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Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Exhibitionism

Author: maryme

Published: 11 September 2019

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Cindy had been married since she was 25, and now that she was 40, life seemed like a heavy weight dragging her down. With two stepchildren, she didn't feel very motherly, but felt she had done a decent job raising them. Her husband, Ron was at the office long hours every day. Her stepson, Martin, was still in high school and the girl, Mary, away in college. This left Cindy home alone most of the time. Nothing was exciting to her. Out to dinner, movies, vacations, sex, concerts, visiting family and friends, all seemed to be like watching old TV re-runs. It was comfortable, but she was just going through the motions. Nothing was exciting. No one could see her depression or her lack of enthusiasm. Her behavior was an act. But lately, her daily performances were growing stale and frustrations were building.

Cindy looked at herself in the mirror. She disrobed and studied her body. Her massive double F breasts were now sagging and flattened. At one time, men couldn't wait to get a look at her body. Her nipples were still long and full, but she was sad at the overall look. They hung down by the pure weight, looking flat and unattractive. Her waistline wasn’t bad, but she was getting fat. Unfortunately, most of the added pounds seemed to go to her sagging, colossal breasts. Her ass needed exercise but wasn't bad compared to the rest of her body. She once used the gym daily, biked, and played tennis, but it had been over ten years since she had done anything. Putting her clothes on, she left her room even more depressed.

Cindy wondered what her life was to become as she sat alone in the kitchen. She read magazine articles and did Internet searches to find answers, but nothing made sense to her. She felt stuck in a giant rut that was her life. One idea that clicked with her was an adage about "a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". She decided to go back to ideas she had passed over and made a list of things to try. Her list consisted of (1) regular exercise (2) eating healthy foods (3) trying new things (4) supplements (5) taking chances. The list was her “first step” and she was determined to give it a try. The thought comforted her.

That week, Cindy called a tennis and fitness club and set up an appointment to see the facility. She went to the supermarket and bought foods that fit her new diet. She found a Starbucks and stopped for her first Starbucks coffee ever. This was all new to her. Cindy felt that it was a good day.

She began to fuel-up daily with vegetables and fruit. Cindy liked the way coffee made her feel and decided it would be her "supplement". She never was a coffee drinker but had heard it was a stimulant and a "stimulant" was what she needed. These new, simple things felt like "taking a chance" to Cindy.

Cindy's husband Ron was affectionate when he got home from work. This always meant he was interested in sex. Fortunately, to her surprise, she was interested too. Ron never gave her a chance to get into the mood. Foreplay was not his forte. At best, Ron would squeeze her ass in the kitchen then make a few lewd remarks. Not enough for what Cindy needed, but it was all she was going to get. When they got to the bed, he'd get right to it. Sometimes there wasn't even kissing, just a frantic disrobing of whatever she wore. Tonight, he waited until she was in bra and panties before pushing her back on the bed and aggressively ripping her panties off. Ron threw off his clothes and climbed on board Cindy. He wanted to fuck. Cindy wanted to fuck, but she knew he'd only last a few minutes. This was the norm for Ron. Three minutes was a marathon for him and Cindy needed time to get fully aroused. As usual, Ron was fast and forceful with his penetration. Ron assumed that if he had an orgasm that it was good for Cindy too. But his orgasm wasn't all Cindy craved. As she rolled over to go to sleep, she thought that the two-minute sex-sprint felt good in spite of her lack of fulfilment.

The next morning Cindy followed her new routine. She had her fruit filled breakfast and headed to the tennis club. She had to stop at Starbucks on the way to stay on plan. At her new tennis and fitness club, she signed a 12-month contract. The fitness center had free weights, machines, and an aerobic section with stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, etc. As a new member she also got a free tennis lesson. It was apparent that she needed new equipment and dropped over four hundred bucks on a racquet, shoes, skirt/blouse combo, and a few accessories. "Another great start," she thought. Already she could feel the difference.

On the way home she stopped at Starbucks again for a coffee. She wanted to try something new. Cindy ordered a double shot espresso. The barista said that a "double shot" was the norm and asked her if she'd like an extra shot. Cindy nodded. This gave her the kick she was looking for. She took a seat at a cafe table to people-watch as she sipped her coffee. Cindy focused on the handsome hipster barista and inserted him into a sexual fantasy. The daydream surprised her but felt good. Stopping again on the way home she purchased a coffee maker, coffee beans, and grinder.

At home, Cindy tried out her new coffee machine. It was her first time ever brewing coffee. "How did I get to be 40 and not make coffee?" She said to herself. Her first attempt was a very strong brew. It was the jolt she liked. It made her body surge with energy and ideas. Her juices flowed. When her husband returned from work, Cindy was happy to see him and told him about her day. Uncharacteristically, she was craving sexual attention. Her nipples had become long and stiff - her pussy was wet. Cindy suspected that this new lifestyle was not only keeping her from depression but was also fueling her erotic engine. But Ron, having been satisfied the night before, missed all her signals and fell asleep without a clue.

The next morning, Cindy studied her body in the mirror. Fixated on her massive sagging breasts, she wanted to be better. “Implants?” She wondered. But Cindy had heard horror stories of implants gone bad.

Cindy visited her doctor to get answers about implants. She was referred to a plastic surgeon who gave Cindy two options. One was for implants, But, he advised, due to size of her breasts, it would require a very large implant. He thought the weight and size would be too much for her. The other option was for "breast reduction". Reduction would give her a good shape and lift the breast up, giving a much younger appearance. There were fewer complications since nothing artificial is added to the body. This sounded right to her.

Cindy discussed the idea with her husband. Generally, he seemed unresponsive, but when he looked at "before and after" pictures, he was very interested. After all, it was Cindy's breasts that attracted him in the first place. The idea of Cindy with the tits of a 20-year-old had him convinced.

"Ok honey." Ron said. "If that's what you really want."

Cindy quickly set up office visits and medical evaluations. Fast tracking the procedure, she soon had a perfect set of double D-cups. This was a considerable reduction. Due to the procedure, her breasts couldn’t have contact for a several weeks.

At home recovering, Cindy focused on nutrition and her new love, coffee. Workouts and tennis had to be suspended.

Following her morning routine of fruit and coffee, Cindy was sexually aroused daily. When Ron returned from work, Cindy suggested oral sex until the healing was completed. She found this to be more stimulating for herself than their standard, brief, copulation. Blowjobs gave her more control. Cindy took pride in the intensity of his orgasms. Each morning, Cindy would tease Ron with a brief cock-fondling, then promise a blowjob when he got home from work. Cindy loved the meaty feel of a hard cock in her mouth. Just the thought made her wet. The anticipation of sucking cock kept her in a very pleasurable, sex-inspired mood.

Weeks later, Cindy's breasts had healed perfectly. They looked incredible. The heavy sagging weight was gone. Her areola and nipples were very sensitive again. Her DDs were full and round with no drooping. The doctor asked if he could take pictures of her breasts to go into a before and after brochure.

Each night Ron eagerly played with her tits as Cindy sucked his cock. Ron loved the way her new tits looked. But Ron was only absorbed in his own orgasm. Ron never reciprocated orally. Cindy loved her sensitive nipples to be stroked and fondled. But this was her only satisfaction now. Her husband no longer fucked her. He was content to cum in her mouth and go to sleep.

It was summer now and both stepchildren were normally home, but this year her stepdaughter, Mary, decided to attend summer school to pick up extra credits. Martin, her stepson, had taken off with his best friend William to a family owned cabin on a nearby lake where the boys liked to get away. Cindy was still home alone, but that wasn’t a problem for her. She was enjoying the freedom.

Following her morning coffee, Cindy could feel her arousal. Coffee ignited her sexual "pilot light". "It felt good to be sexy," She thought. “It’s about time.”

The workout and tennis routines were now in the sixth month and she could see the difference. She had lost several pounds and her body looked great. Cindy felt very sexy. Following her early morning coffee, she often decided to go braless. Going without her thong felt sexy too. Her tight-fitting workout cloths revealed her new body. Men at the Club began to refer to Cindy as CC. That was short for cleavage and cameltoe. Cindy thought it was for her name, Cindy Cousins.

One workout that Cindy found titillating was riding the stationary bicycle. There was something about the seat that pushed up against her clitoris that was very stimulating. If she adjusted the seat just right and pedaled at the perfect speed, it would bring her to climax. Each day she’d get on the bike. As the intensity of her orgasms increased, Cindy had to disguise her excitement. She learned to back-off strategically to avoid screaming and extend her bike-seat masturbation. As she walked away from the bicycle, her body was in heat. She was primed to fuck.

Whenever she was alone in the bike training room, Cindy would repeatedly lunge her pussy on the narrow neck of her bike-seat and conclude with an intense clitoral orgasm. Cindy did not know that the young employees of the Club loved watching her on the video monitor and even kept recordings of her best orgasms. These employees often shared the videos of Cindy’s bicycle masturbation with other Club members.

One day, following an incredible bicycle climax, she failed to realize the damp spot in the crotch of her new yoga pants. The wetness of the thin material clung to her pussy. Her cameltoe was on full display. As she walked through the entire club, everyone noticed but Cindy.

Each morning, on her way to her Club, Cindy stopped at Starbucks for a sexually stimulating triple shot espresso. Braless, Cindy loved the way her tits jiggled and bobbed as she moved. She felt sexy and desirable.

Today she met with a fitness trainer to design a weight training program for her. After 30 minutes of weightlifting and stretching, Cindy's trainer suggested a massage to help prevent stiffness.

The trainer introduced Cindy to a young muscular masseuse. This masseuse had watched all of Cindy’s bicycle masturbation videos. Accepting his offer of a free 30-minute massage, Cindy entered the masseuse’s dressing room and returned wrapped in only a large bath towel. She was instructed to lay flat on the table. Her mind began flashing to sexual scenarios as he massaged her body. Her nipples became hard and her wetness had a distinct aroma. The masseuse began to rub higher on her thighs, dangerously close to her vulva. Cindy’s heart was pounding when the timer went off.

"Do you have to stop?" Cindy asked. "I could use another half hour."

"I'll check,” The masseuse said.

Laying on a table for thirty minutes while a man slowly rubbed her body was exactly what Cindy needed.

When he returned, Cindy had raised her body up onto her elbows. This revealed her amazing breasts and erect nipples to the young masseuse.

"Yes, I have a half hour if you like." He said. “But that’s 30 dollars this time.”

"That sounds perfect." Cindy replied dropping back down. "I hope I can take it. You feel so good."

With that the masseuse began to rub her body again. The towel that had covered her nakedness was now barely covering her. Her tight ass was exposed, and she was more than willing to show her cleavage.

The handsome masseuse sensed the sexual tension. He wasn't sure if he should slip and touch her pussy or behave conservatively. He knew that she could react to a sexual advance by moaning in pleasure or crying "rape". He didn't want to chance it. He'd pretend not to notice her arousal. A wrong move would cost him his job and license. But his mind kept drifting to her videos.

He began to massage her upper back, then the sides of her torso. Her nipples were tight and desired attention. Cindy moaned softly to lure him in, but the masseuse kept his composure. Cindy had visions of his cock slipping into her mouth. The reality was that she was afraid, but her new life-plan was to take chances. Cindy raised herself up to her hands and knees. The towel dropped to the floor.

“Do you think you can rub a little deeper from this position?” She asked.

Silently the masseuse slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. His other hand expertly massaged her tits and nipples. He positioned himself in front of Cindy continuously rubbing her tits. Cindy’s hand unzipped his pants and pulled out his erection. Putting it into Cindy’s mouth, the masseuse began gently face-fucking her. The feel of a strange cock inspired her sucking. Her horny cunt convulsed as cum shot into her hungry mouth. Cindy moaned as she swallowed. The timer went off.

“MMMMmmmmm,” Cindy hummed. “I need another half hour.”

“Sorry I have a regular client next.” He replied. “She’s very punctual and demanding.”

“I get that.” Cindy said. “We’ll need to do this again. Soon.”

On the way home, Cindy stopped at Starbucks again. She took a small table, sipped her coffee, and fondly reminisced to the sexual exploits of her high school days. She was into heavy petting but limited the guys to second base. For Cindy, second base was very effective for her needs. During make-out sessions, her huge breasts and nipples were so sensitive that simple fondling would often trigger her orgasm. It was so intense that she'd get lost in her climax, nearly losing consciousness. When she regained her composure, she'd often find the guys hard cock in her hand as he fingered her cunt. Sometimes she'd find herself sucking cock or discover a tongue in her pussy.

Cindy remembered discovering her appetite for "titty-fucking" guys back then. She loved watching a cock slid between her massive tits and jabbing at her mouth. Cum shooting over her tits and face always triggered her orgasm. When Cindy recovered from her near black-out orgasms, she'd often find herself moaning in pleasure as the boy frantically fucked her tight little pussy. But, despite dozens of full intercourse encounters, scores of threesomes, and hundreds of blowjobs throughout high school and college, Cindy always insisted she never went past second base.

She remembered meeting Ron when she was at college. He titty fucked her on the first date and they were married six months later. Although he suspected that she was not a virgin, her "second base" stories assured him that he was marrying an inexperienced woman. Ron had a girl and a boy from his previous marriage.

At home one morning, following a coffee and “massage” at the fitness center, Cindy found a teenager knocking at her door looking to mow lawns. The yard looked neglected. The boy was eager to work and she agreed to hire him. Cindy drank her coffee as she gazed at the teenage boy mowing the lawn. On her second cup, Cindy felt her sexual urges intensify further. Her nipples and pussy were aroused. She continuously peered out the window. The teen had taken off his shirt. His body was thin, athletically lean, and finely muscled. As she watched intently, she was overcome by the urge to be naked. Cindy dropped her clothes to the floor as she returned to her voyeuristic position behind the sheer curtains. The teenager mowing her lawn had become her sexual fantasy. Watching him work from behind the curtains, softly fingering her clit, Cindy was near orgasm when the teen finished the lawn.

A knock on her door brought back reality. Cindy nearly opened the door before becoming aware of her nakedness.

"Just a minute," She said. Hurriedly kicking her thong under the table, she scrambled to put on her shorts and top.

"How did I do?" He asked when Cindy finally opened the door. "You can check it out if you want."

"I've been checking you out." Cindy said seductively. "You look really good. I'm impressed. "

"I what?" The boys questioned. “You checked it out already?”

"Oh." Cindy stammered. "You . . . I mean your work looks great. And yes, I’ve been watching."

"Would you like me to come next week?" He said. “I need the money to buy a bike."

She unwittingly stared at his crotch as she said "Yes" to his question. She definitely wanted to see him again.

Cindy glanced down at her own breasts. The tank top was tight on her. Her cleavage was in full view and her nipples were long and hard. Seeing her thong under the table, she bent over to pick them up, intently displaying her firm tits to the boy. She wanted to measure his interest.

Now holding her thong in her hand, she asked the boy what day he could do her again.

"What?" Was the answer as he gawked at the thong.

"What day would you like to do the lawn again?" She asked dangling her thong on her index finger.

"I can come anytime you want." He said staring at her nipples.

"Do you trim too?" She asked.

"I can do that too. I should have brought the trimmer with."

"My husband hasn’t taken care of much lately." Cindy replied. "You can do whatever you need to do."

“Oh,” He said. “You have a husband?”

“Yes,” Cindy replied, “But he isn’t around much, and he doesn’t get the job done when he is.”

"I could do it now, but I'd have to go home to get the lawn trimmer." He said.

"Sounds good." Cindy continued. "I love a good trim job."

"I'll be back in a few minutes." He said as he headed out the door.

Cindy felt very sexual. She felt young again. She disrobed and walked around the house naked waiting for his return. Cindy imagined the boy getting to second base. She pictured them together on the floor groping at a slow, sensual, steady pace. Cindy ached for a soothing climax.

The boy stopped at home to get the power trimmer but also took the time to Google "trim". He had heard the term used before and thought it sounded sexual. He was right. The urban dictionary said it was a term for getting pussy. He wondered if the woman wanted him to get in her pussy. He grabbed the trimmer and headed back to Cindy's house.

Cindy changed her clothes. She wore a sheer blouse that was never meant to be worn by itself. It was see-through, nearly transparent. She liked that. She also put on a very short skirt that was too small for her body. It belonged to her twenty-year-old stepdaughter. The skirt was very revealing and, with any movement or bending at all, she knew it would expose her ass and pussy.

When the boy knocked, Cindy answered the door with a predatory smile.

"Won't you come inside?" She asked.

As the boy entered, he replayed her words. "Did she mean cum?" He wondered. Either way his cock was now hard and could barely be contained by his shorts. Cindy noticed the telltale bulge.

With the door closed, Cindy hugged the boy pulling his face to her chest. His mouth settled on her right nipple and he began to suck her through the sheer blouse. Cindy moaned in approval as she slipped a hand down the backside of his shorts and felt his naked ass. The boy reciprocated by squeezing her ass.

That was all Cindy needed. Taking him by the hand she led him to her bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as they walked. Inside, she closed the door and hugged the boy to her naked tits. He sucked in one nipple then turned to the other. His hands cupped her breasts.

"MMMMmmmmm!" Cindy moaned. "I love second base."

With her skirt now up to her waist, the boy began to play with her pussy. Cindy immediately pushed him to his knees. Not knowing what to do, the boy stared at her cunt, watching her clitoris swell. Cindy pulled the boy's face to her vagina. His nose planted on her clit and his lips were tight on her vulva. He instinctively kissed her. His tongue licked into her vagina. Cindy moaned loudly. Cindy took off her blouse and unhooked her skirt. She then led the boy to her bed where she took down his shorts and underwear.

"Suck my nipples." She begged. "You can lick me anywhere you want!"

Cindy had no way to know that her son Martin was nearly home. With a tree falling on the cabin, crushing the roof, and knocking out power, Martin was getting back ten days early. He noticed the lawnmower and trimmer in the driveway and wondered what was up. Inside the house Martin noticed his stepmom's bedroom door closed. Faint noises were coming from inside her room.

"Sounds like sex." Martin thought. "No way. Dad's car isn’t even here."

Listening with his ear against the door, Martin could hear Cindy's voice. He then could hear smacking and sucking noises followed by his stepmom's moaning.

Martin then heard Cindy say, "Get on my chest and put your cock here."

"Don't you love second base?" Cindy asked the boy as she squeezed his cock between her tits. "You can cum on me."

"What the hell?" Martin wondered. "What is she doing. And who is she with?"

"MMMMmmmmmm!" Cindy hummed as the boy-cock slipped into her mouth. She was exhilarating to suck his cock. Even after the boy shot a load in her mouth, he stayed hard. Just what Cindy dreamed of.

Cindy now flipped positions with the boy and straddled his torso. Her pussy drained on his chest as she begged him to play with her tits.

Martin, still at the door, listened to every word. He was hard now and he rubbed his cock as he listened. "This was better than porn,” He said to himself.

Cindy slid down the boy's body as he fondled her tits. His hard cock slipped inside her eager pussy. The boy began urgent thrusts into Cindy's hot cunt. She leaned forward so the boy could suck her long firm nipples.

"MMMMMMMmmm!" Cindy moaned. "Boys love second base."

"Second base?" Martin wondered. "Sounds like a homerun."

Cindy's nipples initiated her orgasm followed by a vaginal contraction and second orgasm. Her first climax was painfully intense and nearly caused her to faint, but the second was gloriously pleasurable.

"Ohhhh fuck!" She screamed. "Uhhh . . . Uhhhh . . . UUhhhhhh!"

The boy shot a second load. Cindy's wonton cunt contracted and exploded one more time.

"Cum baby." Cindy told the boy - his hard cock still inside her. "You can fill me with cum any time you want. MMMMMMmmm."

Martin listened intently as his stepmom moaned. A few minutes later he heard Lawnboy say, “I can come back tomorrow.”

“You do that.” Cindy replied. “You did a good job. I have a lot of things that need attention.”

Thinking that it was over, he went to his room and shut the door. He still had no idea who was in her room.

"Fill me up with cum anytime? Did I hear that right?” Martin wondered. "Is she that horny?"

A minute later Martin heard her bedroom door open and voices. He heard a trimmer start and looked out the window to see the some teenager trimming the grass. "What the hell?" He thought again.

Cindy now noticed that Martin's door was closed and had an uneasy feeling that shit could soon be raining on her parade. Knocking on his door she hoped that she had been mistaken. "Maybe the door was closed before and I didn't notice," She thought.

When Martin answered the door, she stood in disbelief.

"When did you get home?' Cindy asked.

"About a half hour ago." Martin said.

Cindy suddenly realized that she was wearing her see-through blouse and the revealing miniskirt. "Why didn’t I change clothes?" She thought.

Martin’s eyes rested on the perfect tits he could see through her blouse. And, those tits were crowned with nipples that looked like the tip of a pinky finger.

“Did something happen?” She asked.

“Oh yes.” Martin replied. “A tree fell through the cabin roof and knocked out the power too.”

“Too bad your trip got cut short.” Cindy said. “Maybe after the cabin’s fixed you can try again.”

“For sure.” Her stepson replied. “I’m going back out in a few days to help. Who’s outside?”

"I hired the neighbor to mow the lawn." Cindy said trying to make small talk. "He's about finished. Looks good don't you think?"

"Yes, it looks good." Martin replied. "But what was he doing in your room?"

"Ahaaa, we were talking about what needed doing.” She replied.

"You didn't talk about much from what I heard." Martin replied.

"What did you hear?" Cindy said in a controlled panic.

"I heard talk about 'second base' and nipples." Martin continued. "Then I heard sucking noises. Lots of other sounds too. Maybe you should tell me what was going on."

"Look Martin, it's a long story. Remember you didn't see anything happen. And, to be honest, the boy did see my breasts." Cindy said with a misleading admission. "I didn't know that he could see through this blouse. He said he'd work for free if he could see my tits. But that's second base and it's all he got."

Admiring her body through the disheveled outfit, Martin thought for a minute. "So, you showed him your tits to get the grass cut? Why? How much can lawn mowing cost?"

"I don't know Martin. It just let it happen. He liked the way I looked." She said. "I was flattered. I liked the attention."

"I get that you are in great shape, but why did you let him into the bedroom? I can see your body right now." Martin said as he looked her up and down. Cindy’s breasts were swollen. Her areolae were bright pinkish-red, her erect nipples pushed out against the sheer fabric of her blouse. The short skirt showed her sexy legs. "I get that he wanted to see more of you."

As Cindy talked, uncomfortable to be confronted by her stepson, she began to move. The short tight skirt rode up as she squirmed. Aware that her pussy could soon to be on display, Cindy shuffled around and turned her back to Martin. As she continued fidgeting, the skirt crept over her beautiful ass cheeks. Feeling naked in front of her stepson, Cindy turned again, grabbed the hem of her skirt, and pulled down sharply to cover herself. The force broke the waist clasp and the skirt fell to the floor. Cindy froze in a panic then quickly squatted down to pull up her skirt. Awkwardly trying to cover herself, Cindy lost balance and slowly rolled on to her back. Free of the skirt, her legs splayed, and her pussy was on full display to her stepson.

Feeling oddly aroused, Cindy held her exhibitionist position and watched Martin’s reaction. Martin fixated on the fresh boy-cum draining out of her slit.

"Up here Martin." Cindy’s voice purred as she cupped her breasts. "Second base is all he got! Up here Martin, up here!"

"It's hard to believe that this is second base." Martin replied still staring at her gaping pussy.

Cindy slowly brought her legs together. "Sorry Martin." She apologized. "This just happened. I didn't plan anything."

"So, it could just happen at any time?" Martin asked as Cindy nodded. “But why?”

“Because your father doesn’t give me any sex!” Cindy said sternly. “I need to be satisfied as much as he does, but all he knows is take take take.”

“But you are a complete MILF.” Martin replied. “Why wouldn’t dad want you?”

Cindy struggled awkwardly to her feet, holding her skirt in place with one hand.

“He has, but it’s brief.” Cindy said. “I need time to get going. I need to be caressed, kissed and hugged. I need foreplay! And I need time to get there. I need time to feel satisfied.”

Martin put his arms around his stepmother and gave her a gentle hug. Cindy responded with a strong hug of her own. Her breasts pressed against his chest. Cindy could feel the firm pressure of Martin’s growing erection against her leg.

“Would you care for a cup of coffee?” She whispered in Martin’s ear. “Let’s talk and I’ll answer all your questions.”

Releasing Martin from her embrace, she walked to the kitchen holding the skirt. Cindy’s bush and ass were still partially visible, and her transparent blouse continued to show off her wonderful tits.

Cindy brewed a pot and poured two cups. Both took chairs at the table and peered into each other’s eyes.

“So, Martin, what would you like to know?” Cindy asked sipping her coffee. The caffeine intensified her mood.

“So, you don’t think dad loves you anymore?” Martin asked.

“It seems that way some days, but I’m not sure.” She replied. “It’s more about Ron being selfish in the bedroom. Otherwise it’s okay, but not like it used to be.”

“He doesn’t care about you when you’re in bed?” Martin asked.

“That’s closer to the truth, I think.” Cindy said. “He can’t last long in bed and loses interest in sex after he’s satisfied. Ron won’t even have intercourse now. It’s all oral on my part and tit-play on his part. And, lawnboy didn’t lose any interest after he had his fun. He would have done anything I asked. Maybe some things I wouldn’t have to beg for.”

“Why don’t you ask dad?” He said.

“I do.” Cindy replied. “He always says he’s tired or has to get up early. It’s always something that keeps him from satisfying me.” She continued. “Like I said, selfish. It’s all about his orgasm. Young men can continue even if they have an orgasm. They just want more of it. They want to try new things and are willing to do what they are told.”

“Are you saying that lawnboy satisfied you?” He asked.

“Yes, he did.” Cindy replied as she sipped her coffee. “I’m full of energy and want to try new things. I want more. I’m always eager to give, but I want to hear someone beg me for sex. I want to feel desired. I want someone who craves my body and I want to be satisfied in return.”

“You really need that.” Her stepson said. “I never thought about it that way.”

“Did you know you are easy to talk to?” She said. “Women, girls, find that very sexy. It really helps having someone to share with. It’s relaxing. It makes women feel affectionate.”

“I can’t believe that dad would turn you down.” Martin said. “I can’t imagine not wanting you. You are a definite MILF.”

“So, Martin.” Cindy said after finishing her coffee. “Are you saying that I’m a mother you’d like to fuck?”

Cindy didn’t wait for a reply. She got up, letting the skirt fall to the floor and poured another cup of coffee. This time she drank quickly watching Martin’s reaction.

“You’re not my real mother.” Martin said after a long pause.

“Am I a step-MILF? Cindy asked.

“A hot step-MILF.” He replied with a nod. “For sure.”

“A compliment.” Cindy said. “You are very sweet to say that. It makes me feel attractive. It’s sexy.”

Martin got up from his chair and hugged Cindy tight. Cindy could feel his erection pushing into her thigh. She reached down, and squeezed his cock through his jeans.

“That feels so good, Martin.” She said rubbing his erect cock. “You know that I have to suck your father’s cock to get him hard. He is never this hard. And after he cums, he gets so soft that I can’t get him hard again. I suck him and suck him and suck him, but nothing.”

“That is so weird.” Martin replied.

“Would you stay hard if a woman was sucking your cock?” Cindy asked. “Your jeans are so tight. Let me get that out for you.”

Cindy unzipped his jeans, pulling them and his briefs down, allowing his erection to spring free. She moaned seductively stroking his hard cock. Martin’s hands roamed Cindy’s cunt as she tenderly played with his erection. Breathing became heavy.

“That feels good Martin.” Cindy panted. “I love the way you touch me. Can we do something Martin?”


“Let me suck your cock.” Cindy requested as she masturbated her stepson. “You see how long you can go without cumming. But when you are ready, cum in my mouth. If you stay hard, we will try some other things.”

Cindy got to her knees and unbuttoned her blouse. Her nipples brushed against Martin’s erection. She pressed her tits together surrounding her stepson’s hard cock. Martin began tit fucking her sexy breasts. Bobbing her head to meet his cock, Cindy sucked the flared tip into her lips. The wonderful sensations she provided were no match for his desire. Cum blasted into her mouth and Cindy swallowed it all.

“That was so good sweetie.” Cindy said with cum dripping from her mouth. “Am I still the stepmother you’d like to fuck?”

Standing up, Cindy hugged and kissed Martin. His hands wrapped around her ass and pulled her tight to him. Pushing off on her tiptoes, Cindy’s slit nuzzled the tip of her stepson’s erection. She screamed as the fat cockhead penetrated her vagina. Her legs wrapped around his thighs as her cunt engulfed his erection. They fucked standing in the kitchen. Wrestling her to the floor, Martin rolled her on to her back and fucked her missionary style. Minutes later Cindy took control, switched to the top position, and rode her stepson like a fucktoy. Cindy fingered her clit as she bounced on the hard cock. Minutes later Cindy’s stepson shot another load of boycum into her body. Cindy rolled to her side, onto the floor, holding Martins still-hard cock like a handle.

“That’s what I’m talking about sweetie.” Cindy said huffing and puffing. “This step-MILF needed that.”

Martin laid on his back catching his breath. His cock was soaked in the cream that drained as they fucked. Cindy continued to fondle his cock.

I have a request Martin.” Cindy stated. “Lick my clit sweetie. Mommy likes to be licked and daddy doesn’t make it happen.”

Still eager to prove himself, Martin put his face between her legs and began tongue-slurping everywhere. Cindy’s hands directed him to her ultra-sensitive clit-button and held him there. Martin’s tongue never stopped.

“Oh, my fucking god!” Cindy screamed as he licked. “Oh, fuck sweetie. Oh, that’s so good. MMMMmmmm!”

Inspired, Martin licked imaginatively, swirling his tongue and sucking her clit.

Cindy exploded in orgasm, self-indulging, intense, and satisfying.

“Do you understand my needs now, Martin?” Cindy asked with a smile.

“I get it.” Martin replied with a snicker. “I totally get it now.”

That evening, when Ron returned from work, he wasn’t interested in sex. The coffee had worn off and Cindy was happy with the situation, but still willing to do anything Ron wanted. Both slept well. In the morning, following Ron’s exit to work, Cindy left for her tennis club where she had an early appointment for a bikini wax. She was going to get the “Bermuda Triangle” which would leave her very smooth with a small triangular patch of fur above her clit. One point of the triangle pointed down. Cindy surmised that it looked like an invitation to explore her pussy, which it was. On the way home she stopped at Starbucks for a triple espresso and immediately felt a sexual rush from the caffeine boost.

Once home, Cindy put on a pot of her favorite French Roast and went to see if Martin was up. He was still sleeping. With the lower covers kicked away, boxers could not hide his strong erection. The look on his face and the movements on his body made Cindy certain that he was having a sexual dream. Cindy licked her lips as she studied her stepson.

Returning to the kitchen, Cindy aggressively sipped her coffee. Half a pot later, feeling very warm and sexy, she undressed, dropping her clothes to the floor. Cindy visualized her stepson as she fondled her large mug of coffee. Returning to her stepson’s room, Cindy was instantly mesmerized by the outline of his cock. Watching him as she sipped her coffee, her urge to fuck intensified. Goosebumps rose on her body in anticipation. Setting her coffee down, Cindy knelt bedside and fondled Martin’s cock through his boxers. When his eyes opened, Cindy jiggled her large firm tits, smiled, and squeezed his cock. Her stepson’s erection surged in her hand. Her nipples stiffened and her face blushed. Pulling off his boxers, Cindy climbed on top and slid his cock into her warm wet hole. Like riding a bronco, she bucked and thrust in exaggerated motions. Laying her big tits on his chest, she sucked on his earlobe and whispered, “I’ve got something good to eat. Interested?”

Her stepson’s fucking intensified. Cindy pushed her body up, arched her back, and jutted her tits out. She rode him like a jockey fighting for the finish line.

As Cindy began to cum, her cunt wiggled and ground into her stepson’s cock.

“Cum for me sweetie!” Cindy moaned. “Fill me up baby. I love your cock. Fill me with cum! MMMmmm!”

Martin’s convulsive orgasm threw Cindy off his cock. Cindy quickly turned trying to catch spirting jiz in her mouth. Wrapping her lips around his swollen cockhead, she slurped the remaining cum that oozed from the tip of his knob.

Climbing back on top, Cindy planted her cunt over her stepson’s face and lowered her pussy to his lips.

“Here’s your breakfast.” Cindy announced.

Martin’s tongue lapped at her wet slit. Cindy lowered her cunt further, gently pushing her swollen clitoris against his nose. Cindy’s hips undulated as his tongue probed her vagina. Grabbing the headboard with both hands, orgasms shook her body. Cindy’s juices flooded her stepson’s face. His nose still tight against her clit, triggered waves of orgasms. Cindy lifted her left leg over Martin’s head and slipped back onto the bed. Smiling and laughing, huffing and puffing, she stared blankly at the ceiling in a contented trance.

“Hope you enjoyed breakfast.” Cindy said. “Now let’s get some coffee.”

“Sure.” Martin replied as he climbed out of bed and pulled on his boxers.

Still naked, Cindy poured a large mug of coffee for herself. Martin opted for orange juice.

“Do you know what a double-team is?” She asked as the caffeine kicked in.

“Like in basketball?” He asked. “Like when two guys go after one guy to force him give-up the ball?”

“Yes Martin.” She relied with a big smile. “That’s right. But I’d be the one you two go after and you won’t have to force me to give it up.”

“What other guy?” Martin asked in a confused manner. “And what are we playing?”

“Well, I was thinking about my lawnboy.” She continued. “He’s coming back today. And the game is called double penetration.”

“You mean like, me and him with you in bed?” Martin asked in a surprised tone.

“You get the picture.” Cindy said. “I think it sounds like fun. How do you feel about it?”

“It’s kind of kinky, isn’t it? Martin replied.

“The word kinky makes me want it more.” Cindy said. “Do you like the idea? Don’t answer, just stand up.”

As Martin stood, his willingness was evident by his erection. The cock-head was peeking out above the waistband.

“I’d say you are into it.” Cindy continued. “I think I can convince lawnboy. You think?”

“No problem.” Martin replied. “But isn’t double penetration about anal sex?”

“Not always, but that’s what I want.” Cindy explained. “You can fuck me dog style while I blow lawnboy. That’s also a double.”

“That is so hot.” Martin said.

“Or you can fuck my ass while lawnboy fucks my pussy.” Cindy went on. “Or the other way around. That might be better since his cock is slim.”

“Could we go to a porn site and watch this?” Martin asked.

“You need a little instruction?” Cindy laughed. “Don’t worry. The more you screw it up the better it gets.”

“Let’s look anyway.” Martin replied.

“Whatever you need Martin.” Cindy assured. “Whatever you need. We could even practice. Let me make some more coffee and then we’ll watch some anal play.”

“Play?” Martin questioned. “Sounds hardcore to me.”

“Sweetie, come here.” Cindy commanded as she put her arms around him and hugged her tits to his chest. “Let me have your thumb.”

Cindy took Martin’s thumb and sucked it into her mouth, bathing it in saliva. Taking it out of her mouth she directed it to her ass opening.

Pressing it in, his thumb slipped into her anal cavity.

“Do you feel mommy’s anal hole? Push your thumb into me sweetie. MMMmmmmm good.”

Martin responded by pushing it to the second knuckle.

“Now put your other thumb into my pussy.” Cindy directed. Ohh that’s good! Now wiggle your thumbs sweetie.” Cindy said as she felt the movement inside her. “MMMMmmm . . . Wiggle baby . . . That’s so good. It’s even hotter with two cocks. Now go wash your hands. We are going to have breakfast. Real food this time. I’m starved.”

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