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First Chapter 3

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Author: maryme

Published: 11 August 2019

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CHAPTER 3 Introductions

My brother and I began having sex every day after school. There was no one home to stop us and we were both crazy-horny all the time. We liked to experiment. Kevin loved tit-fucking me. He'd slide his long cock between my tits as I pushed them tight around him. He would cum on my tits, but his favorite was to slip it into my mouth as he was cumming. I'd get a full cum-bath across my nose, lips, chin and tits. I loved this too. I'd then beg him to fuck me. Apparently I was very persuasive.

After sex we'd talk about what we wanted to try next. This is when I decided to bring up Adria.

"Do you like older women?" I asked my brother.

"Hey, I only fucked Jerry's mother once!" Kevin yelled. "That doesn't mean I like older women. Who told you that anyway?"

"You fucked Jerry's mom?" I exclaimed. "Wow, that is crazy-hot."

"You didn't know? What were you asking about?" Kevin asked.

"Just in general." I said. "You have to tell me about Jerry's mom later. But just in general, would you'd like to fuck a very sexy older woman? Like in the MILF porn."

"Hell yes!" He said. "If they want cock I'll give them cock. Just like Jerry's mom. She really wanted cock."

"Well I met this older couple and she definitely hinted about wanting to meet you."

"Me? Why me? Kevin asked. "Do I know her?"

"No, I just met her myself, but I told her about you."

"What about me?"

"Well we were talking about sex, and . I . well . . . ahhh," I started to stammer. "We talked about who I was having sex with."

"You told them about us having sex?" He shouted. "Jill, what are you thinking? We're going to get into trouble."

"But it wasn't like that." I said. "We were just talking and it popped out."

"What did you say?"

"We were talking about cocks and I said yours was really big . . . and long."

"Yup, eleven inches." Kevin proudly proclaimed.

"That sounds big." I said. "But I didn't know it would get her so hot for you."

"How old is she?"

"She's about 27 and is a full ten." I told him.

"Body or face?"

"Both!" I replied.

"Her husband's about 35. He's really hot too. I had sex with him already and made out with her."

"You fucked him?" Kevin said. "Why are you fucking 35 year old guys?"

"Crap Kevin, you're fucking Jerry's mom." I replied. "She's got to be at least 40. And I just fucked this guy, not all 35-year-old guys."

"How'd you meet them?"

"Mom and Dad asked me to babysit for them." I explained. "We got along well. I mean they are both really nice and easy to hang with."

"I don't know about just showing up to fuck her, but maybe." Kevin said. "She's a hot ten for sure?"

"You will get hard after meeting her or we can leave." I said. "She has a body to die for."

"So you will be there too?"

"I want to watch." I said. "And I can watch with her husband, Brad. I'm sure he'll want some attention."

"So you two are going to watch?" Kevin asked.

"You liked watching Jake fuck me didn't you?"

Kevin nodded.

"We could play this out. I'll pretend to be Adria. Call me by her name and imagine her husband is watching." I instructed in a oddly wanton voice. Where did that come from?

"Okay." Kevin said. "How do you want to start?"

"Let's strip naked." I said to Kevin.

"Now, just imagine me with bigger tits, a hot round booty, long sexy legs, and a model face. Then you let Adria get you hard." I explained watching my brother's cock get fully erect as I stroked him.

Kevin and I fucked for a half hour before heading to school.

"Did you tell her I love pink tacos?" Kevin said as we got in his car.

"Not yet. But I will." I said. "You can practice on me after school."

That weekend we went to see Adria and Brad. It was Saturday night. Their daughter was spending the night with Adria's parent's.

Adria answered the door in a robe and heels. At least that was about all I could see. Kevin was interested immediately. The silky robe was too small and too short. You could see every curve of her body.

Adria put out her hand and said. "Glad to meet you Kevin, I'm Adria. How are you, other than handsome?"

"I'm happy to meet you, Adria?"

"Is that a question? So, you don’t know if your happy or if my name is Adria?"

"Oh! Your name. I wasn’t sure about your name." Kevin said nervously. "Who wouldn't be happy to see you - I mean meet you. Really happy to meet you and see you."

"You haven't really seen me yet Kevin." But I think I can fix that." Adria teased.

Adria now opened her robe and exposed her naked body. Seems like we were on fast forward. She knew exactly what she was doing. God I wish I had her body. I loved the way she made Kevin squirm.

Adria didn't hesitate to cuddle Kevin. Cuddling soon became fondling. Adria undid Kevin's jeans to get to what she craved. But, just as she pulled out his cock, Kevin laid her back carpet and pushed his face between her legs. . Since practicing with me daily, he had developed a rather intense appetite for pink taco's. And since Kevin's tongue seemed nearly as long as his cock, I never denied him a dining experience.

Adria didn't resist cunnilingus, but seemed surprised by his aggressiveness. He pressed his lips to her labia and plunged his tongue into her, occasionally lapping at her clit. Adria was into it. No thoughts of the big dick she craved for now.

With no sign of Brad I decided to join in and pulled off my brother's jeans as he licked Adria. Kevin was big and hard as advertised. I stood and watched. Adria stared at me and licked her lips. I undressed. I was horny watching my brother eat Adria's naked pussy. I was thinking I should shave my pussy too. His cock dangled below as he ate her. I wanted to suck him. Adria propped herself up on her elbows to watch as I took Kevin's hard cock in my mouth.

"I want your cock too, Kevin. Get out of her mouth and fuck me." Adria growled. "Fuck me Kevin!"

"You're like a blond Kim Kardashian." Kevin said to Adria. "You are so fucking beautiful!"

He abruptly pulled out of my mouth, got on top of her, and began thrusting at Adria's wet cunt. I stood up to watch the fuck show.

"I love this." I heard Brad exclaim as he rubbed up against my ass with his hard cock. He kissed my left ear as he watched over my shoulder. His right hand held me around the waist as his left squeezed my tits. My boobs swelled and my nipples hardened. His hand slid from my waist to my pussy. I was dripping, ready to squirt.

Brad turned me around to face him. He put a hand under each ass-cheek and lifted me up, then lowered me onto his cock. We gently fucked in this embrace as Brad watched his wife take my brother's cock.

"I want to watch him fuck you next." Brad said whispered.

I was busy riding Brad's cock, but sighed in agreement before moaning loudly at the thought. I liked cock, all cocks, all sex, sexual thoughts, and my crazy fantasies. I loved the insatiable sexual energy erupting inside me. I loved the surging hormonal force pulsing through my pleasure core.

Brad lifted me off his cock and laid me next to his wife. Kevin was so into fucking her that he didn't notice immediately. He loved that plush hot womanly body of Adria's. So did I. I liked watching them fuck. I pictured me on top of her with our tits and pussies rubbing. I slid my hand down Adria's belly to her clit and rubbed as Kevin pumped his cock into her. I could feel his cock too. Adria climaxed. Kevin felt her cunt convulse and orgasmed too. Their combined juices bathed my fingers.

"Please suck him clean before he fucks me." I whispered in Adria's ear. "Then watch us fuck."

As Kevin pulled out, Adria got to her hands and knees and sucked Kevin's hard cock. Brad positioned himself behind Adria and fucked her as she sucked my brother. I so wanted in on this. My tight little twat needed filling. As I watched this unfold, I lay back, spread my legs and invited Kevin into my hole. I wiggled my ass and arched my back.

"Come on Kevin! Fuck me Kevin!" I exclaimed. That got his attention.

Kevin went for it. His nose nuzzled my clit before crawling up and driving his cock into me. As my head turned I watched Adria's big full tits hanging down as her sexy ass pushed against her husband's thrusting cock. I wanted to feel that hot body of hers too. But Kevin was very distracting. His long cock was in deep. I was getting close.

As I erupted I could see Brad and Adria watching. I was moaning and wriggling. The smell of sweat and cum was all over me and I loved it. I wanted to fuck everybody. When Kevin pulled out, Adria took him in her mouth and sucked up all of our cum. Brad put his face between my legs and went for a taco dinner. I was all he could eat.

On the ride home, all my brother could talk about was how hot Adria's body was, how tight her pussy was, how sexy her lips were, and on and on and on. I get it. I had a few good moments with Adria myself.

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First Chapter 3

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Comments (1)
TxEmt1 — 14 August 2019 06:25
I want to see Kevin get fucked by ten dudes. Just have them run train on his ass.
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