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Halloween Party

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Young

Author: catissitting

Published: 11 September 2019

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I rolled my eyes as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. “I can’t believe you’re dragging me to do this, Amy.”

My bright blonde roommate gave me a grin. “I promise, we’ll have fun. You need a man, dressing in a slutty Halloween costume with me is how you’re going to get one.”

I looked at the barely there white dress she was wearing with a halo perched on top of her head. Amy’s slight frame could pull it off. I wasn’t so sure I could. “I feel like the entire world can see my ass,” I said, trying to contort myself in the reflection of the mirror so I could see how bad the situation was.

“Staci, that’s the point.” It was Amy’s turn to roll her eyes. “You make a hot little devil. Besides, you need some spice in your life.”

I tugged the sides of my dress down, to no avail. Amy picked up her keys and wallet and stood at the door, waiting for me. The saving grace of tonight would be that the party was only across campus, so I could always run back to our room as soon as Amy let me out of her sight. I followed her out the door into the cool fall weather.


The party was already in full swing by the time we got there. I was happy to see I wasn’t the only girl wearing barely anything, and as soon as the drinks started flowing, I found myself caring less and less. Amy was a pretty amazing wing woman, and guy after guy was coming to dance with us. As Amy was chatting up a pair of guys dressed as firefighters, I looked across the room and immediately locked eyes with someone else dressed in red. A smile spread across his face, and I felt a warmth in my chest (or was that just the eighth rum and coke?).

Not taking my eyes off him, I started squeezing through the crowd. My chest grew tighter as I got closer to him. It was one thing dancing with countless nameless gym rats that Amy brought to me but bringing chemistry into the equation was something else. Maybe Amy was right, that this would be the night I found a man.

I finally made my way across the dance floor. He was still smiling as I came up to him. “I’m Alex. I hope you’re as naughty as your outfit is.”

As much as my brain wanted to hate the cheesiness of his pickup line, my body disagreed. I felt my breath quiver, and my panties felt suddenly damp. I opened my mouth to respond, but my brain was blank. He could tell – his smile grew wider. I bit my lip, then stood on my tip toes to kiss him.

As soon as my lips met his, his arms pulled me close, one hand finding the perfect spot on my back and the other tangling in my hair to pull me closer. I let my tongue deeper into his mouth – he tasted like beer. His hand moved down to my ass, grabbing me and pressing me closer to him. I could feel his bulge through his jeans. My panties were almost soaked through. His hand slipped up my skirt, playing with the edges of my lacy underwear. I moved my hands to his pants, wanting nothing more than to get my hands on his cock I could feel getting harder and harder through his pants. He pulled his mouth off mine and put his mouth close to my ear.

“We need to go somewhere alone this fucking second,” he growled, slipping his hands under my panties to grab my ass even tighter. I silently nodded, and he turned, parting a path through the crowd towards the door.

“I live just on the other side of campus,” I started, yelling to be heard over the music.

“I can’t wait that long,” Alex said. I could see he was breathing heavily. All I could think about was the cock that I so badly wanted to let out to play with. He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side. He shoved open the bathroom door and pulled me into a stall, pushing me up against the wall and putting his mouth back on mine. My hands were at his bulge again, quickly undoing his pants and pulling them down. I moaned softly as I pulled his dick out and wrapped my hands around it, imagining what it would feel like slipping into me. One of his hands played with my nipples through my dress, making me moan into his mouth. The other slipped beneath my skirt again, and I felt him groan as he felt how soaked my panties were. I pulled away from him slightly, moving to get down on my knees. His hands were in my hair again, pulling me back up. “No time for that, I need to fuck you right now.”

He turned me around, putting my hands against the wall and pulling my ass against him. He pulled my panties to the side, and I felt his cock pushing against my slit. I gasped as he melted inside me, my wetness surrounding his cock. His hands tightened on my hips as he pushed himself deeper, and I couldn’t help but moan as his cock filled me, not caring who else could hear me. He moved his hand forward to my clit, and my legs started to tremble as he stroked me in perfect time with his cock thrusting inside me. I bit my lip, trying not to moan too loudly as he got me closer and closer to cumming. His thrusts got faster and faster, his fingers still massaging my clit perfectly, my whole body shivering with anticipation. “I’m so fucking close,” I stammered. He responded by slamming my ass against his hips even harder, and I lost control. “Fuuuuuck,” I moaned as I came, feeling my muscles tighten around his cock and my legs shake. He pulled me even closer as I felt his cock begin to pulse, filling me with warmth. I moaned as I felt his cum fill me, as he pushed even deeper to make sure I got every last drop.

I leaned against the wall, trying to catch my breath. He was still inside me, cum starting to leak out around his still hard cock. I slowly stood back up, sighing with sadness as his cock left me. I turned to look at him – his eyes were still wide, his heart still beating fast. It was my turn to smile at him. “You’re not done with me yet?”

He laughed. “Not if you don’t want me to be.”

I pulled my panties back on and adjusted my dress. “Let’s go back to my room.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. He rebuttoned his jeans as we rushed out of the bathroom together out into the night. I could see him glancing down at my tits, nipples hard from the cold air and visible through my dress. His cum dripped down my thigh, my pussy already begging to be filled again. We finally got back to my dorm building, and I fumbled with the key as Alex slid his hands back under my dress. Finally unlocking the door, I pulled him inside, his hands still exploring my body. We rushed over to my bed, my hands at his crotch again, working to let his cock free so it could get back to its perfect place inside me. I jumped into bed and pulled him on top of me as I took off his jeans and immediately started stroking his cock. He moaned as he slipped my dress off my head and immediately brought his mouth to my nipple, sucking it lightly. His other hand slipped under my panties, two fingers sliding effortlessly into my pussy, wet from a mixture of his cum and my excitement. I bucked my hips against him, quietly begging for him to slip his dick back in. He slid off my panties and I guided his cock into my slit, gasping as it filled me. I wrapped my legs around him, moaning every time he went deeper and deeper inside me. My hands traveled up his arms, digging my nails into his biceps every time he hit that perfect spot with his cock.

I could feel another orgasm building, my pussy gushing with wetness as I got closer and closer. I moaned, trying to stay quiet enough that the neighbours wouldn’t hear. He put a hand over my mouth, smiling. “Be as loud as you want, sexy.” I moaned into his hand, feeling my pussy tighten around him as the tension built in my hips. He thrust faster, and I felt his thighs tightening – he was close too. I pulled him even closer, and he gasped as he thrust into me, pulling my hips close as he filled me with cum again.

He started thrusting more slowly as his orgasm ended. My legs shook with anticipation – did he know how he was keeping my right on the edge? “Make me cum, baby,” I begged him. He smiled down at me and kept thrusting slowly. His hand slowly wandered down to my clit, caressing it. I whimpered and tightened my legs around him. I wanted to cum on his cock so fucking badly.

His fingers started moving faster, and his thrusts started going deeper. I bit down on my lip, trying not to scream. I felt my pussy tighten, and I moaned as I felt the orgasm wash over me. “Oh fuck,” I heard him mutter, and I felt his cock pumping me full again, his warmth spreading deeper into me.

I slowly unwrapped my legs from around his back, shaking slightly. He was panting, cock still buried inside me. A slight film of sweat covered his chest and his hair was sticking out in a million directions. I sighed as he slowly pulled away from me, feeling his cum he had filled me with inside me. He lay down beside me, his hand stroking my thigh. “That was amazing,” he purred into my ear. I felt myself blush. “We should do it again some time.”

I felt my pussy gush, getting me wet all over again. “Yeah, we should,” I stammered, trying to breathe deeply to calm myself down. He chuckled, and slid an arm around me, fingers finding their way between my legs.

He smiled as he felt my wetness. “How about right now?”

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Halloween Party

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