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  1. Becoming the Devil ch.01
  2. Becoming the Devil ch.02

Becoming the Devil ch.01

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Body modification, Mind Control

Author: yanoty

Published: 20 September 2019

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Becoming the Devil Ch. 01

Ruler of this world ? " I asked, fighting the urge to slap myself awake.

"Yes! We have reviewed your case and you have been chosen to become the ruler of this world" answered the man claiming to be the devil

The scarlet eyed man looked delighted to witness my disbelief and was probably eager to know what my next question would be since he kept shaping, mashing, rolling and squeezing the anti-stress ball that was previously on my desk.

After 25 years of life, I was bored with sex. It's certainly not because I had an unusual amount of experience.

I wasn't ugly, just overweight coupled with a lack of confidence and fear of rejection the amount of time I had sex did not exceed the number of fingers I had.

Being from the first generation to be overloaded with internet porn, those experiences had been awkward. I wanted more. Something less realistic. Sex that could only exist in my head and apparently from what I could understand those sexual fantasies of mine had impressed the devil.

He had previously explained that there is a multitude of parallel universes just like this one, all created with one purpose in mind: be a breeding ground for demons.

" What do I have to do as the ruler? " I asked a serious look on my face.

The devil laughed " I have made the right choice in choosing you. You're already leaning into the situation like a fish in water. Well to answer that question of yours there is only one rule don't kill them all or destroy the whole planet that would be a pain in the ass but apart from that you can do pretty much anything you want. For example on my last project, I changed the whole planet's surface into water as if it had always been that way. The only piece of land I left was the size of Great Britain and I gave myself ownership of it. That was fun, let's leave the details to your imagination. Anyway, the details you don't create yourself will write themselves. For example, I didn't specify if the human would morph from their environment. That's why they ended being amphibian humanoids. Hahaha That was great ! Anyway, I have to go. Have fun !"

After this long monologue of his, the scarlet eyed man vanished and a splitting headache came over me. It felt like something was shoving needles into my brain. I kneeled on the ground and screamed and I fainted.

When I woke up a week had past but I did not feel any discomfort. No thirst nor hunger, nothing. Physically the only things that changed were my now scarlet eyes and the fact that I did not seem to have a care in the world. I felt light and free to desire the impossible. I began to work on my first project. The theme was to become the most desirable man in the world without changing a thing about me.

I had always been unsure of my 6 inches but now it would be the biggest dick in the world. Dick size on average would be around 2 inches. Consequently, every pussy in the world will be modified as if that had always been the case. Women will only be able to reach orgasms with a 5 inches dick or more which will be unrelated to the skill of the one using it. Most women have never heard or encountered a dick that big. They can reach a small orgasm via clit stimulation that is 80 percent less pleasurable than the current orgasm. While the orgasm with a 5-inch penis or more will be 200 percent stronger.

Ideal weight for men will now be 240 lbs and a double chin is very attractive. Both those traits will now be rare. 1 in 10 million people have a double chin and gaining weight will be as hard as it previously was hard to gain muscle.

"The hardest task about all this is to find what makes my face what it currently is. How would you describe your nose or lips?"

Even though it took a long time I managed to describe my own face as the new beauty ideal.

On the other hand, nothing would change physically for women but they will now be the one to flirt or ask guys out.

I stopped there.

"No need to change things too much for a first time and truth be told I can't wait anymore. If I want to add something I can always add it later." I thought

The first thing after i applied the changes was to go out. I wanted to see if people looked at me differently. At first, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I walked toward the busiest street I knew and finally ended up feeling some stare. When there is a bigger crowd people begin to think you don't see them.

I walked into a crowded bar with my newly inflated ego and saw a group dancing. I walked into the dancing group and began moving awkwardly. Even with all the powers in the world, I had decided not to change myself. Consequently, I was not a better dancer nor was i less self-conscious of my body.

However, all my doubts crumbled when a blond girl started smiling at me while getting closer to me.

She was out of my league. A 20 something blonde wearing a hoodie. The type of girl everyone falls in love with. The type to be friends with a lot of guys and seem approachable but in reality, was not.

She kept getting closer to me while still dancing.

The clumsy manner in which she was trying to approach me made me laugh.

"Such a novel situation to be in." I thought

She noticed me laughing and must have thought this was a good opportunity to approach me because she asked

"Are you laughing at me ?"

I stammered as if I did something wrong which made her laugh.

"If you want to make it up to me buy me a drink," she said

I collected myself. I reacted as if I was still the same as before. I need to adapt.

We walked toward the bar making small talk. I bought her a drink and we kept talking.

To some people maybe flirting in a bar is a standard Saturday evening but to me, this was a new experience.

It took only half an hour and no effort for her to begin pressing her body against mine and kiss me. I was very clumsy but fortunately, she took the lead. She then took my hand and led me toward the bathroom. My eyes were glued toward her bubbly ass the whole way. When we got there we finally resumed making out.

She started touching my cock through my jeans but suddenly stopped in shock.

" You… you… you're not just hot you're hung as well. What are you doing with a girl like me ? " she stammered

I couldn't believe my hears. I got hard instantly.

She dropped on her knees and freed my dick from my pants. She froze a second time and gasped as if she had seen a 10 inches monster. I almost burst out laughing. I had never been looked at with as much lust and worship as this.

I groaned when she started stroking my cock, with a firm grip. I looked down to see her blue eyes, still shining with lust, look straight at me.

She licked the side of my shaft as it twitched in pleasure. Then she switched to lick the bottom, from my balls to the tip without using her hands. My dick resting on her head was a sight to behold.

Finally, her wet mouth fully engulfed my cock and a small moan escaped my lips. She bobbed her head while moving up and down my cock, her tongue swirling around the tip.

Quickly, I could not resist anymore. I grabbed her head and exploded inside her mouth. She swallowed my spunk as if it was the most natural thing to do and smiled.

" This is it! This is the pure lust and pleasure I thought I would never experience! This is just the beginning! I will make this world my never-ending playground! "

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Becoming the Devil ch.01

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Comments (1)
AG3NTPIRANHA — 19 September 2019 18:41
Very good story... The only thing I would have to say is longer. The story was just getting good and then just suddenly stopped after a BJ, I know it's only ch1 but I think it could have had a little more. Looking forward to reading the next ones.
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