shorts and underwear off and lay down on some moss that was growing nearby. I wrapped my hand around my already throbbing cock and began to slowly stroke and touch and tease myself in all the ways that I had figured out felt good.

At this point, I had already figured out that a finger up my ass felt really good while I was stroking my cock, and it made me cum even harder. So, I licked the finger of my left hand to get it wet, and slowly worked it up my asshole while I continued stroking with my right.

I was getting very worked up, and started feeling that familar feeling deep inside, when out of the blue, I felt a very warm and very wet tongue, lick me from the finger in my ass all the way up, over my balls, to the very head of my cock!

I came immediately. Cum just erupted from my cock in a fountain, straight up, and then back down to splatter all over my chest and face.

Before I could even register what had just happenedn Blue started licking the cum from off my body.

At first, I was disgusted, and scolded him for being a bad dog. Dogs and people aren't supposed to do stuff like that together!

I ripped up some moss and wiped myself off the best I could, got dressed, and mademmy way home.

Later that day, while in the shower, I really started thinking about what had happened, and how that had been the biggest orgasm of my life so far. I immediately got hard again and had jerk off while in the shower, blowing another large load of cum everywhere. I also went to bed thinking about how good that tongue had felt. Which led to another jerk and cum before I went to sleep.

Fast forward almost a week...

I had been thinking about that hot and wet tongue for iver a week now, and I was staying on the verge of cumming in my pants during school every day. I was also sliwly making a plan.

Friday afternoon, I told my parents that I was going camping with some friends for the weekend down in the woods, something I did quite a bit, packed up my stuff, and hike into the woods with Blue in tow. I hiked quiet a ways down into the woods before reaching my usual camping spot. Deserted this weekend, of course.

I spent about an hour setting up camp and getting the fire going and such, beforr deciding that all was right.

My plan was simple. Jerk my cock and somehow try to convince Blue to licj me again while I was jerking. I also had the vague thouvht of maybe getting him to mount me, like I had seen other dogs do over the years. Wasn't sure how that would turn out, but figured it was worth a shot.

I started out by coaxing Blue into the tent with me, where he immediately lay down and curled up. I stripped off all of my clothes and exposed my engorged cock, which was throbbing in anticipation and general teenage hormones. Pre-cum was already leaking out of the end I was so horny.

I lay down on my sleeping bag and started slowly stroking my cock, while calling to Blue and patting my inner thigh to get his attention.

Well it worked, he got and walked over to me, sniffing around my heneral crotch area. Be gave me a couple of experimental licks on my inner thigh and across the bittom of my ball sack. Looking at me to make sure he wasn't doing something wrong, he started licking all over my balls, cock, and ass. It felt amazing!

I was stroking slowly as I didn't want this to stop yet. That's when I noticed his red doggy cock starting to poke out of its sheath. I decided it was time to put part two of the plan i to action.

I turned over onto my belly and raised up enought to grab Blue's front paws. Pulling him up onto my back, I reached back and started stroking his doggy cock. He immediately started humping the air, so I pointed his cock at my puckered, mostly virgin, punk asshole. I felt him stab my inner thigh three times with his bony feeling cock before he found his mark. Once he felt the warmth of my little asshole, he dove in like a madman. He jammed a good 5 inches of bony little cock up my ass in one hard shove!

Now I had never had more than a finger up my ass before, so this felt like something huge was splitting me in half! But Blue didn't care. All he cared about was impregnating this bitch that he had just found. With an almost mindless ferocity, Blue pummelled my poor little asshole with his cock. And then I felt him start getting bigger! I was hard as hell and relentlessly pumping my cock with my right hand as he was pounding my ass over and over, with a speed I had never dreamed of. That's when I felt something even larger start bumping against my ass with every thrust. It was probably a good thing that I was mostly an anal virgin. I think that's the only thing that saved me from getting knotted that day and getting my ass ripped apart!

He fucked me me good for probably 10 minutes or so, his cock getting bigger the whole time, before he finally stopped and pulled his cock out of me with a slurping sound, followed by a huge load of dog cum. I shot my load all over my sleeping bag as he was pulling out, and then collapsed in the puddle that I had just made, exhausted and sore...

More to come later.

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My first knot pt 1

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Comments (4)
Cloud229906 August 2019 07:42
Part 2 has been posted in the forums
Cloud229906 August 2019 07:29
I have part 2 written, but for some reason I can't publish. Bear with me.
Cloud229908 August 2019 07:46
Part 3 has also been posted in the forums. For some reason, I can't post here.
rabbitears — 08 August 2019 15:46
got some spelling issues and some pacing issues but pretty good story...
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