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Shown Off: Chapter 1-3

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Exhibitionism, Female solo

Author: Sarah_shriner

Published: 11 September 2019

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Disclaimer: All characters can be assumed as being over 18 years old.

I'd love to hear feedback. It drives me to write more. Please email me at ss**********************m

Chapter 1: How it started

Josh was my first boyfriend. He was everything I dreamed of in a guy. He was strong, handsome and funny. I did my best to make him happy.

We were both in high school. I met him at the football pre-season party. I was a cheerleader who totally fell for him. My friends got really jealous when they found out I was dating him.

After a few weeks of dating, both of us lost our virginities together. And after that, we fucked like rabbits. I was already on birth control for my skin so Josh was able to fuck me whenever he wanted. And I enjoyed giving him pleasure. In our small town, it's not like we had much else to do.

It was a weekday night and I'd just been fucked silly by Josh after school. As I put on my clothes, I couldn't find my panties. We looked all over with no success.

"It's ok babe, I'll bring them once I find them, " Josh assured me.

I was wearing a sundress that day so I had no issues going without my panties. Josh walked me home and we decided to take a shortcut through the woods.

While walking through the trail, I tripped. Like a massive fall.

I was on my back with my dress pulled up to my belly, pussy completely exposed. And to make matters worse, an older man walked by us. He got a full view of my shaved pussy.

The man laughed.

"Uh oh, better cover yourself up!"

I turned as red as a tomato. I scrambled to get up and be decent. Josh pulled me up and there was a strange look in his eye. He looked extremely excited. He hugged me close.

His heart was going a mile a minute. And I felt his big bulge against my stomach. He was horny beyond anything I'd seen.

Without any words, he took my hand and pulled me off the trail and into the trees.

"Josh what are you doing .."

My voice trailed off as Josh pushed me onto the ground that was relatively soft.

He hiked my dress up roughly, exposing me from the neck down. He yanked my bra down, my 32C breasts plopped out.

I heard him unzip his pants as he simultaneously put my legs on his shoulders.

I bit my lip as his large cock entered my pussy for the second time that day. Normally Josh was a gentle lover. But in that moment, he was ravishing me.

I came hard on his cock just as he unloaded another thick load into my hole.

He collapsed next to me. Little did I know that one innocuous fall would shape my sex life going forward.

Chapter 2: Forest fuckings

For the next few weeks, it was clear something had changed in Josh. It was like his fetish was realized. Almost all of our fucking occurred in the park. At first, we would go deep in the woods and I'd just have my dress pulled up and rammed.

But slowly I found myself getting more and more naked. I would protest but Josh would always convince me. I’m not sure why he had the power over me that he did.

And I also noticed that the distance from the trail was getting shorter and shorter. It scared the hell out of me but all it took was a "Please baby, for me?" and I was putty in his hands.

So that was how I ended up totally naked, riding Josh's cock on the actual trail in broad daylight. And it should be noted that Josh was fully dressed, he enjoyed it when it was just me being naked.

I was terrified someone would see us. Josh on the other hand, seemed very nonchalant about it.

I still remember that fuck. I was sweaty, terrified and incredibly aroused that I had done so much to please Josh. I still remember the look of pure pleasure in his face as I impaled myself on his cock over and over.

But I realize now that I was complicit in increasing Josh's appetite for risky behavior.

Chapter 3: A new wardrobe

Josh embraced our new dynamic of him pleading and me acquiescing to his demands.

It was a Saturday right after my public trail fuck. Josh picked me up in his father's old pickup. I asked him where we were going but he was acting coy.

We drove over to the next town and went to a department store. I was thrilled, I had some shopping to do. But once inside, Josh took out nearly $250 and said he was going to buy me new clothes.

"Oh Josh, you spoil me," I remember naively telling him.

"But I get to pick them out, ok babe?"

I agreed of course, not knowing his real intention. I did my own shopping and met him at the fitting rooms where he had a small pile of clothes.

We went to the attendant, a young man, so he could count the items before we got a fitting room.

I could feel the heat radiating off my face as I saw what Josh had picked out. The attendant gave a knowing smirk as he counted 4 outfits skimpier than the last. I couldn't even look at the man.

"Nice choice," the man remarked as he handed me the last item, a bikini.

I rushed inside. Josh followed me into the fitting room. I wanted to object to all of the clothes but he gave his signature puppy dog pout and I couldn't say no.

Slowly I took off my dress and started trying on the first item. It was basically a tube top that showed off way too much midriff.

"Josh...my bra straps will show in this."

"Well obviously silly. That's why you don't wear one."

And with that he expertly unhooked my bra, allowing it to fall to the ground.

I swallowed nervously and put the top on. Now my, my boobs aren't double Ds, but they were straining against the thin fabric. If you looked closely, my areola were visible against the light pink.

I looked at Josh incredulously. There was no way this was decent to wear outside.

But before I could voice my opinion Josh said we should try the full length mirror outside. I was in just my panties but I knew Josh wouldn't take no as an answer. I hesitantly peeked out and walked to the mirror. It looked scandalously revealing. Josh stepped behind me and squeezed my breasts.

I instinctively moaned and protested.

"Shh, he'll hear you," Josh whispered in my ear.

I bit my lip as I let Josh manhandle my breasts. After a minute of massaging and pulling at my nipples, they were sticking out prominently through the top.

"Perfect," Josh said cheekily.

We walked back to the fitting room with my head hung low.

I tried on another top. A tank top that seemed to show off way too much cleavage. He tested it by easily pulling my boobs out from the top and nodded approvingly.

I awkwardly stuffed my boobs back in and grabbed the skirt on the hook.

"Nah ah ah", Josh teased.

I felt him his hook his fingers on either side of my panties and braced myself as he yanked them down.

I shuddered as he rubbed my clit.

"Why do you say no when you're so wet haha".

I couldn't respond. It was true.

The skirt had a zip in the side and a snap button on the top to secure it.

I put it on, shocked that it came up only mid thigh. I twirled for Josh and he didn't look happy.

"Excuse me, can we get assistance here?"

I was mortified as Josh held the door open and the attendant came in.

I saw the man's eyes grow wide as he took in the sight. My still hard nipples straining against the low cut tank top and wearing a skirt that was too short. I looked like a hooker.

"Hi, do you have a skirt in a smaller size?"

Was he serious?

Apparently he was.

"Of course sir, what size is that one?"

Josh turned me around and stuck the tag out, pulling the skirt slightly open. The attendant invited himself to look at the tag, and my bare ass crack in the process.

I was humiliated.

"Ok so that's a small. I'll try to find an extra small."

He ran off eagerly. I was furious. I was stewing while we waited. Josh just stood outside.

He came back in with the new skirt. I looked ridiculous in it. It hung low on my hips and stopped right above my crotch. My ass was barely covered. If I hadn't shaved, a large part of my bush would've been exposed.


At least Josh was happy.

I saw the familiar look in his eyes and felt his cock pressing against my ass. He pulled me out to the mirror outside again. I knew I couldn't stop him.

He pulled my boobs out the top and bent me over. My ass and slit were instantly exposed.

I covered my mouth as he entered me. Apparently all the humiliating exposure had made me dripping wet. He slid right in.

He pounded me in silence for 10 mins. I looked at myself in the mirror get used like a plaything. My boobs swayed forward with each thrust. Partway through I noticed the attendant watching from the corner of the reflection. I made eye contact with Josh and realized he noticed him too.

But none of us said anything. Instead, Josh increased his grip on my waist, quickened his pace and came inside me. He pulled out and made me suck him clean. He then pulled me into a deep kiss and thanked me over and over.

The old Josh was back. And I felt amazing that I'd pleased him so well.

I was so tired I didn't even say anything as I tried on the too small bikini. The attendant winked at me as we walked past him. I was horrified. We purchased the clothes and went home, exhausted but satisfied.

Please email me at s**********************m with comments and suggestions.

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Shown Off: Chapter 1-3

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