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Saturday Morning

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex

Author: OleGeorge

Published: 11 September 2019

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I was jolted awake out of a deep sleep. The ringing phone blared at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, my day to sleep in. Who could be calling me? I groggily growled:

“Good morning”. My eyes opened rapidly as I heard:

“Have you missed me? It’s only been three days, but I want you now.”

I replied:

“When would you like to get together?” She answered:

“Well, guess I could wait two or three minutes. I’m right outside.”

I opened my door. Her hug nearly knocked me over. I kissed her gently. We passionately hugged some more.

I said:

“Why don’t we sit down and get to know each other a little more?” We sat together on the couch, as her hand massaged my knee. Shivers went up and down my spine. Her simple tank top hid nothing from my eager eyes. I breathed in deeply, absorbing her enticing aroma.

She responded:

“I am a wild flower, a flowing river, the moon in all its glory, the dream in the distance. I take in maximum pleasure every day.

“What else is there that I should know about you?”: I asked.

“I knew you in your past life. Important things bound us tightly.”

“But, I’m just a normal guy. I’ve done nothing of significance.”

“Your heart is deep. Your soul is far stronger than you obviously know.”

I was self-conscious. I was in my messy place. I was sitting, wearing only my loose underpants from the previous day. I was with this mysterious woman I had enjoyed greatly, but barely knew. Her enticing breasts were a few feet from my hands and mouth. Her sandals exposed her purple toenails which glittered brightly. Her short shorts could easily be taken off.

“What do you know about me that attracts you?” I stammered, shakily.

“I know you are open to me. Your cuteness draws me, even if you aren’t aware of it. I trust my intuition. I’m rarely wrong. I want our connection to deepen. I want to feel all I can with you today, and much, much more in the future.”

What could I say?

I grasped her right hand with both of mine, beginning to touch her. I felt our energies blend in that moment. Her hand was soft. There was also a clear strength pulsating into me. I softly rubbed her palm with one hand, feeling its warmth. My other hand felt the rings on her fingers, some additional smoothness, with a little coolness, contrasting with the warmth.

She closed her eyes and relaxed.

I moved one hand up her arm and felt clearly defined muscles. I kissed her little finger, and she moved it into my mouth. I sucked her fingers gently, as she softly murmured pleasurable sounds.

I moved to kiss her. We had a long, simple, but deep, kiss. We both groaned. I opened my eyes and felt her trust. My hands explored her face, neck, and the back of her head.

I took my time. I was absorbing much about this stranger, who I was beginning to feel deeply connected to. My hands massaged her head. It didn’t take words for me to understand that she appreciated my focus. She made soft sounds and moved with me. My hands continued exploring one of my favorite areas of women’s bodies.

I gently nuzzled her forehead, and then moved to her ears. I lightly touched her earlobes. She moaned. It was obvious that she wanted more attention in these sensitive areas. I licked her earlobes and her sounds grew a little louder. My tongue thoroughly explored her ears.

I felt my own arousal building as she got turned on. My tongue moved to her neck which I knew would further turn on both of us.

She interrupted me saying:

“What about you?” to which I replied:

“Relax. Enjoy the moments.”

It was incredible to feel her passion building. I gently touched her face, feeling and hearing her breathing accelerate noticeably. I kissed her lips and then began gently moving an index finger along their edges.

She moved rapidly, suddenly pulling her top fully off, exposing her alluring breasts. I felt her passion as the intensity of her breathing grew. My fingers moved to the edge of her breasts. I knew that she wanted much more.

She rapidly took off her beautiful spotted red panties, while I slipped off my shorts.

My tongue and middle finger attacked her nipples, and she exploded! I jumped back, not expecting so much, so soon. I breathed in heavily, taking in as much as I could. Her magnificent boobs were toned, tanned and simply gorgeous.

As her orgasm subsided, I continued to focus on both breasts. I took in their softness. She moaned lightly. I was getting higher and higher and harder and harder.

I am definitely a “boob lover”. The more I touch, the more I want to keep this intense focus.

After this I spent plenty of time doing what I love. My sweetness then interrupted me, grabbing my erect cock, inserting it rapidly into her moist mouth. After a little exquisite torture, I said:

“Wait Babe! I want to pleasure you a little more, before you get to me.”

She reluctantly let go.

I began rubbing her sweet ass, feeling both its strength and its softness. I first nuzzled her with my face, moving slowly down past her boobs. I loved her obvious strength, and her shapely butt. She responded to my touch in various ways.

As my touch in front approached her legs, she squirmed, and tried to push her pussy towards my face. I slowed her down with my body. She also reacted in back, trying to engage with my hands and arms. Gradually my hands left her sweet ass, as I began touching her legs. It was easy, generating louder and louder moans. I was so close to her sweetness, soothing, and almost tickling her inner thigh area.

I slowed down. Her movements sped up, as I rubbed and licked her soft legs. I was happy to increase her sweet pussy’s pleadings for attention, which for the moment I seemingly ignored. Gentle torture is something I love to give, and her responses made clear that I was having the desired effect.

I could easily smell her sweetness. I wasn’t quite ready to get there. Spending more time than was necessary was helpful in increasing her tension and responses. Without any words, I could hear her desperate begging for relief. I was not to be rushed.

I moved into her lower leg area, further pushed her. I soothed her muscular lower legs, moving fairly quickly to her ankles, and then her feet. My fingers and mouth both savored a few of her toes, getting squeals of delight, as a diversion from her essence.

I then moved rapidly back up her legs, and lightly kissed her sweet pussy, to her great surprise. My tongue explored her outer pussy lips, as well as her small, beautiful patch of light hair. She wanted my tongue to grab her – inside, but she had to wait.

I savored the area around her lips, taking in their warmth and soothing energy. My fingers went back to her upper legs, as her tremendous passion grew increasingly apparent.

My tongue savored my first taste of wonder, as I entered her moist, soft, incredible pussy. I love to explore the inner wonders of my lover. She was very, very special. Her wetness really turned me on. Her softness was incredibly alluring. I explored as much as I could, nearing her clitoris. Suddenly, she came extremely powerfully. She screamed out, as her body convulsed rapidly. It surprised me, because I had just started.

After a few minutes of letting her ease down a little, I continued feeling her moist, incredibly wonderful, pussy area. She began to get very agitated again, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I hardly touched her clit at all. It didn’t take serious effort on my part. I was greatly enamored. She was so, so wet and felt so incredibly wonderful to my touch.

I wanted to explore with my fingers, but that would have to wait. I backed off a little, and touched her edges, outside of the inner wonder zone, and she shook and screamed loudly. I moved inside again and another explosion came very quickly.

I stopped again, holding her closely. She relaxed. Her breathing gradually slowed over the next several minutes.

I was surprised when she gently moved me onto my back. She reached in her bag, and pulled out a colorful bandanna which she tied around my head, fully covering my face. I was then gently turned over. I was surprised, and also excited at facing the unknown with my new lover.

She applied a little pressure to my shoulders and began massaging my neck and upper back. Her soft ass was against mine. Occasionally her luscious breasts nuzzled me in various spots. Gradually she moved down my back, and then she touched my butt briefly, moving then to my legs.

She also knew a little about torture! She was oh, so close to my bursting balls. She rubbed me expertly everywhere I could imagine, except where I wanted her hands to be. She kissed my butt. Her fingers softly touched it in various places, but really focused on the sensitive parts of my upper legs.

I was then abruptly turned over. I was so relieved as my erection had been getting squeezed below me, though I couldn’t see anything. I jumped a good foot into the air. Two feathers were tickling me, moving rapidly where I least expected them.

Oh, it felt incredible! My tight balls were loosened up by her softness. She was totally whimsical in approach, attacking one underarm as well as my sides, followed by my neck and various parts of my face. This went on for a few minutes. She had seemingly forgotten…

Suddenly her lips attacked me in a most sensitive spot. I exploded, filling her mouth. After a few minutes, she moved to my formerly aching balls, and I was lost, breathing heavily, totally exhausted, and totally exhilarated.

I reached for my love, and we held each other tight. Perhaps we snoozed a little. I don’t really remember what happened.

Gradually we began touching each other, first lightly and loosely, and gradually more and more intensely.

I wanted more connection with various parts of her. Her nipples grew large and pointed as my hands explored her entire breast area. She reacted with sweet groans as my fingers explored her sweet ass. A gentle insertion inside a small way, brought intense breathing, and more sounds of pleasure.

She, too, wanted more of me. My balls were sucked so gently, yet with such warmth. My ass was explored in not so different ways. My cock was growing to her obvious delight. She didn’t need to do much to stimulate its expansion.

Finally, she took off my blindfold, and we both passionately embraced each other, as deeply as we could. Our tongues explored each other most passionately. Our chests meshed. I felt the intensity of her breasts rubbing me furiously. My cock touched her in various places, as it sought her wonderful pussy.

I turned her around, and she readily welcomed my cock’s furious push. She pushed back as we stood against the room’s wall, intensely seeking what we both desperately wanted. I grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples, and she screamed loudly:

“Give me more! I want all of you!”

I have no idea how long we thrust against each other. We each got louder and louder, and moved faster and faster, as our orgasms approached. We both were sweating profusely, as we lost all control. I licked her neck, and occasionally an ear. She reached back, and rubbed whatever she could reach.

I know that we both had incredibly intense orgasms, but quite honestly, I don’t remember those significant moments.

We slowly calmed down in each other’s arms. We smiled, enjoying looking at our fellow nude partner. Our touch was soft and light. We held hands, and lightly kissed each other. Our soft rubbing in many areas was very soothing. We shared a light snack, each feeding small bites to our fellow lover.

We didn’t need to say much! We both knew it wouldn’t be long until we were together again. After a good sleep together, we’d perhaps talk and really learn more about each other, or – perhaps – perhaps, there would be more?

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Saturday Morning

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