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Vanessa Hudgens reality show slut.

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Latina

Author: Barry Gregor

Published: 11 September 2019

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Vanessa Hudgens had arrived early at the sci-fi convention. She checked in to her room and was escorted to her room by staff members. After settling into her room she went out on the town sightseeing and having dinner. On the way back to her hotel she was met by a group of teenaged girl fans. The ten girls surrounded her begging for autographs. They moved her to the elevator and maneuvered her into it. As the elevator rose one of the girls told her she was their captive. Arriving on Vanessa's floor they herded her towards her room.

The main girls searched her for her room key and finding it unlocked the door. The group entered and shut the door then moved her to the bed. The group stripped Vanessa's clothes until she stood naked. She was layed on the bed and cuffed spread eagled to the bed. Vanessa tried pleading with them but they only laughed. The girls brought out a shaving kit and shaved her vagina smooth. The girls worked on Vanessa's body applying make up and stimulating gels. As the group did this the girl in charge spoke to Vanessa.

So you Latina slut you maybe rich and famous but your true self is about to go public. A round blow job gag was forced into her mouth and they wrote on her stomach “fuck me , fulfill my gang rape fantasy”. Then they left leaving the door unlocked with a sign on the door that said -come in all are welcome young and old , male and female. Use me as you will. Finally before leaving the lead girl called the front desk and explained that she would be hosting a party for her new movie in which she had been cast so please ignore any noise over the weekend and please charge my on file card to rent the whole floor and send up a variety of food and drinks over the weekend.

Hearing this Vanessa sobbed the young women left. It was not long before the first person entered her room. It was actually a pair of sixteen year old brothers and their twin sister. They moved to the bed and began exploring Vanessa's body with their hands then their mouths. They all quickly stripped and one brother worked his way under Vanessa pushing his hard cock up into Vanessa's tight anus. She screamed into the gag as her asshole was violated for the first but not the last time. The second brother slowly pushed his overly large penis into her vagina entering her inch by inch with out any lube.

Vanessa cried as he pushed into her and pulled back out speeding up as her blood lubricated her vaginal canal. The young girl positioned her pussy over Vanessa's mouth and pulling out a knife told her to start licking or go through life nipple less. In fear Vanessa complied licking the girls pussy until the girl orgasmed. Being young the three occupied Vanessa's time for a few hours. Finishing and about to leave the girl said oh I’m supposed to give you a message. You are not on any birth control and have not been for a month now , enjoy pregnancy.

Vanessa spent the weekend being fucked by many people. Her pussy finally was so full of sperm a woman brought in a wet/dry vac and shoving the wand into her vagina sucked out all the sperm. She experienced many orgasms over the weekend and she was photographed by many. When it was finally over the only jobs she could get were in the porn industry. She had to delay work so she could give birth to her twin girls nine months later. She became famous for bestiality movies. Her most popular was her and a specially trained school of fish.

In the movie she entered a pond and floating on her back the fish moved in some attached themselves to her nipples suckling on them as they grew hard. Others pushed into her anus and pussy as the whole as a group bestowed fish kisses all over her body. Stimulating her to a heightened sense of arousal. Her body thrashed as it underwent a massive orgasm brought on by her gang rape by a school of fish. Vanessa spent many nights crying over her current situation but saw no way out. Then a man came to her with a plan for a television show on an x-rated pay for view channel.

It was a reality show program. The show would put Vanessa in a house with a group of homeless , orphaned teenagers. Every room would have cameras and it would be broadcast 24/7. The channel could be rented and watched by those purchasing it. It would be Vanessa and twelve boys ages sixteen to twenty an eight girls same age range. They would include a variety of races. Viewers would watch as a variety of sexual acts were performed on or with Vanessa and the others occupants of the house. The show was so popular that it made ten million the first season and celebrity guest stars would appear on the second season using and abusing Vanessa as they wished.

Then the third season viewers could vote on what they wanted to happen to Vanessa. One viewer wrote an idea that won him a guest shot with Vanessa. They brought in a Clydesdale stallion strapped Vanessa naked under the barrel of the horse. Vanessa hung between its legs and its growing cock was positioned at the entrance to her cunt. The horse was lead in a circle going through its different gait. Vanessa screamed as the horses huge penis grew pushing into her pussy. She ended up with three feet of horse cock stretching her to her limits. The horse ejaculated four times filling her to overflowing.

This went on for four hours until they finally stopped and cut her free laying her unconscious body out on the ground where the viewers could watch her gaping pussy expelling horse cum as she lay unmoving. One of the women inquired if she were dead. I don’t know another replied and a third smiling evilly said let’s check pick her up okay hold her up and he grabbed a large dildo an jammed it into her asshole. Vanessa screamed and tried to sit up but only fell from the groups hold onto the ground. Unfortunately she fell onto her ass which succeeded in pushing the dildo all of the way into her rectum.

She lay there shaking and one of the group said that’s one hole here this is for the other and pulling out a garden hose shoved it between her legs and pulled the handle forcing water to spray into her pussy filling her womb. He stomach expanded making her look five months pregnant. Then he laughed as he forced a couple of eels into her pussy. Viewers watched as the eels swam around in her womb occasionally causing an image to appear on her stomach. They finally tired of abusing her unconscious body and put her to bed.

The show had very high ratings and was renewed for next year.

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Vanessa Hudgens reality show slut.

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