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First Chapter 4

Categories Fantasy, Female solo, Lesbian, Male / Female

Author: maryme

Published: 11 August 2019

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First Chapter 4 Training Day

As luck would have it, I ran into Adria as I walked home from school one afternoon. She was out jogging and stopped to tell me how much she enjoyed our activities that weekend. She mentioned, in detail, my brother's big cock and how perfect it was.

"I think that with a little more practice Kevin could be the best fuck I've ever had." Adria said. "But please don't tell Brad. A husband can get a little sensitive about not being the best."

"Don't worry." I said. "I think Kevin is up for practice any time you are. All he talked about was how sexy you are. He was really impressed with how tight your pussy is. Not just tight but freaky-good. I mean that I'm still in high school and I know I'm tight, but how do you do it?"

"Kevin said my pussy is tighter than yours?" Adria exclaimed. "I guess the exercises are working. It's something I do to control my vagina and please a man. I read about it years ago and now I practice a couple of times a week."

"You've got to show me that." I replied. "I need to learn all the tricks I can."

"Can you come over right now?" Adria asked. "I'm up for show and tell."

"I'm all yours for a couple hours." I said.

At Adria's house she took me to the living room where she told me to wait. Moments later she came back naked carrying two dildos. I must be a little bi. She is so sexy I wanted to feel her body. Those tits and ass were such a turn-on. I wondered what our nipples would feel like rubbing together. Her lips are wonderful.

"Forget the dildos for now." Adria said. "We are going to start with Kegels."

"Kegels?" I asked.

"Yes Kegels." She replied. "We are going to stand with our legs spread a little, knees bent slightly, and try to squeeze the muscles that are used when you stop peeing. Try it."

"What does this do?"

"It tightens your vagina. It gives you control if you practice." Adria said. "Why don't you take off your clothes so I can watch you."

Even as I stripped I squeezed my vagina muscles. Not sure if that is the muscle's name, but I could tell that this was going to do something. As I spread my legs and squeezed for Adria's view, I felt a warm wave pass over me and a chill up my spine.

"Now squeeze hard and hold it." Adria instructed with her face inches from my pussy. "That's it Jill. I can see your vulva pouting. We need to do this for another couple of minutes."

I was thinking about how good her tongue would feel in my vulva as I kegeled. Her face on my pussy is what I wanted. But, Adria had more exercises ahead.

"Okay. Now that we've done kegels, we will do some squats." Adria instructed. "Let's lean back against the wall and squat with our legs open."

"Got it." I said.

"Now as we bend our knees and slide our backs down the wall, we tighten our entire crotch and abs." Adria continued. "Squeeze hard! Hold it for ten seconds. Then release and hold a kegel for ten more seconds. Okay go."

This was getting difficult, but if it worked I'd soon be testing my skills on my brother's cock.

"Okay Jill." Adria continued. "Now combine it all for ten seconds, release, and repeat."

After a few minutes of this I could really feel the tightness. I could tell that this was going to work.

"What are the dildos for? I asked.

"I m glad you asked." Adria said with a smile. "Are you getting wet yet?"

"Oh you bet Adria." I replied. "I'm definitely juicy where it counts."

"Great!" Adria said like a proud teacher. "Take a dildo and go back to your squat position against the wall."

"Okay." I said. "Got it. What's next?"

"Now insert the dildo and squeeze tight." Adria said.

On my first attempt the dildo flew out like I was a rocket launcher.

"That's okay Jill." Adria reassured. "But try to control it. Squeeze so that you grip it at the base and pull it inside you."

Adria assisted the reinsertion of the dildo. She'd get it buried and I'd squeeze it free. But after a few more tries and I had it. I was excited with my success. I could grip a dildo with my slippery cunt. I was perfectly happy having Adria dildo-fuck me, but this was exciting too. As Adria returned to her own dildo clenching, I was thinking she'd look good with my tongue inside her. I wondered if she could hold it in if I was licking her clit.

"Now squeeze Jill. Squeeze hard, but keep it inside you." Adria continued. "You don't have to worry about a real cock coming out while it is being pushed inside you. But, when the guy relaxes you then squeeze his cock so tight that he will fuck you even harder."

"Wow Adria." I exclaimed. "Is that why my brother and Brad were fucking you so hard?"

"Exactly!" Adria said.

"Wow! And I thought it was because you were so much hotter than me." I said.

"I was." Adria laughed as we squatted. "But it was just my pussy. You are very hot Jill. The most perfect tits I've ever seen."

"Thank you Adria." I said. "You are so nice to say that."

"I've got one more idea." Adria said. "Want to try something else?"

"I'm ready for anything." I said with hope.

Adria pushed herself off the wall and went down the hall. I minute later she returned with a couple of small dumbbells like you use for power walking. With pieces of string Adria tied a weight to the balls of each dildo. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen.

"Okay. Now let's see if we can keep this dildo inside with a three pound weight hanging on it." Adria said. "I've never tried this before, but it will be hard as wet as I am."

"I hear that." I replied.

After a couple of minutes of trial and error we both managed to keep the weighted dildo tight in our pussies. And we did this while squatting, naked, legs spread, and kegeling with our backs against the wall. If this works I'm going to make a video and sell it for vagina training.

"You two sure know how to greet a man getting home from work." We heard Brad say. "Would you two like me to test your skill level?"

Obviously Brad loved what we were doing. I was thinking that I really wanted him to fuck me. My pussy was hot and ready for cock.

"Take off your clothes Brad." Adria said to her husband. "You can sample us both."

Brad anxiously pulled his clothing off.

The look on his Brad's said everything. He couldn't wait to fuck me. After I dropped the dildo, Brad pushed me up against the wall and inserted his thick cock into me. My feet came off the floor as he rammed me. My cunt squeezed and convulsed around his cock. I could tell by his face that my kegeling was working. He pumped me slowly enjoying the firm grip of my vagina. On his back-stroke I would suck his cock back into my pussy. His eyes closed and his head laid back as his seed exploded into me. Hot cum felt so good. But I didn't stop there. I power-milked his cock with my pussy as his erection started to soften. His eyes opened and he began a second assault on my vagina. His hands reached under my ass and lifted me higher. He turned, carrying me around before laying me on my back and frantically fucking to another orgasm. No methodical strokes now - just reckless fucking.

"I'd say that our workout was a success!" Adria laughed. "That's as hot as I've ever seen Brad."

"Whatever you taught her was amazing." Brad panted to Adria. "I almost blacked out."

Adria then got on top of me, she kissed my lips and ground her pussy against mine. Cum oozed from me. Adria sucked my nipples before lunching on my clit. As this wonderful sexy woman ate my pussy I was thinking about what I'd show my brother when I got home. I had an intense orgasm thanks to Adria's tongue, her husband's nice cock, and the thought of kegeling with my brother's huge boner inside me.

Brad was fucking Adria when I slipped out the front door and headed home. I want to get there before the parents get home. My brother is going to love my freaky-pussy.

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First Chapter 4

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