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Gracie is broken

Categories Fiction, Rape, Teen, Violence

Author: Kimmygranger

Published: 06 September 2019

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Gracie was having the time of her life. The final paper

for the semester was finally in and the opportunity to

finally blow off some steam had arrived. The music

was loud. Everyone on the dance floor jumping up

and down, rubbing each other. Sweet drops rolling

down her back. She had thought about wearing a bra,

but the opportunity to let her small breasts free was

too tempting. She took another huge chug from her

beer, maybe was a little bit drunk, and some of the

golden yellow liquid spilled over her shirt. She did not

care. She was having to much fun. The sticky liquid

was making her shirt tight to her chest, where her

nipples fully erected pointing the soft fabric. She

shook her ass to the beat of the bass.

What time was it she thought? She felt the urge for a smoke and started to navigate through the labyrinth of people to

get some air. As she passed thru the tight group, she

felt a hand on her hip. Slowly rising to the edge of her

skirt. Trying to find the edge of her panties. She tried

to turn to see who it was, but the mass of the people

stopped her. The hand was now inside her panties

slowly trying to find her lips and the treasure inside.

She used all her might to push herself through the people, and finallv she was through. The hand was pulled

out from her panties and she was outside. She turned

around but could not see her attacker, stupid freak

she thought to herself.

She took out a cigarette and lit it up. Took a deep breath and let the smoke fill her lungs. She was a bit sticky from the beer that had fallen, when she was done she had an sudden urge to pee. She looked out at the dark ally next to the party. I will be quick she thought. She entered the side road. It was empty. Good. She walked over to a trashcan and squatted down. She pulled her panties to the side. Relaxed. And a warm yellow stream exited her. She closed her eyes, and with out thinking started to let her right-hand travel down in search of her clit. She started rubbing. Closer, closer. It felt so good. She bit her lower lip. Almost there. Almost.

That's when someone placed a large hand over her mouth. She tried to scream but nothing came out. Another hand went down between her legs. Rubbing against her warm wet lower lips. Finally finding their prize. Two fingers pushed themselves into her pussy, lifting Two fingers pushed themselves into her pussy, lifting her up from the ground. She tried to fight. She tried to struggle. He simply pulled her closer to him and

walked deeper into the shadows. Away from the


After a couple of hundred meters he pushed her down over a dumpster. Her chest rubbing against the cold metal, feeling it against her hard nipples. The hand that had been in her pussy grabbed her panties and ripped them off. Her large ass now unguarded, on display for her attacker. She felt him move from side to side. The smell of alcohol and trash filled her nose. He leaned forward and started to rub his penis up and down her slit. Making sure his tip would be able to enter her easily. She tried to struggle. Tears running down her cheeks. No no no. this cant be happening. Then he stopped. Aimed it at her vaginal entrance and pushed inside.

She was frozen in a silent scream as he entered her. One hard push and he was fully inside. Pushing against her womb. Then he started to thrust. In and out. The rhythm was not fast, but it was steady. She lost track of time. She did not know when he took his hand from her mouth, but she did feel the pain as he started to smack her ass with one hand and holding her steady with the other. He was swelling inside her. She could feel him.

Pushing harder, deeper. He was picking up speed. The slapping of her ass on his belly was getting louder.

She did not want to believe it. but she started meeting his thrusts. He placed his large hands on her shoulders. Her body started to betray her, a warm, tingling feeling was stating to build in her loins. Then he grabbed her in a tight hug and pushed as far in as he could. He erupted in her most sacred parts. Filling her with his warm sticky seed. The first shot filled her. The second made her cum. The third filled her pussy and the fourth leaked down her leg.

Out of energy, he just simply layed on her. She felt violated,

dirty. His drool leaking from his mouth into her hair running down her forehead and mixing with her tears. She closed her eyes. Hoping that it would finally be over. She felt his dick spasm a couple of more times, emptying what was left in his ballsinside of her. This could not be happening, this must all be a bad dream. She felt his dick plop out of her. A stream of cum and her own vagina juices running out of her violated cunt. He pulled away from her. He leaned down and took up her phone. Took some picture of her new fucked pussy and some of her wet face then posted it on her snap story. He then picks her up and slings her over his shoulder then they re-enter the shadows. The only sound through the allyway was the soft sound of her tears running down her cheek and the faint sound of music far far away.

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Gracie is broken

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Comments (1)
Cypriano — 05 September 2019 17:19
Needs editing; first half, you double spaced, Stopped doing it in middle of sentence,
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