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Queen Yavara: Chapter 29

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Oral Sex, Virginity

Author: White Walls

Published: 06 September 2019

  • Font:

Part Ten: Adrianna’s Story

Author’s note

I decided to introduce the character of Adrianna (formerly Thomas Adarian) gradually throughout the story. At first, you only hear accounts of him, then you only see him through the eyes of other characters. It is only at the beginning chapter 20 that I let the story play through Adarian’s eyes. I wanted to give the reader the impression that his character was important, but I didn’t want to bog down the plot by introducing him early in the story when so many characters –Yavara, Brock, Zander, Prestira, Elena and Leveria—needed to be introduced as well. But Adrianna is just as important as many of those characters, and even more important than some. Since I couldn’t give him (her) the air time the others got earlier, I decided to devote an entire book to him. This takes place between Chapters 26 and 28 of the main story arc, and details the stories of Adrianna, the other hybrids, Certiok, Trenok, Arbor and Rose; all characters who I felt deserved more time than the main story would allow them. You don’t have to read these next six chapters, as I will summarize the important plot points when we return to the main story arc, but I hope that you do. Thank you.

Day One


In the horror stories told to misbehaving Highland children, the beasts of the Great Forest would kidnap delinquent younglings, drag them to Castle Alkandra, and drop them before the Black Throne. If the story teller had a mind for detail, he would tell of how imposing the Black Throne was, how it towered over everything and took a hundred full steps just to ascend. At the precipice, the disfigured and repulsive Dark Queen would cackle manically, then swoop down to begin her terrible torture.

“It’s just a wooden chair.” I mused, looking down at the unassuming piece of ebony furniture.

“And Yavara’s not a wart-covered hag.” Faltia added. The formerly named, ‘Captain Faltius Dafian’ wasn’t quite sycophantic toward me, but she retained her military respect despite my insistence that she not.

“Give her time.” I muttered.

“She’s ageless.” Soraya noted. I remembered First-Scribe Soren Poneria as a balding frail man in his late thirties, and though she was now a buxom tan beauty that most would mark at nineteen, she still retained somewhat of her pinch-faced bookishness.

“It doesn’t have to be from age.” Eva said, “The way she gets around, she’s bound to catch some kind of super-herpes.” Ah, Private Eva Alisia; the irony of her saying that was palpable. How many times had I received a notice from the castle physician that Eva Alisia had once again contracted syphilis?

“Eva!” Alexa gasped. I didn’t think the former Sergeant Alexa Jenania was actually as appalled as she let on, for the moment she made the exclamation, she watched Faltia to make sure her disapproval was shared.

“If she isn’t already patient-zero.” Brianna giggled, “That woman is a walking evidence bag.” I vaguely remembered Private Brian Dedaclia being somewhat of a walking evidence dispenser. It made sense that he (now she) and Eva linked fingers.

Eva laughed with her partner. “She takes it in the ass so much that she pollinates a flower every time she farts.”

“The pussy-willows love her.” Kiera sniggered, that perpetual mischief in her eyes. There were many times the MPs conducted raids on the barracks in search of drug paraphernalia, and they always seemed to find it hurriedly stashed beneath whichever woman bunked next to Corporal Kiera Lestria.

“Arbor would probably think that was infidelity.” Furia mused with a small smile. I had no recollection of who Private Furia Augustinia used to be besides her name and rank. I intuited by her interaction with the other hybrids that she’d been the company baby, doted upon and protected by the other women, too young to have yet emerged from her shell. Maybe that was what drew me to her.

“Only if one of the plants was her child.” Eva chuckled.

All the plants are her children; didn’t you know that?” Brianna giggled, “Every fucking time I picked a dandelion on the way here, she’d give me the evil eye.”

“She looks at everyone like that.” I said, “She’s only been in a body for a week; interpersonal interaction is a challenge for her.”

“She interacted with the four of us just fine.” Eva grinned, motioning to Furia, Kiera and Alexa.

Faltia nudged me. “Hey Commander, is it true that Private Straltaira fucked Arbor so hard she became her slave?”

“It is.” Arbor said from behind us, “Though I do not think it was the force of Elena’s thrusts that compelled me into her servitude, but the angle with which thrusted them.” She turned to me, “Governess, I have mustered the townsfolk, as you requested. They are waiting outside.”

I cleared my throat, wondering how long Arbor had been there. The expressionless forest spirit inclined her head as though to study me from a different angle. “Governess?”

“Just ‘Adrianna’ will do fine, Arbor.”

“I will address you by your title, as will be expected of every citizen here.” Arbor cleared her throat back at me, as if practicing the mannerism, “Shall I have Certiok bring them in?”

I looked at the ebony chair, the wood smoothed from over a millennium of existence. How it had stayed intact beneath a pile of rubble for all these years was likely a mystery answered with ‘magic,’ and that made me warry, but it was the history of the thing that truly kept me static. This was the Black Throne for God’s sake!

“It’s just a wooden chair, Adrianna.” Furia said softly, “You and I can switch if you want.”

“No,” I smiled, turning around, “I got it.”

And I, Adrianna, formerly Thomas Adarian of the Highland Ranger Corps, sat on the Black Throne. I went still, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. The other hybrids all exchanged looks, then collectively shrugged, and sat in their own chairs. Since the inside of the castle hadn’t even been started yet, the throne room was nothing but a vast, empty hallway. Scaffolding laced the sides of it, leading to window slits that weren’t yet carved into archways by the masons. The cathedralic ceiling could hardly be seen in the darkness above, and the floor below was just packed earth.

“You ready?” Furia whispered beside me.

“You’re gonna fucking crush it.” Faltia said from my other side, giving me a pat on the shoulder.

“Why did we keep on our ranger uniforms?” Soraya lamented.

“To show the people that we have nothing to hide, right Commander?” Faltia nodded.

“Yeah…” I muttered, wishing desperately that I could go back in time and slap myself for making such a stupid call. How many Protaki and Terdini had I killed in this uniform? Scores? Hundreds? Good fuck, what was I thinking?! I chewed on my lip, then reached up, and unbuttoned my shirt.

“Adrianna?” Alexa whispered from across Faltia.

“We were rangers, yes, and it’s important that we address that,” I said, pausing halfway down my chest so that the swell of my breasts showed clearly from my opened shirt, “but we’re also Alkandrans, and we need to show the beasts here that dark blood runs hot in our veins. Kiera, Alexa, Eva, Furia; I need an experienced woman’s opinion.” I pulled the bottom of my shirt from my pants, and rolled it between my breasts, exposing my bronze midriff. “Is this too slutty?”

“Is there such a thing?” Eva giggled, unbuttoning her shirt.

“There never was for you.” Kiera teased Eva.

“I think it’s fine.” Furia beamed at me.

“She said an experienced woman’s opinion, Furia.” Eva sneered.

Furia’s lip curled. “It’s possible to be overqualified, Eva.”

Alexa reached across Faltia, pushed my breasts together, then tightened my impromptu bra. She adjusted the lining on my shirt so that only my cleavage showed, then nodded. “There. The governess should only show enough to draw the eye, but not enough to compel the touch.”

“Is that so, Alexa?” Furia glared at the woman fondling my breasts. Alexa turned rosy, issued Furia an apologetic smile, then retreated to assist Faltia with her shirt. Kiera fussed with Soraya, who was still perplexed by the physics of her new breasts, while Eva elected to remove her shirt entirely, and with some coercing, convinced Brianna to do the same. Furia kept her top button closed, but opened the rest, presenting a tantalizing triangle of revealed flesh all the way to her waistband. My eyes were inevitably drawn to the bulge in her pants, and they lingered there.

“Adrianna?” Her soft voice beckoned me back to reality.

My eyes darted upward, an apology ready on my lips, but when I met her sapphire gaze, there was nothing there to elicit my shame; only an inviting twinkle, a curious little ocular smile. “Is this too slutty?” She winked.

“It’s a brazen violation of ranger uniform codes, Private.” I muttered.

“I guess you’ll have to take me to the brig then.”

“D’aw, they’re flirting!” Eva sneered, “So cute!

“Shut up, Private.” Faltia said with her old captain’s sternness, causing the lascivious hermaphrodite to straighten and raise her arm in a half salute before she caught herself.

“Alright,” Kiera grinned, rubbing her palms together, “you guys ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” Soraya sighed, frowning as she adjusted her oversized bosom.

“I’m right here.” Furia whispered, placing a hand on my thigh, the pinky easing north. I clasped my hand over hers, squeezed it for reassurance, then took one breath, and another. I nodded to Arbor. A second later, the doors burst open, and thousands of beasts flooded through them. This was, without a doubt, the worst nightmare of every ranger. They surged right up to the platform, snarling and yelling, raising their fists and pointing fingers. Certiok was at the head of them, her arms outstretched, seeming to hold the tribespeople at bay with just her will. Behind the mass of Terdini and Protaki, the Ardeni beasts shuffled in with significantly more order, and stood in the back. I swallowed, brandished my sword, and surged to my feet.

“Silence!” I roared.

To my surprise, they obeyed. I drove my sword into the platform boards, and strode to the edge. Even with three feet of elevation, I was barely above eye-level with some of the Terdini men. I made sure to meet their gazes one by one as I prowled the platform, my chest puffed out, my chin held high, my hands gripping each other behind my back to mask how horribly they were shaking.

“Obviously, you all know who I am.” I said, my voice echoing in the chamber. “Or at least, you know who I was.”

“Ranger cunt!”

I plucked the sword from the board and smashed the flat of it against the offending orc’s temple. “That’s Governess Ranger Cunt, you ingrate Terdini shit!” I snarled at the downed orc, his eyes blinking stupidly. I buried my sword into the boards once more, and recommenced my pacing as though nothing had happened. “I don’t expect you to like me; hell, more than half of you downright hate me, but I do expect your respect. Our queen has mandated me to rule in her stead, and so a violation against me is a violation against her. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the queen’s justice, but I can assure you, I am very well-versed in it. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to test its mercy.”

I stopped at the center of the platform, and pulled my sword out from the wood. “I am Governess Adrianna. I have been tasked to rebuild Alkandra, but I am just one woman. It is you all who will lay the foundations for the nation to come; your nation, your home. This moment right now is the geneses of your legacy, and it will ultimately be up to you if it will be one of glory, or one of failure. It is very easy to fall back on old habits.” I gestured to the tribespeople, “Old habits of hatred.” I gestured to the Ardeni immigrants, “Old habits of defeatism. Old habits will only create old results, and the world you will leave for your children will look exactly like the one your parents left for you.” I sheathed my sword. “Tomorrow, we will reconvene here, and begin building our nation. I can only hope that you will not bring your old habits with you.”

I clicked my heels together, and sat back on the Black Throne. There was a grumbling amongst the audience, and the Ardeni orcs turned to shuffle out the door. Certiok assisted the man I’d struck, then began ushering the tribespeople out. The energy had deflated from them -these, the old men, the women, and the children-, and I didn’t doubt that if there were any warrior males here, things would have gone very differently. Even so, it had been a gamble, but showing weakness would’ve been a far greater risk. Only when Arbor left behind the last of the orcs, did I take my hand off my sword.

“Well,” Alexa let out a breath, “that went well.”

“I told you you’d crush it!” Faltia laughed, gripping my shoulder, “Short, violent, and to the point! No fat on that speech!”

“God, you’re such a kiss-ass.” Kiera laughed, “The commander’s not going to give you a promotion, Captain.

“Actually, I am.” I said, “Starting tomorrow, Faltia will be the acting commander of the watch.”

Faltia was taken aback. “Commander, I… uh… why?”

“Because you’re a natural-born leader, and I trust you.” I smiled, “My authority won’t mean much for long if I don’t have a force to back it. Make sure it’s an all-volunteer force with a mix of tribespeople and immigrants; we need to begin erasing the divide between them.”

Faltia frowned. “I might be able to command troops, but I’m no good at recruiting them.”

“Serendipitously, Eva served as a recruitment liaison to Bentius during her first years in the corps, so you’ll take her with you tomorrow.”

Alexa shot Eva a dark look. “I’ll go with them.”

Eva grinned broadly. “Have some faith in your captain, Sergeant.”

“We all know why your recruitment numbers were so high, Private.

“Enough!” I said, “Alexa, you served on Castle Thorum’s project team, so you’ll be leading the engineering corps. Recruit carpenters, plumbers and any mechanically-minded citizens you can find. Start building repour with the trolls.”

“What about me?” Soraya asked.

“You’ll resume your role as Frist Scribe once we get enough records to keep.” I inclined my head toward Brianna, “Since you were assistant to the requisition’s officer, you’ll be in charge of population logistics. I need census data before tomorrow’s meeting.” I looked to Kiera, “And you’ll be my agricultural lead.”

Kiera smiled confusedly. “Because I… like plants? Excuse me, Adrianna, but don’t we have a forest spirit growing the crops already?”

“Arbor can call me ‘governess’ all she wants, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing to her.” I said, “Even Yavara can’t pull rank on her. Your job is to be my liaison to the nymphs. Furia, you’ll help Brianna with community outreach.”

“And what will you be doing tomorrow?” She asked.

“I’ll be meeting with the local leaders before the assembly. Whoever represents the Ardeni faction, and then Certiok.”

“She’s so fucking hot.” Eva muttered.

“Oh my god, right?!” Kiera exclaimed like it had been on her mind for a while, “It’s like my dick is a compass, and that ass points north!”

“She is savagely alluring.” Furia confessed with a small smile.

“My compass must be broken, because it points at everyone!” Eva giggled.

“A surprise to no one.” Soraya snorted.

Eva stuck her tongue out. “I might’ve been the castle carousel, but I don’t remember ever giving you a ride, Sullen Soren.

“The culmination of diseases that live inside you would’ve literally melted my dick off.”

Eva narrowed her eyes. “Well it’s good you don’t have it anymore; Ashley told me you fucked like you learned how from a textbook.”

“Maybe if you’d ever read a textbook, you wouldn’t have been forced to choose between whoring and becoming a ranger. Good thing you covered your bases with both.”

“If I wasn’t such a chivalrous shemale, I’d slap the bitch right off your face.”

“That’s enough, Eva!” Kiera growled, putting a protective arm around her partner.

Eva leaned closer. “Ashley told me you were a two-pump-chump.”

“That’s twice as long as you’ll ever last.” Soraya hissed back. Her eyes flitted down, then drew slowly back up. “Your compass is pointing a little east right now, Eva.” She whispered.

Eva’s blue irises topped her whites. “It’s pointing right where it’s supposed to, you fucking slut.”

Soraya’s eyes fluttered, her face flushed, and she drew in a sharp breath through her nose.

Kiera groaned. “Oh shit, I just lost you, didn’t I?”

Soraya gave her an apologetic look. “It’s… I don’t know why… I guess I just…”

“It’s OK,” she smiled sadly, “I’ve been a woman much longer than you; I understand. I hoped we’d be each other’s firsts, but...” She guided Soraya to her feet, then looked to Eva, “Take care of her, you home-wrecking whore.”

Eva yanked Soraya against her, and smacked her hard on the ass. Soraya yelped, then giggled, then melted into Eva’s arms. Eva smirked over her shoulder at Kiera. “Oh, I’ll take real good care of her.” And the two walked away, their hands sneaking into each other’s waistbands.

“Huh,” Brianna mused, watching the couple stroll out the door, “I guess I’m single again.” She turned to Kiera, “You wanna…”

“Yes.” Kiera smiled, standing up to take Brianna’s hand. They followed Eva and Soraya out the door.

“Commander.” Faltia said with a nod, and walked hand-in-hand with Alexa.

Furia’s little finger linked with mine, then the rest followed suit. It was dusk when we left the castle, and the sky was a brilliant violet over Alkandra Bay. We walked along the moat with our hands entwined, and watched Yavara’s new city bustle with life. The townspeople mulled about the day’s end, sitting on chairs outside the tents and huts and chatting amongst their neighbors, roasting meat over fires and sharing their food with one another. It was strange to see civility amongst those I’d deemed savage. It disturbed me a little, if I was being honest.

“I knew Brianna and Eva would never work out.” Furia said.


“They were too much alike.” Furia shrugged, “When we were high-elves, Brian was always trying to get into every girl’s pants, and Eva was much the same with the men.”

“You think opposites attract?”

“Only for some kinds. Brianna and Eva share themselves with everyone, so they need an exclusive other to find intimacy. Alexa and Faltia are a lot like each other, and I think they’ll stay together.” She looked up at me curiously, “Do you think we’re alike?”

“I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

“Sometimes we need other people to help us figure that out.” She stopped, and stepped in front of me. “I had a crush on you, you know.” She smiled up, “I was always too nervous to say anything to the commander. Besides that, there was a rumor…”

“…everyone thought I was gay.”

“But you never refuted it. Why?”

“I never confirmed it either. It was convenient to prevent advances from my female subordinates. The men however… I had to put them down hard.”

“And now?” Furia asked, stepping a little closer.

I stopped her gently with my hand. “How is it so easy for you? For all of you?” I asked, “She destroyed us.”

“She remade us too.” She put hand over mine. “I can’t explain the new feelings I have, but I’m also not compelled to. Does a bird wonder why it flies? Does a fish wonder why it swims? I desired you because you were a man, and now I desire you because you are a woman. Should I wonder why?”

“What about the ones we left behind?”

“What about them?” Furia touched me over my heart, “What they were lives here. Now, they are only what they made of you.”

“April still lives! I can’t just move on!” I hissed.

Furia laid her hand flat on my chest. “Can’t you?” She asked softly, “She has moved on from you, Adrianna. Is that what hurts you so?”

I didn’t answer.

Furia smiled so brilliantly it seemed to shine from her. “You used to be so much taller than me,” she whispered, looking up, “now you’re barely three inches over me. I can…” she stepped right into me, “I can almost kiss you from here, and if I get up on my toes,” she raised her face to mine, “then you won’t have to lean down for me.”

Her big blue eyes were half-mast and looking expectantly into my own. She closed the distance between us, and for a moment, I held back. She didn’t stop; she just smiled and kept advancing, her lush pink lips relaxing, her little tongue sneaking between them. I let her kiss me. I let her warm lips press against my own, and then I let her open my mouth and slide her tongue inside. I kissed her back, and the desire I had pent-up since my transformation flowed through me. I pressed our bodies together, savoring the feminine squish of her chest against me, relishing the masculine thing growing hard between her legs, pressing into my crotch. She hummed a soft moan of need into my mouth, and I answered with one of my own, the aching emptiness in my nethers overwhelming me.

Furia broke from the kiss in a heated gasp. “Let’s go back to the hut,” she whispered on my lips, “and discover the secrets of our new selves.”


Everyone thought I was the regiment slut back at Castle Thorum. I was ‘Easy Eva from E Company,’ and if you were a man down on your luck, Easy Eva was who you visited to get your mojo back. I guess I never did much to put the reputation to rest. Was I easy? Maybe. Most of the girls who joined the rangers were either from one of the ten estates, or Bentius itself. I was from a no-name village shadowed by the northern Bearded Peaks, and the best-looking boy I’d ever known was the village Adonis by virtue of having all his teeth. Then I came to Castle Thorum, where the men were sculpted by years of training, roughened by violence, and stood tall in their cool ranger confidence, and gosh, well, what was a country girl like me supposed to do?! Needless to say, it didn’t make me popular with the ladies, but I had a feeling that was going to change.

“Oh my god!” Soraya cried, her bronze body bending lasciviously on the bed. Of course, I couldn’t see her body since my face was planted firmly between her thick thighs, my tongue doing magic to her little clit. I’d never been with another woman before. Despite my lecherous reputation, I’d been firmly heterosexual, but now? I didn’t think there was a thing on two legs I wouldn’t fuck. It wasn’t just because I had both sets of parts either; it was deep in my blood. I was more than just a loose high-elf woman, and more than just a hotblooded man; I was something… dark. And so was she, the one we once called ‘Sullen Soren,’ this ‘Soraya,’ this beautiful bronze creature with hair like snow and a voice that dripped with untapped masochism. Oh, it tickled something in me to hear those vulnerable cries, to feel the way she writhed in reaction to every motion of my lips and tongue. I growled into her virgin depths, and snaked my tongue between her folds. She went rigid, her heels pressing into the bedding, her ass driving upward as I rose with her, the tip of my tongue finding that spot within her, exploiting it mercilessly, tasting the decadent salt of her. I watched her from her crotch, my nose smooshing against her engorged clit, my muzzle wet with her lust. She was bound to the bedposts at the wrists and ankles—her idea, but one I was more than willing to going along with. Yes, I was beginning to realize who the new me was, and so was she. We were perfect for each other.

“Eva, make me come!” She cried, so high, so pure, and so desperate. I pulled away from her, licking my lips, leaving her mewling and whining for my touch.

“You used to think you were so much better than me.” I said as I tested the rope on her left ankle. If there was anything I learned in ranger training, it was how to tie a knot.

“Eva!” Soraya whined, shifting her hips to entice me, jutting her chest to present her ballooning breasts. They were the largest of all of ours, and she didn’t seem to know what to do with them before. She knew now; oh, she knew very well what to do with her feminine body now. I drew my hands up calves, up her thighs, and traced the fingertips along the path, turning them to fingernails, dragging them like ten little knives to the apex of her legs. Her flower practically bloomed for me, its slit blushing and leaking, the hidden petals becoming vivid pink. I was so hard. This masculine desire I felt, this near-rage, it felt so right with the feminine thrumming of my nethers, a duet that sung a sadist’s melody. Carefully, I plucked Soraya’s swollen clit between my thumbnail and forefinger nail. She gasped, the intake that of anticipation, waiting for pain, for humiliation, for pleasures that both of us were virgin to, but that both of us knew deep in our bones.

“And what are you now?” I whispered, slowly pinching my fingers, “A little masochistic bitch who ties herself up on her maiden night?”

“Eva!” Soraya cried.

“You were never a man!” I snarled, pulling her pearl outward from its hood, hearing her shrill song sound from her full lips. “You were just a little fag waiting for cock the whole time, weren’t you? Now you’ve got it. Now you’ve got all you want!”

“Oh god, give it to me!” She screamed.

I loomed above her, one hand pressing against the headboard to keep me parallel, the other twisting to torture her clit. “Confess to me.” I hissed, “I want to hear it from those slutty lips that judged me for so many years. Tell me what you are.”

She bit her lip and whimpered, such vulnerability she displayed behind her blue lenses, and all for me. “I’m a little whore.” She whispered, “I’m… your little whore, Mistress.”

“Mistress? No. Call me… Domina.” I twisted harder, and her entire body bowed from the bed, “I’m not your mistress or your master; I’m your pimp. I’m going to walk you around town on a leash and give you away to any swinging dick that wants a turn. Like every whore, you have a debt, and you’re going to pay dearly.”

She closed her eyes and shuddered at the idea, her cheeks flushing, my hand saturating between her legs. “Yes, Domina. It’s what I deserve.” Her eyes opened to slits, and she smiled hopefully up at me, “Will you watch me, or join me?”

“Join you, of course.” I giggled, my character breaking, “How could I resist?” I released her clit, grabbed my cock, and slowly guided it to her heat. She hummed in anticipation when my tip touched her tender folds.

“Are you ready?” She whispered.

“I think so.” I smiled back,

“Are you nervous?”

I nodded. “Are you?”

She nodded back, biting her lip. “Don’t be nice to me.”

My smile turned into a wicked grin, and I saw the excitement burn behind her pale blue eyes. “I won’t be.”


I’d always fancied Sergeant Alexa Jenania. Officer rules prevented me from ever acting on those thoughts, but it never stopped me from fantasizing them. I’d often mused on the almond shape of her turquois eyes, the elegant hollows of her cheeks, the fullness of her pale lips, and the proud jut of her chin. I’d often pictured her slender athletic body splayed out beneath me, but never in a thousand frustrated nights of masturbation had I imagined the five-inch cock now throbbing between her toned legs, nor the way I’d hold it so covetously as I aimed it between my straddling thighs.

“Captain?” Alexa asked, her voice hushed and rapt.

I smiled at her from the tops of my eyes, “In all my fantasies about this moment, the roles were a little different.”

Alexa laughed, her curly platinum hair cascading over her bronze face. “All my fantasies started with you ordering me into your office.” She looked up at me from her curtaining mane, “I think you can guess where it goes from there.”

“I think I can.” I grinned. I linked my fingers with hers, and brought her hands together against the headboard above her head, leaning into her so that our busts squished together, our pert nipples stabbing into the pliant dark flesh that surrounded them. As she fell against the pillows, I kissed her, our tongues entangling in a lustful combat, playful and challenging between smiling lips. Why was this all so natural for me? Why did I bow and bend with such practiced feminine grace when in my thirty years of life, I’d only known the motions of masculinity? Why did I hunger for a man’s organ with salivating nether-lips, when such a thought would’ve disgusted me not three days ago? But the questions dwindled from me as I felt her tip pressing into my soft folds. I was that person, but I wasn’t that man anymore. I was beginning to realize that this body, this woman, this species that I was, was me in a way I hadn’t known before. Me without shame, doubt, and insecurity; just… me. When I was lying fully atop her, I relaxed my legs, and eased her inside me.

The pain of my breaking chastity lanced through me, and my breath caught. She squeezed my hands in encouragement, her own breathing becoming fast in my mouth. When I felt the tension within me ease, I slowly lowered myself the rest of the way. It was like nothing I had ever known. It was invasive, yes, terribly so, but the violation was so perfect. I opened my insides for her, accepted her with a sweet rapaciousness, and she sated me with her rigid heat, parting my delicate nethers, stretching my tender walls, radiating against every surface of me with exquisite fullness.

She broke from this kiss with a gasp. “Permission to speak, Ma’am?!”

Ma’am? Who the fuck is… oh, that’s right. “Permission granted.” I gasped back.

“We have a situation.” Her breathing was heavy and rapid. She gulped, then said, “If you move a muscle, I am going to come!”

I laughed. “Don’t worry, it’s your first time. I didn’t expect a marathon.”

“I don’t think the captain understands the scope of the situation, Ma’am!” Alexa said through her intakes, “If I come inside you…”

“…we’ll have accomplished our mission, Sergeant.” I whispered on her lips.


I released her hands, and raked my fingers through her hair. “I knew what I wanted the moment I was given this body.” I linked my fingers behind her head, and rested my brow upon hers, “It’s more than instinct; it’s a calling. I was made to be a mother.”

“What are you talking about?” She hissed, her eyes wide.

“Every time I wake, I expect to hear an infant’s cry. Every time I look down, I expect to see a babe nursing from me. My arms ache to hold a child.” I groaned as I clenched my lewd muscles around her, relishing every throbbing inch of her. “And my pussy aches for you to give me one.”

She gaped at me. “What if it’s not what I want?”

I smiled sadly. “Then I’ll pull fast, and you aim to the side.” I tensed my thighs, “Are you ready?”

She nodded.

“Three, two, one.” I shot my pelvis upward. Alexa lurched, grabbed me by the ass, spun me on my back, and drove all the way inside me. With a cry, she collapsed atop me, her hips pumping automatically with the mechanisms of her first male orgasm, spurting load after load deep within me. I lay there in shock, my legs splayed wide to receiver her, the wonderous feeling of her hot nectar pooling into the bottom of my well, and soaking into the womb beyond it.

“Why did you do that?!” I gasped.

“The chance of conception is much higher if the man’s on top.” Alexa panted.

“But why?”

Alexa regained her breath, then elevated herself so that her face shown to me, a fresh flush to redden her euphoric expression. She brushed her fingertips against my lips, and said softly, “Something stopped me; something like instinct. If you were made to be a mother, then I was made to be a father.” She leaned until I could taste her breath, “I was made for you.”

I felt a tear form and roll from my eye. God, when was the last time I cried?! “And I was made for you.” I whispered.

She caught the tear with her thumb, and gently moistened my cheek with it. “There’s no crying allowed in E-Company.”

I laughed, blinking away the moisture. “As a staff sergeant, you should know that officers do not cry; our eyes simply perspire. This is why you never got that promotion.”

“Is that so?” Alexa chuckled, shifting atop me. Her cock was still so hard, and it stirred my constricting insides, coercing a sharp intake through my nostrils. “I always detested girls who tried to sleep their way to the top, but I guess that’s just how things are.” She thrusted once, and I whimpered in pleasure. “Staff-Sergeant Jenania reporting for duty, Ma’am.” She muttered on my lips, “What are your orders, Captain?

I locked my legs around her hips, pressed my heels into her supple ass, and pulled her deeper into me. “You have a quota to fill, Sergeant.” I whispered, my hands traversing the splendid muscles of her back, “You’re not permitted to stop until I’m overflowing.”


Brian Dedaclia had been the company player back when we were rangers, and yes, I’d been one of his few escapades. Nearly every girl had been, including Sergeant Alexa Jenania, though she would never admit it. Brian just had that perfect combination of arrogance and charm that allowed him to deftly navigate a woman’s legs apart. He was a good lover, to his credit, if not a little selfish. Brianna, however, was a very generous partner, if not slightly aloof, for it seemed there was still quite a bit of ‘Brian’ left in her.

“You’re killing it, bro.” She moaned as she grinded atop my lap.

“Can you stop calling me—”

“Shh!” She whispered, putting a finger to my lips. She rose back to her upright position, displaying her domed breasts, the soft flat of her belly shadowed with subtle muscle that darkened with each circular pass of her hips. She took a dab of cocaine from the pile we’d been using, and snorted violently. Her eyes rolled up, and she leaned back with her hands above my knees, and grinded that fat ass hard against me.

“Fuck!” I gasped, feeling a simmer in my loins. Brianna gasped in turn, her voice edging with tension, her near-white wavy hair falling to curtain one teal eye.

“Fuck my little pussy!” She hissed, a rasp to her voice, an expulsion of air like a sob. I could see it brimming in her eyes, the ecstasy of her first womanly ascension, teetering on the brink of no return. There was apprehension there, a desire to ride the line between sensations, to hold on to her sanity for a little longer. Round and round, her wide hips went, their berth a splendor to witness about her thick bronze thighs, and there between them, the lines of her pelvis converging to the soft point of her pubis, which opened wide at the mouth of her sex, consuming my cock to the base. Round and round, her wide hips went, stirring herself in her torpid brand of lust, slowly ratcheting the sensations within us as I thrusted against her, watching my dark shaft disappear between her tight virgin nether-lips again and again until I’d stretched it to a yawning ovule of outturned pink petals, the pearl engorged from her hood, standing at attention as the sensations between her legs grew unbearable. Her thighs quivered, her diaphragm heaved, her pelvis fluttered with spasmatic contractions, and I was there with her, my body tensing like a bowstring, poised to snap.

With an edging voice, she whimpered, “Kiera, I’m coming.” Then she threw back her head, and at the top of her lungs, she screamed, “Nice job, bro!”

And through an expulsion of laughter and a shout of pure ecstasy, I pulled out for the final thrust, and erupted. She quivered from head to toe as she was wracked with her orgasm, her eyes rolling back, her shoulders pinched to thrust out her jiggling breasts, and I covered her in my release, splattering her belly, bust, neck and face. I cried out with each spurt, unable to contend with the euphoria that roiled within me and lanced through the tip of my cock; only able to thrust and thrust until my wildly-wagging cock splattered me as well, then drooped upon my pelvis to leak a viscous pool onto my belly.

Brianna twitched with the echoes of her orgasm, then brought her head forward to stare rapturously at me from a disheveled mess of hair. I felt an odd pride in seeing such a beautiful woman in such a ruined state; I’d done that. What a fucking stud I was.

Nice job, bro?!” I giggled.

“You fucking crushed it.” Brianna tittered back. She scooped a dollop of cum from my belly, and tested the smell. Then, behind a coy little smile, she poked her tongue out, and tasted it. She smacked her lips, rolled her eyes in a contemplative manner, then finished her assessment with a swallow. “Egg whites?” She laughed, “This whole time, it tasted like egg whites?

“It’s different for each guy. I guess I taste like egg whites. You tasted like bleach.”

She wrinkled her nose at me. “You still swallowed.”

“In the right state of mind, the taste doesn’t matter; it’s delicious all the same.” I took her hand, dipped her finger into the pool formed on my belly, and sucked it clean. “Mmm,” I moaned, smiling around my pursed lips, “delicious.

She giggled delightedly, and beneath a mane of her hair, she gave me a devious look, then languidly eased down my legs.

“I thought you weren’t ready?” I asked, watching her dip her face to my crotch.

She smirked up at me. “I guess I just wasn’t in the right state of mind.” She licked me from base to tip, and shuddered, closing her eyes. “Oh my god, I just licked a dick.” She whispered, “That was so fucking gay.”

“Not anymore.”

“Whatever bro.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“It is kind of gay though, right?” Brianna queried, puzzling over my floppy cock, “I mean, I was a dude -and I don’t mean a man, but a dude- my whole adult life, and now I’m about to suck your meat-stick like there’s candy in your balls… hey, you don’t have balls!”

“Oh, so it’s not gay anymore?” I laughed.

“It’s now significantly less gay. High-five, bro.”

“Holy shit, can you stop that?!”

“What, it’s not turning you on?” She tittered, and drew her hips up and back so that magnificent ass spread wide, its profile bulging from the dramatic arch of her back. Her entire body seemed to slope to her head, the focal point of which was her tongue as it slowly licked the underside of my cock.

“Oh… fuck.” I groaned.

Brianna finished her lick with a beckoning curl of her tongue, then gave me an inquisitive look. “Something wrong?”

“I just came.”

“We’re dark-blooded now, Kiera; we’ve got succubus juice running in our veins. We can literally fuck ourselves to death.”

“Too much coke, I guess.” I muttered, looking frustratedly at my misbehaving manhood.

“Ah, you have to worry about these things now.” Brianna said, petting my member with two fingers, “Too much alcohol, too much stress, not enough sleep; women think it’s just supposed to stand up on demand, but it doesn’t work like that, does it?”

“Do I detect a note of vindication?” I chuckled.

“It’s nice to be on the other end of it for once.” She smiled, gently spread my legs, and moved her hand beneath me.

“You wanna play with my pussy?” I smiled.

“We’ve done that before. Tonight is a night to boldly explore the unknown.”

“I’ve done anal before.”

“But not with a prostate, you haven’t.” Brianna twerked her brows, “I’m going to show you a little magic trick Eva once showed me. You ready?”

And before I could answer, Brianna lubed her finger with a dollop of my cum, pressed the tip to my coiled aperture, and penetrated me to the bottom knuckle. I gasped, enraptured by the way her delicate finger pierced my tender channel, traversing the filthy smooth bore until it rested upon something. Then my entire being hinged upon the tip of her finger as she slid it across my new organ in a ‘come hither’ motion, each pass of it lancing violent pleasure deep into my loins. My cock engorged and rose from its sticky bed, standing tall and proud before the delighted teal eyes of the woman sodomizing me.

“No homo, bro.” She grinned deviously, then opened her mouth, and took me in.


The sound of our roommates’ lust echoed throughout the hut when Furia and I entered it, a chorus of moans, cries, and laughs that nearly sounded demonic against the clay walls. We collapsed on the bed and stripped each other with a fervency, our fingers shaking in our need to feel the other’s bare flesh. Our kiss only broke to pull our shirts overhead, then we reconnected lips as we fumbled with each other’s belts.

“You’re going to have to walk me through this.” Furia laughed breathily, her face inches above my own.

“You think I know what I’m doing?” I laughed. God, I was nervous. “I’m as much a virgin as you are now.”

“Foreplay then; foreplay is key for first-timers.”

“You don’t want to just get it over with?”

“Is there a rush?” She stopped me from pulling off her belt, “Adrianna, are you alright?”

I shook my head, my entire body palsying. “I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m nervous as hell right now.”

Furia took my hands in hers, and rested them on her bare breasts. She let go of my hands, and gently cupped my own breasts, her thumbs softly rolling my nipples until they stood hard and moist, little tingles permeating into my chest, putting me in a trance. “We have all the time in the world.” She said softly, “I want you to know all of me, inside and out. Explore me, and find yourself.”

I took in one breath, then another, and let them both out through my nose. I felt the anxiety ebb from me, and the clarity of mind return. I squeezed Furia’s breasts, and heard the sweet sound of her gasp. I guided her hands from my chest, and leaned into hers. I took one pink nipple into my mouth, and drew sensually from it, tonguing the node between my lips as I rotated my pressing muzzle. She whimpered melodically, running inexperienced fingers through my hair, exploring me to find herself. I kissed my way down her belly, savoring its silken expanse, marveling at her navel with my tongue, dipping and lathering it with an expertness born from decades of practice.

“Do you feel how I did that?” I whispered, looking up at her.


“That’s how you please a woman.” I said, and rotated about her belly, planting my knees below her armpits, and easing my ass down. I felt her excited little fingers tug on my waistband, fumbling to slide the garment off my hips. I turned back, and eyed the bulge in the inseam before me. My steady fingers undid the clasp of her belt buckle, and she lifted herself up from the bed so that I could guide her pants to her off. Something hit me in the chin. I pulled away, and gawked at the pulsating rod that stared back at me. It was smooth and vascular, aggressive and sensitive, long and thick. My mouth watered at the sight of it, the smell of it, the heat of it. My mind reeled in terror, the last bit of Thomas Adarian fighting for his very survival.

Furia’s voice piqued. “If you don’t want to…”

“I want to,” I smiled back at her, “I’m just… I’m afraid I won’t be any good at it.”

“I’ve only done it once, but the nymph I pleasured seemed to think I was quite good. It’s not hard,” Furia placed a gentle finger on my lower lip. “You just open this pretty little mouth,” she traced my lips, “wrap these pretty little lips around my cock,” she pushed her finger between my pursed lips, and whispered, “and suck.”

I took her by the wrist, and slowly drew her finger out, wetting the digit with my caressing tongue until the tip popped free. “Just like that?” I whispered.

“Just like that.” She smiled, her eyes twinkling in the lunar light, ravenous and wanting. My spine prickled to see her avaricious desire of me, and a chill ran through me nearly like the thrill before a battle. I turned back and tilted my head downward. A cascade of saliva poured from my lower lip, and splashed onto her tip. I hadn’t realized I’d hungered so. My spit ran in thick bubbling rivulets down the sides of her cock, glistening her pristine length like icing. I splayed my hands about her thighs, guiding them apart as she kicked off her pants. Her manhood curved backward with new engorgement, throbbing so violently that it seemed near to bursting. This was it. This was the moment where I would choose. Fight the unwinnable battle to the bitter end, or succumb to the sweetest of surrenders? Yavara. April. Furia. Adarian. Adrianna.

I felt something. Heat, wetness, softness. In my concentration, I hadn’t realized that Furia had pulled my pants to my knees. Now I realized it. Oh, did I realize it. Her breath caressed my sex, her lips brushed my folds, and her curious little tongue parted them, and invaded my virgin insides. I was paralyzed, my entire being hinging on the exploratory tip of her tongue as it traversed me from clit to taint, then moved back in, testing every surface until she found… she found… oh god! I followed the trail of saliva that strung from my lower lip, and wrapped my mouth around Furia’s head. She groaned, and I did as well, surrendering to what I truly was, the woman, this species, this soul of dark desires and shameless revelry. This whore. Slowly, covetously, I sucked my way down Furia’s cock, curling my tongue around her to taste all that I could, slurping to saturate my mouth with her decadent flavor. I slid down her shaft until I felt her tip pressing against the resistance of my throat, and then I took her deeper. I knew I could do it; I didn’t even pause. Furia went rigid with shock as I closed my esophagus around the first few inches of her, burying her into my neck, feeling her throb and pulse against my tremoring gullet. My lips smooshed against her base, and the tip of my nose pressed into the wet feminine slit below her masculine organ. I inhaled, and my pupils dilated with primal carnality as her scent inundated my sinuses. I rotated my lips, and drew upward, sucking so voraciously that my muzzle stretched from my face, caressing her with my tongue the whole way up.

“Oh my god!” Furia sobbed. I looked over my shoulder to see that she had her face buried in her hands, her duties to me forgotten. My chest swelled with pride, and I twerked suggestively, rubbing my leaking pussy against the backs of her hands to remind her of her duties. She removed her hands from her face, revealing an expression of abject awe. I closed one eye in a lecherous wink, and recommenced my meal.

Her thumbs parted the lips of my sex, and she kissed me sensually. My back arched in hedonistic splendor, molding our bellies together, pillowing our breasts upon each other’s pelvises. I guided her with minute motion of my hips, and she responded without pause, knowing the language of lust like we were born with it. I suppose we were reborn with it. Soon, all trepidation was gone, and we were devouring each other with a long, sloppy motions, our saliva coating and pooling, our fluids leaking and smearing. I reached beneath her and filled my hands with her succulent ass, bringing her upward, guiding her to thrust against my face as I took her over and over. She orchestrated the rolling of my hips with her hands, feasting gluttonously upon my insides until I was fluttering with contractions, each one more intense than the last, each one building and building until it was a cascade of sensation, and I was pulled into the current! I mewled muffled tones, sucking her with a desperation, this whore that I was, this baseless slut who only wanted to taste the forbidden nectar at the precipice of sensation, oh god give it to me, Furia! I snaked a hand between her legs, invaded her soft netherlips with two fingers, and searched her tight wet heat until my digits pressed against her back wall, and rubbed her internal masculine organ from the membrane of her feminine channel.

She cried out into my depths, sounding her ecstasy as she delivered mine with her tongue, thrusting her pelvis to the compulsions of her throbbing cock. I gagged and gurgled around her, passing the seal of my lips up and down her length, burying her into my throat over and over until she was crying out, thrashing against my nethers in a fit of ecstasy. The tension within me wound tighter with every second, escalating past my control, building, and building, and building! With a gurgling scream, I came, and so did she. She burst into my mouth as I burst within, a sudden release of pressure that sent my back diving into an arch. My thighs trembled, my belly convulsed, my entire being seemed to be wracked with palsies that permeated from my core, each one better than the last. I drank gluttonously from her nectar, passing my lips over her pulsating shaft until she was empty, and her sonorous voice waned. Then, when I could control myself, I slithered down her body, turned around, and slithered back up. She was waiting for me, her lips parted and expectant, a sheen of my expelled lust surrounding them. I placed a tender hand behind her head, and brought her into my kiss. I tasted my orgasm on her tongue, and passed a mouthful of seed between our lips. She smiled against me when she realized what I’d done, and deepened the kiss, her cock growing even harder between our pressing pelvises.

She parted, a cord of fluid bridging our lips. “That was disgusting.” She whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” She grinned up at me, “I guess I like disgusting.”

I wrinkled my nose at her. “I thought you might.”

She collected the cord between our mouths on her finger, then sucked it clean. “You lied to me.” She muttered.

I raised my brows. “About what?”

“You said you weren’t gay, and that might’ve been true,” she quirked her lips into a smile, “but there’s no way that was the first time you sucked a dick.”

“Was too!” I giggled, and raised my hand. “On my ranger honor, that was my first time.”

“But… how?!”

“Instinct, I guess.” I smiled, tracing her lips with the tips of my fingers, “How did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Instinct, I guess.” She smiled back, taking my hands in hers, and licking between my fingers, “Was that enough foreplay for you, Governess Adrianna?”

I eased myself upright and backward, and Furia’s cock rose with me, standing tall and rigid against me, so long that the tip was level with my navel, so thick that it touched the insides of both my thighs. It looked like it would split me if I tried to put it inside, but I was a glutton, and my hunger was insatiable. I slid my dripping pussy across her shaft, pressing it onto her pelvis and grinding along it, staring down at her with an expression of sexual vulnerability that I’d never shown before, a need to have things done to me, to be the victim of another’s desires. Whatever Furia’s darkest wish was, I wanted her to do it to me. I raised myself, reaching down to guide her tip through my folds, watching her brow furrow in need as her hard heat parted my tender petals. I stopped when she centered me, and I uncurled my fingers from her shaft. She slid her palms up my thighs, her touch worshipful as it came around me to grip the pliant rolls that formed at my backside. I teetered on the brink for an eternal second, then I took one breath, then another, and let myself drop.


“Take it, you fucking whore!” Eva screamed, her pelvis slapping furiously against my ass, her cock piercing my ruined virginity over and over, relentlessly breaking me open as I squealed against the pillow she’d forced me to bite. My arms were crossed beneath me, as I’d been forced onto my belly with my wrists tied to the bedposts, and so my legs were awkwardly crossed behind me as well. It was so constricting. It was so freeing.

Eva took a grip of my hair, and wrenched my head back, forcing me to gaze at her with an inverted portrait. I could imagine how debased I looked with two loads of her cum already splattered across my face, my hair a disheveled, crusted mess. “Did I say you could look at me?!” She snarled, and sent a vicious slap across my ass.

I squealed, the wonderful stings traveling deep into me, tickling the simmering in my nethers, tipping it to a boil. “No Domina!” I cried, my voice full of breath.

She sent another slap across my ass, sending a ripple up the fat of my flank. “Did I say you could talk, whore?!”

“No Domina!” I screamed, enraptured by the boiling within me, the third orgasm in just an hour, and even greater than the other two.

“Bad little whores get punished!” She growled in my ear, the threat in her voice like a lover’s whisper to me, and me, the masochistic whore I could not deny, I stared at her from the tops of my subservient eyes, and begged her to punish me. She grabbed the bedsheets, crammed them between my teeth, and railed into me with all she had left, her body glistening with sweat, her face a manic portrait of bulging eyes, snarling lips, and strands of platinum hair hanging over it all. The most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I was trapped in my position of crossed limbs, forced to take everything without resistance, unable to bend to the whims of my body, unable to expel the ecstasy that sloshed in my nethers, that boiled and roiled, and churned my insides into a mess until I was screaming against the binds, a servant of her brutality, a whore of her degradation, a slave of her sensations. She thrusted five final times, each one like she was trying to split me down the middle, each sudden impact reverberating to my very core. With a final plunge, she screamed, and emptied herself inside me.


I finished the last of my thrusts, my body quivering with aftershocks of orgasm. Faltia trembled beneath me, her chin tilted back, her lips peeled to reveal her bared teeth as she endured her fifth climax. The motions of our perverse joining sounded a symphony of squelches, hot viscous nectar spilling out with each pump of my hips. With a groan, I collapsed atop her, my cock still hard within her tight sheath, but my body spent of all energy.

“There,” I panted against her neck, “requisition order filled, Ma’am.”

“Well done, Sergeant.” Faltia whispered, licking her lips with her eyes closed, “You’ve earned your promotion.”

“I think I deserve a medal for that performance.”

She answered with a concurring laugh, her voice full of satisfied exhaustion. When she turned to face me, her sea-blue eyes were lidded heavily, watching me with the ease of great familiarity. “Was I good?” She asked.

“You were amazing.” I smiled back.

She actually blushed a little. “Yavara was right, you know.”


“Making love as a woman is so much better.”

I snorted. “Funny, I was just thinking the opposite.” I moved inside her, savoring the way her tender insides molded around me, welcoming me, beckoning me deeper into her tightest places.

She moaned softly, drawing her hands along my back, her fingertips alighting the nerves along my spine. Her hands came together at my tailbone, then parted. “At Castle Thorum, your promotion would make you a junior officer,” she clasped my hand, “and so you’d be honored with an officer’s ring.” I felt something slip down my ring finger. I brought my hand between us, staring disbelievingly at the twin-crested emerald that now bejeweled my finger.

“You can’t give this to me!” I gasped.

“I’m not captain of E Company anymore; I’m the Alkandran watch commander.” She kissed my laden finger, “I don’t have a medal to give you, so this must suffice.”

I admired the emerald, angling my finger to see how it caught the dim light. “An officer’s ring goes on your forefinger.” I mused, pulling the ring off.

She stopped me. When I looked at her with a questioning smile, there was nothing there that belied a joke. Her face was cast gravely in the moonlight, her sea-blue eyes brimming, her brow knitted in a silent plea. I blinked. I blinked again. I blinked a third time, and tears flowed from the corners of my eyes.

“Officers don’t cry, Alexa.” Faltia hissed, though her cheeks glistened with rivulets, “Will you accept this promotion?”

“Yes!” I broke between a laugh and a sob, and pulled her into my kiss once again.


The residual cocaine dripped in my sinuses, but the effects had subsided. I lounged beside Kiera, the sound of crackling embers and the glow of a pipe cherry accompanying the smell of weed. She blew out a thick cloud, then handed me the pipe.

“I really like having a penis.” She mused airily.

“I really like that you have a penis.” I smiled, taking a deep inhale.

She turned to me, her bright blue eyes rimmed red, lidded and puffy with narcotic lethargy. “Do you miss yours?”

I watched the smoke billow from my lips, “You’d think I would; it was such a part of my identity, but the truth is, I can hardly remember what it felt like to have one. It’s like… I don’t know… it’s like you can’t really remember how it was to be a kid. You have the memories, but you’re looking at them from your current perspective, you know?”

“Yeah,” she muttered, taking the pipe from my hand, “I feel the same way.” She paused thoughtfully, “That’s how I feel about my life as a high-elf. All that shit I used to worry about, all that anxiety, it’s gone now. It’s like I was a kid then, and now I wonder why I let that shit bother me.”

I laughed. “Exactly! All those little cages we put ourselves in are gone! We can do anything!”

She giggled with me, rolling so that her soft body molded to my side, her half-hard cock laying across my waist. “I’m starting to think Yavara didn’t just bring us here to properly zone housing and pave roads. The old Alkandra wasn’t a kingdom; it was anarchy with borders, and the Dark Queen and her daughters ruled by being the most debauched of them all.” Kiera grinned, “Yavara wants us to get the party started.”

I shook my head. “Then why the hell would she pick fucking Commander Adarian to start it? Can you think of a worse person?”

Kiera raised her brows. “You mean the Commander Adarian who’s been fucking a fox-girl on the downlow this whole time?”

“I mean the Commander Adarian who had your roommate flogged for possessing a glass pipe.”

“She’s changed, Brianna.”

I snorted. “She smashed a sword against someone’s head today because they called her a name. Come on, Kiera, we’ve been with her for three days now, and she’s still the same Commander Adarian she always was, just with nice tits and a sweet ass. She didn’t change like we did.”

“Oh my god, Furia, fuck me like the filthy slut I am! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cried a voice from across the hut.

Kiera grinned at me, and took a victorious pull from her glass pipe.


Adrianna had cried out in pain when she’d broken her virginity around me. I was somewhat ashamed that I couldn’t comfort her when it happened, but I was too encompassed by the sensation of her slick walls clenching around me, pulling me deeper into her, wrapping my cock in her hot sheath and squeezing with her pained contractions.

“You’re so tight!” I moaned, gripping her ass with white-knuckled intensity, holding back the surge of pressure that had lanced through my loins.

She was rigid atop me, staring down at joining of our parts, watching a dribble of scarlet flow from her, and pool onto my crotch. I eased my grip on her, and drew my hands gently along her waist. “Are you OK?”

She swallowed, her eyes bulging, her breaths rapid and sharp through her nose.


She blinked, letting a single pained tear fall from her thick lashes. Her breathing eased, her diaphragm relaxed, her generous breasts bobbed gently from her chest. Finally, she looked at me, her blue eyes topping her whites, her hair hanging before her brow. “So,” she said breathily, “this is what it feels like.”

“Does it feel good?”

The strands of near-white hair moved in pendular motion before her face, flickering across her eyes. “It’s amazing.” She whispered.

“We’re just sitting here.” I giggled, “We’re supposed to be moving.”

“Like this?” She pulled up, moaning as my girth slid along her clit. I moaned with her, feel her tight nether-lips sucking me as I exited, sheening my length with her moist lust. She pulled until only my head was inside her, and she bit her lip as she stared at me from downcast eyes, her white hair catching the moonlight to give her a silver aura. Had I ever seen anything so beautiful? She was an angel, a goddess of lust that I would worship for eternity, and I was just an undeserving mortal here to pay homage to her carnal temple. She descended, her womanly sheath consuming me, her erogenous muscles rolling up my length to take me deeper into her sanctity. I thrusted in contest with her, and we met suddenly in the middle, the impact reverberating through our loins. We stayed there for a breathless moment, staring into each other’s eyes. Her gaping lips released one breath, then curled into a quivering smile. She burst into laughter, and I laughed with her, such joy welling up from my chest that I didn’t need to know the reason for her mirth.

“I’m sorry, Furia,” she sighed, wiping an eye, “this all so fucking surreal to me.”

“Me too.” I laughed, “Am I supposed to say something, or…?”

“Try taking dirty, maybe that’ll help.”

I desperately tried to maintain my composure as I forced my mouth into thug-frown. “Yeah, you like this dick, don’t you, you stupid… fucking… bitch.”

She screwed up her face, then threw back her head and roared with laughter.

“You try it!” I exclaimed.

She struggled to compose herself. “Yeah,” she giggled, covering her face with my palm, “yeah… fuck this tight little pussy with your big-ass dick you big, fucking… dumbass.”

“It’s not so easy, is it?!” I tittered, my cock drumming inside her in cadence with my belly-shaking laughter.

“Let’s just… let’s just keep our mouths shut.” She giggled. She began grinding on me, slowly stirring herself about my cock, stretching her delicate petals, smearing her lust across my crotch. Her grin faded into a gaping smile, then the quirk of her lips turned down, casting her expression into one of stoic lust. She watched me intently from her downcast gaze, the goddess once more here to stare imperiously upon me, to find me unworthy of such perfection. Did she know what she was doing to me? Did she know that I would grovel at her feet, and consider myself blessed to kiss her toes? I placed my hands on her rolling hips, and thrusted against her, causing her breasts to jiggle with each impact, the gravity-defying domes quivering back to their steady perches until I disturbed their equilibrium once more. I marveled at the silken expanse of her belly, at the muscles beneath them clenching with her forward rotation, then stretching when her oscillating hips moved away, her back arching, her toned shoulders pinning back to present her perfect chest.

“Furia?” She whispered gently.

“Yes?” I asked, my voice rasping with reverence.

She smiled endearingly at me, framing my face with her hands, bringing herself to my level so that our bodies pressed, our brows touching. “By the expression on your face, I’d think I’d just shown you god.”

“You mean you’re not her?” I laughed against her lips, but my eyes bespoke the truth of my feelings.

She giggled again, a sweet melody of mirth. “I remember when I first laid with a woman.” She said, her eyes dancing with the moonlight, “I thought I was in the presence of the Holy Mother herself.” Her breathing became heavy, each expiration filling my nostrils, “But the Holy Mother doesn’t moan like I do,” she said, her voice edged with tension. “I was a virgin just a minute ago, and now I’m dancing on you like a whore on her last penny.” Her brows knitted in an expression of astonishment, a need, a desperation she didn’t understand. “You’re fucking ruining me, Furia.” She hissed, “I’m done making love; fuck me like a whore!”

I growled, filled my hands with her hair, and tore her head back. She sung a sweet scream of delight as her neck stretched, her face tilting to the ceiling. I didn’t know what came over me. I was possessed with this… this rage that I couldn’t describe, an avariciousness of not just her body, but her mind, her soul. I corrupted her circular undulations with a fury of drives, bashing my crotch into her pubis, plunging my hard cock into her delicate insides over, and over, and over! She cried out with each impact, changing her motions to match mine, not wilting in the heat of my lust, but burning with her own intensity. Her ass applauded behind her, jiggling deliciously, wafting the pungent scent of our ferocious joining into the air. She took my head in her hands, and forced my face into her breasts, and I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked gluttonously, drawing the tender flesh from her bosom between the tease of my teeth.

“Oh my god, Furia, fuck me like the filthy slut I am! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She screamed, her voice joyous and rich with ecstasy, announcing the true acceptance of what she was, of what we’d all become. I fucked her with a fervency, ruining the delicate flower between her legs, splitting her insides until they were convulsing and spasming, and she was trembling in her heated motions, crying out, sounding her ascension with a crescendo of pitch until she harmonized with me at the peak, our bodies locked in the paralysis of ecstasy, our senses overloaded, our minds gone! At the last moment, I pulled out and burst onto her belly, and she erupted on to me, and we collapsed, the tension cut from us.

We gasped for a few minutes, regaining our breath and sanity. I savored the weight of her atop me, the pliant press of her breasts, the fluttering heat of her pussy mouthing hungrily against the underside of my shaft. She rose, her hair curtaining my face, isolating us in the silver light that shined through it. My goddess. She still was. It wasn’t the heat of lust, nor the enormity of the moment that made me feel small. It was her. It was always her. It was her when she was ‘him,’ and I was watching him from my periphery at my guard station, terrified to make eye contact. It was him when the Protaki ambushed our taskforce, and he led us to safety with black blood splattered across his warrior’s mask. It was him when I was a terrified recruit, showing up at Castle Thorum because I had no other prospects, and he was there with a kind smile and a warm pat on the shoulder.

“Thank you for this, Furia.” She whispered on my lips.

“No,” I whispered back, “thank you, Adrianna. Thank you everything.”

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Queen Yavara: Chapter 29

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