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  1. Checking out Dad's Presents after Christmas
  2. Checking Out the Guys Hidden Porn

Checking Out the Guys Hidden Porn

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Boy, First Time

Author: stifflittlepoints

Published: 11 September 2019

  • Font:

Chapter 1- Discovering the Porn

Being a 14-year-old girl with a horny older brother and Daddy, can be very frustrating. My name’s Shelly and I am about to describe what has been happening lately around here. My Mom left with another guy several years ago, so I have been doing my best to learn about sex and other things on my own, with very little help from the guys. It’s not like they don’t care about me . . . it’s just I don’t have anyone close by . . . to ask questions or teach me how to get a boyfriend . . . except Jenny.

Jenny is my best friend, and she has helped me recently to buy a sex toy . . . to satisfy my horny cravings. And not just any toy . . . we’re talking about my own Lelo Iris Vibrator, which I earned by babysitting at her house over several weeks (can you say over $100 . . . yikes!). The wild thing about the babysitting job, was that she talked her boyfriend into going downstairs . . . as I babysat her two younger siblings . . . 2 and 3 years old upstairs.

On a couple of occasions . . . after her young family members had gone to bed, she had me sneak downstairs (without her boyfriend knowing about it of course) and I got to watch them go at it, on the couch. At first I thought it was too kinky, but she admitted to me afterwards, that it made her even more horny . . . knowing her best friend was watching her suck his long cock and shoot his hot cum all over her face and titties. You can imagine the impact those peep shows had on me . . . eagerly waiting for my toy to arrive!

Soon after . . . that voyeur-like behavior caused me to faithfully use the Lelo vibrator on and off . . . almost daily. So I knew what turned me on . . . but what about my brother Mike and Daddy? What got them off? Perhaps a quick tour around the house might reveal some pictures or porn or something. In the old days, magazines would be stuffed under mattresses or in the back of closets . . . but today I knew they had their stuff on their hard drives. It took me many trips to Mike’s room and Daddy’s office (while they were there) to watch what passwords they used to open up their mighty stashes of naughty stuff.

Finally, on a Saturday, the two went fishing . . . a couple of hours away and I pretended to be going over to Jenny’s house, so they were fine with the overall plan. I got my purse and a lunch ready to leave after breakfast, pretending I was on my way . . . before they drove down the driveway. First up . . . my brother’s room. To cover my tracks, I made sure what he had open when I arrived (and he usually kept his computer on 24/7), so that I could return everything back to the way it was. I looked in his documents and only found school stuff. Then I noticed he had left a memory stick in one of the USB openings and decided to dig in.

My pussy began to throb as I looked over the names of his files. Soon I found: My Reluctant Sister, Hypnotize Sis, Touching Buttons and Licking Knobs, Video Taping School Teens in the Locker room and Horny Middle School Twin Sisters and maybe 20 more other very naughty titles. So these are the types of stories Mikey fantasizes about? Let’s just open up the one about the videotaping school teens and see what makes his cock stiff:

"If you are too bashful . . . then step aside," said Kevin. "I just know Katie wants to see my cock AND yours . . . and I don't plan on disappointing her!" Katie immediately turned scarlet wondering how the young boy had read her mind. She was sitting next to her friend, as Kevin stood in front of her. Without any hesitation . . .he unhooked his belt, unsnapped the button at the top of his jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper.

"Are you ready Katie . . . cuz here it comes!" he said pulling back the sides of his jeans and letting them fall to his feet. The young girl placed her hands over her mouth as she saw his young cock pushing against the material of his boxers. Being excited by what she saw, she began to undue the buttons on her satin blouse as the boy slipped his fingers into the elastic of his shorts and slowly began to take out his cock. Soon the stalk of his 6" organ began to show up against his stomach as the uninhibited Kevin shed his boxers. For a brief second, his big cock dangled in front of the girl's face.

"Pull off your top Katie . . . all the way. I paid to see your titties and I want you to rub them all over my big cock." But before he had finished his request. . . she had her light satin blouse pulled off and she was reaching behind her back to unfasten her bra. Kevin had a firm hold on the base of his cock and he was deliberately rubbing the underside back and forth across Katie’s now present stiff nipples. The girl had knelt down slightly and pulled back her shoulders so that the aroused boy could continue his lewd actions. The horny girl stared at the 6" cock and began to wonder what it would be like to lick and even suck it.

"Kellie, get naked like you promised . . . Matt here wants to rub his long cock all over your body just like Kevin is doing me. You won't believe how GREAT it feels. Go ahead dude, pull out your cock and show her how ready you are." Suddenly the boy did more than that . . .as he quickly took off every bit of clothing he was wearing. All of a sudden, everyone was following suit and soon four naked teen bodies were being broadcast on the monitor in front of Mr. Cocker . . . eagerly watching in another room at school.

Both girls cupped their titties and offered them to the boys who were staring at their naked orbs. In response, the boys spread their legs wide and began to grab their cocks and show them off to the girls as they leaned across and began to lick both pairs of stiff nipples. Within seconds they had swallowed the erect buds and were gently biting and licking the rigid nips with their tongues and teeth.

That’s all I could take, as I closed the file. My pussy lips were trembling with excitement and I longed for my new toy to help relieve my situation. It was time to shed some clothes and see what Daddy liked to watch and/or read. I did a quick detour to my bedroom and went to the back of a dresser drawer and unveiled my vibrator. At the same time, I stripped naked and headed towards my Daddy’s office. I put down the Lelo and remembering his password, I turned on his computer, that he normally kept off.

I went to his documents and noticed he had collections of stories and pictures. Then I opened up one with my name on it. “Holy Shit!” I said out loud. I was looking at nude pictures of myself . . . taken very recently. How did he take them without me knowing . . . and then I remembered the night we had hot chocolate and how he had to help me to bed? The careful attention he took to shoot my developing titties . . . the nipples stiff with noticeable excitement . . . as well as my hairless pussy made me excited. I had just shaved my muff and then I found naked pictures of other naked girls my age as well. I didn’t know them . . . but it looked like he had taken the pictures as opposed to grabbing them off the Internet.

Next, I opened up some Word documents . . . with titles like: Enjoying His Daughters, Daddy Babysits the Tweens, Shopping for Toys with Daddy, Teasing Daddy Again and many more. I now had my vibrator rubbing against my clit . . . as I opened up one of his stories . . . right in the middle and it read:

"You nasty man! You’ll be looking at both your girls' titties at the same time! Tell you what, I will tell you her password, if you put these back on my titties!" she teased as she placed her small hands on top of his, and brought them directly on top of her stiff nipples. A sudden rush went through his body as his fingers twisted her tender buds.

At the same time, a strange new feeling shot through her body as her nipples hardened into hard little jelly beans as he continued to pinch and twirl them. He hadn't ever felt a 14-year-olds titties in many years and the cream in his loins was suddenly on the move.

"Oh Daddy, that feels soooooooo good. Keep pinchin and pullin them. I love it!" She also began to move her pussy up and down, further exciting her Daddy. He looked down at his fingers and then further down at her dancing little hips. But there was one more thing to look at too . . . his aching very taunt cock . . . that was now fully visible, having snuck between the folds of his robe.

"Where's my picture Mindy," he said, continuing to cup and fondle her soft sweaty cones.

And almost on cue, his monitor began to download first his older daughter's face and then slowly moving down past her chin, neck and then to the very top of her titties. He continued to cup and pinch Mindy's breasts as the tops of Laura's teenage cones came into view on the screen. He couldn't wait to see her nipples and compare them to the younger daughter’s that were in his hands right now.

As the image moved down further, he was excited even more as Laura's fingers came into view around her stiff nipples that stuck out a good half inch from her 16-year-old chest. The image stopped at her belly button, but the combination of touching Mindy's titties and watching Laura's made his hips move in unison to Mindy's. He knew his younger daughter was going to get off any minute and looked forward to watching the rush of excitement travel through her body.

"Oh Daddy . . . I think I'm going to explode! But look at you! Your cock is outside your robe! And it's reeeeallly big . . ."

"Yes it is honey . . . and it’s because you are a very talented “cock teaser”. See what you did to Daddy? You teased his cock into being a big ole boner didn't you?"

"I guess I did . . . and Laura helped too!"

"Let me put my fingers in your mouth honey. I want to make those swollen titties of yours feel even better." He took his hands off her titties and brought the thumb and first finger into her dripping mouth. Once they were soaked with her spit, he placed them back over her taunt nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss Dadddddddddddy . . . that's the best!" And she began to shake. She brought her left hand down to the elastic of her pajama bottoms and onto her damp pussy and rubbed it as her body continued to shake. Occasionally her dainty fingers touched his rod through the material that was moving up and down her lovely crotch, just barely covered by the bottoms of her pajamas. Up and down he humped to meet her dancing little ass.

That was all I could take, as I thrust my vibrator up into my pussy and exploded into orgasm. As I moved it in and out . . . I remembered how tight my cunt had been when I first brought the device home, but now with each movement inward, my pussy ached for me to speed up the process. I spread my legs and for the next several minutes I masturbated my box into pure ecstasy.

Chapter 2- Getting My Brother Onboard . . . With Help from His Friends

I called Jenny and she was just about ready to leave and go shopping. I had her promise not to EVER say anything to anyone . . . and I described what I had found. She said the next step would be to get one of the guys to give me some examples of activities I should try out, so that I could learn ahead of time what to do with a guy. Unfortunately, getting either my brother or Dad alone in the house for a few hours was very difficult. But fortunately, Daddy had to travel to Toledo and pick up some parts he needed in the morning. I figured, at least three to four hours for him to get back would give me plenty of time. And that’s when I put my plan into action.

“Can I ask you some . . . uh . . . like personal questions, Mike?” I asked as I entered his room, slowly pushing the door open . . . having seen it halfway open already. I soon realized I should have knocked as he was on his bed, wearing just a light robe (buck naked underneath) that was wide open. He turned away towards the window, but I had seen his stiff cock in his hand.

“Holy Shit Shelly . . . how about fucking knocking on the door before busting in?” he said, standing up and immediately covering his naked body with the robe . . . and tying it across his waist. I had totally blown this opportunity.

“I am sooo sorry, Mike. We can talk about stuff another time,” I said and immediately left his room. What an idiot . . . I thought. Talk about blowing up any chance of learning stuff. Then I heard him calling from his room.

“It’s OK Shell . . . I always have time for you . . . you just caught me by surprise!” he said in a tone I knew that he meant it. I turned around and then realized he wasn’t the only one near naked. I was in my sheer beach cover up and only a pair of panties, but maybe that would even things out for my unthoughtful interruption. I re-entered the room and watched his eyes look over what I was wearing. He liked what he was seeing (he was getting a boner!), and my nipples did too! I was going to cover them up. . . but the thick growing stalk hidden under his robe was a giveaway of what he was thinking about my outfit.

“Again I am very sorry,” I began. He interrupted:

“Forget it . . . I should have closed the door before . . . you know . . .” I did know and I wish I could have watched him jack-off . . . right in front of me. I always found him attractive and both of us being dressed this way, was suddenly very arousing.

“So what kinda personal questions do you have,” he continued with a smile on his face. I spent a few minutes explaining how my experience with guys was very minimal and that before I started dating, I wanted to know what things I should expect and do on a date. He thought about what I had shared for a moment and then he began:

“Speaking from experience . . . guys can act very horny and for lack of another word “naughty” on dates, but some are more mature and wait to get physical after a few or even several dates. But what specifics do you want?” he asked still focusing on my aroused nipples almost totally visible due to the fabric. As if he had some control over me, I dropped my arms to my sides, making my breasts fully visible.

“As you probably know . . . girls can act in equal ways too. So I know a little bit about kissing . . . but what happens next?”

“I’m curious about why you are asking. Have you got a secret date lined up . . . that Dad doesn’t know about? You know he has always said you have to be 16 before you go out on dates.”

“So far . . . you are as close as I have ever been . . . to a date. But I did see her making out at her house in the basement,” she stated. Why she suddenly volunteered that information, she had no idea.

“Making out how? With her clothes on or off?” he asked, moving closer to me.

“Jenny is kinda kinky and she talked me into sneaking downstairs while she and her boyfriend were . . . fully going at it.”

“Kissing and stuff . . . I’ll bet,” he said.

“No . . . a lot more . . . but I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s not waste time . . . I want you to be my teacher . . . right now,” she insisted. A smile crossed his face as he looked at his sister with sudden erotic interest.

“Fine . . . but keep in mind I have a couple of buddies coming over in a little bit and we might be interrupted,” he said. She disregarded his warning and just looked at him with desire.

“Come on over here next to me,” she said, “and pretend I am not just your silly younger sister, but some girl you have been dying to go out with . . . and you have the “hots” for.” Mike immediately joined her on his bed, their bare legs touching.

“Let’s get started sis . . . and review the steps guys usually follow. If I do anything you don’t like . . . let me know,” and with that he leaned over and planted his lips on hers. Shelly had fantasized about this moment most of her life . . . both in dreams and just being around him. She found him very attractive, and was willing to let him have her. For several minutes, they kissed and all of a sudden Mike was surprised as her tongue snuck in between his lips and soon began to play tag with his own.

The impact was to light a fire in both siblings as they placed their arms around each other, pulling their bodies into each other. Shelly felt Mike’s cock straining against his silk robe . . .rubbing against her side. Her pussy was now on fire with excitement, as her brother continued to kiss and hold her. Suddenly he stopped and disengaged their lips.

“You’re getting pretty hot sis . . . do you want me to just keep kissing you or demonstrate what I would do next?” Staring at his eager eyes, she simply said:

“Uh, huh”, she giggled. Almost like giving a lecture to students, Mike continued:

“You have fantastic tits Shelly. While I was kissing you, I would be all over your breasts, and it wouldn’t take me long before your panties were gone too,” he whispered in lust.

“Go for it bro . . . be as naughty as you want with me,” she snickered. Mike found her lips again and while still making out, he moved his hands up Shelly’s body and cupped her breasts over her cover. They were probably A-cups he thought as he gently grasped their nakedness and let her nipples go in between his fingers. He then started to open up her sheer beach cover, whispering to her that he wanted to “see them”. Still kissing with great passion, she felt her robe leave her shoulders and slide down to her waist. Then they both heard the back door open and a couple sets of feet mounting the stairs.

“Shit,” said Mike, but Shelly whispered, “Keep going . . . they can sit and watch, I am ready for action!” Finally being able to kiss her brother, she was so hot, that she did not care about an audience. In fact, she remembered how she felt at Jenny’s when she watched her boyfriend strip her best friend naked . . . and feed his cock into her waiting mouth. With luck she would see Mike’s shaft and maybe one or two other cocks as well. Mike winked at his friends and immediately grasped her tits and began to gently squeeze them. Both guys could not believe what they had just walked into, as their cocks began to grow as they inspected what was going on in front of them.

The guys were silent as the two lovers continued their lovemaking. As the two boys wouldn’t be able to see her naked chest, she didn’t mind and allowed him to turn her sideways to inspect her bare titties. Shelly was aware that she was now only in her panties surrounded by three horny boys and her cover up was now on the floor. She sensed the two others were gazing at her, and it added to her excitement. She could also feel Mike’s hard cock pressing up against her moist twat . . . and that was exciting her to no end. Not only that, she loved knowing she was giving everyone boners!

Shelly slid her hand down to her brother’s groin and began to massage his cock. This was new territory for her, but she remembered what her friend had done in the basement, and tried to duplicate her efforts as she felt for his elongated shaft. Mike began to moan his appreciation. Since he was naked under his robe, her fingers were carefully exciting his bare flesh underneath. She soon had his thick cock head surrounded by her moist hand. At the same time, he couldn’t resist to continually play, kiss and tweak his sister’s small breasts. Her pink nipples were now almost fully erect, and the horny boy started to suck on them, making them longer and harder.

Shelly moaned her appreciation as Mike dropped his hands to her backside and snuck his fingers into her panties. Soon he was pulling her pussy up against his rock hard shaft. She let her hands drop as she felt his cock being driven over her wet pussy lips. “These are getting in the way,” he said as his fingers curled around her panties and he began to pull them down. Shelly should have resisted, especially with two other boys in the room, but instead she just smiled as she looked down and watched Mike kneel in front of her as he whisked off her last shed of clothing. Her naked pussy was now on display in front of three older guys.

“Shelly asked for some help when dating . . . and also knowing what to do with guys.

She doesn’t seem to mind that you watch . . . so maybe you could even tell her things she should be doing,” he suggested. He had no idea how arousing his words were to her, as she watched the expression on their faces. Would they follow his scheme and maybe even join in . . . she fantasized?

“Awesome,” said George, the one boy she knew. Mike stood up and began to finger Shelly’s clean shaved tight pussy hoping that this would make her even more horny and wet, although she was already incredibly turned on by being naked in front of the trio. At the same time with his other hand, be began to gently pinch her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He whispered in her ear that he’d like to feel his cock inside her hot mouth. Almost seeming to hear what he had said, George said:

“Shelly . . . get on your knees in front of Mike. (Pause) Go ahead . . . he will love it!” Almost mesmerized, she dropped down in front of her brother with her knees now on the carpet.

“Now pull off his boxers, so he can be naked, just like you!” She instantly followed his suggestion and Mike stepped out of them. Because of her height, his shaft was almost directly in front of her mouth and lips, now bobbing up and down. In fact, she was now staring at the first real cock . . . she had ever seen . . . and it was her brothers! His shaft was so excited . . . it now stood straight up . . . against his bare stomach.

“Have you ever done anything like this with a boy before?” George continued.

“Not really,” she whispered, but loud enough for everyone to hear. She continued to closely inspected his long shaft, wondering what it would feel like to lick and be inside her mouth.

“Just like your titties . . . his big cock is sensitive so you need to be gentle as you get him more excited. Reach up and circle your hand all around his shaft.” She immediately followed his instructions as best as she could with the width of his cock, and was surprised at how soft . . . and then underneath, how hard his cock actually was.

“Guys absolutely love it when their girlfriends touch and squeeze their cocks,” he said as the three boys watched her tentatively explore his shaft. She was now, moving her head from side to side and even examining his balls that were intermixed with a thick coat of pubic hair. Not being able to take the excitement anymore . . . without acting . . . George was heard unzipping his pants as he continued. He looked down as he moved aside his jeans and delved into his boxers to grasp his rising cock.

“Step one . . . is to give Mike a handjob. But what you are missing . . . is some type of lubricant on your hands,” he said. All of a sudden, Jerry who had been silent up until now . . . spoke up:

“Yeah the best lubricant . . . guys like . . . is when a girl sticks out her tongue and gets their big cock all slippery with your saliva. Go ahead and show us how you would do that,” he insisted. Knowing that six eyes were now watching her . . . ever so closely . . . Shelly took a second to generate extra spit in her mouth and then she stuck out her tongue and began to wiggle a slippery wetness all over his cock. Starting with his balls, she began to lick his shaft with long runs ending at the tip and then starting again at the bottom . . . just like she saw Jenny do weeks earlier. In the background she heard another zipper being pulled down and she knew . . . as she continued to coat Mike’s shaft . . . that there were now THREE stiff cocks fully exposed in the room. Lifting her head, she said:

“Is this good,” she asked looking towards where the boys were standing and gently grabbing Mike’s glistening cock and showing it off. Her voyeuristic efforts was instantly rewarded as she inspected all three stiff cocks not more than a couple feet away from her. Slowly her pussy leaked as she fantasized about each of their cocks entering her. Both George and now Jerry had slipped off their pants and boxers and were now wanking on their own rigid shafts . . . while they looked right at her, holding Mikes slippery cock.

“Is it OK Mike, if I get their cocks a little lubricated too?” she snickered.

“Make it quick . . . I’m about to explode,” he said grasping his cock, with enough force so that it wouldn’t shoot off. Shelly rotated 180 degrees, and both guys moved right in front of her.

“We’re kinda in a hurry, so I am going to do both of these at the same time,” she said, capturing both cocks in each hand and stuffing them into her mouth. It was a tight fit, but using her tongue, she lashed all over each cock until she felt she had adequately saturated their length. Anxious at first, they had no time to object, but the end result was worth it, as they gripped their fully erect cocks and moved on either side of Shelly and her brother so that they could continue to watch the best Peep Show on the planet. Then she turned around again, to kneel in front of her brother.

“So . . . What’s next?” she asked, to no one in particular.

“It’s always good to lick your hand and then grasp Mike’s cock, and then squeeze a little bit and move your hand up and down . . . just like this,” said George deliberately demonstrating for the horny girl to see. Both boys were now jacking off on either side of the horny 14-year-old girl as she looked back and forth between them. Grasping Mike’s shaft, she gently squeezed and began to move her hand up and down. This continued for several minutes. Then she became serious about getting her brother off.

After much teasing and instructions from all three boys, she eventually opened her mouth wide . . . stuck out her tongue and slid his big cock inside her mouth. She swirled the tip of her tongue around the tip of his manhood and licked the full length of his cock and gave it small kisses to show him how much she loved his boner. She continued to gobble and suck on his manhood greedily and hungrily just like she saw Jenny do weeks before. She thought to herself that she loved having a cock inside her mouth, and looked forward to it being inside her pussy as well. As Mike’s friends looked on, they were amazed at how eager and excited she was, learning how to suck a cock.

Urged by this thought, Shelly began sucking even harder and greedier. She tugged at her brother’s shaft and rubbed it all over her face, licking and kissing it. With this . . . the boys started to egg her on, telling her how good she was, and how sexy she was. Little was thought of how close Mike was to emptying his hot juices . . . into his sister’s mouth.

“I’m gonna shoot Shelly . . . let me pull it out,” he barked. She only had a few seconds to think, so she squared her shoulders and thrust her small breasts forward saying:

“Spray your stuff all over my titties!” And that’s exactly what he did. The two boys let go of their cocks as they watched rope after rope of hot cum shoot all over her breasts. He moved closer, and holding his shaft . . . he made a special point of spurting what was left onto each pink nipple. Then he fell back, almost fully exhausted. Shelly looked down and saw all of the streams of cum on her breasts and began to rub his juices all over her chest. This action excited each of the boys.

“We’re not done Mike,” she warned. “I want that cock of yours up my pussy too!”

“How about we keep her hot for you, and at the same time get you back all excited . . . with a mighty shaft, all ready to fuck her,” said George. A smile spread across Mike’s face as he said:

“It’s up to Shelly. Keep those cocks out of her pussy though, but keep her happy,” he counseled. Naughty thoughts were quickly swirling around in her mind. Did she hear that message correctly . . . Mike’s friends were going to get him hard again, by making her happy. She wondered what they had in mind! It was time to speak up:

“I have always fantasized about being naughty with two guys . . . shoot maybe even three guys. Have either of you had any experience getting a girl off?” she asked. There was a pause, and then Jerry spoke up.

“I am assuming what goes on here today, doesn’t leave this room,” he began. Everyone nodded and then he continued: “My sister and me have been having sex for a long time. I think she would give me two thumbs up for being able to make her cum.”

“Now were talking,” said Shelly. “But you’re not going to be forgotten either Jerry. I want to suck both of your cocks . . . trading off . . . and eventually you both are going to cum in my mouth, so I’m going to show you how we are going to lay . . . while Mike watches us and gets that big pecker of his back up and ready for action.” She had Jerry lay alongside her, with his face by her pussy. At the same time, George knelt by her head, with his long cock dangling close to her lips.

It turns out Jerry loved getting a girl off and he began almost immediately. He spread her thighs with his hands, and then gently touched her pussy with the tip of his tongue. Shelly sucked in her breath as his talented tongue began to attack her pussy. Soon he delved in deeper into her love hole with long strokes of his tongue, starting again with slow strokes, but not yet touching her clit. She arched her back, and her mouth opened wide, just in time for George to gently enter it with his cock. Of the three guys, his was the longest and Mike’s own cock began to grow as his best friend began to fuck her mouth with his shaft.

At the same time, Jerry licked her labia and she started to move her hips in a circular motion. This sensation was increasingly more arousing and all of the guys could here he say:

"Please, Jerry, please . . . suck my clit, " she begged. “I’ve got to give him a turn,” she said as she disengaged George’s cock from her mouth and replaced it with Jerry’s, whose shaft immediately jerked inside her mouth. She knew both boys had been waiting for a long time, and realized either one of them might shoot off any second. As a result, Jerry took her clitoris between his lips and sucked on it. She arched her back even more, and began to moan his name. He kept kissing and sucking her clit, and then brought his forefinger out and slipped it into her folds. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed. But she still wanted George’s cock.

Keeping Jerry’s cock moving in and out of her lips, she reached over, opened her mouth even wider, and began to thrust George’s cock into the remainder of the space. This might not have been the way the guys wanted it, but soon both of their cocks were moving in and out of her mouth, with a sensational grip of her cheeks and tongue. Soon all three were moaning, which was music to Mike’s ears. He grasped his own cock and began to jerk it up and down . . . and soon it was back to its full size.

Although Jerry was ready to shoot his load, he elected to slip his forefinger deeper and deeper into her, with each thrust. Shelly started moving her hips with more vigor. She was so wet, he easily slipped another finger inside of her, moving them in and out with ease, and at the same time sucking at her clitoris even harder.

"Guys . . . I'm about to . . . I'm about to cum," she squealed. Jerry continued to finger fuck her, and at the same time suck her clitoris. She again arched her back and opened her mouth, but no sound escaped this time. Juices started to flow from her vagina and Jerry started to drink all of her sweet juice, not letting a single drop fall on the bed. But that wasn’t all that she was having to handle. Both guy’s cocks began to shoot simultaneously long streams of cum into her mouth. Rope after rope of two erupting shafts were emptying their contents down her throat. She quickly swallowed and at the same time, grasped each cock separately, and continued to milk their juices all over her face.

Meanwhile, Mike was about to join them, when he let go of his cock, trying to make sure he didn’t do the same thing they were now doing. He wanted to fuck his sister, and he knew she would be just about ready to let that happen.

"That was . . . so hot." She whispered, after a few moments . . . looking up and noticing Mike was not only fully erect, but positioning himself to thrust his cock into her. But she wanted it done from behind.

“Let me switch around Mike. I want that cock of yours in my pussy from behind.”

“It don’t matter to me,” he said with a smile on his face as he watched her get up on all fours and aim her tight little ass in his direction. Her bum was now sticking out and ready for action. Mike slowly enters his hard cock into Shelly’s sweet wet pussy and begins to take her from behind. He starts slowly, with long and careful thrusts to ease into a rhythm. The two boys stare at her small white tits as they begin to bounce. As the thrusts get harder and quicker Shelly’s tits bounce quicker and so rhythmically that the two boys stare as if almost hypnotized by her bouncing boobs. They continue to stare with the sound of flesh on flesh in the background as the boyfriend’s hips pound into her.

Soon being fucked so hard Shelly finds it difficult to maintain her balance. She takes hold of the two boy’s shoulders either side of her and uses them for support. The two really feel part of the action now. She closes her eyes and just try’s to concentrate on the pleasure she’s getting. She occasionally lets out a quite wince or moan of pleasure.

As Mike is pounding away, the two boys look at each other. They wonder if it would be okay for them to fondle her even more. They look at their friend and give a nod down. He nods that they should go for it. They slowly start to stroke Shelly’s back and waist. No response. They stroke her shoulders and her hair. No reaction. They take this as a sign that she’s okay with their touching. Slowly, they both move their hands down from her shoulders and cup one of her bouncing breasts. Again no reaction. The boys begin to fondle her breasts with enthusiasm.

After some more fucking and groping, Mike decides he wants a change of position. He can also feel himself coming close to finishing. He wants this to last as long as possible . . . for the three of them . . . so he suggests a change of position. Shelly stands upright as he withdraws and turns to face him . . . waiting to be told what he wants next. George suggests that maybe they should hold his sister up between them. She thinks it’s a good idea and agrees to it.

Shelly positions herself in between Mike’s friends. She readies herself mentally for more groping and glances down at their erections. She thinks about how these boys would fuck her too . . . if they could. Or maybe how they would all take turns with her.

She wraps her arms around each of the boy’s necks as they take hold of her waist in one arm and hook her legs up in the other. All the boys stare at Shelly’s pussy . . . so wide open and vulnerable. Mike wants to see more, and so do the others. He tells them to open her legs even wider. Soon Shelly’s wet pussy lips spread open and all the boys have a really clear view of her, pink, tight, wet pussy. She is well aware of how exposed and vulnerable she is . . . but she’s secretly enjoying it. In fact, she’s enjoying them all staring at her young pussy.

Mike leans forward and teased Shelly’s open pussy with his cock. He rubs the tip up and down her pussy lips. Next, he teases her clit with the tip of his shaft. She shudders in ecstasy. He slowly eases it in . . . inch by inch. Soon, the full length of his cock is now deep inside her as he begins thrusting away. He soon gets harder and faster. Shelly’s small tits begin to bounce around again as she’s being fucked. The two boys holding her, don’t know what they want to look at more. Her shaved pussy taking a cock or her hypnotic small breasts. Mike’s hands interrupt their fascination, as he takes hold of his sister’s titties and massage them as he fucks her. In and out he drives his shaft and soon he feels ready to cum.

The two choices he was thinking was either to cum inside her pussy or over her face. To show off to his friends he preferred the latter. He told Shelly he was about to cum. He left her with no choice as he withdrew his cock from her pussy and invited her to get on her knees. She did as she was told and knelt down in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him hard and fast. Mike took control of his cock for the final few strokes so he could direct its aim. Shelly looked up at her brother, eyes and mouth wide open . . . ready to take his load in her mouth and on her face.

With an almighty shudder . . . Mike exploded. Loads of his sticky, white cum shot out and covered his sisters pretty face. A long white line of cum ran down her forehead and over her left eye. Mike then squeezed out some more cum over her lips and shaking his cock, he deposited the rest in her hair.

“Got any left guys?” he asked and with smirks on their faces, George and Jerry stood in front of the girl, and shot continuous spray of cum all over her face, neck and her titties. Shelly wiped the cum from her eyes before opening them and taking George’s long cock back in her mouth. She sucked his cock dry of cum. Once clean, he pulled out from her mouth and used his shaft to spread the cum on Shelly’s face around a little.

As she stood there naked, surrounded by three boys, her pussy was dark pink from being fucked and her tits all red from being groped and fondled. With cum all over her face, dribbling down her chin and onto her tits. With her mouth full of cum she let it drool down and faced them.

“Mike, would it be OK if Jenny came by tomorrow after school for some lessons?”

“We’ll be ready for whom ever is here sis.”

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Checking Out the Guys Hidden Porn

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Comments (2)
achimvw — 11 September 2019 12:00
Great story but the constant change from first person to third person perspective (even in the same paragraph) is annoying.
JhnSmth — 12 September 2019 17:23
Dude, seriously, have someone proof read your work before you upload it. This could have been a great story, but as it stands, it is unreadable.
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