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  1. My church friend has a past
  2. My church friend has a past: Part 2

My church friend has a past

Categories Fantasy, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Voyeurism

Author: SomeoneElseNotMe

Published: 06 September 2019

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There she is. I have not seen her for a few weeks. She came back to the church, with her 3 little girls. Jill is like...model hot. Very light blonde hair, deep blue eyes, Pale, but not too much, flawless skin, tall, and thin. She is about 15 years younger than me. I try not to stare, as I am married, and we have a tight knit church. I am nothing to look, in early 40s, overweight, with a slight limp from an old injury.

Lately, we have been spending more time with them, as our families get along. As is our church tradition, my wife usually socializes with her at those times. I ran into her once while shopping, and she had on jeans, and not a shapeless church dress. She has a great body, and a freaking incredible ass.

The few times Jill and I talk, we find a lot in common, both of us love science, funny music, and several of the same ‘risque’ tv shows we talk about quietly. Back before I was married for 20 years, I would have not been able to say a word to her. I would have been too nervous. However, since I have been married for so long, and knowing we are in a church together, there was no pressure, and I did not feel intimidated by her beauty. I treated her like a regular person.

Her husband is in the military, is about to be shipped out for a 9 month deployment. Steve is a great guy, we have had many a drink together, just chatting about bullshit. He is way more into the church than she is, and when he is away, she barely comes to Sunday services.

My wife is there with me, as we eat lunch after services. We have the usual people around, kids making a lot of noise as we eat the pot luck lunch. The conversation is about chicken wings for next week. My wife follows the pastor's wife into the kitchen. As I turn back around, I see that Jill is on the floor talking to her daughter, and from my angle, I can see a small bit of white panty between her legs. Just as I notice it, she happens to look right at me, realized what I can see, and adjusts her sitting. I look away quickly.

Everyone is packing up to leave, and my wife is still in the kitchen. I walk there. ‘Jen, are you ready to leave yet?’ I ask her.

‘No, we are trying a new cake recipe, go on home’. She answers

‘OK’ I tell her.

Most of the people left start to leave and get into cars. My daughter and Jill’s kids ask to keep playing. I can’t look at her I feel so ashamed she caught me looking. Just then she asks me ‘If you want you two can come back to our place.’ I look at her, and she is smiling at me, it looks like a genuine warm smile too.

‘I think I don’t have a choice’ I joke as the kids are hugging.

We laugh and I follow her to her house. Once there, all the kids ran to the playroom, while Jill and I sat in the kitchen. She gets us two glasses of iced tea, and sits across from me. Again I am filled with shame as she looks at me, I can’t look her in the eye.

‘I’m sorry I flashed you, I really didn’t mean it’ she says ‘You and I have always got along great can you forgive me?’

‘I’m sorry I looked, I should have not even looked but.’ I stop suddenly not want to say anything more.

‘But what?’ she asks

‘Well, as I turned my head, I saw your leg on the floor, and my eyes followed it until, well you caught me’ I tell her, feeling more uncomfortable by the minute.

I fiddle with my glass of ice tea, and try not to look at her.

‘Well I should have realized I was showing too much, so it is my fault. And you never even seemed remotely interested in me that way.’ She says

‘20 years ago I would not have been able to even talk to someone as beautiful as you. But now things are different for me.’

‘You think I am beautiful? Steve hasn’t told me that in a long time’ she asks.

I swallow hard,

‘Jill, you passed beautiful 3 exits ago, you’re stunning’ I honestly admit

She giggles, ‘Glen, thank you I really need to hear that. I know it is shallow, but after getting a lifetime of looks and complements, I am taking it really hard that I don’t get them anymore. Maybe I’m too old.’ she finally sighs.

‘You’re not too old, you are absolutely perfect!’

I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable again, telling her what I really feel about her looks. ‘I better get my kid and go.’ I call out to her.

“AWW 15 more minutes please?’ She asks

‘OK 15 minutes’ I answer

‘OK Glen, thank you so much, you really made my day, anytime you want to compliment me, please do. It makes me feel so good when men notice me, and I have a complement for you, You’re funny, smart and easy to talk to. I hope nothing changes between us. You know I don’t really, well enjoy the church as much at Steve, but the kids like it, and they bug me to go. I feel trapped sometimes.’ she admits.

I look at her face, and she really is sad.

‘I sometimes feel the same may, you know Jen likes going more than me. I mean I don’t mind, but I feel like I am too controlled sometimes.’ I tell her honestly

She brightens up. ‘Can I tell you something, that you must keep to yourself. Do you know how I met Steve?’

‘He told me he met you on shore leave shopping for fresh fruits.’ I answer

‘Ha, that’s what he tells people,’ He voice gets quieter, and I have to move closer ‘We met in a strip club, I was the main show.’ She smiles

I swallow hard, and start to cough. I never knew a stripper, I only in college did I ever go to a strip club.

She Continues: ‘I use to make over $5000 a week being a stripper, sometimes on a big show I could make that in one night. Oh how I miss how the men would look at me, like a fine steak, How their eyes would go wide when I took off another piece of clothing. Most of the girls were drug whores, but not me. I saved all I could living in a crappy apartment. I saved most of the money, and even Steve does not know about it. He thinks he saved me from a miserable life, but honestly, I was scared. We were dating and I got preggers. He said he would marry me, only if I gave up stripping. Well, I did, and we have been together for 7 years. We live OK, but sometimes I really want to sneak out at night and strip again. I am 7 years older now, I have wrinkles and saggy skin in places. I keep wondering because Steve barely looks at me anymore.’

‘Well you are freaking perfect. I would not worry about attention on stage, if you went back, you would make as much, if not more.’ I tell her. My head is spinning after she unloads her past on me, and I have one huge hard on as well.

‘Awww that is so sweet of you to say.’ She smiles

Just then my daughter comes in the room, ‘Dad I’m hungry, can we go home?’

‘OK sweetie’ I say. I stand up, and I see Jill looks at my crotch and then back up to me and smiles

‘I’m glad you enjoyed our visit’, she says while giving me a wink. If she were touching my dick I would have come right there from the way she looked at me.

I take a deep breath, and my kid and I walk out to our car.

I get home and my wife is already there.

‘Where have you two been?’ she asks

‘She wanted to play over at Sam’s house after church.’ I tell her

‘And how was it?’ She asks

‘AWESOME, we played and jumped, and she has new sticky slime we played with’ my kid answers.

‘And you?’ my wife asks

‘OK, she gave me iced tea and she kept going on about what colors to paint the kitchen, crap like that, I just smiled and nodded’ I lied

The rest of the night was uneventful.

When we both get into bed, I try to cuddle with my wife. My hardon never went away fully, and I really needed some action.

‘What are you doing?’ she asks

‘Trying to be romantic’ i answer and kiss her neck.

‘Its not Tues night!’ she answers

‘So?’ I answer as a rub her shoulders

‘I just can’t after church, you know that, hearing the words of christ, and then …...doing that…… I just can’t’

I pull away from her, as my dick finally goes down from disappointment.

‘Good night dear’ she says ‘Love you’ She says. I lay there frustrated.

Soon, I hear her snoring away. Just as I am drifting off to sleep, my phone pings. It is a text from Jill: Hey, thanks for listening to me again today, if felt so nice to have someone listen to me, and also complement me the way you did.’

Me: No Problem, I meant every word you are stunning

Her: Blush face

Her: Here is something from my old life

I receive a video of her on stage wearing nothing but a g-string spinning by her legs on a pole. It is a short video, and the camera is not close enough to show detail, but I clearly see it is her.

Me: OMG!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Her: Winky face That was 8 years ago

Me: You are just as beautiful today.

Her: Are you sure?!?

And I get a picture of her standing in front of a mirror in panties and a lace bra, legs spread a little apart,

I stare at my her screen for a few min.

Her: ??? I’m sorry if I went to far.

Me: No, no, I was not expecting that, but WOW

Her: Blush face again. You really like it?

Me: How could I not, you are way hotter than any girl I ever knew

Her: AWWWW really?

In comes another picture from the same place, but this time no bra. Her tits are perfect, perky with small hard very pink nipples

Me: ummm WOOOOOOW so perfect. I love them

Her: Is it affecting you?

Me: Oh yes it is.

Her: Smiley face. Should I keep going?

Me: OH yes please! I want to see more of your awesome body

Now I get a picture of her butt in the mirror. Before I can respond, I get a video of her swaying her hips. Amd after a few seconds, she bends over completely, and I see her pantied covered pussy clearly.

Me: I wish I could look at this video all day. Incredibly hot!

Her: Tell me more please oh please be dirty. I am getting wet!

I get up quietly and head to the bathroom. As soon as I am there, I start to stroke myself.

Me: I love your ass, so firm, and tight. Your panties are so hot, lace, and then end, I can see the outline of your pussy! I’m in the bathroom now so I can enjoy this!

Her: tell me what your doing! PLEASE tell me. I need it

Me: I am stroking myself, I am so hard, there is a little drop at the end.

Then I get a video of her taking off her panties and then she turns the camera, and she gives me a close up of her shaved pussy.

Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWOWOOW that is the hottest thing I ever saw. What a perfect pussy you have. I am going to cum soon.

Her: Please send me a video of it

Me: Really??

I then get a video of her fingering herself, and she pulls out her wet fingers and brings them to her mouth and sucks them, then kisses the camera

I can’t hold back any more, I take a video of my cuming all over the bathroom counter. I don’t think I ever came so hard. Stream after stream comes out of me. I send her the video

About a minute later I get a video, I hear her moaning, as her fingers are rubbing her pussy quickly. She all of a sudden stops, and I see her whole body tense up. She then brings the phone to her face, looks at me directly smiles and says ‘Thank you Glenn, that was so hot, I needed that’

Her: Goodnight, Thank you. That was so fun.

Me: Goodnight and Thank you, You are so beautiful!

Her: Aww

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My church friend has a past

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Comments (3)
happyhornydog — 05 September 2019 15:55
Great read. Hope we hear more!
KYvet — 07 September 2019 20:25
Please post a part 2. You could take this storyline anywhere. Hot!!
Unknown user — 09 September 2019 07:09
This is hot. Please write Chapter 2.
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