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  1. What a Bus Trip
  2. What a Good Bad Date

What a Bus Trip

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: taletale

Published: 08 October 2019

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The bus wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a whole row to myself. I always thought a bus was louder but there was just a soothing rumble coming from the engine. The seats were large and comfortable. I was very happy about the whole experience seeing that I had a 31-hour ride ahead of me. I was going home for Thanksgiving. The Army had taken me so far away from my family and I was trying to keep some normalcy in my life by making it back for the holidays.

I tried to sleep at first but wasn’t able too. I did not have much with me and this was back in the days before there was data on cell phones, so all a phone could do was call. I only mention this because if this story would have taken place today, it would not have happened this way.

So, I watched people get onto the bus and awkwardly find a seat, and occasionally they would move around but luckily for me my row stayed open for a long time. I would say we were about halfway across the country, when she got on the bus. She had brown hair down to her shoulders, that framed her face. I would guess she was in between 30 and 35. She was not skinny but very attractive. Her eyes were sad but had been painted thoroughly with makeup to impress. Wherever she planned to go, she was dressed for success, but it doesn’t seem her night went as planned because she had obviously been crying.

She looked out of place on a bus full of people that were dressed for comfort. She was wearing a tight dress that hugged her curves. Voluptuous would be the best word to describe her. The material was so thin that I was surprised it was not see-through. But you could very clearly see that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were about where you would expect a larger girl’s breasts to be. You could see her nipples although I do not believe they were hard.

I was against the window on the left side of the bus, and I watched her settle in the isle seat of the right side. I could now see her legs. And wow, I could see a lot of her legs, because the dress may have been a shirt that was just pulled down. I am sure that was not the case but that is the only thing I thought when I saw the length. And she was wearing platform heels that were the same color as the dress.

She took no time at all taking the heels off and rubbing her feet. She was sniffling as if she had completed crying minutes before she got on the bus.

To this day I can’t tell you why I asked what I did. I want to say it was because I care about people and like helping, but there is a part of me that really just thinks I asked because of overwhelming nosiness. But no matter what the reason, I asked, “Are you alright? Anything I can help you with?”

Her hand stopped rubbing her foot and she turned her head towards me, cocked to the side. She just looked at me for what felt like an eternity but in reality, it was only about 3 or 4 seconds. “Maybe.” She said with a half-hearted smile.

I realized that I asked two questions and I wasn’t sure which one she had answered.

“Where are you going?” she asked

“Home.” I said

She laughed a little and said, “Are you getting off at the next stop or continuing?”

“Oh, continuing.” I said realizing I had answered wrong the first time.

“Good.” She said smiling and nodding her head.

“Is it?” I asked, not knowing what we were talking about anymore.

“Yes, it is.” She said as she reached down and grabbed her shoes.

“Why’s that?” I asked watching her stand and step into the isle.

“Are you dating anyone?” she asked as she reached down and grabbed my coat out of the seat next to me and ignoring my question.

“No.” I said.

She sat down next to me and placed the coat on her lap. “Good.”

She readjusted her seat so that it went the 3 available clicks backwards and laid her head back and was looking at me. I readjusted my chair so that I was lined up with her.

“Do you find me attractive?” She said as she closed her eyes.

“Yes.” I said studying this woman.

“Tell me.” She whispered.

“I find you attractive.” I said in kind of a questioning voice.

“I don’t believe you.” She said.

As she said that I noticed there was movement under the coat. I was not for certain at that point, but I was pretty sure she was playing with herself. This gave me a little better idea of what was going on, so I started to fulfil my role with a little more purpose.

“I noticed you as soon as you got on the bus.” I said in the most seductive low voice that I could muster.

“What did you notice?” she asked.

“Your silky hair was the first thing that I saw. So thick and beautiful.” As I said that I reached over and ran my fingers through her hair. I watched her bite her lower lip, and take a deep breath in.

“Your dark eyes and that perfect smoky makeup drew me in and got me going.” I said as I grasped a handful of her hair and tugged lightly.

“Keep going.” She breathed at me.

“Your sexy little neck led me right down to those perfect full breasts. I couldn’t look away because they danced for me as you walked down the isle of the bus.” I spoke directly into her ear now as I let my hand slide down her neck and glide around the outside of her giant breasts. There was fabric in between me and her skin but it was so thin that it felt like I was touching her directly.

“MMMmmm” she moaned lightly as she pressed her chest up to show me more of her.

They were very visible. It was like marbles had been placed under her thin dress. I rolled it around in between my fingers as she chewed on her lip and I saw lots of motion under my coat.

“I wanted to see these nipples so bad.” I said trying to sound like I was begging.

“You got em now, don’t you?” She said.

“You know I do. And they are perfect.” I said with no question in my voice at all.

“Yes. That’s it.” She said whimpering. You could now see and hear her hands under the coat working vigorously. She sounded wet.

I gripped both her breasts tightly and squeezed them together. They were huge. Her cleavage seemed to continue forever. Her breasts were soft and full. They seemed to just continue to move at all times. It really was hard to look away.

“What else?” She whisper whined to me.

“I followed those curves and loved every single one.” I said as I ran my hand down her stomach. She did have a bit of a belly, but it was sexy on her. “There is nothing sexier than a woman that wants to show off what she’s got.” I allowed both of my hands to run down her soft body and stop on her hips.

“NNNNNNNN” she let out.

“And then I saw these hips.” I said as I squeezed her body between my hands. “I knew I had to get my hands on these hips, because they were the sexiest ones I had ever seen.” I said as my fingers started to kneed her body.

“They wanted you to touch them.” She said in the sexiest voice. She was now gyrating her hips around in the seat as she worked on her pussy like it had done something wrong.

My hands were now under the coat and I grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled a bit, as I said, “And I thought I was the luckiest man in the world when I saw this sexy woman sit next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I had never seen anything as sexy before in my life.” I was trying to seduce her with my words now.

“Is this what you wanted?” she said as she grabbed my hand and pushed it against her pussy. She was sopping wet and hot to the touch. I took two fingers and curled them up and applied pressure. I felt her pussy lips glide around me, as I entered her knuckle after knuckle.

“Yes. There’s nothing else in this world that I wanted.” I said strongly into her ear.

“Fuck.” She said sharply, as she grabbed a huge handful of my hair and pressed her lips hard against mine.

I started pulsing pressure up and into her pussy. I could feel her little sponge on the front wall of her vagina, and I ran large firm circles around on it. I went back and forth from rubbing her G-spot to fucking her with my fingers for a few seconds as our mouths violently rubbed against one another.

“Your so fucking hot.” I said in the deepest voice I could, as I was fucking her pussy with my fingers and slapping her clit with my palm because of it.

“Again.” She said in a raspy voice.

“So fucking sexy.” I said

“Yes.” She said as I felt her fingers slide under my hand and attack her clit with fast and hard side to side pressure.

“You are the hottest bitch I have ever seen.” I said feeling very comfortable and confident now.

“Oh God!” she started to shake, and her breathing was all over the place. Our lips were no longer touching, which was good because if they were, we would have headbutted each other. She came hard enough that I might have been convinced that was her first orgasm in years. My entire hand was soaked with her juices.

“That was amazing.” I said watching her shake every few seconds as she was being washed over with the aftershock of her orgasm. “You are amazing.” I said as I raised my soaked hand from her lap and tasted her.


She finally stopped convulsing and she opened her eyes, turned her head, and looked at me. “Unzip your pants.” She said, exhausted, and looking like she just came off a 18 hour shift and was going to start another.

“You don’t have too.” I said as my hands were still moving towards my zipper. I’m not sure why I said those words that day. They just came out, but I was glad for what she said next.

“Un-zip-your-pants.” She said not losing eye contact with me and speaking slowly with a pause between each syllable.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my already hard cock out. She pushed me back into my chair as she drug the coat over herself all in one motion. I closed my eyes and placed my hands behind my head.

Her warm hands wrapped around my balls and her mouth enveloped the head of my cock. Her suction was intense. Her tongue was massaging my head. My cock was so sensitive that I swear I could feel her taste buds rubbing on me. She was an expert at this and whoever left her high and dry that night is a God damned fool.

She pulled me all the way into her mouth. Her tongue ran circles around me, and her throat was actually massaging the head of my cock.

“Whew.” Came out of me without me prompting it.

She was pulling on my cock with her suction in a way that I did not think possible. Her head was sliding up and down my cock slowly and not missing a single inch. I would feel my helmet go into her throat each time that she went down. And as she reached the top, I felt her lips almost slide off me before she would reverse her motion.

Another inward sucking came from me and she slowed herself like she knew that I was about to be at the point of no return. She continued this cycle 3 or 4 more times controlling me better than I could myself. She knew when I was there, and she let me build just enough and come back down. She was the best that I ever had.

After the last time that she let me come down from my almost release, she went at me hard and fast, pulling on my cock with her mouth like she was trying to remove it from me. I had never felt anything like that in my life, (and still haven’t to this day.) Her mouth had turned into the greatest experience that my cock would ever have. She was throwing her face down onto my lap. She wrapped her hands under my ass and as I let out a tight breath and flexed my cheeks, she pulled herself down onto me and squeezed, my entire body.

I had lost control of everything that was me. I was moaning and gasping for breath at the same time. My hands and arms were shaking and grasping for everything and nothing simultaneously. My hips were bucking and there were explosions of tingles going all over my body. She had such a tight grip on me I don’t think I could have removed her even if I tried. But of course, I didn’t.

I released everything that was me, into her throat. After a few second of my cock bouncing inside her, she slid her mouth off of me. It seemed like it took longer than I was, because she kept the suction on me even though I had already cum. My breathing didn’t become normal again for minutes. Once it did, I tucked myself back in, and zipped up my pants.

Once I finally had control of myself, I looked over to her without a clue of what comes next. But to my relief there was going to be no need to say anything because she had pulled my coat onto her and curled up looking the other way. She seemed to be asleep. I decided to follow suit and I replaced my hands behind my head and closed my eyes

I woke to rustling. Most everyone was getting off the bus, except for the few of us that were going to continue the next leg. I looked to my right and saw that she was gone. My jacket was folded in the seat next to me like no one had ever been there.

I spent the next leg of the trip trying to convince myself that I didn’t dream the whole thing. I really came up with nothing to convince me either way until I stood up and put my jacket on. I placed my hand into my jacket pockets and felt a piece of paper. I pulled it out and all that was written on it was:

Thanks, take care.



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What a Bus Trip

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