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Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Incest

Author: luv 2 wear cotton panties

Published: 18 September 2019

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My wife Kimberly and I have been married now ten years and are still in love, with a better than decent sex life. I had never thought about sleeping around. So it surprised me a little how attracted I was when her niece moved in with us six months ago. I was just really attracted to the very sexy eighteen year old. She came to us because her parents felt she was out of control and she needed a change of living arraignments.

I guess having a supposedly promiscuous daughter didn’t suit them. But I found her quite reserved and she didn’t go out all that much. Personally I felt she was just trying to find her own way to adulthood and find her own voice, they pushed her to conform to their puritan ways pretty hard. They saw their blonde haired, blue eyed, piano playing angel turn into a freak with jet black hair, colored contacts to make her eyes purple, piercing in her nose, eyebrow, belly button and lip. As well as a love of heavy metal and punk music and she started playing the bass in a garage band. She was having a bit of a final growth spurt too she was up to about 5’6 or so and her breasts were up to about a c cup, which suited her body nice. Her proportions were stunningly perfect.

She usually walked around the house in shorts and a skimpy tank tops with spaghetti straps, and no bra, and since we keep the house fairly cool I often saw nipples. Then sometimes she would sit on the sofa with her legs slightly apart and you could see her lovely trimmed pussy pushing against tight panties. Which I thought meant she had a boy who did not know quite how to find stuff yet as she gave him a clear path.

The other morning my wife had left for work early, I was off for the weekend and I came down the hall to the kitchen, after a night of hot sex which Jacqueline, (Jake for short) must have heard. We thought she was out but must have come in during a love making session in which my wife was particularly loud and boisterously vocal. The kind of sex that keeps you smiling like an idiot for a day or so.

I poured a cup of coffee and sat at the end of the table with the paper, at the opposite end sat Jake. “morning Jake” I said opening the paper to the sports as she sat eating her cereal and reading a book.

“hey Unc.” she said not looking up from her book but I could here a smirk in her voice.

“late night last night hunh, didn’t hear you come in” she looked up and smiled a naughty grin.

“nope you didn’t hear me cause you two were in the middle of some incredibly hot sex” and she winked at me as I looked up and blushed.

“ahh” I said a more than a little embarrassed. She just chuckled. We teased each other about things all the time. “don’t be ashamed its nice you two have so much hot sex, I wish mom and dad still screwed each other like you and Auntie Kim fuck. Instead of acting all proper like church mice, maybe they would lighten up” I looked at her and thought she was right, her parents were so up tight and proper they probably had not had hot spontaneous sex in years.

“well we are a pretty laid back household” I said

“I know! I have to listen to you two when you get laid back” she said putting her book down. “I really like it here though” she was giving me the most sultry look, making direct eye contact.

“we like having you here Jake, stay as long as you want, and we will try to be quieter”

“don’t bother” she said “just do her and it, as fucking loud as you want, won’t bother me. I just lay there and masturbate listening to the wall shake” she said seriously as she got up to put her dish in the sink. her toned tight ass barely covered by her panties.

“the wall shakes? really? Bullshit!” I shook my head realizing I was staring at her shapely ass as she walked over and sat beside me and smiled. She wasn’t lying. And she liked listening. Or did she maybe peek in on us. A little voyeur.

“and what do you think about when you masturbate?” I asked. Now I know its true if you aren’t sure what the answer will be maybe don’t ask the question. What she said next took me by surprise.

“you inside me” she said. I swallowed then choked nervously and did not know what to say. “you see I think about you every time I stick my fingers in my hot. Wet. Wanting pussy. I am wishing it was you. You know either your finger, tongue or cock” she giggled. “Maybe all three”

“Jesus Jake I__” she put her hand on my hand, which was shaking a little and stood up.

“its okay I see you look at me, and I look at you all the time” with that she took her hands and pulled down the little straps holding her top and it slid to her waist exposing her young, growing, tear drop shaped tits. The nipples were awesome small about the size of a quarter.

“now” she said straddling me as I pushed my chair out. She began kissing me full on with tongue, she had on strawberry lip stuff she was tasting sweet and delicious.

“I have waited and wanted so long to be alone with you” she whispered. “I cannot fucking wait any longer. Please fuck me”

I reached forward and pushed the papers of the table and grabbed her ass and guided her to sit on the table as we continued to kiss. She pulled my shirt off as I pulled her shorts off exposing her neat clean pussy. Only a thin landing strip of pubic hair. “very nice” I said

“thanks I keep it clean for you”. She guided my head down as she arched her back, I sucked on each nipple in turn and then licked my way to her belly where I kissed and licked my way to her wet awaiting twat. I slurped up all the moisture and sucked on her engorged clit making her moan, as she put her feet on my shoulders, and began to writhe around spastically. “ohm my god yes” she agreed as I stuck my thumb into her hole and began massaging the magic spot. She was on the verge of orgasm as I stopped and stood up, pulling down my shorts as I stood.

“okay Jake, time to feel the heat” I said as I took her legs held them under the knees and entered her slowly, pushing all the way in, then pulling almost out with just the head remaining. I did this until she came so hard I could feel the juices from her rolling down my cock and balls. I leaned forward and started pumping faster. A few seconds later I stood up and pulled out of her taking her hands and wrapped them around my cock and told her to pump it, as she did I shot a load of come from her belly to her chin.

She got up and went on with her day. Not saying a word. Just leaving me holding her panties

That afternoon with both Jake and my wife out of the house I had another unexpected surprise.

Jake’s friend Louis showed up looking for her. I told her she was not here but she could come in and wait. Louis could be Jakes sister they look so much alike except Louis was a blond with scarlet red tips in her hair, and slightly larger breasts. As I closed the door she stood right in front of me and said “I lied, I came here to seduce you” she winked “Jake told me you were a stud so I came to get me some”

“Listen” I said trying to decide in my head what to do “I am flattered bu..”

“but nothing take me to Jakes room and fuck me.”

“how old are you Lou” I asked

“eighteenand a half” Not only was I an adulterer but almost a cradle robber too. She slid off her dress exposing her no underwear body with large boobs and midsize nipples and a bare pussy. As she looked down and saw my shorts expanding forward. “good it’s a go!” as she pulled me by the cock down the hall to Jake’s room and guided me to the bed.

“I take it your not a virgin” I said

“no I ain’t. I get around but that’s something you knew” Which it was, she had a rep as a city mattress.

She tore off my clothes and straddled my thighs and let my cock rub her clit as she licked my chest and neck. I turned over quickly so she was on her side, and began licking her starfish while stroking her clit with my thumb, I slowly licked up to her tits and licked and sucked them while still massaging her clit.

“fuck me I demand it, fuck me like a whore!” So I rolled her to her back and took position opening her legs as far as possible and drove my cock into her very tight, very wet cunt, lifting her right leg up and bringing my knee forward to brace it, I pumped her hard and fast “ee ia oh ah” were the only audible sounds I could hear. Until I put her leg down and she wrapped them around me. She locked her arms around my neck and I locked mine on her waist and I sat forward kneeling so she was off the bed and sitting on my cock. At that point she started bucking and cheering “woo yeah” until a huge orgasm ripped through her weakening her shoulders fell to the bed.

She panted and grinned. “If I suck you off right now would I still taste Jake too?"

I stopped and flipped her over, my cock well lubed from her come and juices and put her on all fours and shoved my cock into her ass and began fucking her even harder, diving her face into the bed so she could not scream. I could tell this orifice was quite used too because it too was loose. “you get around a lot don’t ya you fucking tramp” She just moaned in the sheet, unable to speak. Then I could feel the come leaving my balls, so I stopped, got off her and spun her to her back then pulled her up by her matted hair and stuck my cock in her mouth and she went to work. “swallow it all bitch, here it ahhhwlll” she was a good girl and swallowed it all cleaning up my penis. “now little girl you had your meal you are tasting my cock, Jake’s pussy and your own asshole. Enjoy it you slut. Then get out!”

She dressed and left, blowing me a kiss. Girls today were so sexually free it was scarry.

Later that evening I was watching tv when Jake got home and my wife was in bed reading down the hall. Jake sat beside me and smiled “how was your little visit from Lou, heard it was pretty hot” I looked at her with a grinning face. “Lets just say you have fresh sheets on your bed” and I winked at her, as the light down the hall went out. Jake and I kissed for a while just kind of making out, her black lipstick was very tasty.

“I got something for you Uncle” She said taking her clothes off.

“what’s that sweetie” I asked scared of the answer

“a tongue stud” she stuck and it out and showed me as she pulled down my shorts. “now I can give you great head”

Just then Kim’s voice came down the hall “Jake is that you?”

“yes auntie Kim, just getting some milk before I go to bed!”

“okay dear see you at breakfast” with that she turned to my cock and sucked it like I always thought she could, the stud was amazing running up and down the shaft. I was so into it when my wife’s voice came down the hall again

“do not forget to lock the door”

I took a breath because Jake wasn’t stopping “okay sweetie, sweet dreams.” At that moment I shot into her mouth and she lapped it all up.

She pulled my shorts back up and cuddled into me. She decided not to get dressed and laid there naked in all her young shapely glory and we sat watching the tube for a few minutes when I turned to her “you know its just a matter of time till Kim finds out then what?” she turned and caressed my face with one hand

“then we run away together, you and I” she kissed me on the cheek and got up and went to her room. that’s when I realized my first time for adultery was going to be a gateway screw with no easy way out.

Not sure I wanted out.

Skip ahead a month and we have been carrying on our torrid paced affair. She and I are screwing three or four nights a week. The pace was wearing me out I am having sex sometimes twice a day. The only time we are not at it is the nights I make love to my wife, which is still pretty hot and heavy too. For the nights I am with Kim I gave Jake a vibrator so she could use it while listening to us down the hall.

I came home from work last night and I knew Kim was working till later that night, so knew Jake and I could be alone for a while. I walked down the hall and could see her bedroom door open half way as I stepped through. There she was in a black tank top which her nipples were straining to get out of, no panties laying and the bed. I watched her eighteen year old hard, banging body writhe and twist as she played with one nipple through the fabric and worked the vibrator with the other hand. She had added 3 more piercing over the last month since she had sucked me off with her new tongue ring. She now had a nose ring, a belly button ring and a nipple ring and she had cut her hair shorter ( it looked like Uma’s hair in Pulp Fiction) she loved me to roll the nipple ring in my mouth as we fucked it made her climax faster. She was just so fucking delicious.

“you look like you need some help” I said as she just turned her head, smiled and motioned me over with her finger.

“I thought you would never get here Uncle” she whispered catching her breath. I undressed as I walked to the bed and was naked by the time I got to there and lay beside her. I lifted the tank top but did not remove it and started flicking the nipple ring with my tongue.

“fuck yes” she moaned in appreciation. I moved her other hand off the sex toy and removed it, licked her juices off from her sweet tasting pussy and threw it to the end of the bed. Still running.

“Don’t need this now I am here. So get ready to ride me darlin’”

“yes sir” she giggled. I kissed my way down her tummy to her slit which was already wet and on the verge of orgasm. She kept it trimmed nicely not shaved but real short and shaped. I went to work on her clit and reached up with my hands to play with her tits and her nipples were rock hard as she wrapped her legs around my neck and her hands in my hair and began to grind, washing my face completely.

“its your turn lover ” she said as she sat up and I sat up too and we kissed as I lay back on the bed and she started licking my nipples and kissing down my torso. She grabbed the vibrator and used it on my balls it combined with the fact she was licking my shaft felt amazing.

She went to town on my cock for a while, as I thought about how in the world a 18 year old could be this talented in the bed, when I was that age girls never even touched your cock let alone let you come in their mouth. Jake loved the taste of cum.

She sat back up on her knees and I rose to slide my legs over the side of the bed. She reached under the bed and pulled out a condom. She knelt before me and put it over my dick (we both knew a pregnancy would be the end of our tryst so we were being careful) she rolled it on like a pro by now. I leaned back on the bed as she knelt over my lap and lowered herself onto me as I still had my feet over the bed and on the floor. She wrapped her legs around my back and put her arms around my neck and we began to screw in a slow and grinding motion when I put my arms around her hips. She loved kissing while we had sex and she loved wet sloppy kisses at that. She was tight to me so I could not play with her tits but her ass is great to play with too.

Just then we heard a voice from the doorway.

In our attention to each other we did not hear Kim coming home. She stood leaning on the doorway looking at us with her arms crossed. Jake and I stopped moving we made no attempt to disengage or cover up ourselves. We just looked at each other then at Kim who was now entering the room and we did not take our eyes off her.

“I knew what you two have been doing in here….. And in the kitchen, the family room and bathroom. ” she walked to us and stopped.

“we can ex_” Jake tried to say but Kim raised a hand and point at her.

“explain?” she said as she started running her hands through Jake’s hair, I could feel Jake beginning to shake in fear, but her nipples were getting harder. She and I were both confused at the mixed signals Kim was giving.

“nothing to explain Jake, I can see the attraction. Mike here is very good looking, when we’re out women are always checking him out, and c’mon let’s be real honest here honey, the cock is nice too right, and he knows how to use it” she turned to me as Jake kind of hung her head about the cock part.

“Now. About you my husband. I can see how beautiful she is… she tries to cover it up with this Goth stuff and black makeup and piercings on all the sexy bits, but it just makes her sexier doesn’t it?”

I shook my head as she stepped back from us and began taking off her dress shirt. ”you think she‘s ready?”

”I do Kim”

“my biggest problem with this Jake is that you never thought I would like to join you” as she let her blouse drop to the floor leaving a satin half slip, then she unzipped the back of her skirt to let it drop exposing the red cotton bikini briefs I had gotten for her for valentines day, they are silk with pink hearts. They were a little tight I liked that cause it caused some camel toe, don’t know why but that gets me hot. She stood behind Jake and pulled off the top and knelt one knee on the bed and one still straight on the floor and kissed me. I hadn‘t told Jake but I told Kim everything and she was even more turned on than the time were on vacation and got a prostitute to share in Havana. We had set this up so we could surprise Jake with a threesome.

“you told me once this was a fantasy for you, so lets do it” and she kissed me as I was still trying to get my see Jake’s reaction to how the situation had changed. Then she turned to Jake and kissed her too pulling off Jake’s top as she did it. Clearly incest was not a deterrent for her. Jake smiled and the two ladies French kissed one another. Not many knew Kim was bisexual.

“start grinding him again dear, lets get it on” she purred as she began sucking on Jake’s tits. Continuing on this pattern for a while she would kiss me then suck Jakes tits and all the time with one hand rubbing Jakes clit.

I began sucking on Kim’s tit as she kissed Jake, her nipples were harder than I had ever seen them.

“okay Jake lets get you on your back honey” she said. Jake rose up and Kim guided her down to her back they kissed as they lowered themselves. I positioned myself between Jakes legs and held them in the air under her knees and thrust back into her. Kim reached over and grabbed the vibrator and massaged our niece’s slit as I pounded her twat. It was all Jake could take as she came. Screaming loud and long as she did it. She begged us to stop. Eventually we did.

It was now Kim’s turn as she knelt and we kissed. She reached down and took the condom off, and turned onto all fours. She was right over Jake so the two of them kissed and played with each other as I entered my wife from behind, I grabbed her hips with a slap and started hammering her with deep hard thrusts.

“fuck me baby! Oh God, that’s it you know I like it that way baby!” she looked at Jake and Jake smiled and said.

“he is fucking amazing holy shit”

Kim sat up and put her arms back so that her hands grabbed my ass so we were both on our knees as Jake sat up and began to work Kim’s nipples with her mouth and reached under the two of us and played with my balls with one hand and Kim’s slit with the other . It took no time at all for Kim to come like never before, I must have been hitting her G spot because it oozed out of her non stop for at least two minutes, Jake licking every bit of it up.

After she stopped coming she slid forward off of me leaving my dick soaked but not ready to stop, so my wife told me to stand up. I did as I was instructed and they both went to their knees and got to work. One would polish my knob while the other liked my balls. When Jakes tongue ring hit my shaft that was it I grabbed both and said

“lick the shaft and get ready ladies !! Holy sh sh iiiit” I shot a hot thick load all over Kim’s face and tits, which Jake promptly licked up and shared with my wife through long hot kisses. I dropped to my knees spent in front of them and we all exchanged kisses before falling to floor in a three way spoon.

We must have all fallen asleep because we awoke and it was past ten, Kim put her slip and panties back on and Jake put the tank top

and a pair of tight short shorts and said they were going to order some food. I collected myself and walked to the kitchen where they were giggling and carrying on like to giddy school girls both standing at the counter looking through take out flyers, I stood between them and put an arm around each waste.

“pizza is good after hot sex” I said “and we have lots of ice cream. So we can lick it off each other later I thought."

I also thought this is going to be the best living arraignment ever.

“so you liked baby” Kim asked

“yes” I said “now what?”

“we take turns, one night you are in one room the next night your in another” Jake said smiling

“except Sundays” I said reaching between their legs and stoking their slits “because Sunday is three way day” they turned and we kissed and as they ordered pizza I sat looking at two great pieces of ass and realizing that I was a lucky man.

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Comments (2)
moooow2 — 20 September 2019 03:46
good story!
CountryGirl83 — 19 September 2019 14:52
I wish I had this living arrangement!!! Great story!!
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