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  1. Becky and Scott part 1
  2. Becky and Scott part 2

Becky and Scott part 2

Categories Fiction

Author: Echoes Valentia

Published: 11 September 2019

  • Font:

Scott walked into their dorm room and noticed Becky was crying with a letter in her hand as she was underneath her covers. "You ok?" Scott asked wondering why Becky is crying. Becky pulled the sheets over her head and gave Scott a letter. "It's from a friend" Becky said as Scott looked at it.

"Dear Becky I hate to tell you that I can't date you. I'm sorry I couldn't be faithful so you're free to do as you wish. I found someone whose shown me a new definition on the word love. Please enjoy your life - Jason" Scott said reading the letter. "Ouch..." "That ass...We said we'd try and stay faithful" Becky said. "So what the hell am I?" Scott asked. "Look, Right now, I don't know what we are... I just need to be alone" Becky said as she lied down with the sheets over her head.

Scott rubbed Becky's body gently "it'll b ok" Scott said comforting her. "No it's not" Becky said. Scott began rubbing his hand up Becky's body and started to squeeze her breasts gently. "Come on... You know now that you're single you can be with me and have my cock anytime you want right?" Scott said. Becky was blushing and bit her lip. "if he wants to be dumb and leave someone as hot as fuck and has the best body in the world with the most perfect busty tits then that's his loss" Scott said as he kisses the back of Becky's head through the sheets.

Becky was blushing even more. Scott smiled and moves his hand and places it on Becky's breast and very gently squeezed it knowing it'll turn Becky on. Becky let out a soft moan as he began groping her breasts. Scott smiled and kisses her cheek as he groped Becky slowly. "does someone want some tender love and care?" Scott asked offering to fuck Becky.

Becky took off the covers still blushing and nodded. Scott pulled the sheets off more and saw Becky in a bra and a slightly see through white tank top and shorts that cut off at the top of her legs. "That's my girl" Scott said as he kissed Becky pressing his crotch into Becky. Becky began kissing Scott as she made out with him. Scott pushed Becky onto her back and looked at her with lust filling his eyes. Becky noticed this as Scott pinned her down and kissed her. Becky bit her lip as she looked into Scott's lust filled eyes as they were glued to Becky's breasts almost drooling.

"your tank top is a bit see through" Scott said. "If you want I can pull your face into them" Becky offered knowing Scott is a sucker for her tits. Scott lifted up Becky's tank top and took off her bra and pulled it back down as he pulled out a bottle of lube and began pouring it on Becky's tits making both her and her tank top well lubricated. Becky was blushing as Scott was rubbing her breasts groping them as he did. "I know I like what I see" Scott said as he kissed Becky taking off his shirt with his cock sticking out of his shorts a bit. Scott kissed Becky deeply and groped her tits and kissed her neck pushing his crotch into hers making her moan. Becky made a small shiver as she felt Scott's touch. Scott put one of his hands down between Becky's legs and rubbed her shorts kissing her deeply and made out with her.

Becky moved her hips closer to Scott's hand as he rubbed her inner thighs slowly moving his hand up and down her legs. "Your legs so soft and supple" Scott said nuzzling her neck. "Just like the rest of your sexy body" Scott said Becky was blushing heavily as Scott nuzzled her neck making her moan. "T-Thank you" Scott nuzzled her neck more and began grind his hips into her pussy as he groped Becky's chest.

Scott buried his face into her tits and rubbed his face into them and grinned his hips more as his cock poked Becky. Becky moaned as she grinned her hips into Scott's. "fuck..." "How bad do you want my cock to enter your sweet pussy and fuck you up good?" Scott said kissing Becky deeper. "Very badly" Becky moaned. Scott lifted her legs up and takes her shorts off along with his shorts. "Want me to fuck you as you are now? or in a specific position?" Scott asked Becky what position he was going to fuck her in.

"I don't care... just fuck me" Becky said as she rubbed her pussy staring at Scott's monster cock. "With pleasure" Scott said as he pushed his cock balls deep inside of Becky and moved fast inside her making her body bounce a little with each movement as he nuzzled her neck gently moaning into it. "OH fuck..." Becky moaned. Scott moved faster and groped Becky's tits. "You have no idea how much I'd b fucking you if you were mine and we were living together" Scott said kissing Becky deeply as he buried his face into her tits and sucked on her nipple strongly.

Becky kissed back moaning. "fuck, you are SOOO good at this" Becky said as she began groping her breasts together. "Thanks" Scott said as he moved faster inside her. "do you wanna be on top and really ride my cock?" Scott offered. Becky blushed "I-I only did it once..." Becky said knowing she would have to take Scott's monster cock balls deep with each movement. "Just relax. All you need to do is bounce on my cock like you want it" Scott said kissing Becky deeply. "You can face me so i can watch your beautiful body bounce on me or face away from me and i can grope your tits while you do" Scott said. "Will you help me??" Becky said unsuringly "Of course" Scott said. "Which way do you wanna face? With your back to me or do you just wanna role over?"

"I wanna face you..." Becky said. Scott rolled over so Becky on top and he was on bottom and places one hand on her ass rubbing it gently and slapped it as he used Becky's hips and guided her ass as Scott penetrated her ass. Becky moaned wildly as she moved her hips. "There you go...that's it..." Scott said as he kissed Becky deeply as he moved a lil faster making Becky's tits bounce with each movement and drooling more as his eyes lock onto Her big busty tits as they bounced. Becky closed her eyes and kissed Scott moaning as she kissed him. Scott wrapped his hands around Becky and held her back with and pressed her body into his as he moved his hips faster increasing the pace Becky was going. Scott kissed her deeply.

Becky was moaning uncontrollably from the pleasure and her body gave her a crashing orgasm. Scott moved faster inside of Becky and came inside of her ass hard. "Damn that was a good one" Scott said as his cock squirted with some force into Becky. "Wanna keep going like last time?" Scott offered. Becky was panting from her orgasm. "I'm exhausted" Becky said as she kissed Scott deeper then they ever kissed. "You are such a great fuck you know that" Becky said as she looked into Scott's eyes.

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Becky and Scott part 2

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